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Task Groups
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the task groups in the past of accidents quest was set up to to
find a rapid and effective solutions to specific scientific challenges quest the restructures the task groups of more closely oriented puts finding solutions and colleagues in the research areas who have a broader approach conductor hormone Research what of the loss of life in the task groups of experts from different areas work together on a higher priority is scientific problem of tourists here we bring the top experts from the research areas together they pooled their skills to find a solution take the skills they have acquired in the task groups back into the individual research I think this when we are highly efficient and able to respond rapidly to new challenges Willard Walpole additional day 8 of the task group transportable state clerks take advantage of the group is based at the TV national metrology Institute in brownish Schwein whether strontium optical clock the
strontium atoms of 1st quarter by laser then fixed additionally interference pattern to
be items store called optical practically rest represent the pendulum of the clock the
frequency of the nite created by the atoms cannot be determined accurately strontium atoms
of advantages and optical shops but the disadvantages pressure so that
was with strontium have the major advantage that we to study very many of leads to a strong signal increases the stability of the clock but that also means that we need significantly more high-performance laser systems these clocks can could so far be operated only and carefully controlled laboratory conditions so far it has been possible to compare the best off with their high level of accuracy of the same station indication this makes
the funds teachable for many applications accuracy is
essential in space navigation all in June and it's here that we need be optical clerks toward the us but followed his task
group we build optical clerks from small modules the models of very much smaller and thus also easy to transport the previous ones the challenge lies in maintaining the quality of water but the reason not to take advantage of the precision of different occasions he didn't see optic
cable you if you wish the PTP around trying to the Institute of quantum optics in Hanover
73 kilometres away transportable or using fiber-optic 2 ways
to make more widespread use of optical clocks it would then be impossible to stop triumphal successes such advancers on became the task groups quest villas is
far from over the task groups found essential tool enabling us for example to conduct Holly accurate frequency measurements in cooperation with the Pt it we need the PTT clocks as a reference and they can be by the telecommunications totalling both but I there are a lot of good things measurements built-in several people that the PTB Monday Institute work synchronously at the PTB crops and frequency standard I think the task groups a unique feature of Qwest extending the all the groups work together intensively and complement each other both other there was it received a a group of vote the
speed at which quantum physicists are moving forward critical the quest centers are playing and also the