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4. Data Management Planning


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Title 4. Data Management Planning
Title of Series Graduate Training in Open Science
Part Number 4
Number of Parts 6
Author Open Science Training Initiative (OSTI)
Contributors Kershaw, Sophie (Speaker)
License CC Attribution 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/14930
Publisher Open Science Training Initiative (OSTI)
Release Date 2013
Language English
Producer Kay, Alastair
Kershaw, Sophie
Production Year 2013
Production Place Oxford

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Subject Area Computer Science
Abstract What is a Data Management Plan? Why do we need them and how do they relate to our day-to-day research work? This short lecture introduces the concept of the DMP, set within the context of the scope and scale of data produced in modern scientific research, and breaks the how-to process down into short-, medium- and long-term project management stages. Please note that, as a result of student feedback and the analysis undertaken for the Post-Pilot Report, this lecture will be offered as a mini-workshop in the official materials release.
raised as 1 has to think about 10 minutes they alongside he was about this time that all of us to get have a lot guests face so here from captain John and Graham climbed to the top of the world she was told about the acknowledgements at the time about what happened and what we actually that by the way that we had so easy back to alleges logistical which saw last week it was looking to buy and rent and reduced in size of the 1 that broke the news of growing problem and it was clear that this is the thing about this year research storey please bring an array of different research out of the the to the whole world just 8 4 4 but this week of a stop looking at slightly more than the fact that there has been about the day out of the rest of the year and that the integrate the idea of data on the way out tomorrow to stop the publication processes changing the rest of the UK with the time of solo those saying all management and so is easy when you look back in the late stages of the early days of the when he realises that things which told to do all told more about the use of the term of the loan is moves consistently blocked by scientists both must of itself is true levels of of my colleagues many people that the world is every which that someone obstacles to prop data about what happened but I suppose when research is it initially doesn't really feel the imminent Virgin and then was arrested churning out huge amounts of data realised that it would be great to have a prop up rescue the approach that told not to also about was starting to to think about how to deal with a long term she added it is that of the shows us all
possible start off just as the political wing of the providing
some idea of the actual scale of scientific research data now that that 1 of its most projects like you will this week so the will producing reasonable about data in about the drop in in the ocean compared to the scale of the research that he wanted to use of the a offers a wildlife so that this is actually a from the European Commission 10 and in the light of this was the result of that is the age the data on board to realise that the US doesn't apply funding into not just how to deal with things have educating the with the but he actually making sure we have the infrastructure actually handle storey that data people the example and but also to take you through life policy around scientific research into the change in law that the club would status of houses 1 day behind through the pianist and can read about 20 billion taxes of the human genetic code and the 9 bt error by 9 trillion data also in the results statement imagine how many Stevenson machines we actually how well what is see very rapidly in US is that you just look all your amount data so well it's all data from the UK and you will need to start thinking about your data in relation to the integrated told resemble and is that why you could use some and that the walls several different datasets all of this size or even amendments to the people they need to understand that you have to access it that actually meat datasets potentially data might find links between the 2 days of the month they will
pay on the high end of the views of the which this issue is on and the locals say that the problem not while area what on the Web can be giving about what the storage out of the way so many times now that style of people from the cheesy often during the biological Research Unit 7 and it is estimated that whingeing may ultimately self account for about 70 per cent of all the storage in the really files for example of looking to raise cash and find out what it is for outside the study all there are many examples of the background to this produced by the way the research that has been absent huge a strongly you may or may not have quite right as the project effectively aiming to be completed by the 20 billion because of the long grass of reviews The a way of looking at it is that the films most data about the not so that could be absolutely incredible the possibilities of exploration after event but this week they estimated using around long petabyte data every 20 seconds of the start of the infrastructure of methods that we deal with later that as Italy things like systems Biology thousand about 120 thousand more individuals and the state that you try to go in France is not it's about to populations and Implementation which has been involved in and a lot of fun computing or views on the buying to coming out of the fund huge remains cells that the each house plausible also little equations waistline unless it for a particular numerical Study Roma population of self over a vast range of the for profit on the last day of the infrastructure place not just to actually Roma and it's stole the data and yes they making their update was actually produced as also also used the look at how the data
calls all the foodie seen you been trained all in the last week's involved Programming where to create data last week we have to look at licensing which is going the eagerly enabling the these days also unstable systems because they said it also Metadata thought it was with the group's debate about this is the case is the Metadata is basically the data about your data so if you have a real Saturday 10 kind you provide Metadata methods would typically from the used to actually create update said initial dish used and details of all data about data and also you will be be able to put all these and so central available reserved so that by the South or the scientists could look at your datasets said it is multiple datasets and potentially wanted connexions allies in different ways is so
within days but we will stop
thinking about what happened shelter and what happened the US eulogies instead on the basis of a lie about what file for producing the data in the US who said the Metadata look back at some of those people used to think about child most database Hayden 6 12 months of data will go during the day all the way back from that if you actually got commonplace begin without a review by The Daily scale is going to have much more to say at this stage the research a shorter you will speak about the issue of data on the internet and sold to the end all many teachers of research group because of the 1 thing that would have much of a danger that if different constraints and and if you take into account when you are looking at all where it data is not the might of the dissemination phase of the questions about the ash and I say the dissemination faces that will allow you to away from just below the level of a year is that there was nothing to work out how to reduce the now in your case that this is the assessment that the nation faces is pretty all this it's that would stop living different things get out and releasing the 2 sets but in cases you must be looking in a research group of in the film you only have to look at all that it was really when I to release them how he came into the UK for example full because you protecting says that the route was all if would industry was involving the data for the period before you activities of these all things you have to to take into account the amount it was stopping about giving you might not only seen 1 the data useful as all his many many of the lines of the 1 on the wall datasets your mind if you had access to pay in the context of the prime 1990 by on the will the data available not but I just want access that sometimes that separates the men the House of time to make science more version of the Mafia and the rest of the year and he reappraising it will be accused of not much more
efficient scientists is also somatically helped me to structure will research out but are going to enable as said data mining cables you'll they said in particular is making which increases and the was and and you begin to see his work as you can see through the sort of money to do that they will
start to see that you want to know how to read this right now not the essential to assess you will find the usual piece of information useful results as part of the digital gyrations said it is actually specifically that provide results in advance for the the US is that this will be 1 of the men who want to stop thinking about and
over what most as well as now would only to ask you for a long
trailing based on part of the all time steps Krawcheck's people know what gets public about is always managing data this is the moment in the group and the last response the on March collectively not data and questions about what they do and the new group of still of many viewers were yet come to their 208 Chilton's 20 questions all my to the did much of the Boston said you need think about it will signs side there is the weekend's as you may have access to all of this is going wrong for what it did what we know is that he was indeed the case that the group stages of the take off of the respeak along to answer the West relate to and as with the public to save money by US next of just how far the club were also not means that when you actually arise when you arrive in the office tomorrow night's which were brought the project your successes will be able to look it data up from in the real world is the 1 about the strategic buy a house for all of which begs and for example but it also helps the right things like a licence by the ideas of the said
they want a bit like the best and they show that the design of this series of questions to assist in the early stage of the virus that has been thinking about how to manage the site of the 1st things I did it with just in behind you need more research group sex size union necessarily have to worry about a scheme should not asking for us not during with what it is though the about the nature of the producing the often is really handy actually was rescued in lot objects to understand what all the dead were because of the books that it has a mass of data we start talking about is a licensing about the need to make sure you go for the way to the end of the Cold sent to in the days that he would use a licence because you call us so that you don't worry house existing right to this is 1 of the logic of the deal to buy out the the group but on for example Howell descriptive Metadata said it was wrong to say that surged conditions how you actually be creating the mesh based on how he would cope with the policy of and there was some moving on to the house 3 for the more about the use reusable status was dozens just producing data actually thinking about how sharing the Chilterns moving to by she told the you have to because the data is projected public used to it and that will be around a left and right hands when he 1st saw it I realise this is a very small scale project system these may not see it as a row black us that would be far you to do this for example the some approach to say that this year but hopefully was designed to do that but I think about the questions you should be asking is self styled research the right through to the end of their way to the still wants to build in the answer to that question is a little late latest to to save following once you could say that it will allow to actually to pull the nation is up for sale by the end but it was the place to be when you actually look at numbers of more often than you find their excess of what we have learned how to download all from the movement of the early alluding to the number of the and the advance of the Games would lose that all the wishes of the group were given her approaches from the the habit and how they would recommend budget and storylines the quiet Southwell full name but was last integrated into the
players he of the world the school was in
the area last month they on all the
way clubs such provides into a digital duration BP and Shell is also could be useful salsa's as a whole before about how old university will provide facilities for you to manage to data on data storey data so it is the 1st thing you actually on the part of the philosophy of the storage and use of the party whip could have led calls the and
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