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6. The Work of the Open Knowledge Foundation

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so get this route to the final of of the
of the new presentations tomorrow but this is not that there are and understood most standards start off just using the and not Foundation about what it is that they are about go generally him following not Foundation and that means taking the troops out that they actually want the idea of side was the last we looked at the picture of openness reusability that is set to look at the small up on the idea that there is to be a bit of an idea of the results as the available to use for a year practise and also provide ideas but it should also be a good choice may interested in getting involved said it was the most Foundation while the
possible representatives all white suddenly cost of repaying but but this is a statement from the knowledge that she website says that the technology and communities to create a cheque on the use of information everyone of all though is the last of the half we specifically designed but do not Foundation villages some signs that the song was also the year that saw policies of the last and they also have a lot of respect for the knowledge that it is the community based not across multiple but only station that girls local shops people interested in the industrial city of old Applications so without the aid of a group of you know that you know to by and so just the way he
shows that some of announced these in all let you data licensing sometimes principles all full of best practise in the licensing was not lusty but not Foundation in collaboration with of the Open at the start of outside the solo will lead role as the voice of the results as information about the principles of have
along with these things that all this has happened last year out of the company with the most festival which had already have a bye and absolutely fantastic to the cost of what was then and this Mustafa about a week last year was in Helsinki Finland and just the sort of science that will also also later man 10 to 15 policy in the economics of the governance of all was the size of the city's of this is something that you really thought about it the life of is a really great called to give to old people who really are full from all this that was not as big as well as the rest looking at how we could be in practise by the infrastructure needed to support a simple line and people actually include designed to stop the ball up so far this year will be later this year the most and then it's a piece of later on this year but this is the beginning of the year interested
and with that of the again is not alone things 10 easily military history books that those early in each half and the idea is to actually developed world also also different to the application of the house particular relevance to the working practices of the so Woolworths because during is huge tactic taking place at the top are the possible side Tingewick all later this month will be an alongside the the with Universal's people interested in technology developed and are sold they who becomes get proposing the and is that are so that these range from after little apt that actually help doctors and nurses practitioner to bits of code and infrastructure that could be used to help create communities patients suffering from the with people and he created by did about the application of the you could develop as part of the whole of necessarily have a particular the less well off but I think all the technological will all have later village which he finds that there is a sign following the was register just tell about the and get involved with and is it is into this judges and Glenda they got it by the book and sunshine they might as he put it he has weapons on the people I knew and I think if you are interested in this sort that stuff in
my life and my and and Jenny used to take you through some of the projects that give him the look of some of the 22 as the might find use such some of these approaches to my what it's all about on some of these is the scope of what they the journey by a activity though a privilege and I'm said can who would be in the size of of about 1 year and the new which exploded and take your time last year history as a great and interested right now and taking the scope of their way to be a big danger but as much about it the foundation of the tools to try to make the data output works of where it is the which is essentially why they to of the tree the of which is used part the government data may be but the anti reaching making movies scientist and Sarah valued at the Institute of got the hang which is how came to light with the data bathroom by the back in the side that
is also a great time there already to sort acts cost about to see how the structure of the deal most said the on
of where install 1 year's but it was the date of which is a was a treaty originally and says Genesee data of the cost of the economic laced with any date set up again across the about the kind of deal with the but the Princeton we later
some by a central yes he lost his plans to introduce pay another latest that data on and you can use quite is that most of Shostakovich's usually data direct to the public safety Craig Wright all takes off the likes of that was the right 1 in which columns in the fact that there is an even bigger issue of the new and besides their the subway to allow the use of dynamic launch is the thought that they had which offers while functionality then you find on published a website is the message would that download between the around their things that is clear how health and it is what to is that he is that they have to get on
the end of the day of these were in the room
which is that the players 1 of the last season of the show although there 1 on data house select your last week IEEE fingers that the base from a lot of the time you can she struck down any what citizenry require that the and that and when I go on stage but it states that if he got the money to buy it is the time that they will be set by the data says quite how which which and but it was there are many many many data was tree out that it is just that another example what kind across the and also agreed said it would buy during this is just the realisation of the National Statistics such again just take while the way he might have bosses who
is on the line the King's Road in the House of energy in your data that you can just automatically on as he was not just on line that it
access data and build patients based and the access to see how it goes on the
board of the visualization using a kind of Taylor which began as the bill by a voice application to enable kind of cracking things began to go take into of the fine half of their match not
foundation that involves the government is that the history of the project and 1 which is a spending that it would treat across the world there is
a commitment in your that America is a country that possible that the best that they can actually information from all of these things that are primarily a sauce really just saying that it might violation of the right to based on the fringes of the great trading losses workshops order to name use data in the storey is the kind of goals against the best guess is around records and and they just kept out data
about we have to do to work out which is owned by the people in the car ball from the line and that's what about getting people skills in using this sort of nations actually find out what the Government is that they want to get
down and that the nation's sells the various aspect of the game which is data from the case of data to show exactly the tax that this is contract communicate people lack of money goes which would Prodi would nestmate they might not have necessity the said that act is that very few of the people just data this is open to and region and in any case 3 station data helping to visit the much more breakdown FFTW at the Tax Money is going to say he did things like that the new law was not to any exactly how many parents who spent every day on education but it is a common way of breaking down the and is that people can actually comprehend the case to the Government that they will be on the back of but
rather than being confined there not sure if he's done much on a bit of a set by the people working a academia based is Hyosung for the last very with into the citing was getting into a view of the field goal at the new interested in that would be the kind of this year data attached like the airline like the Princeton's institution that type of thing for this kind of foreign stuff is that essentially things like tax money data pointing findings in the future and that the British ways to shout at the very end of the princes in the paper while the actual method data will pay for itself is often of a voice that rates and things like reference collection within the papers or to the right to publish which had made him think about the case and essentially the you have to pay for the last half papers that access reference out of the thing to try to create a map of land that has been used in research would this kind of mental Science Research during without good because of the year data said it might foundations the new budget which pages of to create tools to help but there is the best just had to say data from the collections for of large institutions like me but they were of the view that they got the of and even these there are less than a year
so you want to make their way back into my early last week and crown souls of was the 1 who used to live on and galaxies on the back of the idea of Craigslist is the sudden prawns model in India and 2 each side won just how long to people will also is not what we really want to to to what my house which we all with a view to the results of a poll of is being taught in and out of little fact all of research to many men in the UK and you will find the the the of the pro almost but there are thousands of the photographs of cells galaxies uncles galaxies take all different shapes and some of the costs by around the and was also the is very difficult to be too old to make the programme so that I can actually read in a photograph taken to bullshit galaxies becomes earlier in each announces told much much quicker and more efficient and it is that humans to look at it as a right above all she is that is the the season with what crimes in this project obstacles also people just the general election while interested in what he wanted Tuesday designed to and they could actually that for examples of the views and the beauty of a section visages changes to its board and that was not what I would call a really high level signed is something that is so well broken the laws of the game in the history of highly side but actually blend of contributing 1 loss to the All You know such as well as well as well as they should the plan also to actually facilitate you developing from France sold tools the to finals also in itself is not a proposals page what it is it's a thoughtful at the break but the will enable you wanted to build a pretzels singer application of the salt should be attacked in the
browse that the if you put all those pliable society without taking this crowd price website of but the idea is the university create you'll Russell's usually of chaos predicted that he would face with about with all the of all provided the ratcheting up of all the other issues that you want but the about the need to build a him to leave and then a bit more appropriate in your life you actually integrated was so that the patience of told the used only not to allow the public to hold on to what is about to world try the This Is this prestigious his actually where he finds out that he can see the logic
scheduled for the this you typical prattles involved with lot absolute images and we want to see all of the data in the US also see tools to the idea is
Molecular photographs of people who produce the city's walls and something about the humble within the small this is to be developed by also from the musical of the to achieve pretzels the application in the stage show that molecules and model and have to do is help find called the central Molecular and the and will be the actual laxey's more just this is the sort of person the application created at the train the uses PPL educated in what is expected of tough to and should not to to seize use the want Tony on it and then you go to use a mouse tumult early this century molecule but that will produce a cross that was later to
ask the right moment to go ahead it and that was about to mount a centrist will take this house has been expected to return to the capital orientation so that the
governor was the sound of stable reusable idea the kind of analysis for the rest of his long and it was some sort of a way and I think it the state of the about centre the will be versions of the offer of free from the UK so that this can tell us what the among the Blue Cross and Blue more July because I got to see looking at the time and this is not fund program computer to achieve fund has successfully is that even the most old solve all the more difficult it is successful in the long run it is getting will those people who are interested in how the size to of the deal is in the States where it was said that the if the then you go it to save who world but I tell you what we would call that saw him the House of someone who was not about to start his contributing to it is the most complete list she told have to training in what needs to some people tentative on minutes get refuses to which is the child who was on the front and then that he wanted to talk Ransell's cheap enough for him say that something else the might not only be appropriate in the
context of research to Krystle's also if you want to councils profound enough of it would be to use jet destabilises and all rest that it is appropriate for me to use the study because of a massive of the beauty of white provided the states that the EU but the of the
this point and the and the and the loss of the
1st about of the of the system and systems produced the and the other results all possible to serve you will often find some signs that the economic cycle the size of the public usually says citation is regulate the of the levels of sections of writes in which will say that we would like to such as such people misation approach for the assistance provided him with a knife and that it media and it head has a leading figure in in house on the site of individuals land and what happened at the end of the journey and the with sign of the times that in the new found that the act of taking her these were the and on the offer was sent off and the game of be set out at the holiday on of a 10 year high and now the that he and are all the way to get the economy it may be the human the and case and the fact he had planted a day after the night of the name and it up to you to do it he says that far part in the destruction and the fact that the crash correct says that he will get in the way that they can extend that brands and will be right up there with the the great minds of the order of the Royal Ascot but was published following the every step of the and lines that go with it is that there is by game of the tournament and he said it's a game the end and that they get the good will of the move sign a for the University of of the West Bank and the approach of the of the ball they turn and this was the 2nd time the with profits losing and crowds of what they see as the only that he had raped her where the bloody hell of the village is not in the right the point is that it is run as a website out in the city centre citizens myocyte access which if it is easy the and it needed a lot of errors in the final of the way he looked at every time by the old actually on speaking to buy a lot of the and he saying that the European Union agreed to push to the size of the rise and had 2 sons and there it was like going to see some kind published Wednesday and cost the county the journey to the amount you paid for the stake of the stock based on how well served by a reading of have fine leg room because of the need to find a lot of the people that we and the other thing that they have later turned life but on more said had passed the point that the clubs and the might of the British people the and the web based at the University of the mood of the other systems on the left side so the to play 1 of the reasons to with the point to the will of the people and the whole lot was goaled 2 purge over would be something that is very well in the sort of place that would allow them to get the best job losses from the long serving from so that has not yet by some really good players to the structure of the creation the scientists and 1 will be criticised for his people is on the wall of another child was not really public and to the also costs the public time the board with the what all the way to the sort on proves that there are a the her for a while that the time is the are she this data on a long ball into the nett and the son of the late where there are no signs that the media are but there is the world and say there is actually a product of the old whether but the NYTimes writing Olczyk talks and and within which they sound like a taste of what is not to get too little time get at back the right time writing that he would look after 3 days of the the American museums and the people there and they got on about write and they a find out the queue community while the because is the end of the with the right where he wanted to make it work and if they come and go with the flow of the tide of what they are so that they can take up to a treatment at the hands of the by the fact that they are less this would have been if it came to the club the point of winning the and great about
a signed as a context and we see that they were spending storey based on the idea that the change is 1 point of content websites and the public domain he is quite a sight the announced that this is trying so I'm going out the interested that that is in the public domain which involves in America's and has just been extended by the a 28 year old death but there is was the book's music films and the party in the table and I want to use the NYT because the time of the incident but the name of the displaced 83 a X quite and and academics and range of the White off about the but they were just made the West by a 5th and a daughter in Houston and a possible who will come and we should we should and that is very offers up my favourite of about the average while the land fight various crime is quite interesting that takes time and money for the Brain and of the late is that in order to stop them not to do it finds that some recoupable illustrations time and some during which is the way and something
that that is trading people to be what the data says not much Versailles spectacle ways of the world would be interested in the past scientists but just anyone who were data that journalists were beginning way and this is joined against a University and on a university data recalls that they would not want to do with the group in the idea is to help through the last time only changes but the said he joined code were 3 through the and this and this is only a half game out of the Asian is testing and their through the 4th became not being tested on a desperate everything from what he thinks that is more to do with the real adjusted beginning three year despite the cost of this is a way out of date visualization and the words paid on the day but this is something that spreading said it against the law and which are not really the way to the match in which he said he tries to think about the fact that he liked was what what we mean by a cocktail of which is also in in talks with device and the teaching for about how to set up a project the and by and so he did not think the level of a year or protect by most Foundation lawyers and wanted introduces the lending to interested the and we have to make a point where you just have heard and the week
after being found looks to help people just say they have the initial on which is that the injury and I was issued last accident data and a very general generosity half time step on the way they think about the more signs that the UK without just this week announcements like much of
the day and dry and the research but
a bid to from such as the
daytime book at in the region and that 1 of the highlights of the
sale of the don't let alone the full from being at the wheel of the car he was the reason that we have not stand off but what of Britain in the
kind of what you can do in the future of the economy where interested in how with this sprint which is coming up with housing at in the street but the Government's kind of what has gone on a spree that data Street aspects data on the other a Howard data because the party has gone now they were part of the state time his this weeks that time of but and based what may actually got for fight that is based on the research is the kind that will add to the taste of the housing data that data which are ball these days with the the six explaining the idea that she threatened to save and invest your bottles of wine and they mention of the fact that when you look at the history of art yesterday anyone wants to walk more about this was that the reluctance of the of the site of the last does not yet have the ability to the programme because of the way things work in and but for earnings on the kind of thing that you do leading by a set off 1 week in the area was Gehring on it and then you can try and do really interesting about rising and was red and gold plated book back the dead White and can tried to read the books with a daughter and talk about the rich and we had arranged things that she was a teacher at the back that as a session on shaky generation which is looking the finance at Buckingham different best of the various unreasonable to come this year as they did he know he where asphalt inside on a set of rules for the locals to say to the judges and the other half of the people investment in the
UK this week 1 of the great things about about the way you take the risk of a fall in the Greenwich various
should be easily between the sides of also told them all that is usually the across the majors has the bidding as the day that the EU is also show will rested on the community and to the world stage of the game all this the onus is on the lines of the young and the the ball out was in the house at the time 1 of the things that we current general I feel strongly about a lot you will know what to do and also different research group and the research group will have a very fast moving up to the house that is with the greatest players the some of the group's much very very tradition is the kind of multi which to the line given categories that can be said is to use it he is not as fully when he joined the maintained and keep up with what needed variation the 2 of us to and ingenuity and we need to be honest with questions in the House and in the end it has yet to receive this overall now during the ascendancy this morning was the 3rd in a year or 2 it will to take so
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Titel 6. The Work of the Open Knowledge Foundation
Serientitel Graduate Training in Open Science
Teil 6
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Autor Open Science Training Initiative (OSTI)
Mitwirkende Kershaw, Sophie (Speaker)
Molloy, Jenny (Speaker)
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DOI 10.5446/14928
Herausgeber Open Science Training Initiative (OSTI)
Erscheinungsjahr 2013
Sprache Englisch
Produzent Kay, Alastair
Kershaw, Sophie
Produktionsjahr 2013
Produktionsort Oxford

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract A friendly overview of the Open Knowledge Foundation, co-presented by Sophie Kay and Jenny Molloy.

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