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Driving the Data (Policy, Citation)
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and my would like to say that I've through all the way to your just for this event that would be a life found time was associated thinking the powers that the and much more excited to be here and I saw like to do is take a different slumped
on data policy so it could international approach we couldn't institutional approach from a standard you not now like to talk about a national approach Annaud like to talk in particular about the relationship between data policy and Data citation your eyes because Aichi think they tied together in a way that perhaps is not recognised and that is not for
want to do so strong that's
also included so that I start by explaining why you have someone with a history next and talking to you about data citation data positives and the reason is that unlike most other countries in the world we are uniquely blessed by having a whole range of animals native to a country with built interpositus said he had used a deposit 3 easing the Object contained within the positive and I'm delighted to be at a review into
this audience that their son are highly trained data
scientists within ends with young developing a massive Hildegard into by not yet available for release from stewards coming so slightly more seriously iWork as said for the Spanish without a service although it says where a project in which the project seems to thousand 9 around 40 of us and there are some things about fans that are quite different to equivalent organize ations around the world we don't primarily engage directly with researchers security in the week primarily engage with research institutions and for us this is not just universities all institutions that produce research data should stay here that adaptation of research data is quite broad and inclusive so we regard as research data in anything that were searches might use so this might be the output of science or social science humanities but it might also be government data on public sector data and it might also be holdings all galleries all libraries or what kind of museums these out all in out the data that was such as could use and for within scope for we provide a range of national services and data discovers services and and publishing service and we are 1 of the foundation members of data side when I was a fish re established and we are the local strain register for data side the or and in this context 1 of the roles that we before it is contributing to the national policy agenda all talk more about this and we do not mind the should emphasise this because of Justice this question we don't provides storage Sauber where a data so we not like the data centres in the case which to provide storage we are effectively Alam on top of a Distributed storage model the way that we had been describing what we do for the last 3 or 4 use now is that we try to bring about a series of transformations within the Australian research data landscape remembering the research data as history broad definition that are used for the 1st transformation is which trying to move data from something that these large we of many to something that is managed were by on many died is stuff on you is the state stuff all dry out drivers on people's desks laptops although the places that data is often not managed by such like that data to be moved increasingly to something that is not to be too many an institution stalled or disciplines storm but that's not enough for the 2nd transformation with book on is moving data from something that is disconnected from the context in which it was created to data that is now convicted into that context by the context is the research project that found that the research was associated with the publication this week talked about or a this morning the publications the associated with the data the instruments that generated the data the calibration settings the instruments and so on and so on so if you like you can sing called on the data but the data is being sent her that you can think of data as being in the same turned this over cloud of context around and that context is useful but for understanding the data and understanding how you might read reuse the data but it's also a helpful for discovering the data so that you might discovered the data via the name of research or G or the individual or the publication of 1 of the reasons that we want to make that disconnected connected transition is precisely to make the data more fun so we want to move from data that is invisible to data that is now a much more fun so it's not enough that you can make the person who died was a call for anybody can now discovered the existence of data and in the full transformation which is why we have which is why we have loads of 3 is so the data can be moved from something that is primarily single used to something that is now reusable and re used by well in this case it says Australian researchers funded by the government but essentially so anybody can discover access and use over use research saw of this is the 2nd version of the talk by 1st version which was ready to send a silly on Friday and thinking about this and I'm not talking about the whole talk is broken for the part to it again to scratch again from scratch by I decided to think about how you bring about change what would you need to put in place to enable change that it seems to me that the things you need to buy you need to make the change possible you need to in college or perhaps require that the part of the slice of income arranged to change and that change needs to be adopted so what is it that we are doing in a strategy to make the change possible to in Caja and to see the of the sun a possible the Baltimore level will is really related back to the transformation from the and many to manage the need to have some way to put it is many an icy but we don't do storage we realise a on other storage and my country that is a combination of institutional storage some more more universities of Queen play status and also nationally funded storage and so we now have Long quick by show that she added the numbers of my head will call I have all the order of 50 petabyte all national data storage contact with 50 Petabytes pulled of national that storage by the end of this year quite significant in addition to storage if you want change the research data involved you have to give institutions the ability to many J research data around for the ticket to make those connexions talked about the need disconnected connected transportation and he we found that a range of universities to put in place research meted out to stalls of these are particular consols registries if you like within the universities that catcher information about the the data output from their searches and see it through financial discovers systems and also linked the universities need to the Alliance for both research that and the last thing the pudding place the to make a change possible being have the capability to count citations so this is idea also being able to track is doing what data and in this context for taking place at often told Reuters that is citation index of the here about legends but it's not just enough that things to be possible so the Zaki like infrastructure he's with his policy come so policy think
comes I on the in car which saw the policies how he would Kari joy at require changed by we actually had a policy that goes back to 2 thousand 7 which says in a research data the words you notice a little weaselly shooting at the Oval latest this is prevented by and as a result its were guided by most people as an aspirational code and in particular its not in 4 now there some good things about because it's agreed by the major research funding agencies the made universities there was a guest is good thing we had to do it but because of audience lost that really not a lot happened because the within a quite we things are starting to change in pubs influenced by a number of each nationally should use that Simon talked about when I was starting to see some change slogan like we cannot like the sort the chap so we have a national government to which says public safety data should be made of the available naming by investing funded by the public sector yesterday in Research Council so I have to research councils in Astoria Nashville and Medical Research Council which is what you expect and straight in Research Council which funds everything else are and so that change the funding rules that they didn't change their funding will was as far as we would like be working with them but he is not what we wanted to say was that they would require data mentioned plan that actually say the world's tell a sabbatical the plants you have to put in place by so you have a new textbooks although for many 5 6 lines recording an outline of your plants mention that about how to stay out the chief scientist for Australia in the life inquiry at the meeting using the most offers going to like this week as the are during in quite vigorously for the coffins sharing by quality research and we anticipate that in future now that we've got the duty to stop tracking down citation that we can imagine that the strain in Research Council and the National Medical Research Council will stop looking at the citation Matrix as a way of assessing the before the that the that critical peace without citation also come to get about citation Matrix like you something you can enjoy to inform your policy and says that with all the answers and the 3rd thing that it is required to change is that the change is actually abducted or embraced and he and his the previous 2 things Idei beside talked about changes that were happening he up my guess I'm talking about how we would note that the the change is being so these are she liked indicated that we can start looking at this as think of very obvious you would like to have searches routinely asking for Dealwise were expecting to automatically gate do your eyes the database of your Lycra searches routinely side the data that they use to their search publishing you'd like was such as to believe that doing was 1st things like the benefit of directly he on distinguishing between the things that were such as to because the policy tells the and the things that were searches do because they see something in the way the boys impulsions by think a suspect that al tristate documents identity toughest and that if the searches conceded there is direct to benefit the even increased citations or increased collaboration of charities and they will stop change a baby anyway and and you are going to have done so nice to research demonstrated that this is the case last Lee in the same way that all were such as to what they ageing Nixie's for what their published papers that was stopped to came in the same way about the citation it so low that it would had take a long while to put it
another way what which trying to do a strange is which trying to build a culture that is citation under a grateful to Simon for not using the sliding is talk on Friday that he was going to about the but the stories are not so that could be about this is that I have a slight that we developed it's about why website it's easy by licensed take and the use of which tries to describe the sort of changes were hoping to bring about so you have researchers to use the services in the job dictating by when it also of said that they create a research day said publication the daylights using down citation community uses the order to access the data and by the way had their access track carry out related to search the you publications generated Thomson losses the sea my other can track citations and autumn leaders that you get to for the order by future funding Bush inside the institutions and say he is so that tools of improved and so we a sort of which I'm really keen to the neck injury point along the Chinese waking fund is working with searches working mobilizations track citation metric working data centres working discovered to bring about the change so to conclude a we doing a range of things in policy with behind some of the International on but we see doubt citation and of fundamental told to change the Haiti out into the cold dissertation on my thanks to degree but when they were in my Optimization providing some of the content that the film was the questions later and we are asking and rooms are was going to review the
code of omerta Michael of so far but the should invited to request the failure but because accepted with request but by the finish to minutes under your time allocation size of the day such as the six cost of on delighted by used quickly on sold and a Bueller's work that shows a good is open you get more citation to paper that great
on we 1 out of people site near and a credit publishing data and that's great on an extra end in my past life today said that even know people recognise it opened data might make their publications more cited they actually do not want any citation because they feel that it deludes staycations to the pain of a navy describes a nested resistance to dissertation because they because the pushing back the conventional matches which so and widely used in your car metrics criticism that at the close later that is your last point is the want in each index for data for something like the but we know each indexes broke job on and and it pushes 1 incentive so sold is to be really 1 each next to so I work with the incentives we have something anywhere works in the publishing world is anywhere without success with the possible exception of published and many of those who contribute continent the publishing space recognise that as a way also communicating the output of a surge is broken of range of ways in which woman salami slicing surgeon to in the minimum publishable unit in it for Woods publications the written for audience to offer in the UK alone and says broken at with you with early this you got and the leaders that research found that the use of publication tricks and think we can get them to move for publication matrixed publication data methods of something in the transition to a brand new shiny future where people would for quality in impact rather than the quantity of the discontent longer and it's a big challenge but just data community and with Side think his on try to say I put crudely is it's about trying to do the best I can and the system is broken and recognising that it's not a perfect outside but that the perfect is the enemy of the good old said that the strong and is something of the mood of the moment on the question of Debussian and that's 1 of the reasons why would be working with the F under to get them to move to Old position where data Matrix dissertation Matrix will be regarded as equivalent to a publication and that the Kotecha little while the identity of possible likely to make the 1 example identity anyone would I'd that the public anyone publication County of the human gene but is more often than the underlying data the ice instances where the data is more publication which have to work to get close to to the city not just research on this assessment but also to new track committees to get into recognise that in some cases a well curated by these days it may actually be moving to the field of a single point just 3 circle the said question do just 1 proxy views and there was a nice study that followed on your worked at used extension numbers looked at in O'Neill
searches of papers and there is load of instances and I use the noted could a situation job because I aside dataset each until it looks in each of the official ulexite it took early week Kiely from that and getting a noble radiometry approach like is a is hands in the air see living to large using alternative Ali supplementary for the recognition for researchers shirted so we dealing with organisations whose Advisory Committee use stops to buy the stock populated by 10 year professes the 4th flower possibly late flower Korea and that possibly not the most deceptive audience still metric storey slowed yes or can imagine a future World 20 30 is on track where the kinds of things we now described as altimetric son just make trips to buy can take assault but you abilities situations where they are situations comprised
libraries and not just those tenure salty not Straubenzee Todeschini astonishingly institutions also have major professes with some of and they sit on taking these and the other side against so the footpaths are a give you easy on the eye of Sir generational change which is a sort processual now but I'm not optimistic that the some these significant changes in research output sauciest in the of generation changes actually bring about a change will


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