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Basic Physics Lecture 18
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So it It it's rarely use stop and Al were entering the 3rd segment of the course the choruses you'll discover is really in 3 parts that's why we have
3 exams we did telematics 1st and you still wanna keep in mind as you study at Anchorage is up for this exam a world as far as the last 3 weeks you're probably not have to do any kinematics body elected the old example hero cinematic but by tying it to the final you'll be expected to combined force problems with kinematics problem now is the time to start as you study look at the problems ask yourself where might they got together but given Max was basically are description motion And it was mostly done with projectile motion problems and the common questionnaires Where Look at how fast end sort of Traffic That I make it or did I just make it right over the type of questions you see those sort of words now you'll see there's going below that of overlap but where and how fast Can occasionally show up what we're about to do which is energy on so your water like out that way that I use kinematics when use energy what will find it That have no direct Bob Dole was always want use energy Adobe easier but the scalar but Direct citizen Robert because that just how fast but it's also where my going you're Polly and a half years that because that's the vector version of describing motion now what we just best work forces often called dynamics I would join ability that this exam right visible always about the causes of motion or lack of emotion And we were almost always asking questions about just about Blind by bite does All of them and or just as there we had just made it kinematics now we had just about the slide just about the stock God just about the ball over just about so you're do various things we ask that the simple ones were is asking why is the acceleration Or force that I was a more straightforward 1 and we are Well I guess that the limit of this thing not doing anything was what we did last week with the static equilibrium it was still about cause the motion in this case not bad for snow network so we don't accelerator start at those were the 2 pieces we've had so far And you wanna be able the recognize of course problem versus the kinematic problem because they're gonna come together in the future you be a seperate bows out Now what were doing our categorizes energy collisions as the final piece in Chapter 7 AM dying in the next 3 weeks that But it Is paying for these type problems what we're going to be what is that of the change and state of the sister talk about words like sister and the state of the system and how that changes every 1 of key features of that It is Almost always end the problem there's going to be a clearer initial vs. final state or what we might think of as a before and after So whereas before reject Alamo we said at last with Maybe 30 meters at an angle of 45 degrees were doesn't land we might not talk about you compress a lot drawing spraying and then you really is the spraying out back The going has launched there'd be before we had a compressed the brain and the after the launch be away or about how back from 1 to the other we just 1 those 2 points in time Right project are most anywhere people we have calculated that We were thinking about it as flying from here to there there's kind of the hole where was it going and it's flying so that's 1 of the hints of day that you're going to work with energy collisions on the problems are getting put together is that you're always gotta a identified his initial final before or after As we get into that you really wanna look for that when you solve problems Traffic What Questions at 1st Fires is brighter Barrow
While basically Do Chapter 7 And the focus will be introduced the concept of work which is Because of a change in state at Oregon apifera out what we mean start forget what we mean by a system that had never had a go under Chapter 8 and the Vargas of chapter 8 is energy Nor alert all different types of energy which basically describes the state of the system and the great thing about energy as that scalar So it does not have a direct initially excited by that Because you what you get wrong is the direct There you forget to use the direction and not have direction is a great thing and then finally and chapter I will really think about collisions again I of talk Bakalars and occasionally but I am we talked about a more in the abstract case of collisions is just interactions between now would do Rio Like things colliding adjusted in the other abounds in often what happens You're a relay The number 1 playing Going into these 3 weeks attends the cosmos most of the trouble is really being careful and making sure the begin image problem you pick your sister 0 watch for that lectures watch for that examples look for that of the problem Wyoming by my system have right that fundamentally your system as the objects Your interest farmer by the time we get chapter it will find that most of the fires that toreador input Everything we can't insiders system February about outside our system awards as they will use energy conservation where we start how worried have stepped outside our system and that's going to work and sometimes you need that sometimes you don't 30 better mind as we go through the lecture the other PAS there were ranked Taco Bell about today we get your 1st enter all and that products so this is the a definition of work Oregon come into more detail but not as figure out why is there a roll what is that mean and what is . means And the other 2 pieces were an order like that because about as forces of actor there's a lot better but they are over there's no arrow here Kansas Sorry say what that means as we go through it and then Oleg get the special case of constant force where work becomes or more simple math equation yet Where are going to introduce what type of energy today but kinetic energy They will talk a level that about wives 1 that can be square But relief This is 1 of those things that more of an experimental back we found that this is a useful way to characterize the motion of the system And so we just want or accept this as a definition that turns out to be useful if not relate concept understand that the definition the use of add something to keep in mind and as I promised organ engineers 1 more force Draw list of course is we have to keep track of Egg and this is a definition of us rain forgot I wanted to give you that big Overview of the pieces therein beginning this week and today's lecture review must live concerts and as I forgive you can set up a review And then I went there will do some example problems with them and that on Friday he'll take your test on last week Questions sub Far remember there's a quiz due Wednesday All of the S busily 18 tour next rail a beggar equation this is as big as at MA but not quite as famous and those who work that has without legal that may this equal means cause Were causes Are dealt means change changes in energy map for Chapter 7 are says song Why with the ESA Rob particle sure whether that means bears That all they want energy possibly have if we have a stable system there are 2 types of energy The 1st type as motion that our kinetic energy that's our white have enemies where a single-particle tumor that allowed and this is an important part of you have more than 1 particle in your system More than 1 object then they can have a relative position And then they can have potential energy and so this warning as a For the chapter 8 were not talk about potential energy in Chapter 7 but it is 1 of the mortgages point as we sweat from single-particle systems just that kinetic energy and we talk about work causing changes in kinetic energy to the more complicated Collection of particles Where where more than 1 object Every potential energies Did you were 1 reason this is poor as it helps to remember the formulas we do have to have genetic energy as well last year
All these years We editor positions will have some sort of position in the formula when we get That Carter So that I like it With this nice introduction we get to ask the question of workers there cause changes in energy So work or won't change in energy and for single-particle jolly energy kinetic energy one-half MBA square then worked remember changes firelighter says show but the rather as their name that order straight and I factor out my wife have added so we say work will cause By changing speed so let's ask ourselves what things Can cause a change in speed now what I want you about there's been this case I want you think about a As of force in any direction beat the Parthenon directs most all see is energy deals work It is more than 1 is correct it Correct but obviously be correct review videos correct They have not necessarily have to be correct prevent any arbitrary force so I want you to think about your answer keep that in mind now that matters said that That's right so I'm for a good question does mean very little information so somebody tell me more than what is correct What what are the more than 1 letter correct so But readers raise your hand organ arrest Motorola's their hand but razor hand a is correct Object Razor added using this correct razor and serious correct died out your order Radisson did correct so razor had anything but tour that were correct our a Just think a lot of people out there are back A decision Bob share say say they They added that I was really argue that doesn't add up to the light is 7 that actually entered water was correct and just So you're just death and that more than 1 so let's like Jack Think about Now have something rural thereby changes did what suppose I'm moving in that direction at all in that direction so my velocity As the excise Changes y objects be what I need See River test on Friday I did of course I want direct that 1st BEN let me ask you Suppose will force Desormeaux wider rapture what that I happened to my emotions I will go up I won't change my directs right that ass merger my velocity will say what happens Uniforms circular motion does my speed ever change Well as our force I may last which directs always Friday Friday you gotta does my Friday Woods directed is by force Radially outward Practice words same as you sleep before us is everywhere radially inward which is always what compared to my velocity perpendicular so A perpendicular force and that they do what they not changes so budget force will not work and be forced in the direction of motion to change speed and that's the way it forces work that remember with break every components we get always Arbitrarily packed the direct emotions would be axed directs the red light easy and any arbitrary force can right with 2 components water which will change this bid and the other of which what change the direction and of course is Always in my direction emotion do I turned over forces I wish The direction on moving turned it all now I always did up and Only perpendicular dry speed up about Now Do you wanna a really start thinking about that Whenever you're describing emotion or say what's going on there of course And the direction of motion that cause my James and energy does not do it because energy describes my state my energy a wiretap And these square back here What changes My energy will change but masses so that our amusing things to describe my state my energy cause a change in my speech work however we just said does cause changes and energy so it will cause changes in and that's all part of what work Any questions on that now what is that mean for work 1st of all whereas half a figure out codifying of force that
Parallel to my emotions so that I can figure out why Part of the force changes might speed versus Forest perpendicular my velocity which just changes my direction and the mathematical way we do that this some they recall about product and there you think about it Qatar white find out but don't thought other force Parallel to the lost city where I do The The map I thought that was the most important match for this class Drake and sewage proprionamide forces Palau the velocity Let's that Lavallee with Kovalev's Wait Signers signed your ideas Draws Imax 1 the parallel magnitude of F trial side of the data as the part parallel and so we introduced this concept problem thought Products was tells me if I have to bat 1st but dot product the magnitude what times the allegedly of other side's cosigner fed up the other way I can do it thereby in other components not the magnitude multiplied from Parliament and Adam together Not as this Makes perfect sense because what it's saying there was any effort in the same direction as the Spartans beat that parallel the part of the members and staff At the same directs the part of me that parallel We have the pieces together And that's all that there could be no orders Volume while might X axes I work my velocity the velocity only has an ex component and as reduces We component of after that directs entire they don't give me the right answer so these are 2 ways to do it at you're doing components you do that if their demands as the vectors the angle between due this year so the lot users across product because we don't direct a return it is our right hand rolls we just use But Formula Get a single number Now let me ask you best Janet ever be negative And the back product ever be negative so I saw a lot of pointing at the said about product ever be negative Lesser now let's about 8 is AS beers So we have but closed
Black END rare while discussing So somewhere said why that What might Here's what you see up here but don't do it can't be negative diarrhea suspicious of a masculine most A yacht as what Does I didn't know why so The correct problems that are unwilling to admit it ride out so that everyone who said it did not be negative why if they did not be negative nor will I belong to their You could Egegik quarantine system as however The angle between them will never change around like that says the quarters as the effects physical lumber right is a right actors Mad that they're just sitting there in space force velocity and no matter how much I change my Gordon system there is some angle between us and a widow in might be the best Right to my velocity to be that way might force to be that way if that happens what happens to me because I don't say that It becomes negative for the bigger than what Where that I need Rides on the other side South The job for Drive assigned to be negative CERCLA that from the bottom line on this it is yes I like warning systems and it may go from negative to positive and positive and negative so depending my insisted on might look like in change were that it can to do it very carefully you will find no matter how you James recorded system the number and size up at That being said change and you know that from that formula so At that at the that's bad while you I will always change exactly the right way so you get a and the matter work or system that We were not aware that his class under that now but you could see it and other formula Because this 1 has not been that depends on the court and systematic way Was accorded For it to be negative work causes a change in energy work negative what happened It worked as editor but James in energy has ready for that equals that and the changed Advantage is that what happened in the energy it went down because of final miners in this job of final was less than the initial that a negative number So negative award decreases your energy that's all that's going on physically but is it not of actor the negative or doesn't tell you the direction work does not direct here they just tells you their war Where does change energy is less than 0 You're energy aid decreased that's what went on At a questions on that Now there recall we make small displacements are velocity is always in the direction or moving right so doubt that the directional velocity we wanted that our forces in direction that were being at also allow think about it but before Tax for longer distance that orders cause of bigger change in energy away to recall what are kinematics formulas write this just came from the definition of describing motion but now he it had people's thereby multiplied by by get easier that's my force by subtract yes and divide by right to I get my want I have ever read viral square miners one-half and not squared equals F . dealt that photo consistent with what we know About describing motion we now see why we wanted the fine work by the combination of the force the displacement And the dot product saw the doc that product that us the right direction it gets North In the directive that we move or displacement and the amount of the change in energy is caused by how big the forces in that direction and how big of a displacement we Map was not as bad as a derivation or approach But it shows you the did said that because rare go beyond this for work causing all sorts of changes Saturday not just the changing kinetic energy but I can't help you remember the Formulas and helps you know why we put that product in there You go back and look at that Kinematics formula out a questioned why do I have in a role Brett Ira Dodd at the beginning
Worked Israeli general an hour ride from a That gl aware that name means about moving a lot from some position eh The sound position aid DAL is all my little steps sir ideas are are my did out there Wolpe says But what I'm walking along and added to this I have some force right Are we excited were doing general Rover breaking lines of the little pieces This rally all of it more for cultural and education at the moment but it's it's helpful understand that's because you're gonna have to do something like this and 3 B again there's a lot of things I stay in here but you may not do this quarter but you have to do something like that in 3 D sodas warms you up for that So why There from up here we pervert way happy would not it general why I say this is the real definition They remember when an for us Have that 1 of the main things you don't act as you do it over the area under the curve Am I taking any areas here not Siberian helpless and what I could answer why White White House of the general built and they had His anyone now What wetter Vaduz But the vast areas of asylum and get our role add up Although little pieces Better underneath or so sad They don't want to at that yells their bonds little have thought they also absorbent showing here at a slow place net dot the And then I had the mower general as a mathematical way of doing that Adding up and that actually we envisage we didn't wrote the fighters and 1st I wish we could do it much better than matter we could have there the place for doing generals however that more commonly used in physics is through Add up little pieces of their store In addition the exporter you're gonna have to add up world peace of the charged today electric fields related to add little pieces Current the debt magnetic fields so his idea and I like the course what is just think about it This will place at the gentle force that increases displayed a better not add up all those little pieces and you get the work But just We are with that sort of select letters Make another pitcher of That's right let's suppose you're moving like back and the always force on Ewing's gravity Right So everywhere gravity is there so think about it At every what OPEC F . DEL as did for the force of gravity times whatever little change in why you have bridges That is all we have so why which is MGE down right that's our forces gravity So moved from here to here all I care about this Adding that bomb my little and is a will worldly-wise ice that still look Year like the formula for the honor role when I have had some of this is a constant threat from the outside and I just saw of my little dog the wife whereby have all the little doubt the wise I get my 1 big change of life and so I will get an NGO you don't they And that will start like my for for for when I have a constant force backed up that's so this is 1 of the easier cases to whether this in a role actually doing threat that in a row really but some hot up by little pieces of Delta while I get the big wife Was more complicated than it was at some strange angle I have to be summing up something else a little more carefully and I have Not a role a bit differently I will do what other example of what is it rose But throughout the that spring force the kind of I want you to see this You want passageways arrows in this class by the way see it wanted your 3 Muriel have to do it question at mn but Now Now the W just at that point Takes whatever force you have at that point that includes back part of that Give a big forest fires in a big celebration you get a big jumper and kinetic energy at that point With that will realize the began What right work the workers always about telling you whatever you dead burned all this time I'll tell you the difference between your kinetic energy at the beginning and out averages a quite the right word it But it adds a blowup there we divided by something out front that will be averaging really just adding off and that's why I set out of work and energy are all about the beef war and the after that's why we do it in a row from to be Texas from some initial point on final point redress Badger aside the integration Maria do 1 more in later but 1st we have to wake up again and cancer Asked a quicker question So that went completely reviewed all the definitions of work I am Emily my book or white voters not probably not For talk about father the matter being negative Larry out While my but yeah there my Part of the war The Major work Or 0 work Some molding the book up and I'm tired I'm done so long ago put it down there and Did answering the question about 54 per cent caught the track It is a narrow why is there already wife of knowledge agent position and why are they also farce . valve back but this is their our 0 times added saying there is 0 dress might show up on a tax base is DDR acceleration job throw Questrom for work Right wire is 0 if there's no displacement take lessons on that we're gonna wear white Now Excellent saw my next question not accorded worsened as the general question Tommy however spring
I got a surprise questioned by 6 of your OK that's a slalom our water riding a being years with Tadic way we get to drink it right now America's a sprained right You're basics spraying I brought 1 here just days many of you had not seen 1 what As the bad behavior was Thereby stretch it does what Bobby 5 stretching when I like or if they want it happened Better golf writer exciting But Far from the spraying as always Top that the dredging Article argued that would apply to press this rank what happened it back now are Jagr sorrow This is a spring were already that was the demo for 2 am sorry that much exciting iron out back it's because This is our next bid for swap Are often drawn this way Sometimes the drawn vertically and sometimes they'll be at an angle but Tapija of us rank always has an equilibrium position defined by the place where the force from the ring is 0 And then as we move this way let's make this the of backstretch and we already and the positive X direction will force and that being a negative force involving the magnitude that you were Did you move it only negative direction will force and that have a positive force obviously that's the opposite the direction you want So If I make X equilibrium 0 this would sell me that of course is my desk a signs acts a more common ways derided often is we don't worry about exit equilibrium remain 0 murders every relative to the equilibrium was as of now this is a case where we can ask how much work does A Springdale when we mode From some say equilibrium 0 some point at big we tape of course and now there were more we'd always gets directs and DL becomes the right of all of my emotions direction and They're going to be able to do what is Role of White SKX not quite jets where We need our one-half right so that when we take the derivative we get our answer back ever going from 0 Jackson being so we get the work done by the spraying is minus one-half J B square anything about it but my makes sense for Europe as I will book buyer moon resigns Set up When my masses barriers by equilibrium provision right moved through my equilibrium position was made what happens the my speed on the other side My slowing down spit it out Slowing down until I stock and then I'll start speed up as I commend soon God s acts of daring Then there are I'm losing my energy on slowing down so there must be a negative side in my work and X was dead in Samoa I'm getting less negative which means I'm getting bigger so might decide 0 0 about the fact that ratings Trend slow things down When euro Morway triumph x equals 0 And speeded up if you move toward Mexico 0 because if I do this general again drawing from point XBU true 0 Rob moving toward equilibrium right I get the same Kantor role here but now I'm going from 0 what is this end upbeat What what I do that definite payroll Prozac for turnout Remember added or definite minerals I do my best kayaks squared over to where x equals 0 my s my minus J X squared over 2 4 x equals being this will be 0 Am I do minuses will cancel out and get a squared Over 2 so I moved from XVT tour Georgia I sped back up were induced spread some of our problems and this is a White Where you won't be required to do the because that does have a nice formula associated with that but if you're comfortable with arrows that helps keep you get the minus sign Korac so that Something the cheaper might make sense now we're 1 final Clipper questions associated with 1 final problem may hours ago Better left block 5 meters high and I'm really are left with 15 islands of force and the bot As a mass of 5 kilograms of I draw my free body diagram away and GE is 50 cents an hour falling out with the force of the The Netherlands that's my situation at what I want you let cancer start bears which allow woes will be doing negative work and so were at half that of a more general way negative worker
Occurs when the work is in the negative direction when applied force opposite the displacement where the energy of the object decreases both ends in both billions thought of rebel left for the next class there we go Martha duet with ADD think about it For Wednesday for July also needed for for the quail that their Wednesday they out of bed that's why now