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Statistical Mechanics Lecture 10
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Professor Susskind continues the discussion of phase transitions beginning with a review of the Ising model and then introduces the physics of the liquid-gas phase transition.
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Stecher University world War
II want more Florida State there give us understood qualitatively what are you there there all of incest so we would all like to go was that they didn't don't it but what are they doing the the next war or take what we're talking about works not stipulate that the West they also it is very very close to what make system that
the that that so the answer that but you will In what way freezing model more where guests mission of it would not be the last time by the EU U passes to the death of of a fighter who also known as the 1 that the wrong answer there should be no approximation always based fact not be true reduced true to their and leader
every part as not new data base 6 of them that indeed top not less accurate a probably a lot the way what we understand how can you should reflect that it will be back Beyond that sludge president each foreign that calls that In which case up former warm words fit followed a similar but to different kinds of what affects a lot more of these models it said energy not really part sigh not reside there can be but it was relax should remain and it was lower at the site parallel and higher you have a chat you can make and being what it will it right tree 2 leading actor Colin unbroken by the law is an Arab home brought on by the new views so wrote express represent a level that allows the energy is the lattice but what political where like all of that say what is the score I James in the pages on taught in put him on my side at present there a cousin GE is just a few hundred that these are right or unattended leaders pardon our way out if we start to see about false if there our so that did there trouble it's not going to right for last that is a course through the last lose Fuji every month on energy that know that really it was 1 of possible that cast out of uniform you which is just we're not going to be on the only individual the text In ever oversight opt for their it the depend May the is a lot than a something of what they wanted and your budget numbers called can reach final standard operation based is part the Gold will be right right called only America can clause could cost you know called but 8 pulls off me into their own hands at the yard of it on the journal he as soon as they hit so that the always that mom study only teach then this will save her speed they sit b Ben that would lower the heat of what is but noise their long-awaited where causes and that her right to you movies that did not bad Sloan pattern for any of this can someone making light dangerous and was in line to Jerusalem will removed from richly no yes the road you're still with so the image of the world the outside at the age that there was so it would be a zone where over here was a virus but should it seems that the larger today when stigma 1 the product it's the lower energy Carroll or not only when there but also G R yes fuel this budget year Procter and I understand that but it's a number that vary from 1 substance to an that means that bit is harder to make a ball when the energy is there physical meaning to through your country's bigger it's a lower energy and at the same time jury's figure is hard to break Bell Copper Bowl affect larger than zeroed in between rock and roll we're that AS fake and find the change in the finals for example is energy source that the league where all long arm from your radio has been here that long but that and also you can get home as we have always been the laws although on a number on ways right right number and coming off a three-dimensional around the outside is his but know tricks with 6 hours was the rules we we're not to case of less than had yet to assume that that's a the rest of the East Side or where he might be used for a the fact that we were drawn 40 that next year although yet not that I didn't know where all the don't at a site where there was a clear vision is
really flight back the real wasn't of the committee who sucks is already kayak could be but in case your around in here associated the rest his everyone along well at the track the that way do he and get this past year they're all energy for the and here she said that he was God's word for women out of bounds for a long for us we work we found that but mean field theory the chain solvents and none of it but you're right now we calculated that kind of thing that he done from get and also age the are Jackie they but we got rule that ended and that captivated by new but you know what what the that surrounded by NATO they brought me after 6 but think you have Arafat would have known that the more likely it is that can better approximation adjust each year years has been will be for a we don't have long argued reasonable bias in each year easily a collected in each 1 of which has on their way the energy in his parish but if hit by areas neighbors I think that there are told to form the average gate and horror and technology and most of their neighbors of just 4 the number of but where lies at the end when is quite a bit Jerry Arizona State programs there is out there and here was just age bias the over ended bad attitude is not hurt and can around one's faith woman and given by right course is just members for purposes I'll tell you will but Moody's from that the average daily and get a recalled for the moment they can of space all of the money that has brought and family then form of coalition this could be injuries or take a only in America that is president of the Media Plus we commemorate and he was out and want this is the people the air war this would be true only if we can begin beaten interior they would never want to look like an old man of America who as you're saying that some terms not to be beat gated estate but there a way in the part of remark looks like it will be a for the final there'll be defined as they want to places where water pirated to be water or data he calls parish water last again start might have mold and this is not why why Myers while always wise to GAO virus gave us I think we're again my center for months now numbers about my aim for public could further weight Armenia quake Marquez is a little white wine is the violence he gave up 1 or more Member the is 1 10 5 for as far as what matters furor then it does why all jet you go into the water to get this month fashion for the life hedge of more worried that and the law dated Arnold him linear wife and with a wire at the origin what we're the characters the DJ so I
think it would then parts of the to seat and only her right we are in the air Over the last virgin magnetization white do about 1 are therefore more of it their now lowering assault Kurt decreased at some point that injured by occasional to use of part of our what is this so why bother changes are going on all that's exactly what we need right the energy are due to start a historic sold our patients on that when assault on the inside of the war and cemented where going for tests that he faces an even more beauty was lined warm and all always time the although movie then both of them have not be wrong 4 0 sir Bavaro 84 which that the system as a whole do as it was a year or 2 years another war was an energy seems like this faces what about Bush will receive a again last year and problem probably symmetry problem if lost these internal over they are turned over to see so is no later designed to all right to decide we needed but trial training Miss each but decision is but once he that former move along here there's always 1 of these will there last nite vision 1 the ways and the costs you just to spin that are you most thank you for that now you have brought Our will 2 variables on technology and the remains of the brought him and then we do have a bad life war organization I feel by turning on her a require 1 or more of the following 1 JI also change but what changes will usually change how I also changed by pressure the win but she'll be fair can opposition but there is we Arabs JE is below par and the end of the month In easily both he my more than external 1 of the men is low or as In hour and here and so rather less turn age all year long ago Laura all youth and if so when the question is what tenders transition tradition of that soldier was vision have will the law before a lot of people want that careers law that can to be get that hold critical there is not a fan of a oscillation probably deep knowledge and not correct the Beatles to but the vehicles there are a lot but can catch qualities we will focus over there has to be made at school and you are free Google always is is but he is the are there are alive and well and see if we can fully understand what into the population in what about here so that we community who we know that our jury characters music players that the lawyers were talking about gentle cannot be called critic a jury at a special case a allowed helium deliveries back for classes with his vision of we what I was going to pocket the little secret but the yeah won't the his energy on back the 1st of all if Europe temperatures secret and when you then I think you're smoke on the magnetic field Mr. the the ban will wait a source call have part of your the errors
that is lawyer and you come with you it just doesn't own up but the moving the we got 80 passes the magnetization will be positive a lot of what line in more viewers around the world are more spontaneous decision or here or what earlier Darren How possible routes would 1 right side the bus and physically it's just actually brought me here the so that could not and I didn't enough your a little bit which of course is the town that you what a job is in the bag across the ad that's not what I want my candies euro you have any number of euros we might form more well do not wait here it was matter steel the Church of God the ban ship but only for a year so equal rights for more and more years back but as you wrote merger even because for June Court there are a lot of credit Walsh is going up there just at the world just as real or were in a judge will but jazz I query so are at a critical American could here do not he lose their hanging the mayor a change if you decrease their pricing but to do what does the right away a man praying is that so as a move that could dramatically division In races Our continuous does here very small I a lot firms also made so many Chris decision canisters you all that action at including 1 what matters is that he is as you know I want to ask it was a joke so if you look at all and his slowly you're sort of caring about such the man nation all forms smaller rose is 0 and in please completely a move that marks for America's or that it is better than that but with continuously as long as you roll back redraw we're by your setting or they Our job what we say what they don't want you're always going on about on the other those checks but with now the leader but lost there really although some the thing of it I it is not a vast he start or a suspect recalls we were merely distinguished Chen was tho a furnace he thinks temperatures right here there is an offer of media Mac is anything like that move on his or her son father translated Armed with a change in the way but there are America changes this president was changes very well the sooner the better said the the ball is not about Our of critical allied Richard or start there was I don't think it was a baby on a division race cars Malaysian everywhere around the shops but don't all it's not all right budget they Mr. Bruce Hall we part of 1 give more crusade having only in without structure can move in he is going to around moves there is no job but you don't get too fast so can to express their feelings about ripples in your face and this thing and on the basis of his summer job as there you your you know somebody that was there all along has been new but the show will have 1 job know we are both correct he rejected aroma a lot of region here year was small not on the part of the ballroom they near a post for less than all of them are poses poses they have none they a it is it was like you will see marriages I'll don't say it barriers are give
nod here but when was we all know a but only that we reach a solution and those allusions to war your playing it also calls for a year last year both that's here last year but all year Over the years by but but Oh said so how do we but with that was the way above this has been a tradition with not going forward thought that we saw a vision for what this possibly do and there are OK but still ran a box of rules about the pool area close is In that's a pendulum clock here is the walls New Moon like a box Europe's vendor I'm really answer some of my theory on these energy hard inside the box is lower than you are now many factors by having what we want to elevation but what but what imagine is on the box as less energy a view of the world has that if energy got a call the you it's not a action thanks to remove lot but I have I told box they In this particular case not for what the White what is it that the energy is marks the long I'm not lot of flak Lattimore race has voted against it is inside box that's what these not doctors are made in the cross boundaries so this just below cities could be tough but not tools to deal with the right thing all over and around just the bottom part if the farm is not always West potential energy where is the best part of what locked in the Chu they maybe there would be no candidate our natural grabbed ball the division always they were always now also the distribution he ran space and energy so always want to be there he is always or I'm so they don't will that this is just south of the city here using a certain kind of equilibrium in equilibrium of the Harlem Media enters cost of part of of that is way Senate to which can only just said was that's all he which depends on television but that was where it's flat completely Over the last race a lady just but with only 1 side and they have what it is the destiny of up as a function of depth not back their view of that can call care and will be caused general different different about so dramatic situation to our 1st classes and all the journey on potentials yeah about changed positions there what but when can't we're interested just like that Siemens density by taking changing genes that Singapore and his attorney energy which pain is on a number of New Age part of Europe in the past then in there and won't work with little box in this is not the number of particles as very their only part that is configuration involves not only position and will miss but also mom Madeline Frieda because they comment in part turning the only Germany on part of so I had a detail they right and you are what he has learned later by energy users some home of configuration that moment vision of the was budget AN other loss the number part of the kettle while this is just the potential energy if there is a sort of a part of B. A. although some smaller number came but if you what we think is would just give you 1 just the incident you could go you could see a lot of hard going into just pulling a number of our water part maybe it not part coming last
man out in the density of changing can change their children the Air Force by what is alive what In the guest which happens the U.S. transition think about keep thinks temperature and histogram more varied and Angelo or loss of life at some glory more what end zone a bit of natural where transitional additional asking him to chemical fragile stuff you point where because of lower which changes from being gas so we were there's a lot of course is part of a regional that at the heart of the whole red better but pot what we are going to out of us can allow please extra energy state part of can increase your people inside a box where there is always leader known you might be also a temperature of the City Council passed to they also transition for review forms the difference between what it is a start discontinuities in it would be better than that so you could do boxes you are part of an outside conditions seen bakery where are you going to be inside the box all summer John what we're that vision was transition In the How true but what vision that we have guest Chen you need to have a home or more but not you can stick side remember so it's natural on that Obama will on the way I believe all walls but 1 the Patriot surrounds speaking you to the Mets they formed a little bit and that that's what really hard before the walls which he's a union a little bit of attraction where you will live that's actually where Virginia the pendulum which is big and calls positive In the each other and then set about their old form that's biggest thing can't region where are politicians and drive gasoline standards yes transition I it produces that but saw men always Ludovic Magnin that if when the role then Brown call all that is each side each you could have a farm is made out of the guest he last both molecules foreign rice today you and site will let's call it let's poor Stewart their life form means 1 whereas a lot more but that the Moro yes for offside now back what horrors well the man 6 he to become a writer 1 1 4 in-house Axel immediately from the start for bit the past 2 billing it as that which do not we here Martin site article so be it that is if source are there really think there was for men In the long it is hard for barrier when they tried so it's not like this 1 where a conditional who idea lose LAN exactly organizing energy costs of you but in a language of these things are afterward what it meant but the that is they but if our partners or less is while it Warren said are on time jail where so however it is there is no 1 well that's security also them when I also removed them a energy Jane last that energy might get the number of a number of what we still don't want just be it was not part of the world as a matter known it's always pressing the wrong way Oh growing try China minus a number of and is now Broadway plays not the number differences what what can we had lot of articles
that energy but only they use your energy with no harm no has 1 a means paused in their mayor of the was 1 but 1 for scout again bonds the president of the house was still there he's a good kid all of them perform as get all manner energy equal to 2 yes we all want but there's a jet later on the magnetic field for year that the twice each the 1 where we that cause creative are well out of articles for of over here among 1 of its the Lord exchange but is there staying true ruled to form that we just can't see break Back 1 of route form by the U.S. Louisville rentals the pair of what is needed for EU laws but in court won't art 1 let's this is and when was there backed by in June and is 2 models articles closer than we would 1 1 what were they well so wanted energy as a function of my guess is that we need a man who are calls on 16 year but there's always been a matter of where they are but a viable aren't we have the energy increases that can challenging the increases will he was an energy which depends on the position of the heart ever particles getting more money being energy decreases by J. Tuesday 4 what will decreases wars it doesn't have a short range attractive and part of wealthy yeah His name relative to what would be your form maybe you may not be what you off the track most of the other 1 but not all attraction as saying that he is a native you get this part just a fraction of what I say you lost again as very much like these fashion of parent molecules of course based on what we do half of which is really more of was the particles which track force because we will have a number of articles partly as a result of the change so far just our market while he moved out of the doesn't molecules no Martin there settled join traction there are arranged in the culture capital but the it's like a track exactly do you guessed but it is something else on possess is the general cannot it is and so and vessel can just energy having particle just 4 by virtue the energy which will be for Back at school well yes just as far north part of the plan here's your energy so used to music and potential but not really really really married White all I want to be very Carroll said from their best easier to and your car all that some scientists say how much this case is warranted any part of the year each was not then world on they would become law soldiers show where it did community energy Everything is that part of the gives you what each the East part part each was firmly age earth so there we have not equally looking more and more it have a very low level potential was not mandated buying he was managing partner and we have a short range faction the a track of what horror core for the fractious coalition we're in the jail GM what for so I had a lot of but fixed line on which it has the signed by of why troll under reason was her age
9 years which foes problem start with getting now is is on was technically compared partly temperature there are a lot of that was where he was part stalled on as part only models on for the last inserted somewhere I said number part a at the part of war How did course is your we had so far 1 loss of our but if there is far away and what so I don't want to go through what is known 0 that's really care about those cars for 1 but the Air Force chief warned last year that is the end of our home is part was 1 of about 2 dozen this is not a number of barrels per were lacks the Arabs arms alive 1 all season and this is not clear that for 1 hour prior to that was also still dead and gold or not also make didn't just a stick Mobile Ala could be bad between minus 1 and water yes which the road but got she Rothschild custody of roles can Western are mean it will 0 saw against his job 1 can last year reported set effort woods here also yeah what is it not the walls as they if we were a bit cannot each he temperatures revived Archer the backward position formally and continuously Over accident did a good job of part what we do every and potential Nevada have always viewed there are a very exciting time when we passed another work on VAXes Lebanese when you have and age of the clout major forms can cheaper but not all of the the law of our arrest at general each all of this for years man his agent John John that there's well there's a new law it not jump from loneliness it can have their own available as these secret for years was secret war a will now it the but 1st and not recruited can be applied at all end of the year using a years use of None us want all over again he is worth what does move could you of days by thank you for below the at Ring Furnace superheated steam but Europe has questioned placed on the chemical potentially understand Connecticut but did the other case there you could do it when the again as former Kurdish and young after Chernobyl were not whatever think is that there is that about what when Jeff marks and literally pulled by all the top the long box along in the box but creating Angeline what I'm about to start what's that pressure Our right and stood we do suddenly my from John Young will air back space transition that year yes well aware of but not as living go yes lately that job going the way out of agreed at the end of the there at the beginning this but very fresh report English Russia increases pressure make sure make sure go about that for and then lower Back in golf what about burst when when you say changing your that hotel chains and then you're basically chase bear that doesn't know not working the we brought more Grenoble the task
what does not change the disk they not sir that changes don't right right from chain have only change things not because of his vision rewards In a bid to reduce their leadership and they get pretty and what well what I want and what they call on the arm press which there follows all problem with you there were real pressure go predators in the areas where Christian we could have a fresh start That's what are you can go calculates this is time when 1 what plan with guest still we don't want to get that back he point to go across the and the and our form the point of Ross but with a very dangerous thing look at 1 of fascinating things from the via the our as a whole he would have been a lot of what as you approach the critical Greek rose 3 . 5 a fascinating things happen but they're all characterized whole critical Expo everyone to think about the dangers on what else can only go he said secret Powell and our most of world was there there was an arrest call created and of course they they don't want to the their stack saying amended decision on what we get for that reason is critical points Arad sensitive d end carrying arms seizure here last can knew that it is a matter that we will look at what we did they came for a screen might also have returned to their street not I number the what I have a lot of people had been missing it suggested it not known sure we find it that was up there he the trial of needed done you are at the point where he but that's part of our destiny is like a man while there is a need yeah match only then I can see you go New here coexist liquid and gas coexist If you go well that's they would bear continuously leading a continuous vision what needed but theory Pierce and I guess repetition actually Chan it could progress if you will on most of the time ahead of you think about it long section but you could have a long way down the clashed in a gravitational and we would create Europe's version sponsors will be out of the but also turned down offers of transition right In this part of the deal there is below process transition general Moreira what the and get but they do so far is in there 3 days that but totally edges concept of course but not in back on and on but it's a good question total OK the publication of the superconducting magnets what was we talk but but the germanium detectors remind the dark matter as the Brown the physical interaction creator point where media he cake shelters where are envisioned by the world Oh you're asking yet that phase transition the and 1 you could just your about their vision immediate Of course you where kind change Landers Joan of Arc the mayor of fuel also views can the the other that areas in the small town of all pocket change they'd be useful but I know a lot of variables basic conditions of big jumps there the president sovereignty the very very good at 1st change any place that we're was here I don't want to read the polls up it came Reynolds
apology of it but I think that the owner from here OK what we're rock or would was questioned but but he warned residents questions that actually is so he could know who could not have set up it if she were a little aware right after the couple days based on the time of his but at the meeting 1st thing is reviewing your Cleary research and Chris stay that will fit How can give Chris low making things people but I think rational use of books right right take care of that the arrest were among the Islanders on polarity solos or it is is a small a classic case the extreme fire at cover Object comes there's more natural what what's the difference between more inclined between satellite if all the example when his works the budget there's a lot of what song itself back when no and there is example is what is the only thing that doesn't have vision that but it does have some numerous the submarine at the handover will also is there sellers follows that no new dangers for belonging to the end of the year the right path for so far stopped at purchase Of course they won't bother going down there Maryland there must be there still Jurendine Gartner will automatically be it gets if there's a lot of possession of brand-name sponsor where they so they are but then you noticed you're not rising by more than 1 hockey your Etzel's stationary bike that's a big man the long enough on all just the right way the little at a purchaser of of course is long that Will be exceptionally wide like but at 1st yet a lot less than the U.S. a small number a small number was based on material and then small it is here that are small there might be surprised helium but not back for a bit of a massive they could be like a stone walls share doing more for your support and calm equilibrium at some opposition that by the end of the that a new state law have evolved species that a more small rooms case being a lot of humor sister practices that have been told that along with no 1 has been out I was told that Yukos change the ruins of by several Thursday the group changed that like the Soviet bloc was a small but was not exceptional plant from you could final list him so that more the situation is man solar Yellowstone where all their also raided no rules are always Joe's others summary of lawyers got back yeah plastered was much greater suppliers as man on a year at a steel plant on it we war maybe it doesn't matter on your the Barcelona has existed that duration and all but over the years is hovering in the war about without right another or people and I know where of he is and disease he said the it but also of the water saying that from my part what is the
only also written glove maker who that whatever the seventies made the density filed told may have it was wraps around things plus a period it is that the was start that but it at this then what it was any it a woman who said it was any like and what it was and what someone is sitting near that compromise position for a year from that close opposition Mary because if you will change rates I can't read by 1 part about what I want is sitting near faltered in the city center the year's end like someone who may be that brought the because he back mechanism whereby state would line about Ryan said but that is to look at well we see the rise of somebody there were 2 teens proposition following out leader aside from 1 part I don't know how much attracted about they want numbers make sure that the summer home now it's a matter of curious about warrior there is no explanation were called off their 1st reaction this must be something the original he says we all have muzzle on him he held him hand expect wild rice but if the calculations of cash we better there is more to all range in the whole of possibilities back trial woke on Mackinac Trail synergy principles but have nothing more reason nothing works cost 1 area while the things Jean chemical composition I think and that all but what kind of conclusion my name is is below the happily using would also discuss something very interesting about major would NATO hooligan area that is made up of former balls somewhere in the lower than that How the novel's being 1 of the brothers there what can only right this time out submarines personally can so they have pressed for more foreigners were more all around the bride part of different species of fish real copulate discover propped will Fiat ammonia yes must be must be zillions of their occurrence of huge numbers of and what role the key delays the leading the meeting at the finish of the as seen from donors more and more and more every conceivable advice and foreign languages brands you can also be seen by more than a block or Top course From time to time catches Red and fractured the right with of the we just because could and so on they are not Rocky In the lead in exactly the right all of that have these people really have checked 1 side agrees submarine nucleation proceed so we could only arrest warrant that it had reasonable explanation of what's going on what I see is very see it there's a lot of time now they are going to be arms NATO supply but lot where rational they use as as a consequence of maintaining possibility maybe actual you events creating some so it is our fracture to the and because of my history about 1 that that is a logic you 1 said are the nite possible possible them we have Ross believe that most friend or foe solution but so what part of possibilities this time you're on your own what passes 1 of certain things what is playing a role on the basis of playing a role in the tunnel cut off is slightly the universal recall Maris regional that the best density of submarine the the what if the cost of various small there won't be
collapse saying barriers wait wait long time or state there is 1 of 3 small so what on the wall of the last World Cup so last long enough must be year of life there have come off as part of the crime Spain their stand in the way of the who that Spain a tool around then prevents structure the universe so badly expansion church in it we can all they're supposed to be incapable contracting who got so you know something which is now where past something where last year near the window between them destruction current scale not allowed in the other direction Our drive out seized power plant from and no more because kind of thing reason the windows here we have been supplied weapons to which is a band that ballots the what have you no not cut off from like as a result worrying is made of car the visitors through various it's not that some numbers more number various on just send costly for 3 against contribution many different sources basically contributions have your exists calls on used cars burning you name it we met particles associated goes show them of it what the results from Chile move it man they In a conference call our all contributions you have clubs Have want spent are what time the the rest of the world Our saying things from Fort Carson with actually really aren't you a lot of naked will look for the next balls being here at lot French so 1st place for the meaning of making the change but that compensates meaning it doesn't it is just a different path but still full your your but Hassan couple but good changed 1 thing won't might increase because what change something else there by decrease bracket it's not the only 1 chemical composition means the problems faced the year you could change change their theory find ways of thinking that this thing by background custody of just 1 Will this water that produces a Greek kind of sup will make various submarines that have the same density but different in this so this alternatively Vs now overall that some of the same so I don't know yet people know know only that's a possibility is extremely limited over the string theories there are endless huge numbers of these Americans where possible can think of that loss and got lost thing New last put what a key the gap year and that is use their 1 they just 1 more thing about now saw there my but think Mackinac explanation about some of the which makes the submarine that lack the surrounding world they think they have the equal wrote you start Rock using a cane player who but they have some of you only right what you saying that you so owns a fact of life for some city water got where would that those of you who is not that would be wise and to be the cosmological constant density of that right now but then horror government that right back discoveries lower really the only how long they want the year ago but there are no it's not things are perfectly just have like it is not clear just what a hundred ready for best race but His make us is this precision of violating the uncertainty principle anyone can use that there all Britain is that said is less than 5 per cent by
not that I have wanted to to use the of year from but on or other that look I you it was intelligence that will not be used which I do not know prevented that others in that span I suppose that thought is get was OK there are other users or whatever kind hello there are also stories Morris if any of them were not satisfied they might not only through the middle this that the only to move almost all known almost all of necessary but it is our understanding will allow just about we will not be here for the last 10 months but articles about but tonsillitis will be available in a lot heat that son with the it would be them back or get on altogether together chemistry Our known who trained at all they know is that the only way actions of trial which could be allow so we just can't all be without that about give that is back by courts France was achieved the Koran but it's excellent how many years still possible White life you know what I'm sure you won't electoral stand this would make it the Kenyan track the from our tweeting where they are also that the session for absolutely positively charged would increase said Pace energy pull together a charge increases that largely due the His last year because of problems we've got booked on a charge that he brought the proper age France if they were not in the movie just so little training from which has always expectations is absolutely wrong also other thing what were having a year from now on you review electromagnetic at the lower the here well and had very very tightly bound and would industry will probably go on and you could have done it electron their side we have a structure so you good Is it is what part of same saw me things could change pain when they won here there any 1 of them I can easily imagine acts I imagine when backs the ghetto but accident is sufficient to really push you either man on but the accident radio it's 1 that 60 something else that is was and the bird we good those you can imagine that should so what I think it wasn't the cosmological constant others . com where are we will not be the most justices reject the change they please I'm not saying home for us have worked by more than traditional budgeted Iran from being in a case that is mostly shares fall was of all where are your possibly get a bigger share they also that it is area the best Best that all your know however warn them off waivers results a we're not sure people out there who may not last long None man yet 100 miles 1 they had articles about data comes in maybe at exists in port of course Yao was not people here are working with access to learn that this is not a crime but even near at theaters and all I going around saying the woods a daughter was false what we is not most what sort you don't see it after months of last year's instead I want to know during their bearing job in their job some of the that gets job is no what period in which it there's more war crimes after because I know you're very very slowly because a lot of he In any case it will require an old version due to acquire several
1 not just with back can't people said we delivers its not but you know we don't we have a lot of pressure on Iraq I don't want it to look at how we my which confirmed it has some of the price of me bought me a lot and I honestly cannot on who could all bets are off 1 no 1 can it that life before and exploit white which if jury again you you go back some the protest there will be a self all is we live in a a dream went to the right track and which causes which is cause of their explained move might children back to Europe you're I I I can understand why here as a consequence of being love right state no doubt explained some back here back can fight that would be good for us set lot of yup I guess I can think of misuse going from 1 side only while the laws of nature can be the way they are costly but initially Marsalis egregious of lecturer and their role in the series just that I'm fine now we can resolve the of the time it the question of the real question is part my on the agenda those who pay and love you should be exactly the same take it seriously enough to kill or maim and defended their will there are looks extremely hot finds signatures this being in danger year for the past your problems man but losses to Europe reduced so that when they can think the proposal was not will be there might be warned staff on explanation political reasons what other people think it's a bad idea because it enables the religious right down world was created the property a site question the shortest after its true or how firmly not are 1 of China's their brother submarines please the if you were tree up in the office so that people are not what of Joe that is right that's natural when about right here In principle there could be cold region it's not about it is expected to be extremely rare patients standing in a rare basically come said you'd be also exceeding by the release of the as it happens often occurs frequently and so most of the last time we found no evidence in the cosmic microwave background the rest of the war other possible for physics that goes into this kind of talk has vessel worth about but his books 0 1 Kar by state the OK for more please
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