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Building Communities and Services for Data at CDL
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right scientist a seat in the early Gilligan using so and so on predecessor restaurant here to represent the calibre needed a library but I'm I'm up
substitute for my colleagues just are interested cruiser
usually vaulted these days that and there was sent along sold in my best to represent what we do this the CIA and how we support researchers found in a system that we were getting on so there not familiar with the
Seattle and it's called the culprit deliberated for the University of California system and and we don't have anything say
we don't have any books were very non traditional Labour nonsense but we all look a lot
like a developer shopper TechShop in the Bay Area so there is a lot of cubicles analyze people 1 computers and on the servers in the basement and so it's it's definitely not traditional on the sense that it's not a traditional academic library and but
we are pretty receive California system so we we work within the conference of the Tigers as much as 10 campus under a
lot of systems that we support in a role at a higher level of the sea and that the series is about 8 per cent of all research running the West which means we can have a pre significant impact on how things are done in time in the West End to 3 per cent of all European Journal Oracle's published in the world every year companies the researchers and Sudan and things that we do not a which is exciting and it feels good to know that we could potentially pipeline researchers found but it is challenging given on were not
sitting on a cash Socrates these situations and which is in a group within the city and we think about the kind of questions that you see your these topics things about the duration data management and data sharing open research access to research products and so high we
do that given that we don't have any students or books or the traditional setting up a library and we can do that the
3 things which all talk about here so tools and services at Richard occasion and purchasing Asian and Kurdish so
I'm within tools and services that we think primarily about things in terms of the deal cycles of this summer from the old 1 this is the day 1 approved official and electrical talk about data 1 along the and I'm within the confines of a slight cycle we developed tools and services to transport those researchers those many many researchers the this 10 campuses and so that the
anti tool 1 example of that it might be argued we are most popular service that we worked on in collaboration with a lot of other organize Asians and institutions primarily libraries and this is intended to help people creating plans that confirmed to fund requirements and so is based on the model of the disease Cedar did online from the sea seat and they were back whenever perverse of this project and so
that the deal impeach was basically wizard for generating data management plan and is open to the community and anybody can use its although we are at the scene we automatically advocate for anyone to use this told regardless of whether from and this is just a stream
shot from the deal he told her that familiar with the which is treated the user and face recently and so it's the new fund bells and whistles and you can see it looks a lot like a wizard that helps you are tied into to the question of what future outline of that demand Linear creating so I'm
are doing more unpopular service among the attendees here is easy so the easy died at service is protagonist long term identifiers made easy and so the gold the services to create persistent creep assessment and virus and to manage the was identifiers data on through the easy died interface and then to resolve identifiers into the datasets so this is
probably a familiar process for those of you in the room although I'm find that was the researchers the spent time talking to on are really a where of Powell this work so this is a handy diagram for the Big Easy Deacon both Dealwise and ox and Oxford table research keys that came from the libraries Ian community and those can help point somebody to a website that has that digital Object accosted your eyes are on the safety of the number of days and is a quick cyber
and this is kind of item that's come out in the last few weeks the California July libraries recently part with crossref and basically the
partnership in this case is something that was a long time in the works and and the results of this is going to be that open access publications like David Davis idealised from the easy organelle benefit from across recommended is services and describes a subscribers the perverse with cross so this is a really good thing for and open access publications that he had the support of his is mostly publications data so and depending on how excited your about data versus not and the and the data is based on to mention that an eye contains a question that that he has questions about this but this is definitely not my colleague youngsters primary which is the primary contact us so
moving on to the web are cutting service is another service that we offer which does exactly what it said was its intended to preserve install websites but along with the service goes analysis tools things like full tax Search capabilities and we are complex want to websites and have those stories and available for searching for the community and America's is may be kind of like the was the foundation of many of these other services this is are institutional repository for for these easy systems and not all of the these sees use married but it's available to anybody in the sea system to use for the order of the people that they collaborate with as well so that its to shoppe as a Tory its for preservation access to any type of digital assets of not not any particular time work on time and not so I'm area is it launched in 22 and its content and disappointed not to take just 1 thing and you can deposit into marry using a pie-eyed which is the kind load of choice for most of Oliver partners and you could also use the user and and how ever at the merits service a to seal a couple of year's ago are accounted frustrating because the council has not self service somebody who is used to having to cause the Omagh which was really old eye would rather just do myself online and that was a possible and he was not the user friendly for people that are familiar with the the help preservation opposed to erase and that it may be that things like that and so on in response to
this in the last year or so we were not practical dash and this is intended and was strong from data show which from the start at the University of Edinburgh version of the show so we decided maybe we should change that he into something else although now we know the results of instances of dashed we do so and that the dash
faces basically on under later that sits on top of American its intended to simplify the deposit and search breezy researchers so for the individual researchers themselves people on experts in data sharing the management they can now use the stash system has married under the house and its free public access to the research products for anybody who is interested in accessing what's in the dash system and so I'm essentially its married but there are plus plus the kind of the goal so just to give you an idea
of what the search interface looks like the doing time operates so on this is that this is the home page for gas which should say is not available yet so and were still in the works were hoping to release the 1st version dashed in the next month or so and but this is what it will look like when it is released and I see has come to mean functions searching for data and sharing data and the idea was to make this an faces clean and and useful as possible and this is what the
surgeon browse looks like you can see that we have a nice faceted Search where you can go from under different campuses an easy system were by authors Keywords things like that if you
went on particular reduced pages look something like this the burden of put that citation from the types of people no citations Houghton and you can download the data set in the morning have on licence and appropriate on the page of the people will know how they can actually use the status and currently were offering Ceci by and seedy 0 although that set discussions with the office of the general counsel for the system pretty interested conversations data sharing indeed ownership so and will see how the licensing shakes out but the excited about the 0 loss to the by so that removed for away from now on but we will have more options available future and and this is what the
manager and input page looks like her goal was to make it simple and cleaning easy on the eye obviously it's the the have more Metadata but we also found that area for researchers decline over to be pretty low for the year Lancashire data so this is going to I'm ready for data site in which you hope to implement integer versions of dash other Ahmed is scheme that can be chosen and you can explore the land
you don't move on to upload where you can just right draw where you can browse actually search the datasets that you want to add and we have a lot of information can homicide in Basel he wanted there but where making to owners for you have have to click through to the banks to actually and so this is all criminal
works like a set in the next month or so and hopefully have this up and running but down the road were really hoping to develop open sauce community and allow dash to be heard later on top of other other repositories outside the married system so we 1 integrate was Cantalupo Protocols things like Saudi and we want to switch to saw by play for search rang out next year and and generally distinctive ways that we can make this is generic as possible for other of institutional possibilities or community repositories is to be able to use for their a researchers to deposit data and hopefully established instances outside of the system enjoy were conversations with khalkhali which is another University in California but it's not pop or system so hopefully work out and will be able to say we need extended outside the
and in case you want anything else this is a 1 get have not the project as a way is what the formation of the project to cast questions several use the issue tracker and get her to follow up to help the people for the project and then and the last
chunk of things that we think about the is the publication and so
on the question of what should be a publication look like at these seat is something that we start talking about yesterday that the sealed couple year's ago because we
do have these things via scholarship which is are open access depository for publications we have America's a Tory we have dashed and much that look like a given those those tools that we have so we start is working with a team John crops and he's been thinking about these questions related to the publication and he's
published this 1st on the 1st publication which is intended just provide an overview of the kind of language around a publication of people are saying what people in this room a reference to methodical mock persons reviewed by and so this is out and available just a provide kind of overview of what people are doing in terms of the publication of the book but this week I know we talk about these words and communities like this may be the researchers don't nobody's conversations on Oct a where of some things that we talk about and
so John Snow working on a project over he just and submitted a paper are asking you what researchers and data publications so we have the conversations internally but they look like externally and
and so he has lots of researchers this is just 1 graph from has particles so we asked how familiar or you would data policies that these are all still policies and ancient the analyst taking the red is never heard of it and it's not looking good in terms of awareness of data policies and general but this is just 1 of the interesting set of results that he got and so this is coming soon had been submitted a plus 1 and should be going up review in the next few weeks soaking up
and the last 2 things that we work on all conatus cover pre briefly to time peso on our should education this
is under a lot of work related to help the researchers think about data sharing just to help them deal where without their to care and prioritise about data sharing and the management and to help them understand how documented data and have a right could imagine plans and the way that we do this help is
essentially things like conferences workshops campuses the guest lectures so usually its means standing on a soap box talking about these types of things data management practices and science tools and the available for researchers to do this and we
also support librarians and helping researchers and so again were not want him as we don't have those researchers we don't even have the have on the ground librarians on the working with us and they are all of these seemed so we try to help them to help the researchers and the and we did that in some ways
but I'm to to how we help researchers that we also have a blog that we keep that is primarily here towards communities like the sort celebrities and thinking about the publication in the management of India and we also do a lot
presentations and workshops on the scene types of topics like talked about researchers were doing them for libraries and so on things at the Digital every Federation meetings of the research data access preservation some places like this for a week over the kind of help libraries understand from the perspective of the researchers on the types of things that c offers that might be helped by conversation Wilson a grant from my molested stress wrapping up and this is what agency in the West and we worked on improving the stewardship of the deal he tool open libraries from a management and is basically a case it was the end couple colleagues basically developing materials around the deal he told that included general guidance about data management also promotional materials and and general improvements to the anti websites a lot of resources on the team sheet told website available under the independently he told self
and in the last desperate dissipation partnerships so
sciele Load status and were
found in member did say that the easy 80 service receive cycle the work of the last year and just are interested preserver acted and working groups and on the steering committee things like that
and I did my is another project that were very heavily involved in so this is an NSF project and trade off savour infrastructure and economic and with data won the gold in 1 is basically to we to get their existing data possible erased and allow the single location high where you can Search Metadata across all those repositories makes it easier for researchers to find the gamma questions about deal 1 in the but as part of the deal alkalisation retraining the man has Oscarsson questions and general the data 1 group that we have several you see 3 members the involved in terms of being on the leadership team and as well as in working there are several other
also and are a part of the party a group so this is an mentioning yet again so every probably is quite what it is that these organisations by now and then we
have a lot of patas across various other groups and organisations things that are both within the see like points Berkeley national out and also things like plus a creativecommons and it helps to be in the area were 1 of these groups are house so and work on some looking for partners and people they can help us understand what researchers are doing and the Cerberus searches and generally Jasminka services more useful in the case said that it from
I can take questions and use you humour have the extra all time questions from the audience and is wanted to give his full of what do we charges including the publication and or talking about the shot and the and a interestingly the questions and that he asked if it's was traditional surveys we ask the same question and giveaways in Uganda France's every single times they say Well to reviews the most important thing for for me to trust data but there may be inserted in question ranks during the very low in terms of how they are and how we evaluate said that there are given right and so has a lot complex in Rangers which suggests a misunderstanding thinking general that shoppers will work


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