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The ODIN Project - ORCID and DataCite Interoperability Network: Connecting Identifiers
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thank you thank you much bigger frightening when is that the risk of state and based in the loans for the job we want to live with Damrau's array only to datasets and went into the lead intellectually
decide no relation to the use of a and but we would destroy join tracks from was strictly if you have been dumped in the condition of your before the end position it as they are a summary research which are we do that had been people to find should use and site that that was later where the global membership of the global globalisation we offer of this season 85 thousand he and the other is the the when often that we work with such as well with a whisk or to a with the data centres for the golden clients have many and US and the of them and also with libraries separated from fund the decided that lies and number of the Association created a yellow card when he would have said members told from 18 different countries and we have representation in 5 continents and we are easily new member from offered recently joined so it was not been in a fight in 5 continents and as early as Michael of the show as and it is morning the physio was meeting of musical was the fall at the second ceased to be a we have more than 3 1 5 million realised the release of Crawley would reach full means by the 20 15 I'm but is to be remission but we are working with more of 3 70 because and the door on the world not only from the country where the use of excitement so the we have achieved so well in with the migrate progressing in the year of a new to walk
away if it was 1 of the big city and so on and the technical director of were again and brigades and thoroughly young organisation that we've been around since 20 10 Myr actually an independent and the and independent organisation were nonprofit on registered in the United States in your we have a full time staff and an independent were directors and really want mission is at its core is to address the name ambiguity problems on a particular Leon researches telecommunications and and we did that by producing by the writing a Registry a unique identifiers that researchers can register for the only time on and it's a persistent person identify a on and its compatible with an Isa standard and that was established by the UN and the seat is a work that were followed by 16 data on the number and his allies are approach to addressing the same ambiguity problem is the ball to to provide the Registry for them and for someone to get an identifiable then also to propagate these at the identifiers on both through linking under Zeidi's between the on things that the researchers does the Stella does and the work that identified and ends in batting and the way worklessness databases on for the sake Asian databases or repositories that storey that information on and then we provide a single sauce for getting information explain to that were identified with to the percentage of those research activities and free broad range of activities that we on that we provide links to everything from publications but should expect datasets which it expects also affiliations funding information and also hundreds pilot project the things that kind of unique things like period he services and patents and things like that so we tried to think of it as a very broad on connexion between people and the work that they are doing in the skull and were under see
this so we we were established and when I 10 in the 1st act of which now and tender offer staff was Hyatt in on April 22 fell on the 2nd person in which was in June 22 balls and then we want the public Registry in October 22 off and so that was a pretty quick turn-around for a 1st for kind of getting out the door on an since October 28 12 at over 800 thousand to work at ideas that registered for and were researchers is worth noting research is to be directly involved in the registry work ladies under small set of ideas that had been registered by directly by universities to the faculty and graduate students in order in the 10 thousand is the order of magnitude under 10 again 10 thousand mandated and and that the majority of them have come through activities that the researchers for doing for example and they were right and that they were submitting a manuscript for publication 1 and things that their asked as if they had a Canadian the and under the attention and if they don't they could register for 1 right there and then attached to the publication of an about 150 organisations globally that are committed become members of working and committed to in Bangkok ideas in their work close their databases on and incorporated now and they are pretty brought group you know it's not just in 1 country and it's not just the publishers so for a breakdown of the tapes organisations about 45 per cent of them are universities and research institutions that 25 per cent on publishers 12 per cent for National Association about 11 per cent are on repositories and profile sites and then about 7 per cent defenders and some of the funds are actually now requiring work and ideas as part of the funding application on a globally we about 50 per cent in the America's and about 15 per cent in Egypt said and and 30 per cent in the Middle East and Africa so it's a pretty diverse group of members and people registrant for work the UN and 1 of things and he is really saying is that on with the with the request for a ideas in an unnamed scripts pensions sufficient the beginning of entering into a scholarly work and that there so now on results come out the other side self example it from the publication perspective on many people have categorically that these at the times manuscripts submission another over a 100 thousand on publications that have work peace in the man on the deal has and with what we are outside about this
is that the rights of so we have from the side we have from because uniquely them fight a we have for people we researchers uniquely identified wide them to get so we felt it was there was a meeting to that it was a recent time among the other who Beatrice's so we of the European Commission to fund their old predict which stands for walking and cycling to operate in a world that was all it was only the decide on board the father of a deal that will have a certain type but if he seeks the used to research institutions when the British Library actually we have a sort of social sciences at the Commons from the beach ivory picking part and we also both the of between on you become part of this is something really to highlight of these of owning of so called new embroidered we have 3 not find the money European apology the Australian a show that surveys of the Frederick was 3 guys from this or also in a tiny fees and we have been working on the spread of foot produced from September 24 well almost to find the final stage of the broader with founder of few interesting thing we following the with 2 0 2 groups of calls it in the way great from feels would be freed from situations when he was handed physics and humanity is a bit different situation but we managed to develop called work for we thought we know we tried to between them and the world floating creating to be for the services of the quality of his work respirable security which is a degree of actually think so but also the 1st to history of her from the moment you get real so the to a few cases studies 1 of the most sought was in the capability of the 2 surveys are moving through the House tomorrow would like to invite you to a social work to do something really radical Michael from a from the ideas of show us all the way so the that they could have been the same reason the repository that we all thought about uniquely of intifada identified by a look at the wheel society the
frame of the Eighties including the while so we thought we sold the PM PM and that so many the for the abuse of the order of the day is there of furloughing also identified as a suspect rugby like I've easier said the and also the follow up to all of them to the White selected during the box or humble but what we don't we find that we we don't need only to win the fight uniquely all for people the biggest but also needed to fight the number of street which is unique to the of to faeces off on this or institutions so local produce breaches of only possible with hindsight we can see this Corry it can be really have to be all the salt with a week although he seemed feeling during the 1st structure which reason we see that we have used this with the fact that would we need to be easily which is the standard and the connexion between them so we thought we'd to keep researching the we to keep the momentum these a leading to fight in the fields of the city we to pieces is more with which would be suitable for use in the different basically family and friends using institutions in each of the owner of all situation which was bought the them searches to lower that were in the opening 2 games for clues to the end of the school of all of the intifada so recreated interest to the world that are so as part of a project that it coupled concept and on 0 1 6 served this along where there is a on the concept connecting the Dan that data to work at 18 cents per per cent so this is 1 example on and several other local similarly where under its connexion between work it and say so in this example adjusted on the left where it has that where some a on his under websites as because they are there to 1 of the early on perhaps past datasets that you have by the attached to them and what they can do is go on to a what were calling certainly wizards ends and select the day decide the estate certainly tool and when they do that they were asked if they can get their that they would grant permission to the estate in order to get access to their work at a the hands unstable the 1st information into the autograph the and assuming that the offer authorises that on then the and the right to say here which is that this would wouldn't say here where on and this is built the model that to process has also lower than the 1 to create a first and generously and that has the sauce codes it would use it as well so that you can see that in this case I'm 1 dinner on needs and records of the pudding Windella ends and doing search for past publications that do were again attached to the work and the and the can just click on the link in order to add to or record that makes them a period in the Aug records that some of the query and were record the their it has just been looking at the website on to find the items that were process that had been attach to work on and and cost is a summer 1 per is that we don't as well on
ends is so that the only way you have to be on the Web say to to make the place on the very common way of making this links now and then to slow the before it is and in the end initiation scholarly activity so in the case of the estate of the son of the Registry some of the data repository as are asking individuals for their organised died during that processor depositing the and and as as part on the Registry of a deal allowing the Katie is included in idealised occasion under and so far there are about 30 thousand deal as the India say that we have work is attached ends on the majority of Americans Pangea under and then there is another significant amount from picture which has which allows individuals register their datasets Sundanese usually for smaller datasets offer on individuals that are not affiliated with the Great Britain and some deposit and if your interested in seen some examples of the website that you are always see their on the surge work the Met and the same or just search for on all of the the all of the items in the 2nd half of Canadian attached and and and another example in line to show which was an project is the 1st in part to or on this is a on Thesis repository and that is to serve as the 1st library and in the US and in this case the British originates in the on the site said on where they can ask the Oscar individual where there were Canadian there's a lot into a website to provide a on and ban on can connect to the work of record in order to add to work record as well as and work and the right to the so tomorrow and the best fall off so far as up to 2 these these moms told described this is quite tomorrow Alsatian of stock is actually after the calling friends went to have a very practical sessions of how far we have from their tables across the river at the end of says abroad is a tool that people will know more about the of all the sidewalks from 1 to show you how to mean that the White what happens when researchers 1 school or said there are some big idea of a global but only 2 of you are in the side the of the show as a whole the company will suffer indexation whom she ratio or sure sell to create a character in play and ordered the from Ryan said that made their name and my might have from to playing a part because they have the means to decide I'm on wheels invited Michael account from going a goal in the biggest and new came out on the beach or the show as a whole to out to lead the of don't the biggest said side with all 4 of the babies in the unit that we also organising the
way we know we already have 1 is broadly going to happen on the 1990 of September and the 2 0 anywhere using computer and we plan to have a really bad pulsation again and and index the way we know we want to ask Somme people now related to the point where there is a witty doing all the work you do you think we should do next so would have to be met from the beach or being engulfing the the product but we have people from of also of some of the weaker University of them are someone from the you as a friend and I want to show how goal of the season off on the hour by goals roles of the city's on country and this is the way we know we recalled it and I would be able to offer to buy about what it is intrigued off tools to where we are far from from the the city to a for questions about of fine and the
3rd time in a year end reorganising is only finally went some way of corrugated announced and the Knicks would have also been of the of the and would be the obvious running along the 22 of using the Third Way is a 24 off in the morning and in the afternoon we have these old stations which is fully area of week interesting would Sean all we not only shoulder that all called the product of a house for sale but it is in the right to file I wanted to be sure
you will suffer a member of the board of available in the website from where these a moment by Friday to for me to think we should have finally bought would make them available to talk to devoting across the wheels of how far we run tool Owusu called gold sprint to falls during the British people to be on offer and the with the room of with the week because it would be if I we can do with these tools the eyes of 1 of the Open was played in the 4 and the new final results of the tools which we try to go and do those days in the world website will suffer Rangers symmetry of whom they use a the different and over where the got Labour the need to across the world to use of because and that should try to up to address the memory of a summary of for what they do in March roamed the across the board from the woman so


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