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Data Citation, Principles and Practice


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Title Data Citation, Principles and Practice
Title of Series DataCite Annual Conference 2014
Number of Parts 24
Author Callaghan, Sarah
License CC Attribution 3.0 Germany:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/15278
Publisher DataCite
Release Date 2014
Language English
Production Year 2014
Production Place Nancy, France

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Subject Area Computer Science
a Case and I'm going to keep this should told brief but you reasons reasonable what is really at launch reasonably too easy here 1 voice might not last long it's already an awful and that it was last night but was
so yes as her sense he invited me to come and talk about the declaration of data
citation principles that were for by the dissertation synthesis about which the and then after talk about what the declaration a small dissertation principles are all talk a bit more about how we in the UK you can data centres environmental and data centres have actually implemented a citation and then find they are just battle with a brief about how data citation support station publication so high powered car crash
as was mentioned the and joint declaration of dissertation principles and Forrester which on could everybody put their heads above the law and he heard the declaration dissertation and that's going up like has and has a everybody's in dorestad but on a personal level or any institutional of some of the downside is not everybody put their hands up to say that her that such talks with the slides and while the West's with of them and so the and Group came together because of the and that was a lot of interest in the community about data citational obese the and these where several despite groups so was good task but they citation which coach and was the and 4 7 Group and which will be Amsterdam manifesto and on that day citation and which can act as part of an hour from the public but the behind the scenes and then was also the Duke duration centre Roche valued on and to set site data and all these different disparate groups were brought together into a synthesis group that and neck regularly from July to September 20 30 and when say regularly had the content conferences it was a real spring but we talk of the town was the we open the at results of that synthesis to community feedback and in November December 20 30 revised them in January 20 14 and now we were in the process of determining so between its from July to generate it was 6 months for this also we have
enough not to people who have already signed up to you at the Joyce these principles and that brilliant and the Devils of their bosses at if you haven't side and and loss was that the state and were or without more than Dawson and the reason were requesting in Boston is that so 80 year achieves time from now on we can come back to all the people who enjoys principles say OK Evander 1 is now 1 of the likely to want to implement the more promote the more or disseminating your use community and then will probably have several people could going at while but that's not the point at least will be able to us the people will make a formal and and public commitment to the principle
self what are the principles Wyevale appointments and it's not that the UK would not pretty sure that everybody your thinks that day citation is important because if he didn't think it was going to be here is that simple and but it's basically we need these principles and because they we believe that it is important we situations that and if you don't have the data available for an at peace scientific work or piece research general is really hot test whether your completions artefacts accurate or whether you just kind of making Stoffel it will also have the notion that the EU should be considered legitimate sizeable product of research as was mentioned earlier the human geologic the data from that these revolution and it needs to be Sheridan made available the same thing could happen with other research research at data citation like citation of other evidence sauces is good research practise it is what we should be doing what research and and even though I have to say to Asia where so different research communities have different which practices we and still recommends that communities to practices for machines citations consistent with the general to these principles of very generate and high level but were hoping that the different communities will go and build on the to find that all the little details that cause problems with the their specific so
here are the joint dissertation principles but the Asian those but not entirely sure what it is a noble people part of but that's what they called the principles of a recent to the co data and testing principles that were presented but not the and the cost but the code a said task but had 10 principles rather than just a although if your if you notice that H principles their there and the number to his credit and the traditions of the principle a 2 1 half of a two shot lead of going be more details so the principle of the
group into a week on of groupings sections sold this 1st not principle wanted and 3 all about the purpose of citations opposite the so they cover things like and we should be such data in points do should be conceded just a large part of the research will not be much are going a dissertation should ports and and facilitating scholarly credited credit and a tribution to all contributions to the data and evidence science is all about reproducibility's and we need to be able to know what evidence rests for playing so we discovered literature where ever and whenever a claim relies on data that corresponding the should be such show work Kruger sauces gripping number is all about photoshoot so we have a unique identification a dissertation should include a persistent method for identification that's Machine actionable globally widely used by the NHS but the these the wise more their that we do not say that the White is the only way to do that we recognise that different communities will have different ways of doing things about all OK provided they all fit in with the with the with the principle that will say that they should citations should facilitate access to the data themselves earns to any other Association Metadata documentation code of other materials and I should be possible to get access to them and by humans and machine so you need not just the numbers insisted that such not just the Day is the day you need information for people to make sense of the show that in
the last creeping and the last 3 in the principles is all about the were staying here that the unique identifiers undomesticated describing the data and disposition that should proceed even if the the data does not exist was saying that they should citations should facility change the identification of access to the application of specific data that support and also were saying that were ever possible dissertation method should be sufficiently flexible to accommodate the very practices among communities we want to go to bring people together so that we have not safety standards that it must be done in this way all the time about what they of and what we want jet and generic and simmer standard so that a person in genomics can go and look at citation 18 a budget of Astronomy Journal and go all at about about day citations sufficient said that was the work the even across the machine
so al back coup when we talk about placement citations we talk about into work and placement so when I have a statement in a document saying for example that we everyone at the boat shown in the direct through the distribution of selected message from the main data that he got the intake citations all the Bush that is pretty much what everybody ceased to be an academic the treasure adding like hell where just kind of hijacking it's likely to be used for data and then the full citation can various style but he should be included in full references to allow citations other types of works of art the section of the have are author paper whatever and that we have are data citation there and so far so straight for words and as it is in the bridgeandwickers latest Asian before much in a way that is the means of easily diplomas and were borrowing quite heavily from the way that Gemological citations are put together so is that of early standard got the author Europe obligations based said total and the publisher where the of the day said the found what deposit your that is what version the data that is which is the extension from an papers that it is usually come version and then global processes identified that generally utility or your you are a or your the Kabul later that will take you to the data and the state's the authors for the AVX principle to credit tribution and asserted that he had data Austria and unique identifier spoilt by the global global assisted by a bit and then we got the version supporting the and was of specificity and the occasion that the specific versions
As we said are as a said earlier and it's not just enough to have the ball but the likes of the data sent and we want to have the extra mesh datasets he should accept the Wells what have and citation machination Tayside would this particular very well with the date of the and is that there is more details in and the only joined at dissertation principles web page as well as the principles there is not just often documentation including got 1 so we have got citation their for by mitigation Tree Bowen you got your and mesh data in a easy readable or machine and 1 some other
said earlier in a cabin signed up to nauseous instals beastings you understand on your behalf or your personal by savers searches for or librarian or whatever but you can also get an your urbanisation 2 sons and daughters as well and now that these dissertation principles have been actually seen sized various groups have sprung up to actually work on duty and implemented these principles in different names and costs the devil is in the details to the different demands ackroyd's almost any easier job to bring people together and synthesised general principles and it is time take general principles and unemployed because different problems problems are not just life that's OK and if we can fix it so that most of the big Nietzsche's are served out happily served by data citation that it would to the job but
there is just about sell and if so I'm
moving away from the genetic data citation joint declaration that told which is available on such a month or so and but and moving into and was thought to mean domiciles because the got and technology facilities and local gold but also because the speeches car and so on moving from principles into practise just a quick overview of how we by which time now talking as a member of a Data Centers has Herbert said over the British of the case and we are part of the Federation of cases Cengiz funded by the Natural Environment Research and when we work together as a group to figure out a way of citing the datasets has all are a week overall the volatile data from and a mistake science to hydrogeology climate change and ocean graphic data pota data add biodiversity also big city did anything to do with the environment Media News The and at 3 year is well with nearest took the decision that we were going to use the wise to size by data because were searches know what the like the use to use them and East easing the site so it's not that much of a stretch for them to use the wise to sort data and also we have a very good working there shoppe but library away from the game we have everything various bits of guidance on how research should like the data and what how we signed the wives and the founder of the news but if
so the question is are because idealised data well what sort of data to be assigned and I want to do so we have to work with rules for ourselves and we were quite strict about these because we think when we assign a what we are saying that the data said stable snow could be modified to not going be a complete so it's not going to be updated the status at we are signing and I want to is a finished pointed point of and now not economic about what you definition of finished actually is what we are saying that the datasets was the while every time I was all the what will get exactly the same day set back at no changes no looking around we might have extra mesh data added to but about mesh data will be on the landing page for for the data and the to the day said the actual data itself will change we are very picky about what we signed the wants to when we decided I want something were making a commitment to make it available for the long term on to the world that of funding for the World Aids whichever comes 1st and that is why we will not sign the want to stop that is not helped by a weak and control at the well site and this as it is possible you more contentious but quality has already come to the end of the morning to when we aside the the White to and is that we are saying that are professional opinions as data centres the status at ease of goods technical quality we are saying that it is standard and the community understood for we are saying that there is no danger of that Metadata we hope accurately describes what they said but that the skin of the match days is they're at all idealised resulted landing pages and the also decided that if we upgrade the and files the version of the Bible that which figures and version of the said under for the White so here
is an example of bodies that Scotland each which also doubles as a page the wild and their side a set of regime is and decides recommend recommended 7 for much and there but there is a contributing to the day said the of the season while the Aussies when they they 1st become the deal 1 8 gives them enough information to say yes this is the datasets and was looking for for over actually know of got more information here about the state that is not what the people want to go somewhere else afzaal that so
it's not just also have been and Saturdays the Hyundai citations as well and I should be the only know that if you because of the time people the combined contenders the such but he would not paper science and in the year references that this is a really see data that this is from the environmental at information and but this is a new area example of this is discussions we love dissertation sell winning on
sound data citation actually supports a publication by saying that people in general we have a good understanding of what a book is what a Journal large delays because we system the physical objects we can say yes that will definitely exist like there can tell what the boundaries are tell everything we within the chorus easy the book the same goes for ourselves out of it even when they are digitised you still have very definitely starting point out all the text the late in the day sentence built more uncertain because add that to the dynamics of the change on a regular basis because the continually being an issue of taste and but if you want to strike the properly and we want treat them to use them to spawn reproducibility scientific record we need to draw the boundaries around what is in the data that what is needed dissertation earned the White helpless do this because they they make us think OK bonus cited a set point what exactly what in their for us to decide what sort of all those boundaries some whom mention cuff
Wallachian east side should be useful but inside English canvassing results when it comes observational data like and going data or whether data what and that's not reproducible like just back siesta data measurement from all by the time his approach sell the buzz
of the publishing data and they have got not of different falls on what actually mean by publishing some people publishing data is a the of page summer anyone is had ever had a 4 0 4 not founder knows that the but doesn't exactly fixed the criteria for the persistence the night and then is also the 2nd now stick and the late John Paul supplementary materials or 0 are systems used to getting are disciplinary are institutional of all the tree that much of a shock to publish the data data of the not so different ways of publishing but what we
need to do is really need to think about what your dataset action and how best to support his and make it needs of the people sound and this is where my what when my favourite pitches Test here we got the 3 levels of data publications several 0 we have making data available activity by made by data available on the date of a page and a half explained what for my says for what and the associated with it but I've made available because there anyone could go that uses data centres are a bit too much this is are day job we take data in and scientists and messages to make it available to all interested parties and we make it available in such a way that the other interested parties can actually open files can understand what seems response and understand what the variables are at a loss last time that were made available at actually working days some changes in the and it grows and the extra investigations to get to it and it could all be a bit jumbled but that can located different places and Italy quite tricky eager to a datasets what you think is datasets 1 week and then I go back next week and exostoses benighted or possibly the the next level of citation and that is where we really to following what is in the data set of what is and that's where we find the deal like to say that the status at allowing stronger and that it has a 100 strong and this as decided by 8 per minute along way then by the top level is a bit more about at the quality control of the day said the stamp of qualities that Germany last time and is the result of the review are not necessarily talking peer-review as in the Journal of offical pulses the review this is peer-review as saying at person over than the origination researchers going in using the danger and feeding back and information on the wall of whether the dataset is actually useful and musical or walk down to prove that or what extra information the across the city and very
plants in the states that this is my last night just as some up on and day citation helps us think about are defined what is Posh and a sense of what is also have sustained OK you actually is responsible for for the data set and you do need a when things go well the to begin the credit to land the state with his brilliant citation also allows us to identify the data setting Dealwise particular the who and citation gives us a framework to say what the datasets purpose function and the time earns defining all these things make it easier for also other people to use the data and it's not necessarily if you talking to restrict or no 1 all about of all about my data donated documented economic point at the fact that the might of all about the additional but Tania's down the line when they come back to the other will launch 7 just to finalise the same again if you haven't also already please Dawson joint declaration and also joined the implementation of the Act Last thing and brings you has great quashed publishing research without data is simply advertising not signs that the image
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