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Basic Physics Lecture 23

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Will God against started we have 1 more chapter that recovering Chapter 9 would do that today Friday Monday when they will be taught largely a review in preparation for both final exam exam so as the last hotline
Now the sacked entering a 90 per cent review Mazda but we don't Chapel I wear Donna ready we just give it a new name the Tabriz and that Miller's momentum conservation saw come up with that but can also really does forces Ali we multiply by Delta city and there's Of course itself on this was very interested in the same league as France question number Such Bezner They recorded the also supports a medical were resist Right hand color said the colors This is the single goal as it has the last say on my time can be different but we already know the answer Bob which learn for the last test shows you what about the forces of all into Roddick's colliding they are able so they Feel the same impulse right said that 1 can be larger or smaller and it doesn't matter how long the collegiate as that of the same for both of them but I was that it would not answer that saw this is really just a start lock questions over melee reviewing your back and do that Formula One's your Igor momenta Barred about was Did I lamented said Bob lot most people got it but did my right of I'm going this way and I have stopped going that way my velocity changed in that direction right before As a factor in the direction of your change in velocity dead saying that that we had before impulses just for signs the city every day we learn about force of the white sewers and I turned around my force is that opposite directions not in the direction I was originally moving so that lesson number 4 to cause the most trouble and those really or just forces was while not so bad but a few You got dragged by Eddie as a particle start phrase that failing to spot I have village and velocity of removing the stock I can only change my velocity by before Obama Forsythe impulse impulses for sized up the city so half the big and impulse on our and again at opposite direction I was being because stopping me so you want to go back and has doubled set about that because your problems were threats with impose they're not so There wasn't a whole lot indeed comments this time around the center warned them not really your Saturday that But The big 1 hairs number 2 and number 4 really war revealed and say go back and make sure you understand why that was a review a questions
If sock
What are railing knowing as I said were rally started looking that Hardaway Gaylord athlete was at a different situation now there's a quieter which we like that the Baghdad they follow more careful I can write acceleration by definition as and that's something during the next few days when Friday as it up like close attention because so many of the concepts we gotta get revered in this chapter on its very helpful but he thing about this as this is about a single instance in time For ah Write it has we do apply it Sometimes only talk about the average worried averaged over time but it's kind of comparing a single thing we look better taste Where the force acted oversaw this then that we realized we had a new concept that we defying called for And this doubt whether forests over a distillates Where we have Federal initial stay state out of final state Then we noticed But he recalled this for just a single particle that that's was related to the change and kinetic energy our a But but the but Was was our change in energy but have a close connection Jordan Maddox formula With furrows Aug Architecture that people's Ahmed For that So this was OK we take our force although the force in the direction of motion matters were not there were about changes interactive where's the Tyrannosaurus speed between 2 different locations in space While I look back at our original articles MA They would also be nicer said more why they have We have an initial and final force inside And that's what this that has about we now take J. we given name we called the impulse ever asked whether force backs between 2 times you 1 They So where so much easier because We saw a bright that new and 2nd lot allows us to write book Wars in terms of the derivative of velocity so why would bodies that in rather areas and the curves reside in a role a light some piece was 1 of the meaning of the inner role Their role as the officer while the driver if they can't be derivative right Sadie David Durant devotees where'd you get what Turgid by generator to E I get what is Right so by gamma-ray the Duran I get that thing taking the derivative up so I just get the losses so we say they were asked about Of force But yeah Over time but That's a rally that there's just that changed animosity V final miners vision of what I can break the borough velocity ideas that the velocity while I can make has ever more general Bank cancer cases where the mass might change that is the change product and that is why we defined as nice quantities called the momentum with joy used in charge with a world quotas and so that's where live bit Picture a situation we're in right now I get most of it on the screen reintroduced the idea law that was And we asked about it at single incident or for average forces they would realize well sometimes 4th over some distance away at What is it doing it acts over distance math related to changes in energy and work and family said or what about actual drawing masses Kemp also went our change in momentum so we Avenue 2 new definitions we have to remember what momentum it says what impulses and then just like we had the work kinetic energy you there aren't we have The involves momentum relations so this says And Kemp also crosses a change in momentum So it's reliable life what are the really equations we have about Causes that are not definitions their causes we have 3 now your name Every go there may force fodder accelerations member today And they it over here somewhere where does Causes change in energy and now 3rd final 1 This is a wanted like right here in front of you Both Gaza's Jager amended or that the rig big concerts in the course The big trade not as If there is now part what would you say about momentum and his wife I'm sorry but it does not change now that he is there are gradually mainly conserve where there is no work what you say about energy shares Concern and there is no that force what did you say about bosses We It's conserved we use the word cards Velocity we just Angelo about so most of the 3 big ideas cinematic is all about described being motion and if you happen that the acceleration Describe was some simple equations but not use definitions velocity as the yet it's it's already digitally for energy you have to remember in this particular class family different types of energy FOR Today for decades under gravity voters regularly we in turn or dissipated energy Jennifer and family died momentum are there Why does momentum back set I just summarize the class and Tourette's this part of the video you wanna go back to over and over now joined rail Problem with this Does that we are back-to-back 1st so we judge or a bad directory from products such as beer where back so let your bugger question number White I relays Brought some water balloons the rock that would have been appropriate Get Eds are a bit messy but you're trying to catch a raw egg that is a good idea to increase the time it takes the judge said Did praised the plywood judge Bag Side is irrelevant apparently all the people the wrong answer sitting next to each other And actually Eduardo increase the time of ever been in had lost Found that for water task that right right Ducasse water my desk or do you catch it like this jet greasy the time at which rejects the water below right if somebody your baby please argued that now this 1 does I where the formula Makes it very obvious are changing momentum bizarre Kimball's Woods enter Robert F. times did say now 1 of the things is right calm and right the force Will vary a lot during interaction right when you 1st like before increases the decrees that yet so there be some Graf
And this is basic weight the area under the 4 striker but The other thing it turns out to be which is more useful and allow the applications we know is the average just 5 of the time the interaction and that's Gemini are massed planned the change velocity and the place I think that is most often overlooked and I I refer you to Spider-Man attacked you can find you to wear professor that and discusses the situation with Spider-Man is trying to say embrace Saranac versus our every day I and may I think is the example that Jews worried as a correctly does not break her neck It's a very exciting video I saw at serves a good advertises that course physics 12 vision so your friends about the summer summer session 1 to sign up for Jack was at 1st it was advertising But if you out of your mouth doesn't change that usually set and that most collisions this is set Bright Read final generally 0 that's not an option and didn't show whatever that right You come in with some initial velocity and Morgana try and stop you white you couldn't trial that this that is that people don't realize at 1st where you can't trawler these jails ever point but there's a whether was a lot That As if I can make the S L white as possible then that's that's a smart was possible That image of Central Asia were given actually today on page that happens to altar Related to a force that is not related to the total imports so this is a tough place where we can take advantage of the visits to minimize damage by minimizing the instantaneous force your point because most objects right now not I do some average for supplied them but do how big the maximum force gets to be editor or the Taiwan the average force There and then the maximum force at any point since are really was a lot like what we took advantage of doing more where we left the job of the ramp will use the longer distance and the Salem our work but we got use a smaller force were from our muscle point of view it is really were all the energy and effort comes from Questions on that I want cast request because it does tend reveal more about your psychology million out the visits by were often follows up with measure state wording that I had a lot of control would you rather run into a brick wall or a haystack stock by fire when I ask that question I get about 50 50 Split Draw favor by another question that think about that tho a more serious Maybe from back to readers would you rather have our car that a collision doesn't break Or car that in a collision shattered like modern cars with their craft so I think about that when as we going to do our 1st example problem any questions Before we do that By the way all the remaining problems a rapid and lecture are now that On the Web So there that we increase the time they forget that they're the sample you're driving your car 27 years for foresight you slam on the brakes on annually at the steering wheel And it wasn't a budget in the stairwell toward Artigas because such a pretty quickly take 5 ms rural compare that average force for what happened when you slam on the brakes you're air bag deployed and of the lights off Christian object only to that it that you half a 2nd stop so that We wanted to every you're masses 80 kilograms not secure the start looking for work right bears would have a colors and that in this place were German tribes are dead what you will find closure whatever that make you think very strongly momentum and impulse there will be times where it's actually energy but you may think about and saying all the difference Often whether not timers and Bob right tying is fundamentally pointed to the fact that really momentum impulse whereas distances would tell you there were looking at work in energy goes a kind of few words were given our master give our velocity so momentum It is pretty much set and knows this is what I would call but basic core momentum impulse followed this is the little I get that will show up at a much bigger problem but you really wanna be dread act in recognizing when it shows up but a bigger problem than and what you want to know the difference between as whether you're being asked for it Impulse or force bigger than after the M policy You won't read that time usually asked the force Joe Delaney the time of the collision or your bail figure out the force so that the differences here there were being cast For the average forests and luckily We have that you talk so that Madam our 1st reaction the reading a problem any questions on that So what for that way that it's fairly straightforward just like column for the energy conservation as soon as you have any collision works for generator accident and you're looking at a change in momentum Remember that final minus initial geneticism White Drive from finance and there were but make a table sure-fire way Now this case were just moving us in all directions so make a right positive I will make that the direction you're driving so Yes I'm doing components but I don't need XOY I visited the 1 and I can work with minus signs from there so now I have my file and my initial and I'm looking at just the momentum of my car of fire was 0 Prism stop show as a positive 47 meters per 2nd times might be Show wraps Celestia's just my MBE or VM in this case My dealt the aid and that if this is what files both side issues Ali quit as that 0 My dealt the is on my desk to about 160 kilograms Meters per 2nd sorrow Delta plays says that way And so am falls 50 to overlap And I believe I The nite before but about that of the directive And I was traveling to the right direction forces to elect which it must be the stop me now thereby I was hitting a wall that given the directive of force On the wall through the collision that I get used to start I was always computer 4th and the object that is obviously during the moving in this case the car And then when I want to know the force on the wall I had the use 3rd affected people switches So will see that on some of the problems so your watch for that now I answered doesn't throw force ever given to this situation is right Sergei B. words is dealt that they wait hours F average doubt that they so f average just dealt barber dealt the and Emma white worried the steering wheel of a Fatah 30 thousand ends And when I get so that the steering wheel that bags remember 1 place a 0 . 0 0 5 seconds and the other tastes there was er . 5 seconds and so that's the difference between such cures difference on far from hitting the air bag instead of a stir well and that's why we have their backs
Eddie Questions on that matter most basic of problems But but but but but but quotes Drive so now we get to a on To problem number Don't that is the right thing started yet more fight And Libyan say they would just like the city like we had last week we have A projector emotion or the conservation of energy problem there were and have a projectile motion with the momentum impulse next week discussed in section Rule You get to do a problem that has Conservation of energy ball by projectile motion filed by collision Bob icons evasive and Manitoba lovely for poor problem but you'll have a lot of time to do it so out here What I would like you did take a minute to today are Jagr is think about the physics of this problem because British cancer It in this way So talk of resin that your are start the collector question But So remember Worrell wants Baghdad And then I head by Dassault are gag now I wanted yeah that's Exeland sorrow Most people went with more than 1 Celeste try refined at a little better I let's do it this way to types from the last 3 or 4 so but I that you want more than white each area that Oralle event 3 letter Alimento for for so have this isn't just a mouse stable at went to Earth so out Give us a while urethrae which is why that's definitely not in this problem circular motion Here and this problem that Here No matter what you play When he picked your 3 Jack out with flying through the air what I saw Credit call to distinguish between bird Jack Val Muller said and circular motion gravity Part of the what was that What a fundamental physics there has retreated to a white about the acceleration More than a specific type of what type of acceleration occurs project our most plants that that the rabbit is the cause of death But the kids factories At Cardiff accelerated a circular motion passed acceleration And in fact there is a radio component of the acceleration that's always been square over or that you immediately now that's changing directional time and that's why it is so important in this as its problems to recognize that types of motion proves what you know that the motion but did you Iittle barge Step forward In figured out what equations years assault but that is so now I think the reason we spoil between North Is whether or not you thought both of these run problem or only 1 map it turns out both there is a problem we lots that thing with an explosion at it had wall which is the cause of the problem was only half knew about the initial explosion right saw depending on how you were thinking about his wife don't have these sort of multiple-choice questions on the test You won't be aware that when you look at this problem away actually stop but others go there when you like and this problem you might think about al-Qaida were about what happens when I had a while back I'm talking about And also the channel I was fired so I'd probably don't have to worry about the fact that it's the wild because it is in the projectile motion that the figure out some of the initial state how it could be a problem supplier that has over the impulse on the wall Right then you might need both Start about the initial wives and hitting the wall that were likely to both bridges gap of final velocity But you wall wet You might need to know the initial velocity euro launched and so it can be when you're a wall you may need more of it than when you're being wants this is the way these problems often work but can't make sense that People out of dread I got 5 lead understand Set All I get this problem Always a good idea just gadget That actually on Friday and Monday will be firing boards and wanted their brother cannons so those advantages in that they were just at the Salt problem but jobs when that little of a boring So gets launched at another incomes of our should issue Right Burma telematics point of view I have some initial velocity fly in the air and Rolland 5 meters out and and 200 meters away That's I would draw the kinematics problem now from the cannon point of view and launching right that I would make a table of Final at an air show that umbrella get momentum now what is I wish momentum relief 0 why 0 I fired just sitting there the and that is They a tedious aragonite almost never do we tell you there was Not moving before was fired it was not moving after it hit a wall and stop that's the peace you have to recognize from knowing how the real world works so here the being initial 0 Now the variables of my picture of What final momentum other Barjadda so this what's happening and with Jack and air were like that the momentum But the cannonball so aware that Riyadh was not away After whichever is the way it is MG budget extra Jeter want that So a final is ending Now I had a problem I recall that you want the use of Al was right there were ways you can label it for joint be aware that you do more complicated problems there's always act and that he step That's what you wanna look for where variable goes from 1 part of the problem to the next Very in this case it is a lot as are connected unbearable the very helpful way think of is more complicated problems was to ask yourself right white and that's the different pieces of emotion together A mail this said by to BOO but therefore right But I do have a war going on But From this guy has Watt Direct remember it's a vector right So its ability both magnitude Then direction I remember your despicable me GM yet very porous Freddie studying hero What's that for for just that little sexy and actors so we do have to keep track of the direction because our original question Right Diaz What we get what are glasses wants the impulse also has direct
You don't include the direction in your hands are you will get it wrong Now visiting eyes 1 overawed in the other direction right from the beginning right we were told that they launched at 30 degrees So that's my 30 degrees so southern directive as 30 degrees Up from horizontal so what I said here said Camp also involves momentum realized it was change momentum It is just ever written off minus 0 Villagers BMB not wedge Whatever magnitude of mass times being shot at only 30 raise up From horizontal so I needed this finding hot and none the problem and that is best he's that was exactly like that 1st warm-up problem I get so remote is more complicated problems the kids remember all the little pieces of problems you die 1st single types emotion And is part of the yet Now however finding that So yeah there's architecture what I want you to do now take The rain met at finding rock for me But say they are fighting side and 2 minutes or less And So are does that Jerry oscillate anyone draw on something that worked so well but like best yet Just a thought that might out don't No another option of course as your right components What what are to relevant equations for that Largest general appraising stop the XA growth while But That is Backs ideas while others that and otherwise read I know Being shot plots a gave Marjeta right This equation I represent graphically back now this is the case or you might have thought our readers it down today so I remember I remember this 1 but not as does Israel help Madam Remember that it's telling you just about it out limited components here so you would be able the figure out possibly complies with the acceleration is in the center acts as a white displacement where we're really Friday about the accident but velocity would you be so you might think this 1 but do we know anything about me a final about we just it's walk right So this equation right We say OK vision not unknown to show is unknown but that's chewing on arrived unknowns and my trying all right I could always get to replace them Correcting slowing right So what do equations my ideal for this 1 What are the enzyme China where you're interested and stuff I would probably try get tired right away from Tangent 30 is 1 have GTE squared plus 5 meters over 200 meters because our when I saw that I will get This squared equals 200 times tangent 30 Myers my 5 meters divided by GE times Which I did me time of 4 . 7 seconds and then because I have 30 days to 100 over they went south maybe not as my 200 overcome 30 times seeing our John sex Wake up upside 49 49 meters per 2nd and now I take that And I plugged back into And I get my file answer that might
Kemp also bears 245 . 7 kilograms meters per 2nd or you Garcia's idiots new ends times a 2nd either 1 works and 30 degrees Up from the horizontal and this is the end false either cannonball sup Before I asked for few final questions on any quest bond that notice by the you have to really remember your kinematics from our discussions You'll have a slightly different variations on that where you also do some cinematic with an impulse just a practice that ready questions on this before I ask you my questions Now let's by wanted a thing about this problem through the same problem out had a bye after for the falls on me Canada itself what is calls on the care during this process we found him balls on the genome Bob What is the falls on the cannon at your job Our so it's joined a 45 . 7 Job razzmatazz sight gag 30 areas down day aboard the boat had divide that 30 degrees out the horizontal is actually kind said Louise down from a war of right back Laughter we nine-year Gargano is 30 sorry 30 eateries down and back the laughs histories that Talk show Le Mans US 1 by 1 before you doubt whether by Half bridge champ also on the castle walls white is a sham files on the castle wall going to be what that the matter we have defined revision foreign or write them draws on the council while we there would be fine all right then dealt the played without doubt the beyond the Jazz Bob This is the initial velocity gas Out of the drag you might think you need to know the mass a lot for what he you did find mission false funding cannonball again this issue allow opposite involves a wars have so bad back out that right pointed out there is years away while I was there is problem She is a compendium of all sorts pot We ask you for the impulse On the added that were you want that other objects may ask you want now that others object and issue a final velocity kids are computed by using new concern this Problems were the Bobby Cubs critical at a price that is I guess were .
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