Oberharzer Erzbergbau um 1920 - 3. Die Verhüttung

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Oberharzer Erzbergbau um 1920 - 3. Die Verhüttung
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Ore Mining in the Upper Harz Mountains about 1920 - 3. Smelting
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G 92
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Silent film
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Film, 16 mm, 101 m ; SW, 12 1/2 min

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Edition: Verhüttung in der Frankenscharrn-Hütte in Clausthal: Rösten und Entschwefeln der Erzkonzentrate, Schmelzen, Schlacken- und Bleiabstich. Aufgenommen mit 16 B/s; Vorführgeschw. 18 B/s.
The film covers the third part of an, originally, three-part film on the Upper Harz ore mining industry, shot in 1923. Here we see the smelting in the Frankenscharrn smelting plant in Clausthal, which was first operated in 1554; first step is the roasting and desulphurization of the ore concentrates in a one-story rotary furnace with subsequent dead-roasting and sintering in a converter. The roasting charge is then smelted in blast-furnaces with lateral gas exhaust. We are also shown the slag tapping and, finally, the lead tapping. In addition to the silver-bearing lead, which is cast in bars, copper-bearing compounds are also won.
Keywords Untertagebau Erzbergbau / historisch Verhüttung ore mining / historical underground mining smelting
IWF Classification Bergbau und Hüttentechniken Technik Erz Bergbau Geowissenschaften geological sciences mining ore technology mining and smelter technology