Working in Collaboration with Data Centres


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Working in Collaboration with Data Centres
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and events took slower than the which began to look because of the surge of the last speaker of people so you could make those talks which
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the day of just auto changed use British Library set to rise to nationalise the United Kingdom and being around 19 cents to the National Library in its current format struggles to jump off the back of longer than the other national Liberia also and the local paper provocation published you can identical to write your amicable for much submitted sound images book Journal we have a 3 million items incorporated of the year on or collections grow about kilometres of child in a year and this took the of you can member data citing the registration allocating agent technical time there as a a young man
he said that some of us might be 1 of the founding members of data site on start talking to the idea that the people back about 2 thousand later with regions at the National Library of we don't look at it actually people to and operate at a loss lower being around the judicial so tales of unlikely does that we were looking for a role of what we could do all of these data said the collaboration with him the whole nation states site during a hole in what we thought were actually of operating you can start should be Bankside the establishment at 2 thousand still going strong and that as a with the state's but they were quite committed democracy to a lucky we saw some Chrysler is really trying to say to get a feel for what the appetite was in the case around citing data research data management style of the University has become a hot topic it the banking very bought by law so we don't stop the small number of highly with the small number of data centres and because the idea adult to these people who think thinking about sorting out the would I the morning Dec sent to 1 of the Duchess of system that you start to think about how they want to see is an that data like that so said we moved from a pilot in 2 thousand 12 year pilot of having a full contract like the published a skilled and after they agreements with data and Data senses and put in place for requirements around London pages that they will require that takes the quiet and increased the the number of people working with children 11 by the end of 22 miles per cent slide in the price all audience patient and now we have about 20 tokenisation working with them but we have the talk to appointed a basis but a couple of quiet to which people are invited a slight stuck in the case and I think that's the system in their wives data like each year day of the service we offer is the Caltex site states of in which he takes the infrastructure said they use that excited by the these state and the and the right to compete in Baghdad in the structure that this could be very quick talked of some of the display which such infrastructure is of a quite don't think their order would like to state it it is about how we were captivated by the White at the United violent exploitation as well as called the fact that what we did quite quickly as well as a ticket to see the media by the recession quite simple but with all the other stuff that goes around the price and the taste citation amongst the researchers such she really quite costs and a lack of how such a needed said we work
only institutions that work research to such a level that would be the movement of the people said mentioned definition of research data and very broad definition what by data centres of the state sense with a sure cut terminology rather than saying they sent to libraries ripples tree was anybody sized called South set off a car clients rather than this cross section of interested in that a all and the across sections of discipline but also from the the fact that they were can we have a national data senses the to suspended not to discipline specific that as the potential coy about the extent we have central government funded by a group of kids where it is the that the Catling Kennedy authority and the Government agencies what you do allies of research data generated from what we have independent International data pleasantries with with we have published the working data publication only have 1 of the best coaches in real growth area of the whole of landscape Nikkei following Aussie a mandate excellent that management of starting to hit the universities the ones who have to look at what they do when they listen to the tape and the subject of money they themselves and then with the help provide good practise the exploitation of the universities that you up with a range of very large very old such a book in my Preux as the new ones universities and you have a very small number of research in the area to active and interested in the subject is that the couple and the public is mentioned as well of the House takeover for you about what we substated data means and that the cost of pushing the meeting that people go to the last research data but we take the view that people want to use the service that they want to understand what they called a his research data and its research that some people use GCSE had been using it for put the nation on its not trust fund for the think also mentioned about the exploitation use such as long than what we have found that some of the greats that because the and the need for the universities to want to use the data citation daylight this is because they have research to coming longer wanted to go and my data could would publish it and get on with the but it in a reference to the way of saying that the group of people who questioned him about the substance of what happened in that the set up of prices of Jews media like the localisation that were welcomed with his touch called but what they are the Boston guidance and how we do in the loss services is fighting workshops and we have different
types of workshops meetings to try to prove that the job for music practise in the care of these issues have meetings are clients which take before the and the environment like it might by and it is where I bring more people using the service to get the then we can talk about what happened data changes in the next day to a point this but also I get very critical feedback on the tax side of law client people using it on what they would actually like to say that we have at the British Library of the member states such reacted between clients takes place centuries capture and by the way we have very wide ranging causations investigating the the last for we hadn't united behind we had instruction from 1 of whom remember we had a talk but it citation that we on discussion about the oasis of said accommodation everywhere but to we find is that we bring that information back to date site such a shot members of the house with the slogan for all and all Workshop series which the thought that there are people I know about the airlines by the media but the slightest research data data citation but as a lot of people not to come to this quite new that because of the light is starting to get the ball in managing the station for day because it should not you creating quite to the stuff in this area the was that the body was stablish to date sentenced him have been during the decades have very strong opinions on what they think they should be like a fight behind and also saying they have a well expertise and they are very generous about Charm so we have to put together a series of workshops that have come everything from the inched duction data side to Metadata which the control crawled dialect data which that she has price-cutting below their dissipated she's or what to do about cents to data what to do about it all the way to do about version and Nazi issues of the day and thinking about practically she institutions have car about and also went for it and still we have to measure the impact of the issues for not just the research is still looking for the big match of match type issues but research centre and data census actually heard best quite happily imagined researched and said how help with the title of best measurements impact assessment should take to get more funding for the same substances well and will be found in the sort of issues have been some of the key topics of people before they start to see the whites of their eyes very comfortable with what they are like the with old which is the way we want to understand if the landscape around to be the full now the for the institutions such that doing the right thing but also understanding that acting is changing folding field sounds simple citing data and when the recent cook proceeded the she granularity data versions Dynamic takes up at the start that he had worried about what you could do a lot of them were like being that makes the more cautious semi felt biting Workshop sweeping the jet expensive people by the hand of the issues that worrying people read it new that you will actually do not letting the dispute reassurance a that no said the again in all the best practise of the comes along because it is not a static failed best practise is changing the way people were in the area and will set alight talks more meeting the workshops which we will do things causal to do just what we wanted a depending on the audience and what we have done some take the elements of the series of and and context and should to show 1 of the great things about being a where we are and how big a great network of the in the case is that would also be have to a politician workshops and is that the pace of events for other people such as the pad project Jan 7 job audience were running round to the house she period in cup workshops and most recently the picture much research data Alliance behind to the Workshop exploitation working group which are being July at the world chocolate cited the data and the and distrust of the British Library and danger the size of being voted the People's workshops and began to here greater voice of what the interested in add that helps impact in the community to be at the back while clients and potential clients but they have questions saying we see strength and working out the and it was there at that every gets to Workshop because it might be on the day that they called it might have clashed though made quite good use essential away with the of other good to to feed around the book shops that he shot dead a cult make it quite so Frank open discussion accountants the very with the bombing of the dead were criticism as of she positively covers could cost up to criticism is a which usually picture of the UK aged capable of some of of the things to get under are said go alongside Workshop things you can buy guided by an dissemination best practise
said we were worked cooperation but information such as mesh publishes inside the of James and the Giant the into the question of the week by the input from the inside the guidance on Dec citation is and research Irukandji star and guidance as result workshops and she said citing the the data side have and already contraction agreements and see what we have is a much more user friendly guide to people alongside the guy who produced by case study of what we think is greatest guttural people died in the fighting for the Senate seat that the best way to get to look on the streets on a workshop we all with have external because it's not just talk about the fight but we have bought a house at least loyal to global people talk about their experiences with the thought would have been done it was a deep practical could
demonstrations and that is find is quite easy when she knew how but statutory use quite of in the spent most time trying to explain to people was a close 3rd in the end we just the it sightscreens which the series that it's a simple but is really helpful when you have a causations summary to its new using technical time and not just just go and have a good bet that the following extremes but it's again people you call hands on session extremely helpful we tools and the of this sort of expanding sought extract case that of only block
like everybody else relaxed how people what with the governor broke goal the the People's of and also but we have a lot of our clients are looking on the bright side to try and get the nothing about booking if you can just go into this game with the Taliban to talk to get that information about it would create a group that FFTW and the very fact that the
most the numbers of cabin to setting copies to publish it on the cheap but recently that we've done well with the option to stage exchanges of the 2nd and project to about what you are best practise and expectations wrote libraries kind it of nice you what we're would doing and the great thing about that is that it gives you an excuse to go out and talk to people to find out what they doing got opinions and will be to find out what people doing the best reading its could that helps us to understand what people want
and project that rumours recently about in the air and in project and don't worry sojourn in what I'm not going to talk about editing stagnated this isolated set on the funds via I but the advantages of booking a meeting at which the US is being its we don't uncritical steps study assurances that the size and and and is given not change so much more deeply cup of all 100 with clients already which he a date or Clive Owen enough to join the rematch out their workplace working with them understand exactly how they were found that we were another research group you produced the and lost the Ascoli such coupled with the study of how the development which will choose will start to run out of cash in the business of the Sixties also and they yet using their wives but they want and then or of its idea and that the city has been in the right place at the wrong how we see how they they could implemented the web of the research group and that based in University as well said a given as much deeper and dancing all land the shoes off some and again that would be back the guy to that give and the other advantage of Logic such as if it a showcase some of what clients to which a audience 3 that in an index of the people know about the great things that the case involved in some of the British oil firm to the expectation that this really nice guy and a lot of clients were said
because of presentations on tensions basic so we be doing called takes the clients and the services in the city of London seek figure March Mamuka shows some for true Mark as a woman with a child on the way so you may be tempted even earlier when they were ordered questions in the arena dissertation while more than a decade now busy
and it doesn't seem to migration is usually Workshop Sudanese great any mention Yorkie with researches publishes a use Sensini uptake time by researchers side of all this is a good idea should do this area seeing some results of the of the of the guests the a we are that
and they will people forget that lack time that some of the excesses of the working with a daylight to the 1st of the early this year that it takes time to get the nation's but they ask us to get and that the and we have a long way such great just on ageing a life that they had been taken the said that the best and the 1 on the site with a stick of seeing banks to access to the data and they were much data that deal and is on the right and have a great point Eighties vials people and they were the credit for that and I think the way that at all said 1 of the best signed with us they did it because they had such a coming on Wednesday like for like data wanted direct to the not so we are seeing is that we are seeing and 1 of the few that are not so I don't realise it's because it is nothing new about dissertation requires a deal at the same time but that seems to be the critical peace and start again on the setting the extent of the talk in the back and sides in the world a licence the state and in a thing about daylight in because of the attention of recommended that stated that if the pages of its overnight system which has not saying the system on told a nice but not thing is in the clutches of his life but residents cycle beige accretions for his part in a it would be update by the likes of which publications adding also seemed to be no resistance or other limitations expressed when runs were Jobsite British searches the and and tools to find the nett to send the 1st place to using there is generally uses indicated that they just like because of location rises in the recognition or using an awesome explodes Prince and this is the basic unit of unit spent much of the land well having might lack time to like time and in is just become more consistent people's minds and was the last thing that they wanted in a situation they wanted it to be potentially side it


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