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2. Managing Your Code in GitHub

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2. Managing Your Code in GitHub
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The following video is an original recording from the OSTI pilot initiative. Entitled "Managing Your Code in GitHub", the seminar aims to introduce the students to version control of code and writing, outlining the motivation and advantages of this approach. Following on from student feedback and the analysis provided in our Post-Pilot Report, this material will be offered as a mini-workshop, rather than a traditional lecture, in the official release of the course.
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more about the use of prospective which has seen a month by the US but it said the it can help be but to
call it a day in the UK each day of the bombing 2 version control described in an abstract way and how elitist your job for began by describing the very high level this stated that the knowledge workers go through increase in part because the designer person works were documents were as most frequently cases in the wrong key talked about a developed for someone to write to all those roles common in the area in place that would create a offered new files record we we then subsequently any sort changes to the side correction addition request my applications and the same again this seems simple said steps but shown geographically represented at the meeting again and again is gold goals in where version controlled helps provide an inquiry as to why he did what he did in what kind of the change were opened review at any time in the future to if we drew pictures of the activities of you work 1 of those life which described usually for each other as in time to describe what you did by what changed and but it will itself for caught what the kind of the change were brought were to another spelling correction the changes colour or background were at the company load of their age or even work for a single individual seemed to hot and for single-file it relatively straightforward many individual products are is into pride themselves with the idea of keeping history the supply terms 8 practical point that sits atop get his came from and went to look at the entry to the house by conceded authority after the change in high can go into the details of of that with the description in context any sense of what suffocate for a single individual Irish this is again rather Street 14 rather simple but where did the shine this will start talking about this in a collaborative you and other teachers trading the same in worse on the same card when you do that you need something much more capable than a simple rooted in history of a single life for a single person in the idea of keeping track of who changed when a change while the changes but the capability of the tools to used by the fact they are in what is typically refer to emerge these actions the interview that he would be in the team but working on the scene similar work GCSE file is into the lead by a full fledged version controls where the this idea of release changes to get a issue here in the same radical users can be applications is pieces literally at the same time on the pitch for handling it would precision and relatively easy to reach change what when and there needs to be indication of the to bring up a concept called the and brilliant said changes Commentators back into unified and result good in final state that tree can work brings to the table and why it's a good implementation of her controls is the right way is 1 of the newest Implementation down even though it also year structures and extremely which is important uses for just get out the way it provided that history which we said some individual tools dominance of a on individual cases but the history of all the by the close cropped project graphics designs documents and in many cases even some Programming code the get this early that this year after just 1 person taking modifications to changes that actually breed of the facility in in collaboration she simultaneously in December in Britain together for the fact that the sense of this we are all working at the same time for the last days approach for for any kind of this book is just on programmers but equally police's designers and document offers a graphical uses faces provided a very pleasant experience with this version control system of the show where a history and the build play in Great for navigation changes through the period of a hoping to get a try and appreciated units to talk about this might bring you were dropped at the at and the way they think about
the early life of would be buyers of the men on the other hand with the odd phone call you get the sense that only told about the 1 about the need to cut cooperate on a full of and also to the new funds will also help the versions of the of this is the life of the system he said that and the maintenance of the the rest is something operation was the only record of change the finals of the
infrastructure of the club and all you will have to be a very background will also because of the life of the and goals with the Soviet sensitise structure and the over all such as the best in the world although was same on the full of system the not announces that although the of 1 on the central some of which can be accessed via the web of the so we should be these days the websites that of the most Central's your so many believe that the Gulf of Austria how what you are about to win the best as well be much that when I come back with a new you install setting up local machines that they affect executed you take a look at she that you will not be adding to his goal of a window into the so that the distribution of the control system where he is still on machines the best use the to instal windows and face allows you to access the so the majority of operation about using this version of system would be on the loose ball into the city match in the couple of a city that is particular she downloaded the appointment of a new wave of unease of files so the of all the local sheikhs is your local copy of your Austria was about be about as far as couples and 1 of the place below the distribution of the fact that most of those on low thought about in the and the with ability to duties look who want to city be to do was look directory is do what we call the committee which stages the files on the machine and it was published which afternoon after the name suggests these where taking the committee of the New files pushing the most the and so that just be able to potential among into account on the Web browser and to be able to see that and in the States and to access by of the not so you see I
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and some the inevitably ballistic using the same women should be sure shrewd to transfer agreements in some cases may find the necessary long-time over the demise of the Soviet era using the control system that most people tend to be able to access all 1 nation you actually understand all legal with friends you will be you will be on the walls of the out that such at without you find anything you want it to be this project will be the public were also Tree of the design lost that miles and the dispute if he used the vote on way out but the across the board public but not about licensing equally well code for industrial cooperative's wanted to be little which cases make should put on a pint of the question so now I'm just going to and so
much of the novel and the safety of all the things you could do not understand the and the London Eye on the streets as the morning but we have very happy with my lot so that the answer of to use of the things that we do not need to make sure that all the of reading from the same page of assessment was not used to this recently with Windows Mobile wrote that the only issue with the notion that there would is into the fate of the Jews who were experience that it has led to use the cash to do so by law and the way we do things with the ball might and that is the address the and the rest were Britain found that they will website like under the sun and the when must the page to the only time that the have to details on things that we wanted to offer the South really Mobius that every is a ways were people and not doing it using which is absolutely have Dumouchel is not saying passwords that much access email account of the number of signed up with a new name will remember the was last year when the whole of the university is also and he sees the related to go all the way to the airport by NSF loss of some issues with some of the next have been act as a result of the 2nd half would be used in the nation and that they were so allows find was sidelined on line you will use the cash to view of life that people thought it was time not just have to to deal with a lot of it is that you can actually installed the windows and the and islands behind put all of the time he dependencies all that you have to worry about not because the OESTREICH on she argues the and will be version of this out of the use of the fact that on the the other that will be the still the to be wrong about the very quick processes following directions when the points we actually took all the and not using the same credentials which agreed to part of 1 of the and so on Oracle installed versions of the gene were found to have his own
exhausted details all and it is yet they get not we into a local copy of model Street Stochastic held on October developers this debt mountain was 1 of the machine easy but thousand a year from outside half to create the dentistry the event of fault right and site to see what we can to the finals of the network as special rules in the UK is not publicly accessible from the UK but not contains not functions that used by the state the city was about to be set at a cost to the start of files with you should be reading the as you go to identify walk files on so that they will be used to stick to the tried and true to hold talks with the board and a little less of the will of the Commons who is viewed as a Fifties it but Andrew description of this size and he pushed the you have checked out do not yet he described by David created political straight to create and
as Boston which would not be much pain in the distance but the slightest to come the wedding was local to top of this it is on but hostages we will sell the machine is night of the model of a part of my and and will not help the rebels treasonable homes and was a summer he funeral it the a of is possible where she and the way that we would all in which would be and the next the and so is the rest of the page to tell you of the West that was installed a tough time in the division on the Jubilee Line and the files will create created over the last but 1 side for the match and that after loses know my hand out in the Policy the of the move is the latest must be is to face the duration follows the to attitudes that schools such as the islands of the results of these being on health of the of the homeless and those who do it times a week time the and becomes this description of the that these actually effectively all my machines in those extra falls into a temple of the system which she was to that it is well known that changes the bones of what we all need to know as that it is the said these follows on the Soviet was the 1st time this year it was to publish the while also boosted which was also the 1 that go all the way to the public face of wine by browse out on the roof particles is what the world is that the less look of they saying that his wife call and and the and the rights of Britain was placed in as a unit good the following up published just the right to publish a book about the cost and the fact that that should and to the west yet further this you won't stop the real reason include all this is to be believed which is all that she did not think throughout the way I don't think of what is less over companies that have been brought in to use the fuel to result will create 1 of the most my freeze are saying it is financially say the signs that he is the son of the obligation to follow the this created that is that people don't go to the of that it was to say my mouth grid enough over the political this changes to the NYT presence in which most of the London will use is the 1 with which he had joined the SAS some design for all kinds of things and I think she you may find that the 1st time he tried to run the from you all the time and in that the 1st away error message walked label would want to use during the refreshing processes was actually happened seems to be usually using some of the logging credentials to match the 2 options on you may think it at the time of it than they which is signed up and the messages side this is so that the last thing that said was the for is you and that is happy with the identification possessed shot which all those files on the the back of the building to be deterred by the high ground of the ball and save potentials again it should be some sort of in the final pages of the News of the World which was half the size of this summer and fall of the house that he wants to find hefty have little homeless and that the Ministry had thought of it administrative needs to be along the way through the streets of trade is the best utilities the for Australia and the US the group on your product out what you create how and when go ball to a
festival highlighted by saying that she would follow through on the actual settings this particular Austrian all the introduction of the iPhone the As the group was named the man of the moment they are the ones you will take that as a player was to forget and believes in the need to make sure that your cooperate is that you start to draw down a full of the stuff from the using it with some of which she 1 of the need to ease the should not be as part of the Isle of because I'm going to need to actually access to talk about the rich and so that is the lesson of the last piece of the in the laboratories of the US in the last time I had played the 2 Nagasu my house in the world faces month on the yen on Monday the initial of old files calls to to change your hand and that is what of put it by the time they should be able to go through which was to take and I think my local copy on 1 she is the sort of after tree and the duties worry about method of messages on the part of the direct and the UK as well as the England is 1 of those who would like to use it to my we will be providing the stands for the Clinton was of the that view of the city's will do us to get using the of movement of options will would be asked of out of the way we use the money which was is also the teaching the with the but the which is following of she was goaled for life but the miles around the world so long because the sort of thing about the way it sounds just led to enjoy will to see the point that there is room for all the talk of the start of the complexities of the critics have a case to questions not only get the best value