Chaos | Chapter 1 : Motion and determinism - Panta Rhei

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Chaos | Chapter 1 : Motion and determinism - Panta Rhei
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Leys, Joe (Images and Animations)
Ghys, Étienne (Scenario and Mathematics)
Alvarez, Aurélien (Image Rendering and Post-production)
Schleimer, Saul (Speaker)
MacLeod, Kevin (Music)
Grant, John Lewis (Music)
Beffa, Karol (Music)
Hensley, Mark (Music)
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Joe Leys, Étienne Ghys, Aurélien Alvarez
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École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS-Lyon)

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Chaos (cosmogony)
Cue sports Casting (performing arts) Collision Computer animation Logic Multiplication sign Mathematician Position operator Number 2 (number)
Standard deviation Division (mathematics) Term (mathematics) Units of measurement Flag
Summation Large eddy simulation Amsterdam Ordnance Datum 6 (number) Principle of relativity Units of measurement Maxima and minima Newton's law of universal gravitation
Calculation Multiplication sign Trajectory Principle of relativity Energy level Prediction Infinity Table (information) Units of measurement Friction Hand fan Position operator
Cue sports Statistics Group action State of matter Moment (mathematics) Chaos (cosmogony) Point cloud Bilinear form Theory Number Mathematics Mathematics Computer animation Average Natural number Object (grammar) Table (information) Position operator Physical system
Mathematics Computer animation Chaos (cosmogony) Mathematical model Quantum state
and that everything slows everything this is the message of Jericho I just 2 thousand 500 years the the fact that movie around this
contains a large number of Mont the concept collide like the billiard he call for a back our
a sale of everything even my rocking chairs carried by the earth its race rock for the fact that but for years humans and observe these In gradually have tried predicts but 1st astrologers when scientists and especially mathematician by the way many mathematicians of cast using the motion of the stars protect our future is an old dream all but but put off In the mathematical world about us as well everything is in motion that Hong Kong as a 3rd a logic you off stop new deaths 2 seconds Of course a continue straight on like so after addiction was you see this time things are a bit harder stock a obviously the ball hit the edge of the lake where will you go next madam dishes can calculate future position also functional time this is already a success a mail they can ease how they will have to most a graduate of his hosts of France said if I know the situation out there In principle I should be able to determine the situation of late cheer for example what will be the path of ritual In making the player must hit 2 balls with Cuba every he did In you not us the theme of clear not bad the pound the at a time you if I read the paper
today I predict in principle what will
happen in the world a month from because
forced you must not think that this film will
help you predict the future while
you can the let's go back
to the blue chip but now with 50 a legend perfect he recalls role without friction after the huge strikes cue ball the movement is complicated Joey we predict his movement Of course we can the after all are computer makers images made many many calculation it's clear that the balls followed rectilinear trajectories as they bounce off of it a mail there are many college but we take enough time for we calculate very quickly we can predict their trajectory step-by-step collusion after which earlier the computer can easily calculated position which you go in 1 hour now but this takes only calculation far exceed the ability of human prediction in principle perhaps but in practice every the 1 of balls a few centimeters but the true pool tables are almost identical I only 1 ball is slightly out of place we should think you the movement on the table starts off the same way but after a little while not too long the trajectories become completely different after the at all after all L any hour all code if we want to predict the future we can do so but we need to know him positions of all on the table and there's so many of the small uncertainty but a single shatters any hope of determining the future half of Cuba but choose the classic definition determined as a matter plots in 1814 when the
emerged consider that president state took you has the effect of procedures state and his code Paul what we've put and religion which at a given moment would know older horses by which nature is made and the position cold they have Rick object if indeed it was powerful enough for me they to and would break In a single form the movements of the glitches but he is the union and the lives of the lightest at actually nothing would be voted for it and would sure as the past which had before How can we understand the movements of celestial body my From located at them watch this computer simulation of a fictional solar system with 2 sons and just 1 plant please and a it's a bit like a a billiard table we computer Kentucky step by step the movement can't predict the fate of the system Will the small planet when they collide with 1 of the sons by a In but we could predict the future yes we had including college this is not a case of Fortune or perhaps fortunate In way what concerns do if we cannot predict the future among well if we're willing to be less ambitious and more modest we can still make some very useful for this requires it different beyond terminus we will not try to predict the future position of amongst a cloud of other balls a rather look for a probability the purpose of the forecast is no longer determined temperature Paris on specific they can use in the future that is possible but rather to try and take averages statistics for example the number of hurricanes crossing the Atlantic in 1 season probabilities rather than certainties that is a big change of respect there's a whole world between theory and practice


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