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Human Resources
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but pastor of excellence is only as good as the people who work quest has a variety of programs to make sure that excellent work can be done for example by scientists the Fellowship program excellence inquest
dumpsters appalled highly motivated young
scientists Anthony Green them on board result Middle don't bullshit
available Colin by Chris With finisher programs at Qwest would from the best students from around the world to right that from here on out of excellence and we received all the 150 application which 14 candidates for office program excellence in question multi-stage selection procedure and analyzing the FEC the 14th candidates were selected come from all over the world that China and India doing and what happened to excellent quest that Ph.D. feeding the 1st ones will soon be finished it or with those dollars a year the middle of but a special feature request is
a stock analyst goal
optics and space time this graduate program supported by the state of Saxony offers the
unique opportunity to to combine the Masters and trophies Back at the on the 1 hand it means
and catch up of the weekend was still on but on the other hand I get very good financial and scientific support so have no regrets about being requested by the the extra effort is worth it and not only for the students Qwest's also
benefits from the graduate program In over Rubio they falter
In the 1st hour with tried to combine the advantages of the traditional individual doctrine but the advantages of a structured programs without the disadvantage batch we can do this because we discovered that a graduate student at agreed do without melt away up and are therefore able to start working tools that don't that now I'm busy set up the features such a way that they you go into would for project that means they perhaps take a doctorate about 2 years now To be
able to do excellent would you need good working conditions the long-term perspective this is 1 organizers of Qwest are committed to creating a junior professorships any important
aspect of the is also would attract international structures to working in 5th time social and knowledge of which often see or the inquest we've created 9 professorships which have been filled internationally these are permanent professorships another was the best leading international Luis Sanchez canal but now that we've also created additional junior professorships so we can keep young scientists here these junior professorships given the long-term perspective through tenure track options that's all the figure of
it's a long way toward Prof. shirt a 1st step in this direction would be futile bottletree you have in science the idea 1 year of experience should help high school leaders to choose a career and above all inspire them to study science 10 young people have seized the opportunity of quest yes was
it's pretty cool here we learned a lot and you know we're 1 of the few projects it also do physics not only biology we also learn a lot of practical things like during drilling and nearly went the out do that yet but we're probably going to learn how to get started impressions of what goes on in another because you can't really imagine it when you just look at the study programs will ridden and don't tell the people working on
always wanted to study physics so now impressions and see studying his right the excellent initiative
aims particularly to support structural measures quest takes
this into account when its quest
like its recent school so for example it conducts
appointment of professorships and procedures jointly With the participating faculties where the of it the this a quest is of course an interdisciplinary set up the around just physicists working here but also mathematicians and orders for example and the work of quest is cramped mother rigid faculty structure of the university and each structure quest its with such schools the border India's this research school conducts the necessary appointments without too many strings attached and in particular involve on external partners with inquest the PTB national metrology Institute there's been a
shortage of young scientists in science and technology for some time now for this reason
schools universities industry of course also quest of
impromptu interest women and excited the laws all but she'll the we
also get involved in schools and try to impress girls in science and technology for example we recently ran the program jails in spacetime after all university to introduce bills the topics in question if possible to attract future female PhD students did not their thousands of films proved so great get Oct where is within quest Barroso committed
couples so we try to offer both partners relationship actually working conditions in quest knowledge we were able to offer to professorships to married couples were very happy that we managed to attract them away from Stamford there are now working here on Wednesday by the year well have
created a friendly environment is also supports child-care facilities like perhaps the little ones will be next in science and technology just