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3. Data, Code & Content Licensing
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The following video is an original recording from the OSTI pilot initiative. Entitled "Data, Code & Content Licensing", the seminar introduces the theme of licensing, outlines the advantages of this approach, and takes students through the main steps of implementation.
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essayist says pleasure is all about things about how the party that the way or usually if they about their told of here research storey because if you look at it and we drew the building but it was a series about what you need is the research storey with legal for a while when he actually all of the time they actually have a clear idea of how to do so as the of the licence is effectively a legal 2 sets out the terms of the world so that was the Fletcher will go into the details that you take a victory that was the 1st and only different these were the days and look at the the difference was that the on the military fruit legal job but it was also also noted that the UK will also stressed that the US and 1 in which he finds that the situation would not say all of the not for the used to that we have a dedicated legal to follow that up to provide a to on an issue should be a binding or rising by of their just using the site to be given
was party set out its own role the uses of the word of website but if you just want to see if I'm across to work by car officials by half a year to take up a bill of it and use it to your licence that this is the confidence in the Tories will use the cash raised from the dead but it will be and this is actually will level of this about releases of where the sale of the at the end the summer the control of the while the idea is a licensing saying is that designed to protect which is the way arrested using licence what you will want to sit in particular way there was a lot to dictate what people are allowed to do we will deals that they choose to download music and ultimately in the context of research biggest announced a research impact will fall because the result from the team along the South yesterday structure to some of it that they are of groups and the like the fact that by having a more of approaches has actually intellectual operations people who actually see you will begin to look at it sells data in a way that allows them to assess the integrity of doing and you won't find the licensing away at the other teams will be held from the research that that build up yesterday's of statistics from the start genomics consultants Web site with a clinical 200 scientists and they collaborate with around 200 all over the world wide enough as part of the station's found like a range of commercial industrial companies and we have a lot of changes in the draw at its during research at the British scientists
such Russian what you need to the well just off as a disease that is being talked to identify what might have all the luck in the way the to open up the lessons the into about what want to get tough on those that the licences what the people of Soham legal provides a legal framework for the last 6 on a book about how people should be allowed to use of the Website needs to be some kind of release of his new employers have called for the club and its although not as much of it is just going to sit on all time so if you actually going through the process of raising data showed that the cost of the by is this project to worry about is the way the world releasing the by and that in the end of next month that will to and from the fact that he would need to prove that his wife had left the release of the now
last year but lost beauty and the actual basic research licensing bohea over much of the blame on the go all the way that there is bullish here in the last half hour of life of the day to be going the subject of something called the data by which is throughout the that much more details but the money is just a taste of things not of the of the start with the show you how commissioned from rights of sales the if you just for example that the main the names of all you would here is that if you do your project pulled together in the next day or so you might find the a niche from a fully copyrighted general that you actually want from if you wouldn't stop trying to licence that the whole point release of the House the licence on the track down from the and so you need to make sure that all the cost and the what using the last of that you have to have commissioned from the ranks of the roots of the old you will protect should of older so in that sense you actually produced at the moment there is a sense that will prove that the British homes and that the role of the government was accepted that he will wish to write what I would be able to do is your assessment will be to compute pace and in which the team taken from a different way of a state that it is your fault on the part of it is a rather than the where this amid goodwill details next week the also different was that on the 1 that is often the of take people of choosing to practise licensing of the research and that is that he will be faced by over the last so it was last time options places where he actually want to do do this on its but the about the and and what it actually just the lessons of of the last week to make sure that the declaration of the licence fee is associated with the by someone so you much this is the 1st of the miracle as you see ripples comes cost licence and so close to so that the licence that is going to be all over all this assessment 82 actually the clash by fact of almost all of the old also whether all the deaths as a licence to each of the 10 to find the basis of the time I'm required to do with any view the mess around the taxes on the use of the website also offers a good way to save on the books songs that many of them to get the message that the place where the law of digital information is a touch of the ball licences in some cases machine-readable are available but they are not at all worried about the cost of often eventually to his working life and we have to stick with the rest of the way to the old 1 this state of slowing global said there was even the sub-grid literally and if asked possibilities you all the time but I believe that is used citation what you should be not to use the idea of what should be saying is that she should tell this people how to live on the city but the and found what they wanted by the US to
use of all the sites life is actually the by all be explained which will this to means that this is actually the name of a licence to use the presentation of unless the you know what licences and the media to the actual listed below and specific last such as his political creativecommons got when but its of is to be 1 stands out tribution of these days I have had agreed that the new law will also take in the sights of a long way below of the mansion so you have to draw the line at the later time of it he wanted to actually took the changes presentation on roads the and gives the presentation during the you would you have got to compute the Mandarin they actually being destroyed the slide down look at this and say of all she wants is to to be attributed to long as you mention in the time you actually of the presentation signs that the pace of Britain's that's fine about what we can to get to the best of their last year of her quite a lot of it to the nation at the time that he had not
signed up and told about making sure the licence fee which is appropriate for the full when you begin with the situation is not as big just got 1 of suitable any kind of halted of this during Polly legal on historic reasons mobilises is the the only way to remain categories as as licences code now all because cost of themselves and the city has been a raft of all time and so code is just naturally has however the group of licences point and then though these 2 days and context upcoming initially when it was still difficult to distinguish between the US and the UK is the last thing data is in the year to date set or not as the only man who but they said he was sent sentenced the database for unlike the way up the data contact is a full time and basically concept would cover if you wanted licence to a ball from the right and left also rumour old content and the photographs video images anything like that just comes a window on the broker and and so the 3 different types of last where they should be licensed and choosing balls in the right half 11 deserve with taking pieces for example and try to legalise side with a suitable for the data is not which may be sent and and subsidies to make the following up and the way it will be before the Saville but you listing full suitable licences the might like to use the state and the state from a ball that the ECB collapsed under to the
select a licence that is a problem in the area mice that will relieve the 3 categories licences and the loss of legal people around of the writing and vice Skype will ultimately where you want it you will find the train might use write must technique without fine remember being we have the about wanted uses confidence in by the sea licence that they understand the and that all the staff of the founding of the state will have to go so what people with a lot recommends that rather than rusty reminds us all of using the the very good and you don't often find links and to the main groups people worldwide producing a highly licences because people often that would want to show the way off on a group of states
the interim tenure as they celebrated the top 10 the 3 in December 20 12 creativecommons so there are a number of isolation and the huge huge well operation at a local schools all over the walls of the Villa but also allows people who worked extensively in the town industry that in the stands to the mundane and the they are the team that develop licences the talk designed to use when the licensing data on 10 things like and so that 1 of the best stuff on hold of more about what was saw how so that is the latest in 2
3 3 2 chunks just the and see what did from deal which it said that at the time and the cost of the same NAMD comes at licensing sent the if you want to say anything about the reduced the used to it he want is that was going to get the from the cost and a few have been as the rhetorical get labels these are all part comes at the same
time and creative following even recognise created from licences will also see the should and is that what you do with the slides patients said the seed want to create a licence and the really nice things that critical of the way the old about different concerns you much about the way we work and that of the sexual act interested several major categories and reflects the licensing system so that you can include the committee with all of these different area of the house from which he will set so that is what regressionists of the wife of licences critical of says and by the time the most attributed to achieve the licence on all ending of says Activision title of Italy the by sophisticated and is no cost to the site you have to say this is the 1st that created as well on the road from you might decide that you don't want was what the commercially for Load your recent easy not signed of means no commercial use that is the issue of women's singles and literally all these seeing standard copyright simple also the land used that copyright symbol what he means is full rights reserved where senile Reuters simple means of these asserting complete control over the state of the world that is the elm but new commercial use that he and the and the works so derivative within the herself to any of them taking the status of the world's challenge the your the made because if he did not it would be a derivative so it financially instead using my tools and to the right here she remember over the the told us use something called creativecommons Activision last plus the lines that is what you'd be allowed to take the and use of what you might enjoy chocolate changed remix instead of only to introduce a like you see something like that it is easy and the new derivative looks about meeting will welcome to take this lying and re yesterday trails life we will be able to stop talking changed around remixing because of the prohibitive about the terms of of the licence fee and this 1 is only because here is Chevron Nash might is as well as the of that she says that you want to take my clothes and chocolate around and changes in the way we use it as a way of doing this is the vision of the company's you have to been chant would be produced for myself and the same licence that are actually that is a time and restrict the it basically means that if you really something in the air and you want to make sure that it stays that way you can actually Seoul that by Lancashire log on so the if up the fight actually lost mudslides like that and you want to use the something you can learn to do but you have to get on to the ship and you also have to make sure that anything else he you produced was also under the said it was going to be my read the book generally would be numbers with images of England eclectic stated on an inch of its when I it is the very real terms of Britain's views were so completely happy regions of the country or would be yes he talking to the lads prototype so the sense of word of the year and then a much ease the way she did it as a financial terms what most people be by commercial use its coverage financial derivatives all this latest any point you feel that something you do with your look might infringe the sort of place a this brand identity of something then I that sort of grey area where appropriate by the epitome of a bus that by losses the bricklayer what is that by commercial use if it for example that he did not only commercial use closing based long history while the imagination of the database to that 1 of the group's decided to take that look and 3 days much cheaper that it creates a kind of successful functioning spin off company from the start the made with money and beauty find that if it if he didn't have machines close and so just the way that I think function said generally died financial regions where they were arrested at the scene where the idea of changing the law so that the licence fee and quite the fastest in the world by the right so
that the last time yesterday as to what is an dislocated as full different constraints that have been licensed to get some idea of what will be thinking about what to do with the way the and other such initial definition of the season this constraints which is to pass a law restricted the police and the definition peace in the context of the show is actually it anyone is free to use the redistributing subject it and limited to the odd 1 out the Wiltshire and that all this isn't says not saying that you are horrible less than he did what you would be commercial by people who want is says that it will lead to restrict the use that see the all way world that is the way and the the that they have we got the
domain area under the terms of a now to try to disclose possible of the definition of thousand on the year I was given the general courage and commercial use licences and and given that the whole point of actually being and the new scientific results as he saw it creative and that the signs of the approaches to the nett yesterday this by scientists at the old movies as possible scientific that the very nature of all the taking of the people by the end of the season research and all around him and said You have to be a lot going on in the week that it had agreed to see this leaves with occupation and shed light on now there on a full things in my view is that sections of data licensing laws and you will find when I start to feel that life is a bit of a full house was nice little left tax on what will the the terms and they might actually should not nonchalant Charm like 1 of those with the general of all the following the native such he was a very good team that it's all function and it will not be
mention this all public domain that this is that this is making the most of all the licences how and where the people were so that many way the old rights to the book but it is not such as possible of the local tourist she said we have to last a but this is less a split demanded occasion anyway anything and below various they will be the while sticking point with with this is that in some local jurisdictions they will not allow you to play the execution side because that is what most of that is the moral rights all of such as the over that would be more likely to be a particular at the start of the season there are lots of what rest says that had the tell the world about the subject on the say so local area will still allowed to individual rights but we will not allow them to live in such a long run of she use has that the inevitably if you don't win the title with a lot of rain and the right and to he will find sub-grid said the easy for the industry and will be glad that the set piece of music that will be granted the right for a period after a long time out of the hat after the period in the history of of the if they all had the in the public eye in the house and so announced they find it can sell
last year following is the they have much the same might is fine sold out of the back after the church airlines commercial those ideas and applied to take part of the euro justify slightly different the absolute licence because the the data out of the the use of which is
paid by the the Commission and the US financial information care about the regions of Adams also said it in mind that he wanted to be as open as possible with the all of the sites which these of for licences to move in the region say that I see the and that latest outside continent licences you can use the data to see it creativecommons actually change the said the start of the year and was want retribution and Sherlock code is just telling you whether or not you have general with it to the city that is where the rest of the owned licences and then just as we have something that is not Wilson's peaty licence is that the free world public 9 declaration and and the and it is that you can how this year and the and history of the house the thing that will now be full and complete other after possible but to see what will look out of place at the Boston suddenly again today so you have to be should cells that this is the easy 0 loss so it is easy with a little 0 after it already 0 of way to get about that the public domain want is to make the idea of anything about the case on your producing final date their days in a month of wall to catalogue last it that they are very easy for them all of us of into interest so
but also here as well the raucous utilization reiterate non become completely mainstream yet but by David but he has been with the so in a way yes published at the end of a long way for a while as name for the some creativecommons was spread people want it to be the most dangerous people believes that they should be in the right way place and so that they paid was that they were published in the datasets in which it would be published at the end of and that is a sizeable results that is something that is out there is no real way stress but I do new across the film about the islands also Web sites like fiction and the features this huge site releasing the continent for a single day that she was far from where the before you sign up to date is that you must have liked by that she was 1 of the take full day to the full picture of the state and created 0 1 of the ways idle continent of the chatting to sit on the creative said it as a way of life these sites that but what the ratings that when I shall be watching for data that he cannot that he wanted to talk to identify for which would help if he wanted people to be able to to the data sacked from a world where all the time and this is a set
of principles and has goals and they will not specifically just 1 in the knowledge Foundation but not Foundation and he would have liked to have been reducing the and he's references and and and is the equivalent of only 9 1 2 to win the wall of money could practise fewer side strategies to sell data as easy as it was before because the idea of the quality we you actually stating what was too on things and making sure that if you really think that we use the use of licensed and that the appropriate data rather than those who bought the house and now these just guidelines again and in terms of lost press scientific research but it is possible that as far as possible that recommend where possible which are used 1 of the public domain licences possible but also the miners would be possible to develop the mine or with the use of which is the wet that all the more dangerous and asked again this issue trying to avoid a possible it just happened to be on the cards which out the some the and on but I'm
not going to rest on his to fully funded now out all the bits of what they close again visitors separate area has said the evidence of the soles of the past is that we so long that believes that as the way ahead of the rest of the rest of us all and we are taking a look at things like see cells in the of cost scale approach would take so long that it's and the
same again rather than the definition page to follow lead to open so that has yet if
you want to following place which can be obtained sustained again and he said What is has fabulous contribution reuse Gehring these of cells of the results of fruit licences and the way to actually this new clothes for example you have to play off final and he wanted to leave some alone these than what be doing something like General Public License will fall below its after the should stop on the side all time the numbers Rees version of the song that the here it's quite along with the with 10 everything licences for its mission to be the strongest of the limited the and that the captain is the son of line to give programs named an idea of what it does the licence in what to say to realise that this is the sort under of these conditions and the general public life requires that what was about be put is a new by was taking a lot the identities of the other half of the Licensing Act talks on the new 1 1 but for what it is basically the equivalent of a soldier like licence uneasy about the cello and will be this general public life would make sure that there was still said it was because you stop time-step
Letterman the point say that is because most of the match as a major using the and appropriate licences not the potato of sense licence when they tell you on your way to the get home by the way it works is not actually that any of the philosophy of the Deep does not so much what the book that the world will be on licence and it's not good enough for you to just the that we will tell you that they wanted 1 of the top salt to strike is that sort of talk is if you just want to back a new legal framework to take him to some of the the question of what would have been seen by some of the old and
that the FIA are so just the Adam Sandler well but when I think about it it is just the latest tasteless was set up and if you look of a large part of and and it would change the world drew money that all the estate Wednesday night we were told to be until the end because the projects in the Gulf thousand files that it is committed to licence the will be other rich and a single off the the 1st of you or should choose from but the licences in the UK and the US Stocks Williams said that she should be for more on the way and this
is also the and also want to allow still find this community with disciples signs could manifesto and just take a look at that moment I see covers all those concerns direct inside the legend of the and the idea of copyright citation actually cherating is also said to be close to the long sought to hear a lot of them would be in the review of the rules are not the wreck of a British art of yet senior exactly what you need to do not what it's about what you probably identity not mind about what comes out of my mouth and my such a thing about the right sort of their rights
and finding so happy to see how to go about this as someone of locals this afternoon when they are needed this afternoon you have time to think that a new group discuss the licensing options available to the House along to using this they all selected for licences for the over time and start by the end and that it and the top mind was switched to face to the people I passed on to all the data and the need to use your way by the said it actually makes a good place to be recalled to the side yesterday at the ceremony Moldovan projects such as the need not to stop the 0 1 of the challenges says that the new derivatives cloth Facchinetti well might be a bit of a lull Tuesday said it is that
just as police things that the city's within the visits a closer look at what he does take quickly to
create a Web site at a cost of selection to of some and we will sit down to carry in the process that that for example if you wanted to allow the application of the laws of their chances of staying out of the use of the disease actually suggests that a new vision licences for itself foot of websites a website and unit of this kind of stuff that I was time the come and the website is the reason ground using the digital waste and that he was not only the long unresentful to linking the licence it because it is a kind life is that you use of life race of the season funds like they're really
enjoyed by boat to the full uses native really easy to use app told the because creativecommons produced 3 levels of 1 of each of hostilities as a nice so that no legal chocolate kneadable version of it you could also will have to pay to be fully taxed all licence and he was reduced machine-readable licence and that she revealed a lot processes great said the 2 sides created by a the end of and then finding
out what they mean that said how now the over the last 7 games of the sites the is 1 of the more understandable to the name was and is that money is the only chips some the terrestrial about to go go into the game the Knicks the and stop talking changes that he should cost whether such it has selected creativecommons licence at times but were able to see what sort of a way of life that is the only licensing system part of all of the the other is being able to actually
understand the and went back to recognise that as early in the movie the and that is what most of all it are to shake their heads and said that the case with all how essay abstinence of these over the people taken and but you will not see the
ball and ran with it he added that no 1 not even because it it is all right for the city will be able to pull out of the great man that what we have got to move on their backs in such as of they are should be in the wrong bombs and is that there is a premium on the price giving presentation and you just need to generate photographed for anything at all and when it comes to write to you and if you want to say will just look at those at the other end the rise of the of the funds they have and it's not just that we are on the march and it was some sort of a man who once said that she will not want to do that is to return to scrap the new light on the way down to the woods and that is on the point of angry up was carried of of the area in the N that
but there at the end of the day after the look now with saying that it that all right is the copyright of the last the some prices on not actually cases the creative on last they selected and so it is best to use the NYT what was fight to do if you want to use the right just after he said he wanted to use it commercially some the state the name of the most from the again we just seem of the the realise what happens on the side of the continent the and the of all the licensing knew how to use it in an hour and questions are a little bit longer than we will need all the and a law that says that if the world is that it might be a fight to the last ball of the house which is a bit of reminds about how structure for just based on the fact that people have also been cut by the US the and


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