Oberharzer Erzbergbau um 1920 - 1. Der Bergbau

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Oberharzer Erzbergbau um 1920 - 1. Der Bergbau
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Ore Mining in the Upper Harz Mountains about 1920 - 1. Mining
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G 90
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Silent film
Friedrich Herwig
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Film, 16 mm, 135 m ; SW, 16 1/2 min

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Edition: Graben- und Teichsystem von Grube "Silbersegen", deren Förderung mit Wasserrad. Neuerer Schacht "Kaiser Wilhelm II". Einfahren der Bergleute mit der "Fahrkunst". Wassersäulen-Fahrdrahtlokomotiven unter Tage. Aufgenommen mit 16 B/s; Vorführgeschw. 18 B/s.
The film covers the first part of an three-part film on the Upper harz ore mining industry, shot in 1923. It begins with shots of the hydroeconomic drain an dpond system, and of the shaft system "Silbersegen", conveyance of which was done with one water wheel up to 1931 and of the modern installed shaft "Kaiser-Wilhelm-II". Then follows the "conveyance" of the miners in the Kaiser-Wilhelm shaft, with a brief view of the hydraulic head machine in this shaft and of the power generating plant in the Ernst-August gallery. Winning and conveyance underground are then shown in detail: long-distance conveyance in closed trains with electric trolley locomotives, winning of the crude or by drilling and blasting and removal to the tubs, which are brought to the surface in the cage.
Keywords Untertagebau Erzbergbau / historisch ore mining / historical underground mining
IWF Classification Bergbau und Hüttentechniken Technik Erz Bergbau Geowissenschaften geological sciences mining ore technology mining and smelter technology