1. Reproducibility and Open Science


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1. Reproducibility and Open Science
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Open Science Training Initiative (OSTI)
Kershaw, Sophie (Speaker)
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Open Science Training Initiative (OSTI)
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Kay, Alastair
Kershaw, Sophie
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The following video is an original recording of the opening lecture to the OSTI pilot initiative, hosted by the Doctoral Training Centres in Systems Biology, Life Sciences and the Industrial Doctorate at the University of Oxford. Entitled "Reproducibility and Open Science", the seminar identifies some of the current issues facing scientific research and introduces the theme of open science as a possible solution. Prospective OSTI course leaders may be interested in the end of the lecture, which provides an explanation of the Rotation Based Learning (RBL) implementation.
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the survey by the close of the 1st part of the reason that it was the a 3rd of them in the back and so on but the history of the city rivals at the full year of the object of all the time Polakow also understand how show I'm pleased to say that he had not expected the club to the top of the hill where the success and the your mouth calls to the game here is that the monstrosity won the initiative price to see a lot of the presentation of the group's and has been with me is that this is the way in which are actually going to be approaching the all that all of you and me at the start your research array of will begin to take on the board rapidly changing with the times but and is the how research signs that the approach we we have developed a bit of a set of all was the smell of schools where he was to receive the exercises go away thinking about that translated into working on it produces produces the and and and thinking about how to we learn that size of that of the too little of it that is the duty of Take That size created by the absence to use it for the right on and 7 cents the way in in which he actually that they restless and aggressive in which it is much more of that research produced rather than tools it through the eyes of the City and that they will be getting a much more rapid process and the intention is to start the race
outlook look after just could think about the kind of research on the might of the batting reduced the amount of calls on the walls of obstacles about how they could be sure that we produce he said discussed with the research for the producer who will come to the south of what this is the really hot for inside research that this is 1 of the things they have to try to change has scientific research is actually done of a thinking about it but on the world of science and on in the year to be familiar with the concept of the signs the basic you will look at what needs to be done however that the 1st half of the table and use of the and research in the house where you would and your produced during the day long and all this column has long became here said the same about his Ucal set details quickly discovered in light of what we were how you assessment of good structure and that will have to pay some of banque
said in a note that said just such along the lines that the police recently said eagle some sort of compensation for the pawn examined by the programme which will see the start of by chance that the 2 of us to generate was wrong and had Engineering data must but they said that the last time I went to the site of the doing things that they have tried to post conclusions to part of the is on the other side of the issue and that the cost of all this we have been produced on a reasonable to found that if you must think about his standing at the top of the time Eighties about political Kotex the use of such people research and is computational all your effectively gave producing out of my peaceful called us that we set up as a suspect question annually on all those for which he was being used by the app 1 goal came from the context of how get that it here in the context of the current research matches people would generally traditional signed secret rippled being because they say the Renewable to the Giovannucci generally trust your ideas to discussion of what is been the worst of the away from the wall case of you will be useful to published parachuted into the house of the metric would be mesh research programme especially that as early as this research effectively is that required to published as often as you can be in a much higher quality research in what was seen as part quality high hiding Journal which is why we have such a part of the increasingly finding as the rules of this told the frequency or area like component of research storey will trying to help out with the complexity of the problems that were not bad days with the computational research has not lost or whether experimental these begins to take the role of the because is of the things about the use of this but the goals in the last stop of 12 unified approach to the last half hour Celestis equipped look
reproducibility as a whole not just computational science
as the most of this paper was a country where they have to pay in nature in March last year and what they effectively discussing also the issue of the lack of reproduced all scientific results specific in the case of those who have taken from preclinical celebrates of all of its own money in the particular area science of reduced the machine is becoming part across but particular at the time of the day to see the ball by the Group of Death and by by health care and and so the answer is that the end of 53 on political will not smoke and in the saloon council Sellai prepolitical Adams the and is intent to kill using information was in this research papers that described long on what possible to actually reproduced results now calls well with the 11 but it is notoriously difficult to achieve the reproducibility's book was that the British that they all those 53 paid the and that of the 11 and 12 could actually reduced practically allow us to be in the starting line up by of character and accessories he lined up a tentative reproduce 1 than the time and they found that this was the best but only 21 that of a collapse in the sub region a include more about what the rest the year of scientific research well and 1 comments that make this that analysis of the discussion is the issue of by as easy as some non reproduced and and that all of the time the man a lot more than the wanted taking place around the rest saying they seemed contributions to decide what buy and in some cases hundreds of 2nd Applications founded on elements of the original station from about what they would do not actually see also flights from a known as if it needed to be researched and would have been reduced by a yes taking sides results are that you don't have to build on what so he contact should be managed to confirm the cause of the foundation it doesn't exactly why he was called for a new house contract but he is based on the disease is 1 reproducibility's coming a real which is complexity problems all the published a harsh idea how we actually to that are the and but other said from plans to put
experimental is also said to be paid compensation of catastrophe by which she again from last year and went on to describe it is that if you live in a country with such an 8 people uses the research uses the take paper actually want to explore the build up to the public about what happens in if it agreed with the Home review of the way party that uses of your house actually reduced the results and the push to produce the effectively not really produced piece of research which has said it just produced on the and that is where to start and so we must be doing it thinking about how to it now have the following so cross science it is happening study for rights the discipline but among so that they may be called the computational studies which insists that publications actually accompanied by the sauce code data required to allow themselves to be the kind of ideas on their minds throughout the smile and the White about the 3
of here research storey of the uninitiated came his old not that most of you will effectively be delivering the same kind of research cableways delivered goal for the best of the rest of local although to explain the and you last 1 of the research mind-set that until of next but where and different which in and out of the multi find a little how much released as a child and a half years for the true here called the actually satisfied itself from the rest of the storey of the qualities that however the poll also found that house size
was signs have had that related to the use of the show has been has was here is an overview of the with what needs to be of all has to be involved in any of the projects that will be the 1 thing that pretty found they will open idea in science is physical also connected to the explosion of the man and which was all the fault connected world rescue trying to separate the sides of the House of the world No 1 single with in what would describe it as data hungry and data which way into require data in order to for example the most however there was also things like that but it the data reaching the said adding that US is that they have signed the and of and science and the idea of actually and allowing the changes is being used by the app to use the data on the health of the flow of said so that not only people produce looking at the details of understand of useful but that most of the excess in and red way by the loss of confidence and that is playing out
little sign on all the way here the only to match in the Gulf and the sums of research paper have a life what you want you think the difference differences off between the 3 1 we have free of the brand and a said any changes to the greatest freeze in Britain the burden of the union the freedom on the left and then right direction now so I don't think for a lot to ask of the Tokyo that free what would you do from the exact in the context of the openness and signed publishing a comparison to be free it means that effectively there is no child to access to the hang so that a financial area to access to using such as they were in the brush is actually in the freedom of the press in in the right direction but the papers that the is to means it is legally will legally and will be to the loo and the paper is the drug means it actually accompanied by a legal licence which actually sets out terms to of read so if unallocated was the drug and some lined up to look at a licences attached to the take rise from a licence for example line time allowed to reuse this paper as long as I'd give the old energy which was time in told from not last time not allowed to use the paper in any commercial works such as the example of the power how they didn't actually help you understand what you might want to use certain walkways appropriate to do so by law or accident a subject that will be the free and the poor and the US were also out of the start of the match and the financial obviously goals and the lot and the actual regions of the world and that time is the city in an increasingly secular society
official definition of these Continental data and and anyone Sweden views reason redistributed subjected to the beach and a single shot on the last day of the attacks on the grounds that they were about to go down but the general and that means that it is on the loss of life is the British Airlines licence you want to use that there would be the last thing any derivative were from the same month that sort of thing that you can go with the flow of funds to to buy and sell ultimately is and he is hoping to take the set to a wider audience to actually communicate euros from that they used to call his new book on the early left in the hands of the
said that it is that the BOJ will to the wrong signs Collins and produced by the and the view from the top of the
communities in which we can do Sagarika where and by the age of 3 and a used to be able to
order books reaches its
agitated where him where we
need to do what they were about to start James Van via the found in the and game people around
the world from used to be I don't look at the
size sizes 8 of practical trend is to make it work for sites that work for culture was sometimes can make use of
the word the sides of the House but the change in the law so attractive and the sort of of point of view
out of so users can of the NYT use of near the means of the book I want some of them would have learned from the right across the
world by eating meat from the base of the
plant to the beach systematic 8 researching may be stuck in the crease selected were during information that should be the next best chance to get the breakthrough the fight for the world it went
on for making such a big trial of and so
precognitive for moment mostly on a lot of directly with the industry on the other it is a great found the and and the Labour's research the mood of the meeting at the way that the changes will the need to understand what used to be the true that have fitted with the landscape those accused the volume of calls to allow the use of than just to watch it with a two hour search the match will raise the cost the ban by the ball of the day such as the role of this piece activities such as much as well as the also of because of the meeting which moral of below where the situation is in many cases where you of look at the same time a year to receive any kind of component of information from a company which equally that you don't actually have rights the nation's said it would be to you ask where she but we actually attention with lots of Laura but it will not the last of the chaos that followed the end of the day we'll have to see the world in the world also spoke that was a long mention of all seems to be a different kind of game that make up the cost to discuss the idea of the data by this huge amounts of time to take the chanting at lives data on such a grand scale the each have asked the exploit data and finding that it's actually have data mind has become a really big thing the launch of the latest yet but it is more about the action the idea that programs for all the world that the full truth about the future but also data on full automated about the fact that he had details that people research questions last week how life of of this that is trestles initiatives as a slight on the way back to the use power of activity the along with the life out all of the cost of higher interest rates
and it was really really good at the end that they had to pay for it by taking understand negative is that the of main thing is that lack of change that is the idea that with the where the scientist claiming that it was also posted results with the cost of the density of the native results are equally interested in a way that it is possible increasing to understand why the lower Adelson's the shootings is where a lot looks as and the and the and the to actually said on Monday that there might be a good 1 for the house will be set out in the name of the game and that because the air of the day there might wrong and the the 1st lady of the house and the land where they have been taught to be released on cell in science is providing this has spoken dissemination availability of a set in his last 8 games and the system that throughout the provision the licensing legalises is actually a lot of his just a couple of examples leader of the release of also projects that it was not results on the part of the crucial holiday that have access to green leaves from the as the 1st case that we have agreed that and and then not have the best interests of the party the University of Pavia argued some fantastic so isolated 1992 and that it was on my of the and that the stock but I don't want that the health care sector accessories progressed from the conditions in the public the right to to actually tax on Danish medical records so of the sort of patients sensitive on a effectively also last month to was full of data mining only Asian rebels through and find within records that it what until the year of medical staff and it is easy to sell on the open road hearing culminating in the same sort of going to get the page by doing across a lot about the fact that it was actually possible for example pulled out of the conditions which actually turned over a period of medical records which up to that point people necessarily links between what actually did take the influences from the date mining Paciarello holds and translate that into experiments and allow all the time and so does the the task by signed by using its own large scale and exactly how access to the site you very which but that's really good on the might look at and it also has a history of the structural genomics consultant so ecstasy based based of more and more and that is the basis of race education cabinet discovered but in Britain really available not the date that the fact that they actually of providing these freely available reagents but it is a huge factor in their success because it was because of the cost is from of was that the world is the area about that we feel brecciated discussable elements that there is that providing free agent and the other about 200 strong scientists in September that operates 200 and the different institutions and the worldwide will break up of the group companies that they actually that such a boy the success of this because and 10 use among other and had to many of the last May in which he wanted to get all of that is actually on the back openness allowing them to generate an extended abstract scientific research network operations and us because it was as see is that she was also a handful full 25 to 50 per cent of all searches the was the 1st the by related to the 2 main areas interested in the name the game entire sites and what looked pretty of and that is the ways of making announced on the ways in which he urged the and get really interested in the development the money but the
reason was that he was well because this idea of the reproducibility change moving away from the heavily paper through the magic this is to that takes in the Old codes research but that is starting to pull out of the research councils and many we are actually Monday's and your search around the what you have to to do all the opening of 1 of Tree only really available some of the ones that aren't result would have proved Research Council became created said the of public funds to buy the social and economic someone reasons why there is a sense in which Tony it is is because you are also for change in the world and you need know from this point on would now have to deal with all aspects of licensing nations that sort of all of you who even if they joined the about the programme cost much lower under programme competition is to be updated to allow a 1 such as absolutely fine but what to say to you is the licensing details of the process of discussions of with the House of calls of the little meaning that would have next week with Ashley is the independent on will actually find potentially to know what you want and what they in the early this year about the size of the so that the world is so was
like reading but you might want to decide on what the who reinvented discovered and the read and the basically the taste tools to crowd pretzel more lost their networks are the top 10 of the house on the line at the moment is on the side of the has said is that the
company had bought assessments right set high settled last year although he said he has not only been asking fascist disease following a sense of humour but we have yet to be tested at the end of the board of trees to the of a new book of the year for the group in the success of his I would mean that in a sense it just released is not because they are the Maghreb says it does not mean it has to here in the way gratifying which wants to call to say next week that access publishing will be looking at the ball accomplished what moment with the literature ditional submitted subjected here the absolute process of animals Latchley explained the to open access malls that are actually being mandated now 1 of the council which actually do all here he said just as papers that from 1 of the Red Bulls and the actually will be through here he said as he says is like a lot looks to know how necessarily says she sees the period but does not have the same right now close to the asking actually being the idea how he agrees that the comments that sort of thing is not to believe that into the open access journal there is security system in the world for journalists that just because the size of the access doesn't mean it has been rumoured to be in the UK but that all the time set up output it is that you will not find it easy to see how to write to the City with its the conclusion you have to buy some of his later having these were a review that will last for a long positions in the pensions many of us is going on in the world the 2 of them were from the book by the shape of a visit to digital period of the year it is 1 of the sticking points of the cost of certain among the tree across goal of the competition a on what we are finding is that the moment along with the rest requesting the ball as they have a real data acid cost that and that the cost of the work is absolutely 1 British model something less so that the financial benefits of the fall of financial clout the transparency home the said the idea of asking Hindhead the ratings these would have made the decision but all is the here he said something like that is the area in case that something that is going to become quite what it was this new system publication at the University finding computational Journal of requesting asset standard if you actually want to publish penthouse original said that the expected by by the end of the month exactly well but they are those of the public that this is the best Tuesday that illustration of the system by the ball of the last weekend's funding to pay for subscription over here and the way has with 2 at the case that subscriptions to find other institutions that they don't have been which was launched results that they will be able to full of Jones that if any of found the sometimes friends of the institutions might contacted said high adults pay and high access it causes behind the right interested in system that free and last season they should this money in a different way element in the publication is used to find the precise jobs at the plant to be called opened up for me because of calls the research councils Monday's decided that send them to the press allows into research ground to enable the costs of publishing access the pain of the last because there is much more transparency with a friend was actually costing us all means that the more you play the across the board and we are finding your search which often has been offered by the the taxpayer is going to be behind the rise in which is my chops the problem of how people are going to want to make the house and the approaches expect but it was quite easy to get a lecture on of the publication processes and agreed to go with access to look at and say it's not bit the of luck we are in the and the public disclosure of human is that the US is the most likely basically and obesity counselling infectious disease moment possibly next week long there is less need to be open and reproduced all 9 of his that she necessarily house for the results of skills yet to deliver turns recycled research that is provides the worry is that this series of NEMO over the next few days but the equipped with the skills and knowledge you actually need to worry about and that is a quick would
about how structure but we possibly would be groups and a few days she so of 1st week groups and the public to counselling on groups the stage and in the disease model which is due to be a child the or and has said he will be expected to take as research questionable some sort hand out of the pace of the greens each the stock has more than 100 British is to be expected going through after the examined the papers in the area designed to the of and on the face of it to run from their way through to the end of the ice found not you probably won't stop quite extracting particular section of exceptional update on examines the results unveiled the biology that will enable you to try reproduce outlook start of much of that had been working with me on demonstrated the cost that they will belong foundations thought about being told that he will not by the end Monday that they have to submit a written a book on the project and you also have to be a daze on a reduced the amount of the Jews was the biggest and also Datamonitor so and will be discussing the alleges that were the details 2 of them look at the men and so that the NHS is about to release on Monday needed using the version trouble it so it is good to register on how to let this afternoon but to take it through the procedure that led to the goal and they set up the a tough the idea as a way to use the of a cap on the voting your access by staff to actually all those of us he will be too worried which says that he met the only site to the rest used to make sure that the only part of a little over all 1 the people of and actually pulled out last 1 of them is that you want and then becomes more about the initiate based on the size of about the same as some of these research producer said that the 1st phase will initially some more research producer is to find a bunch all project few days see he will have to of more the research we're actually not time it happened was produced from that research as well as well suited to the board of the British banque that the city would be allowed all which approach to get that effectively will slow play the Citigroup says the will of the disease and the a were of house and so 1 rule for the way it is being done all the things that test comes in successive says when you obstacle to take what created by and you wouldn't have to understand what and you would have to build on what we continue other research questioned again in operations and discussions with the South and the status of the cost next 3 days to get there so the world as you not allowed to discuss between the group's about doing so we want to do is try to create isolated research Environment rule in the 1st phase which aims of research project to use the research out what they have to make sure they did not and the producing a good quality and you see what I believe to be good old but people to look at us to the on Monday that it might be used to this and I'm trying to examine the results understand when it comes from a sense that this is the right thing and that without it the this reason and not discuss were doing but we have will to the UN was his successor says has a different projects and accounted for about you a chance to to look at the of some want to be a success but the be the papers that their long lines intends to work out what the processes had actually done and to actually achieved the results of a clinical about what to do for example of the some of the way so that the car will be the 1st well 17 might find the most reduced by half time balls but the door to the house to continue using the head for the a survey for the people that have been tested for the House seat stock code well like my waste little time in the just trying to work out what want and so on success Facebook currently that and that plays is and 10 the and on Friday the said that that this point would be that the number of they said that is again by the time and so don't worry too much about the idea for the project but it will also use the time to find on to lead castigation that on Friday to generate that every each 1 the groups will have the immediate period of India weight presented now you you I don't want to presented will have to on team people you may actually part of the interested only want to people to the presentation presentation should include the description of what it says on especially in phase but also should actually discussed how easy to find that you'll processes looked last understand how easy it was to use to what extent do you feel your processes that could be produced and so on but I by some announced by some to the way it actually go and what to do to improve the potentially politically she so quick
resistant to called through so from today by injury which will face longer than most of the world such as the right to see the light of his further by Monday arrivals used in 1 is among night was not time to get this error let the public know what occurred on Tuesday will retain groups to of the 3 working days of some of the habit of writing and the rest the world they has already assessing asked with all things models will get assessing Hugh all the quality of Yukos data the materials that it was like to have dropped the techniques and approach is the best bet in schools and will be assessed in the quality of the goals that would requested the approaching the no longer than 3 pages of the book you do have a lot of people wrong Jews or which says that the issue 1 that is to put the brakes on the but also that will be much more than of that will be able to see some of that 1 life example pulled out of the UK National solos files to see how he has got a lot of the files in the right way to to do that is to construct a place in the annals of will be nation's from how we sat success through a deal with the project and is the main thing is that all of the code and data materials and how much you spend buses so scheduled to assist you with his idea of about licence England but the schedule of shoulder the idea is that most of these things the 20 that would of what it into a tie with a place where you just want to get out of it produced a few backing of the today day but with the amount you have to get some of that will go constant licensing Monday morning believes data bombs some most of the guests who had been his most that who died because of his past life will close and has held talks with the United States is a researcher and then that she will be in ball Monday to with grief told on Britain mathematics and we will have to be pretty that they might not be over the ball and used a lot of the issues around the access have actually which will be held talks with some of us he said changing publication out also small we all know what but Wednesday told from the signs that the company had a a nett actually may not out of it is not used by 2 the face with the chase several months and that they would not have guessed lectures and generally from the knowledge that this is a bad began a different approach that the knowledge that 2 of the some idea of the the the different project in sign that at the time so that attendance at the these that compulsory ask us that I'm actually he wanted this all the way to him and he said and so
on slightly here all assessment group sold under his view on the stock with a buy the for her from the car and that is the job easier in terms of making 1 of this out of the wall the about how to get hold of the subjectís yet that will help for the the World Cup in a tribute to her and to the point of the programme is that it and get it over with so you got to get the ball into which was said that the game has long been on the same day but that is the eve the case and or yesterday after the the 2 had waited for the right to get a look at the books and by the end of the season and include the and you out of and we want to be in the region the whole assessment that you don't get that at the end of this year but you run as the long only possible in the hope and will be allowed to move on to the answer to that all at once viewed as of a possible next all each other for the delay in you look for a different way to the House of animals that have been well but it the annual into a new group to decide what they do it at the of and the will to fight the threat of ocean of which he was sent to school in not can be used as from their the city for research that she and homes as the best if you get into groups around is easy of the round meeting local at the House of because it would have to be sure of the win with a view that has after the end of year you would rather a lack of what looked like a side with a result of by product of the of the and the and the gap with the rest of the world in the public way of to rise 1 single well and that the reason it is or assets the UK called the fact that it is not that it has taken on some yet getting Over take advantage of what looks like an act of great you have the right


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