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Quantum Engineering
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quest the area Quantum Engineering visit almost of Nevada in this area theory and experiment talking into will to investigate and make the effects of quantum mechanics available
among other things sums of cold
almost absolute 0 yeah
lot guys with a normal gas you have lots of atoms and molecules of interact above all denied lot and the heart of the gas is more often they do this and at a higher speed so they are essentially something like classical particles like little Ping-Pong balls of cannot if you want to go into the quantum range when you have to reduce the speed of the particles in other words they have to be cooled and nowadays you do this with a laser light In this way they get so extremely cold they exhibit the quantum properties dormitory in the quest
laboratories the Shining down concede here is made up of a billion cold trapped festival the atoms of cool by letting then there is
a further cooling phase just as we know it from our morning
coffee the fastest particles and removed energy from Coney makes the
liquid colder in the same way he caught
by removing the particles were the most
energy at 0 temperature of a serial killer in life is to be the cold and
compensate the atoms seats on each other was in a bull's-eye I'm dying
condensate practically all the items are identical particles that are in the same state and guests can be compared with photons of a later I'm laser In a laser there also indistinguishable and so the atoms in the boss enshrined condensate the matter with property is not so you could speak different at some later 1 application
of such cold atoms using for this we make items some salsa between 2 internal states but the pendulum of a grandfather clock these oscillation of extremely precise and money deals measuring the exact passage of time this is the principle behind 20 if an oscillating atom is halfway between 2 possible states that a 52 50 probability that pattern will be the top bottom states this situation can
be compared with tossing a coin as long as the corners and had chosen the heads multiples return it hits the ball the
result is that if he touched him calling
the member of the show varies from over the
most probable result is that we'll get the sales it is also possible to get them but but in a that only half of it
exempted the same statistical variations these variations prevented optimal measurement of time and so these statistical variations presenter fundamental unit for every measurement and to be able to make more precisely because the breakthrough and that is exactly
what the quashed these centers have tried to do on means of control pulses items can be correlated with each other the effect can be
competitive Chu Kong that Inc if you toss to magic coins on deck
tales with 1 calling then the other will always showed exactly the
opposite result the cause was never show the same result if you now 5 pairs of these
magic calling you always get 5 kids and 5 tangles any statistical variation but warned that the with
coins it's like magic with items were really can produce this in the oil-producing atoms in some areas we have been able to show that you could make much more precise measurements with such atomic Pan than the statistical limit predicts all of the what you have the so mechanism is a tool we can use to make the measurement Tom Lehman what children should be fight with a lot of this is only 1 example of how they ever get Quantum
Engineering contributes to improving the accuracy of In any case the possibilities have not yet been exhausted