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Dimensions | Chapter 1
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My name is Hipparchos I lived in the 2nd century before the birth of Christ From I don't think I'd be bragging if I told you this time the father of the Sciences geography and strumming a E
current mold 14 books but I'm fortunate have almost all been lost Mr. times and I was responsible for the 1st catalog of this stance founded the field mathematics code trigonometry and even invented astronaut fortunately my putting successor Tommy a 3 centuries after my time inspired by my work it took up where I left off and nowadays historians sometimes can't determine what was my contribution what was here Thomas manuscript the amateurs it was the 1st scientific treaties on astronomy and his book geography contains the 1st map of the world em I am a a geography and geometry both deal with the study my baby geography is concerned with making visual representation whilst geometries concerned with measuring at but now the Shaker Diaz is roughly spherical let's
forget for the moment but it's not be the polls and pretend that it really is a perfect you probably know too the told the points as this fear the same distance from its center the error that you can see now starting at the center of the and ending at a point moving on the surface has a constant length I am where they own From there hair at this juicy axis Frost online through the center of war when we cut a stand on plane contains taxes we can't that's a great which devices fainter 2 hemispheres it was Is there Asia
my at the E U the movie is back you don't have a there door if we chop the Iraq easing some sort of purity slices down taxis we trace at Meridian my visa half circles going from the North Pole the South Pole asked she she had she yeah what my my can now enough be slices Iraq on a plane at right angles to the taxes if we get a
bunch cynical schools or is
you're left my we eat my
announced face covered by 2 networks camps the new idioms and powerhouse a 1 of these power levels should be very familiar it's a quite halfway between the 2 poles for historical reasons 1 of these Meridian was chosen to be the Principal Meridian it is the 1 passing through the Greenwich Observatory in England my to specify the position at some point Thomas F. we can start at the point where the Greenwich meridian meets a quieter more grimly quite a distance Her measured by an ankle Fultonham tissue a college range after a the about I that and there's year Our did you go along a Meridian some light all of them did measured bond cool attitude colors green In at a at rim but finally arriving it's not designed destination at bay David any point on precisely described by just these 2 numbers it's attitude numbers G. a they add bag my since we need to numbers to specify specified location on the set his we save this spheres 2 dimensional mathematician is often called it as to there are areas the I think there finally we as colorful plainly see us fly off into space center located we need to get 3 numbers latitude longitude and the altitude above Europe girl back if a since we now need 3 numbers to say Willy on outer space we say this place is three-dimensional How can the the paintings on the wall as a portrait of Tony father of map making How do we jewel the if what 1 method east rejects its on applying this chooses city death count for example we joyous straight line from the North Pole 3 death online hates a table at some point that we call its projection on the table ND Tony said compete projected onto the tape White near a town is to to the North Pole the awaits projection on the table In fact it can even end up off the table but this recent we the North Pole doesn't have the projection for more correctly a tits projection assist infinity the homeless With the exception of the
North Pole can be represented on the plane table De Smet of the world is called this demographic projections is after if it now has room for war him a is I'm really is I feel a little bit they should be removed from her room and had a hell of a lot of my the I told him you the and Of course also demographic projections doesn't resent South America he is tiny compared to North man I didn't How long here they have more To get a better idea of what is projection does literally alarmed just like John Bull I'm would always project from the highest point the projections of the continent walks around in the pipeline taking turns it becoming bigger and smaller this if we take a closer look we see that shapes stunt change even if linked to for this reason we see this demographic projection conformal but what happens to the new begins in the power sales under the projection when we which it from the North Pole the merry genes become radio emanating from the South Pole and the power concentric circles the Iraq while a a dizzy yes tons sees at us and Mary D and up always projects wider circles all strike the stereo graphic projection transform circles John state Inter circles joined the plank the except for those circles passing through the hole from which we reject these projections are facts straight lines in the plank him huh How d set out to do that if such a thing as always is do now he is our rolling us from however a high From this point view we see the Meridian sent out to bomb the circle it did the all of the Meridian compared to 2 points and no and the South did did 2 it's is just as deep as is draws tips it had said it was the deal South Hadley was distant D d to its jewels this is there is due recognized this 1 and Gates is the Greenwich meridian deemed the 1st lady but Jenny for do you want to do is Is it gets Eds dozens did he is just as it is what it is doing its duty to do so to do more my tho my G while we all my if before they are on a hazy D. Kyle room off how to all or