Publishing Data in the Context of ICSU World Data System


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Publishing Data in the Context of ICSU World Data System
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so the morning and think you important Introduction and think you are but 40 invitations to give this a presentation for data side
annual meeting so and that was introduced a member of staff from a grain of the executive director of the International program offers of the world's biggest system into based in Tokyo since my actually made 2 thousand 12 were based in Tokyo before we didn't have a permit carrier for those looking for a system of data centres to this is really a big change for of the system and would
like to 1st introduced the while the system as an interdisciplinary body of each soothing to mesh the for signs heard yesterday from Simon that Simon Hudson but it also is a interdisciplinary body of excuse work to find a closely connected over the station's primary concern with with data issues operating under extreme and had led to the here and on the slide actually that it's too long term Vision when it comes to the question data related issues so that after a vision of a series of a world where excellence science the efficiently translated into policy making an associate economy development and in such a world and universal and Equitable access to scientific data and information is a reality so you can understand very easy that both got and will make the system by the direct mandate under which the right to operate in the area of universal and Equitable access sign data information and cost links to the research programs sponsored by 2 because it is most concerned with the club during international research collaboration and also ending
with science policy and providing an England side of so will Data system is actually governor by a unique body which he Beaurocracy its minimum we have a scientific committee appointed by the executive board and as you can see it's a very dangerous Telegraph speaking of leading the side date experts and also signed science expected to the balance between research and and and data from the NHS is on this through that some of the people like also as you know are sitting in this room like to highlight the their presence here and and its year by burnout but not means so and beyond
and the governing body of the media says that the membership potentization and actually would trying to read fine and the media members as scientific data services and we what we mean by scientific data services are basically services that says romanisation in the capture and storage duration long jump reservations discovered access to aggregation and that says deserves Asian of scientific data as well as other associated services like legal framework and but also cost full of this is that for all disciplinary and multi-disciplinary scientific research that this is the only about the focus for 42 and on have stopped the storyed among not only hold on to the and so what about that actually colloquia membership of the World Bank the system so in yields on and historical legacy of the former will the centres the the world and also the Federation of data analysis services but it's really a rebranded services would have thought that a rebranded system we have 4 categories of membership regular members network members but the members and associate numbers regular and network members are actually the data holders of the latest words were trying to define the currently so we have earned the certified 15 7 regular members basically data were of phrase multi-disciplinary August 3 because of the and the and trusted dysfunction of of being data storage and also they provide data and services who have also network members of the but also obstacle find according the catalogue of the criteria for the 1st the front and he is almost the umbrella body and they are a group groups of regular members and and they provide order nation levels of 4 for the year of regular members some examples the last that was the point at which brings together all the Masai digital acted are opined centres for the identity the international of some of the data exchange programme which brings together the nationalist graphic data centres this is more than just the network level so the Ivy away games were full of the Tree of Life which brings the other astronomical data centres in an entire ability framework but also as a way is more apt to to talk about the weight and the demand and we have also popular members and associates and wanted to highlight the data side is a popular member of the media and also cheque that I'd been announced today and Adam and the and that we are ready to sign a memorandum of understanding between a song later systems and and they decide to provide a framework for collaborations which is really exciting and think something were looking for 2 and collaboration and so this is for for the membership to the job
radical distribution of about membership site all Amalee's hesitant to use this match to industry radical distribution because it's a bit the reseeding and the Blue numbers represent a regular members of these are easy to match on on the world map because they have a national and national point and but network members are covering overlapping number over the number of of countries so it's very difficult to of these is a should be achieved the idea of a covered but in summary we are a global station and we have really been international and multidisciplinary covered with
published recently or strategic plan into the for the parade of 14 to 18 and they wanted
just to give you an idea of the strategic targets so so that can understand what would trying to achieve but what all that this is the strategy the industry so that the 1st achieve target is to make trust the data services the 1 way to find earlier an integral part of international corroborative signed research over trying to build a stronger bridges between the research programs and in particular the 1 point of a suit and the 1st data services were promoting the 2nd city target is to nurture active disciplinarian multi-disciplinary such data communities and and here we have identified that some communities and some demesnes have mature enough to have adopted already interoperability agreements arrangements and have agreed on providing some services to the community and other domains and there still work to be done and what trying he also to promote the use communities to get together and but to provide the services for the 3rd strategic turn it is to improve the the funding of violent for scientific data services increased their sustainability and for this where trying to work with research thunderous would have strong collaborations with the principle that the penalty for which is a group funding and and seized global will change research the for strategic target is to improve trust in and quality of open the data services because it is a wonder that would concentrate on in the rest of my fault because will try to give you some context about the date of publication activities were promoting and and the and the final strategic part time in is the region position in the world that system the premium global not motives of very network for quality assessed and insist revealed on the point of going to the scientific research so out jumping
into the publishing data aspect because the baby of this presentation is to put the publishing detected it in the context of overall Data Systems concept and and and building on the strategic target I'd just mentioned in trust in and quality of the data services we believe that by facilitating access to to use and we use of data said through the data publication consent we are improving the trust in and also the quality of a sign that we are promoting and will not be known to the details of the date of publication and concept that we had very good presentations yesterday using even though where it spotted did and some of the former that world data centres where he in during that thinking around the concept of a bit publication as well as being part of the founding members of all of the side so that you guessed building on that experience and we established a walking which later became and boss by the research data lines and interest will sort of writing based jointly with would and it is also a hot topic in the research data Alliance community of the last year I and was very well attended a breakout session as well now
building bridges with the previous presentation on the moment a lot of what try to illustrate have data publication of the data publication concept is so we hope is going to improve the quality and availability of the of the research data went to if we look at here and the distribution of the datasets on their scientific datasets under their in relation to their fitness for for you and you can hear see that there is thinking yellow year of caution on the state of the data which are managed and published data most data comes from large scale among the train initiatives broad computer data but also data deposited in disciplinarian multidisciplinary data centres just members of the World Bank and the world system but in precautionary can see how it would fit into it is into this comparatively the other parts in green but we have what we call the someone managed and open access data these of data set of the 4 most institutional of trees and the Open under discoverable but there have variety levels of all that she wanted comes to the mesh data and also in terms of long term preservation arrangements of the set up and then we have a long tail who is a great part which is what we consider managed and non published data from individual project scientists land sitting on with the sticks and and you know that storey and so on data publication can play a role here and we see it really and as a means to move to the datasets unavailable here in the long tailed 2 words so that the yellow and the Green Party to making it more discoverable making it more usable and and reusable so in the context of a state of publication interest groups and that the East for an area of focus have been identified to to try and bring together the concept of data publication addressing the applications were closed and dressing also services and the way
to the line where have the best of the various were groups that the the working group that have been established and the best interest of publishing the and so the world those working who will try to deliver a generic walks through model or at least that dressed generate more models for the date of publication and is working on code culture by Sahrawis sitting also in this room and and Kirsten Leonard and it's looking at approaches and solutions to allow analysis and and and of content and and oversight citations in the context of a bit of publication was also a working slash interest the number her issues between the media and not be a but it's and dressing cost of models and looking at business model was to see how we can accommodate state publication approach and and sure sustainability of of the Tory with all the recent talk of funding and funny as the service is working with them and we give them a bit more the context that 1 home and the and the service is working and what we need more close to providing across services
size and in the middle of the table on this 1 and the planned and the and so sold in a summary of the whole initiative around publication is the about creating matches against between data of recent surveys providers the end of the storey publishing for example linking but it for a while frozen also thinking and that the service is between between the 2 have to also
mentioned that these interest room and has a very wide representational the stakeholders involved in India's in this initiative in a publication research facilities are presented a code of physical service providers universities libraries industry that all those who are on their so it's really and think what starting to shape is the sort some sort of this or from around the idea of data publication this coalition of the willing and and hopefully also broke 30 and doctors and also testers of 1 of the the 1st pilots for after for implementation coming out
of this working so as I said wanted to concentrate limit on the date of publication services working add to this a working group is really happy for him to the conclusion that there is no common framework for cross referencing datasets and optical and its proposing to create based service to connect datasets and and not too cold but as you can see on the island on the figure below on the left hand side is that the current situation is a great number of reporters of a bilateral mostly bilateral agreement between the stakeholders the publishers the data centres of magic service providers and and this is really not a very efficient when we tried to carry out such a system the what this working movies is proposing and and exploring the possibility to build up across reference refers referencing service to serve as a one stop shoppe to say that he has come under which told stakeholders publishers data centres dominatrix services and possibly new functionality is to be created to serve research could produce and so in in general and in
what order currently race with be the state of publication concept and and where were the worst seeing it bowling think it brings some questions and don't have that sort of all of them but they thought it was interesting to bring them to the table here for discussion have the date of publication services 15 of the mobile data infrastructure and trying to give it as the beginning of an answer may be that in the end my last slides and also another question in half house Corry publishing itself will be sold over the next decade because this is a moving target so 1 developing the concept of the application we have to take this into consideration and and working capital economic and it's not clear how the impact of data publication what is the exact impact of data applications we heard this question many times as they and think there are some studies is already of in the field but we have to monitor that aspect as well it over what these walking through the woods and come up with have implications on stakeholders in terms of all the news ational and technical requirements have used holders as the mentioned Dalton and and lost the use requirements and is a big question mark over work for from concept with a a wooden enable that and finally what are the cost of cost of of that and it is sustainable so for to settle have an answer for the use of the parent discuss this with but wanted to give you also some context took or other to put the bigger publication work would doing in the context of other the Neediest activity and 1 of the electorate is actually and the concept of Norwich network and the launch of being developed by 2 of the biggest logging so it's so that on a slightly a based in turning proposed free of relationships between the actors and entities that make the research landscape of these are the people institutions data services ProJet also topics of research funding body of etc solar aiming to to the rope such such sauce that in order to choose to be a position used to develop its results were recognised that and and also with board division that we needed a big during foundational global research press and and this infrastructure needs to be sustainable needs to be Scalable and also because of smaller of no other choice but they need to be distributed among the leading mobilizations data centres data service providers initiatives except rather and every everyone would take responsibility of a part of that distributed global research infrastructure and we really in the context of this vision August concept really help to draw on the example of the Open data approach and to reuse many of the existing services and components standards set from and provided by existing organisations to free just look
at the moment representation of this knowledge network as it is currently developed by this of working with you can see here in the red bubbles and the and the entrance of this noted that were to have the people projets institutions research data outputs so trusted digital was a trees citations all of these and are and that the relationship between these are actually mind from this from the data available within the Neediest members data for the is the most interesting the new we do not want to limited to data mining Metadata but also including and usually sauce is not traditionally such as such as a social media as and signs of a project it so in this concept or in this spirit of using as much as possible that the existing and leveraging the existing infrastructure and we have and identified on this figure would exist on what we think is possible coming to solution and and what needs to be developed for so you can understand that for citations was already and all is a shame here data side providing such a service with could build on all of positions like quoted in assigning persistent identified people also providing but here you can see also include the date of publication work with the Commission services walking trying to to build together this cross referencing system between particles and datasets if it's completely into this concept of the Norwich network and we will be able to build on services and having a bit of going over time summed have to speed up the fact that the fund 1 day like to stress and because this is also an area of a possible synergies with would data side is these bubble here trusted digital was a trees and the and the need also to build a
Registry for dress to digital positive of the media provides and and it's all the only institutions writing is a framework for certification protested that it was written services is considered a lightweight certification framework together with the biggest Liverpool were trying to consolidate its and provide streamline likely to be patient but there are other going to the High demanding the eyes of sustained so we envision here to help the book launch for a bill that would work is wrong Registry offers to the proposed and were really looking for work to be a current developments at the rate data later but for example merger under the site and rent and we see the area synergy and the media for example and never to maintain a subset of the Registry to define trusted digital repositories together possible with other or positions and extending the certification which just used to all the other teams and finally found was this 1 the benefits of the lower Registry and is that is
also why in and will just the tank contributors to to for this presentations mobile phones say on an arrest on laws were activity Michael the broke on the date of publication and most important of all the coaches and contributors of the various walking and interest on this the coaches here and these are the people contributing foreign-trade voluntarily to these groups and we would like to extend my thanks and for the movement in this work
and Science and we have an exciting concerns coming up with any attack on and we hope that many of you have submitted papers or or and attend where I want to bring together conference to bridge the gap between data dishes and and research programme that this is the final slide to Bat


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