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Establishing a DOI Service for Switzerland’s University and Research Sector


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Title Establishing a DOI Service for Switzerland’s University and Research Sector
Title of Series DataCite Annual Conference 2014
Number of Parts 24
Author Hirschmann, Barbara
License CC Attribution 3.0 Germany:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/15282
Publisher DataCite
Release Date 2014
Language English
Production Year 2014
Production Place Nancy, France

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Subject Area Computer Science
I'm really penalty on the edge read you I'd Tesco that is that the Arriva richest regions service that we have established in Sweden and
the dish and and a dish of library work is the largest of the scientific and technical and but said so of some of Atlanta Chevron USM experiences on how it came about that you are right to you would assistant identified in many of these open excess repository and digital collection from simple saliva ghosted makes stronger so this decided that you are either has been set up alongside approach but it reading framework of a major innovation collaboration road chickens with some and which was called a unit of the pages without extremity ivory between 2 thousand 8 and was 12 and the distance from the records of it but I did library of with a technical support from the pitch by his services and this framework program union consisted of 20 sub approach which had over a team of improving availability and scientific of Scientific information and false the cooperation between libraries and the and 1 of the major themes of a picture of unit at the age of almost development of teachers collective songs a sustainable on the phone and it was certainly an important success SuccessFactors follow on do you are approach that it could work closely together with most of the digital collections and that Britain being supported through his approach and the them as part or all of the euro approach so are many of look at some of the the names of the client state that you either serves to date new seeded repository that host digitised library material such as real books and nondescript digitised Gemological and images are still important group of clients that some of us today than another important provost of crimes this open excess repository each which also preprint ghostwritten uses anticipations and on a text or call to them and they also have a couple of private coastal Max's Jonas and recently on some new plants that richest new eyes of research data such as the Prutton of archive order were Tristram on a torrent of sorrel at the moment of his of 20 clients with 29 different publications services and you can see here order from of first time Pienaar trying to until the end of 2 thousand Courchene all kinds of French is more than 700 thousand fewer so economic technique infrastructure or a service in that aged you I'm management application of works is an intermediate service between are clients and that the the 2 sides technique structure so there are 2 main reasons why we have to do this kind of infrastructure in of 1 reason is that in Sweden and have many small libraries or institutions found that are interested in publishing small amounts of data publications but they might not have the technical McGrory's is to integrate the services of the said infrastructure directly directly so the thought that we would need a technical solution that could facilitate the registration workflows even for small publishing agent with limited Technica resources and on the other reason was the only 1 they decide what some incorporated into as 9 and infrastructure omitted hesitate didn't exist and began for 1st time private plans to register your eyes into so that they don't want to stop the registration for them as soon as possible so this is how a Dura infrastructure looks to be on the running or 1 handles which forested your eyes according your L African and and cautious information to the road your system which handles the resulting request than the addition of the used public Asia that can store audio your eyes your Els and according Metadata for each of cheque and dismayed that it is exploited to date decided that it is it is a way of doing that he said meant that it was Stauffer harvesting and all
clients and they can use of means that you are start system by an automatic grocers or mental input for so that we can have a closer look at those of those were world when using the automatic work for the client generates that you are a name for every new Object according to a specified seemed the declined and you do Itasca but we get on the client and then publishes the necessary Metadate on the object of some including on him and examining doubling crossing before on away ISA of if the repository does not provide and boy in the face declined can also published Axum of it to be done 1 said they did you either this
car is the clients new are updated data and a few minutes later data is in the Proteostasis humble so that you are either of for all the organising the
associated made to the data said mitigate storey declined administrative can observed and manages growth slowed in the face of on more cheated look crosses actually quite simple I feel that familiar with the way in which Protocols so kind publishes antiques and them in Dublin called for much for each Huai object which include that you IEEE and the euro which results tool for each clients we have completed the so called the you Ipoua no applications which Storace basic information about where and when we should Hovis new and updated records from this club if client is published new record of before figure you eyes since the last Thomaston routine of storing or database and pushed or him of blood exploiting the seeds of the society we have implemented American mechanism which transforms data from the Bank or for much of the data said that to date the funeral of the client publishes only about very small number of digital of objects they can choose to use or mental work of the men over Kramnik's acute from a team that you are a management buy publications for creating a new deal at client simply and that you are using the prefix that we have signed him and then he and the Cinderella the Jewish should assault to intimate data and both automatic as well as the man over and monotub buyouts and but a client my of applications that this was the description of the technique of and causes the registration of the name of the side you either does not only have to and shorter technical subpoenaed of the system will have to make sure that are clients of remove them the necessary technique and urbanisation of prerequisites spot you're registration so this is why we have developed a close document that can be downloaded from a website and disclosed is based on the day they decide business model sprints of diplomacy describes the requirements that you are used to fulfil to become a client of the Hewitt celebrities of crime and the 1st of all all the only except institution of clients on an individual can never be applied and because only institutions and their mechanism to current that digital of which check reference point you out of in the long term advantage of checked request that it be available but via the intimate and the excess restrictions should be avoided the possible of cost have to be described which meant that they built and 1 step in a sign that you are either should be changed and more if you version is published emotional cheque it should receive new deal and there is a minimum stay of Metadata this has to be provided with the issue of what to say to discover a and correct situation practices and the cost object to save on the trust's Rice's permits and did your location must be opted to immediately but Huai system changes so you have come to the conclusion that a potential clients of can meet or requirements set of individual service 11 agreement with them which defines the rights and duties of both parties and describes the service and million more due to and we also signed prefix declined Applications services and some read them on which system that's what is so fixed for the most part as of positive Israel's of tried to keep a clients of up to date with the latest developments from the side and diarrhoea and sheriffdom interesting in these initiatives predict the situation community and best practices but they stations and they have since risen to a new was that the trees and on to to a client and other interested parties are among regular basis and the negative memorable was that it doesn't pose the and this practices working group of the detective work so now led to give you a 2 examples of clients that have implemented your eyes and discuss some questions that came up during or talks with them as have already mentioned of most of the Swiss Open excess repositories implemented you wisest system event of which believe is not American and compared to other countries where on your hands and some more you'll MCS's regardless of tourists so are 1 question that usually comes with Bolton excess repositories and implemented your eyes is the officials regicide your eyes for a paper that is opposed print orthopaedically print of not to go that already has a deal so the concern and questions from the posted a miniature is usually that uses would be confused the with repository recordists would you up a special used to repository also fulfil the function of and the institution of the go go she works so anyway and my future actually quite strong are for a stunning viewers to every Felixstowe that you have in the UK for a repository nominated it's of preprint are not because it allows you can provide a few hours for some documents the repository and Vodafone not and and only can only provide all too large during published about from a day out of measles might be open to a think this is a question that can actually results but thinking about followed a repository displays the different identified the for a sort of example India's screenshot showed that you can imagine what it shows that we have the record from the University of MCS's repository and they have decided they will sign up their own viewers to all full tax that you have been a repository and December made quite clear to the was which 1 is the publisher you Over the you don't have to publish a and the naming publishes on and out there have been their own repository and the name of permanent you were at a loss to the publication of his son example of how far they managed to do you are aspidistras sauce and the manager and and we have worked with in the world official morning during the summer and this is also an interesting examples from me because when they approached the didn't have any experience with data publication they just the sort that it would be great to be able to reference de database on fluctuations officials are might do you are but it didn't have the technique resources to set up a profession Rita repository so what they decided to do do it is a set of simple Web
page and publish alone version of the database page the each year as 5 so far not registered with of using or a mental workflow want your eye for a year but then away from the district written interesting example because at 1st sight you might think that this is not a professionally hosted repository companies the but on the other hand for but then this is an important 1st step so they have described the database of some of the debate on the previous day talk to database should decide to they provided the system that and divide and the right to send you and you do your eye for each version of the published and that unit is as much more than many scientists of produce data to lead to move on so and presentations just written down some thought that and would like to share it especially with out of date the said members on how to establish a successful during service for for your country or a community of the desired most important points target of potential clients directly his into a community and the and the and the old man not exclusive potential used gives but you are also try to educate romance and research is about the fact that you are its restrictions data that can be much more than what 1st comes to mind when you think about it that you are so far 1 service in the band would say that the and important SuccessFactors so far has been the target but the was them economy songs that already existed in the summer and that of his agent approach and they have no excuse for the full cost service on results that they talk about erratic kept the service opened for the needs of the academic and the every community and tried to accommodate the individual and you ideas is now well known in his community as the central your which is tradition of his success and at the same time I see underwater initiatives for research data management and publication slowed emergency of enough caused expected to be and other important group of clients for us in Europe which so thank you for attention and this is a are website if you want to read more and have done so the questions have Stradivari Crawshaw's Obiorah the poverty of his book The Age of point of the application of the law which allowed Rangers publishing data for decades loans for so long there in collaboration with eventual shortages in this sort of thing that you
say what you is the Coronation office at
the University of Zurich at the Institute of geography and a room and talk about this special condemnation of the said that they thought that they collected from their collaborate it P that all the PP for for it but which work by King on the Stanley question was us because it was the to price when you say that the speed where may not be shed Lancker people rule kellwood you we that applications says that
way magical clank had fallen that that is issue community in the world preserve research that the way these people were and maybe had has an old fashioned word that the result was like sold Eckblad this question was of the same things that about the fact that his paper have been doing we that have called for centuries by her all the time and they are the idea a man to do it but so that we just trying to find a way to make it became the way you all push to make the weekend some available poultry sugars of giving the country could be my own feeding the both of you that a against the
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