Oberharzer Erzbergbau um 1920 - 2. Die Aufbereitung

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Oberharzer Erzbergbau um 1920 - 2. Die Aufbereitung
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Ore Mining in the Upper Harz Mountains about 1920 - 2. Dressing
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G 91
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Silent film
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Film, 16 mm, 123 m ; SW, 15 min

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Edition: In der Zentralaufbereitung am Ottiliae-Schacht Bleiglanz- und Zinkblende-Konzentratgewinnung aus Roherzen durch Erz- und Schlammaufbereitung: Zerkleinerung durch Backenbrecher, Walzenmühlen, Pendelmühlen. Klassierung durch Trommelsiebe und Stromklassierung. Sortierung durch Klaubarbeit, in Setzmaschinen und auf Herden. Erzanalyse. Aufgenommen mit 16 B/s; Vorführgeschw. 18 B/s.
The film covers the second part of an, originally, three-part film on the Upper Harz ore mining industry, shot in 1923. This is a general survey of work in the central preparation plant at the Ottiliae shaft in Clausthal, where lead sulphide concentrates (PbS) and sulphide of zinc concentrates (ZnS) were won from the crude ores. Individual stages of the preparation of coarse, medium, and fine ores, and sediment, are shown in detail one after another. Size reduction machines used include coarse and fine jaw crushers, then coarse, medium, and fine roll crushers, and, finally, centrifugal grinders. Grading is done in revolving trommel screens and subsequent belt grading. Sorting is first done by hand selection (women and children), then in jiggers, on ascillating and percussion tables, and round buddles. The film closes with general shots of mining activity and ore analysis.
Keywords Untertagebau Erzbergbau / historisch Walzenmühle Pendelmühle Mühle / Walzenmühle Mühle / Pendelmühle Brecher / Backenbrecher Backenbrecher roll crushing mill mill / roll crushing mill jaw crusher crusher / jaw crusher ore mining / historical underground mining centrifugal grinder
IWF Classification Bergbau und Hüttentechniken Technik Erz Bergbau Geowissenschaften geological sciences mining ore technology mining and smelter technology