An introduction to PlanOS (Planar Optronic Systems)


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An introduction to PlanOS (Planar Optronic Systems)
Planare Optronische Systeme
Dikty, Sebastian
Petersen, Kai Ole (Redaktion)
Kunze, Konstantin (Schnitt)
Klein, Ferdinand (Kamera)
Römer, Hendrik (Ton)
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Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH), Sonderforschungsbereich Transregio 123 - Planare Optronische Systeme (PlanOS)
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Dikty, Sebastian
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Hannover, Freiburg

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PlanOS is a Collaborative Research Centre funded by the German Research Council (DFG). Project partners are Leibniz Universität Hannover, the University of Freiburg, Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V., Clausthal University of Technology, and Technische Universität Braunschweig. The scientific goals of PlanOS are the... ... research on and characterization of novel materials used in polymer-based, optical sensory. ... realization of suitable polymers and micro-optical components in optical quality. ... coupling and integration of structures and components into a large-scale 2D sensor array. ... simulation of sensor networks dependent on relevant system and external parameters.
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at the center of Plano Sonic Systems and is a new initiative funded by German
Research Foundation the
intend to the way for and you kind of optical technology for
us it represents division content complex optical systems complaining heroes lenses and wave guide
protectors of sent into 1
single piece of foil finally kind of
optic nerve system we wanna installed in large-scale large areas structure or the measure temperature pressure making use these
oils as sensors which can attached to the body conflicting clothing and put it on structures like bridges buildings this
allows us to measure sensor signals in real time for example medicines
life science on production technology what we did decided to
do was to bring together a plaster people that spread throughout Germany Bayer get different
competence is can get
chemists mechanical engineering and this is
says biologists and all that expertise of In that way we could put
together optimal teams and we found
that we could very efficiently work together to develop a new kinds of optical so far we
have and Bucky of matron plants and so on but if we can transfer that Poland take weekend produce any
kind of optical set up I with this technology we
are dealing with and we can do this and the development of destruction but then you still have to
build them so you need the materials and also that production facilities other techniques to do structure we have
maturity in front our challenge and task is here To develop
new material which are
tailor-made the needs of our critique To would end the processing the assembly of the
optical systems will develop new centers with these what they're a certain requirements for these materials they have to be
precisely taking the properties so when we do know what they have
to have good optical properties
they have hair for example high transmission the right
refractive index Of the material but they should also have been parameters which allow
would process validity because we're
not interested in making just very tiny little bits and pieces what we're interested in making huge
what did you can imagine I mean need should make a huge white you cannot have a
device which is several
murals per cent cm square but did you have material which
has very good processing possibilities that we can
actually make also on the large-scale and anointed as
wasn't answers develop laser active Connolly these waste as would end the use of
generations of the optical signal was in the sense of structure themselves In order to achieve this will
use them particles which are embedded in the plant material and not processed tho there's always the production technologies and will assemble the structure we were
different aspects of this initiative for example would work on
the development of Cup instructions in order to bring the
light into the way guys and the sense of elements we would like to
assemble we develop and similarities Cup instructions
and we also produced using a
specialty which is called hot and most unit tried to get together
2 different curious more
2 different McKeon Quebec made
using processes like what forcing technology and none in the face of the Jedi and be modified
please they were she's said signed can't
speak different together and
integrate structures to guide the nite and the result should be these printed circuit board polite substrate what we can combined with 2 senators from the
other techniques we are pursuing them
2nd techniques employing from the 2nd laser technology
to right with God the 20 received
before was the 2nd In toward the what the substrates and with the full cost of intense so I was
melting the following year the fully is
resolved by the solid India
change in mix of and with the right mix of
is bigger than before which means of
inside poorly with them they also
called for greater rights writing songs complicated structures sold many
possibilities to write two-dimensional structures in the depth of the we develop the printing
technologies to realize a large area with guards on polymer
for its use of Flex O printing technology for that
and we develop kind of show Dick bombing that allow us to combine
optical sources and
sinks with these which got in
order to prevent that with the
monarch process this very temperature sensitive for those hurt by the process the new
technology that is
necessary to realize please sensor networks we're aiming for
I have a team of people In my dream that are looking at using
each came as a manufacturing technology printers but tiny
little quantities liquid onto
a flat substrate front the droplets have different color when you look
into these the truck you realize that the colors middleman party should we use none of particles
only as a giver of color or can they give some other function right
and meet the droplets of its
single layer can they step of trouble
finding the answers they realize that you can use structures like little
bricks in building to build three-dimensional and this we cannot
change the rate green blue and black changed for conduct
of non conduct Coptic
some of the functions we can build chips microchips but they want cheap enough because we just like the now
laboratories we have these
facilities for measuring devices on me up the article for
optical circuit said has on honored optical wire a piece of plastic in which the light from a laser can be guided on on the
surface of the foiled much like it on electrical wires guide current what you'll see in the laboratory
are set up which allow listed couple light In these optical
wires to see how well the light guide and How much like comes out
so we have now characterized these
new kinds of plastic
optical circuit which important because of was extremely small so we'll see how we can we are developing a
the special sends a concept which are the
Whispering Gallery resonate these are highly sensitive and does former molecule the liquid-phase putting
fluid on the polymer sensors that can detect constituents or so what's inside and that has never been demonstrated Parliament's of what
we are really what I see the flight project that realized on his hands How we working
with these rank resonators and the interaction of the light In the way got in the fall
only against the functional
sentiments easily protected from environmental influences that she is a week
using special coatings which are developed that leisure center of the main idea is use spotter
process and coated with
elements of produced using a combination of blows wasn't ceramics and this was an insured that influences of environment I kept dozens of but for us the interesting aspect of plant where this is ability to fabricate new generations of optical components using new materials with high functionality in ways that could
eventually we will we will see them everywhere they will try to lighting systems they will they will serve me I'm certainly simplify technical systems in hospitals because the amount of information we could pass through such a plan of Optronics is quite unthinkable point ultimate
said there should be To have a full that you keeping this packaging from covering the surface and With the that for everything this would
provide new ideas new systems that allow to gather real-time information scared area


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