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Dimensions | Chapter 4
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on more John
rules there eyes I'm but theorist whose
fate is in three-dimensional space Mr. dimension to now In the same way we can study this year in four-dimensional space it contains all the points that share the same distance from a center point but now to determine the position of the points on this saying we need 3 numbers and this means that the dimension streak and of course we will call it S 3 I am Armed men I you will not be able to see this four-dimensional space because your space has any three-dimensional and the screen when has to I can only call upon your imagination To get a better understanding of four-dimensional 20 he drew he do what lose did Mrs. three-dimensional fully he chose the a beef is to fight them so that is known being a what he calls and then projectors demographically onto the plane now all Carter this time would inflate the poorly he dreams until its faces laminitis state in full banks and predicts demographically back into own 3 space Have Wong the rule law a I'm going up to the north all of us here space but an art project to them to you In Your 3 space you can't see why am just remember how the visits could see they teams manned by a tough on his viewpoint time a mail way in exactly the same situation a the rule at Bay about a 3rd year His simplex you could see its fine to and from a high of I cool In his view it is a centered on my can do there so now we have a situation like that of the three-dimensional pulling teacher projectors demographically onto a plane dead I he's hypercube ceased to recognize it from its 52 ages 16 and you'll now seeing things with similar to easy them with the shed a method of the three-dimensional cross sections dear he's a 20 full South With 24 fantasies I'm 96 edits got a letter saying I don't Hi I'm a bit finally am 20 sound a poem calm or calm hour stay on truth I call on you and it bit and 600 South do do do did add Cat Cat Tom Tom germ can that came they don't do blue if that's at the two-dimensional faces tickets and even better here the simplex with 10 triangular faces Europe of course these two-dimensional faces pieces
stance just as before when we saw the theaters with circular arcs the simplex spinning
enforced by folding project to stare graphically remember when he a spinning likable we saw the motion of the continent but there now I'm leg and a face passes through the projections on the projection becomes intent looks like it was a promise grain let's take a quick look at the hypercube you see space is dividing until I keep Shank stands these are the three-dimensional faces at the
hypercube as for the two-dimensional faces the quiet them rather but it in twisty at 24 of G DG but my total ahead but I do that they
today d duty D due to do a dead end road test to date is due to be
shipped back to 10 detailed stood
to a tale of D test didn't say now all my favorite the 24 said after that the 24 said is really wonderful 24 letter
96 St. use there 96 triangles and
24 off to heater Bush it may take you start a teacher that tanks or over me a he said yeah
and him if you have a and that there is
a sense of how
how my why shot him hand them gone top most of the D & D stood at 2
dead and put them dead but that didn't they do a D there was the 32 Tuesday the taste test over there I don't know the 3rd
team take that my she said To my
does say sir he's the 120 self let's try
to understand its geometry better Brazil bridge Abbas the authorities start a teacher a Dale D. B. a year my shipped 2 dimensional face is attempting to enter 720 720 Pentagon's 100 20
dead a how a b look as as died thinking he facing nasty together there is nets icing there way to tell their candidate and my D back at the end of the that day but there is a little bit but there is a view
is how to get to death at a can a D on your a don't let the ball and that how do you back the attacked because it was due to meet now pounds let's finish with the 600 cell with its 600 three-dimensional tetrahit faces it's 1200 triangular faces 28
years and its 120
trust me there are 14
thousand 400 symmetries for space which presented a subject plant Picchi a to drew to do did a pop time bear on their payroll bore G they way down but our 1st of voyage into the 4th dimension a dimension full
of amazing things are of course a mathematicians imagination isn't limited to the 4th dimension neither face stakes and dementia and even the intranet dimension
each dimension has its own character but it has to be said that the for freeze the the prettiest y
maybe because after all has a sort of physical reality to Einstein's relativity theory dating from the early 20th century postulates space and time I
somehow bound together into a four-dimensional space time there appointing a space ton is an event characterized spies position in space X what is it and by the time T 1 attacker who dating with honor today sticks physics therefore requires an understanding a four-dimensional geometry did there it is interesting to note that the discovery of four-dimensional geometry proceeds by some 50 years and discovery of relativity is 1 of the many interactions between mathematics and physics and the history of stance delights I don't care polls In that poll do you do more my
among my E. we is only if before they are on a hazy d Kyle a how E is or