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Basic Physics Lecture 17
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Something to really look at and be aware out for both the examples I do today and you go back and look at the podcast was Birch William 4 in yesterday's discussion the question says whether don't work with the force of static friction by now you should ever said that 1 of 2 things happened near as a Jewish or you solve for FF and compare me U.S
FA and asking a question editors ls than or equal to at Benavidez then something happens and it's not something else happens that's what type of problem the other types bijou Yu-Ru the maximum value which is at that evil them U.S. effort to find something else Map how you know an abuser and happened 1 for instance there's been this case you might also have some unknown say pushing for you like that it And you did Europe ruins laws you would find that you don't have enough equation Ger 1 equation short track would find the pushing for new deal the fact that the problems said what is say the minimum force so that it just does not move So you could take advantage of the maximum efforts so that use the minimum force and that gives you your actor equation that equals The U.S. and the other type of equation like the 1 you did yesterday and the fact that It is the thing in static equilibrium so there you're solving bore the force of friction that required to reduce static equilibrium because there are I'm up equations between the torque in the force equations assault for request that is instead of of fact you is that force of less than or equal to the maximum could be a glossary will enact big band jazz you could be a static equilibrium because that force of to as a lap dance static equilibrium requires a force of greater than the maximum but you can't be instead worry because you can't achieve that it's bigger than the maximum allowed both the 2 ways force of Virginia dues you look at the podcast I've added I really highlighted that in the last series of problems so that was true Week 5 discussion on the ramp you were between these 2 type of Virgin problems and that was true for yesterday's static equilibrium problem so Look at podcast it's a really good way to see if you compare those 2 problems power using force of Richard arise again as did today our 1st problem with a ladder so any questions on that Yes The is like an example would you might get our probably some pushing for his deployed out divers throughout off to the side does not really part of osetra said That other questions So we have tour named classic problems to do today the 1st of latter and the idea nor whether or not the latter will stay up so that was my ladder are dead looted imagine the ladder leaning against a wall I'm trying to climb up my ladder and at some point there might slide Right That for you Don't want to have happen Now this particular place to notice something about it Something interesting we actually have worse Draws wall at There is a fortune with before so the very 1st question you might want act I wanna go through this a little that before I even asked my Clipper questions Oct starter solve this problem
There's If I have a ladder Resting against or walk that before at Iwata draw the free body diagram remember ever discussion problems if I ever being with the wall and Matisse Pfurtscheller less there a way for sale are not why not have a wall was Frakes unless as being not stay off After while We do add up in those In the rope and weighed down so we can get forces the balance right What ends up being a problem for and how that Is this a bit short of a problem More where were take torts about a deed or say But take the talks about saying how many torched or I have about Points Just what the weight right and saw this thing rotates automatically now Let's look at our ladder I or wireless freaks unless but before has I want you drop extended free body diagram for that ladder W you should have 4 forces Ought to Too Neck She got her what she calls us There was 1 I get some forces to drop White wears white Dow Down aware physically a but it that's that word is way draw in them at all That But still had been at over 2 But Western to drop what normal force Joe from white while all day The wall normal force red is a got the right at a forward as a got up for dead bare white ass your dropped their which West Virginia out till after wiser got laughed Do the attempted vouchers to the right that The directed would slide it is This I have to urge a static equilibrium Wet Wet Wet what would be something everyone alike gap But Do I have enough forces that I had to cancel all my forces and wide direction that revived that once the large ones were right 1 . 1 Joy I'm not toward that no matter what point gentle my torch Probably died so like that White But what happens For while Which wake up in the war Irabu aboard date Drive get your court out At each At Baghdad about bidders D wait around YKA going kinda the water out of the board ordering a around point tag their out of the board 5 more seconds FOR bread she Did I O I am why I'm Brad Muster due back That it abortion is a slightly drug airlines were China matinee angle but again barges this way so my fingers down drawers that that's where this way
Where is the downside of the girl my fingers this way to get FW so it's going in the other way around as the waiter pulled down and swing it this way which is more that while that have had chair which way back in out Enter That was going out of the other way went out at that but also it so better travel in trouble out ice jam out and you work your way For all of us but George always cancer would got it forces at each point out is that was their friends right in this problem over there the problem was are normal forest was along the being had no water helped us get a tort right here are normal for and our way Have I consider point they are pulling in opposite directions and so I guess which other out with toward so at questions on that saw let's go now organists all the actual problem right circular mind what we had being like that and are Walt here's our for many years our Saturn amassed so where do you want completed the torts about when you solve this problem Walk better Mass before but does not matter wanted Hazleton added that it does not matter and they're all exactly equal facts most people all went with what is strictly speaking the correct answer does that matter if it really doesn't matter in the sense that you will get the right answer using any of them up every now and then if you play poorly force you really need is about unknown gets canceled out of liquid doesn't help you provide very rare for user late
What among does make the algebra shorter and that's what I mean by 1 being better now the other than laughing about before we started Jagr Is thereby back before said that take my point to be the floor which is what I'm going to do for this problem in drag Which forces give us 8 other 0 torque when a normal with the Wong contacted the floor but NBA gave follow the about To a Al Thanks If I were a 2nd borrowed Got raise vied and our Jaguar It is just right out now with at a world will ever be above but does not even after class that lot of Ebola was just some of the others I want you to figure this out talk with the next you why would Leaders and big why not all about all the time ads 1 of the others object Mary Drive that's a and B that why is it not a contact group before White at City of 0
Right now this is the 1st example problem we've had So let's look at this 1 And some detail that by dad were problem gave us the latter's or it's half a meter away some Aero fair in their bids to Ramirez up wall The matter is 20 kilograms of vision a static verge on the floor is . 4 5 And the questionnaires doesn't say what we make our free body diagram which Verdi dead so we have common four-letter normal work before we force of fracture and we have wait And we have normal what brought we use our standard XOY so busy is out of the border We set up our equations and so we have our acts forces That's just the normal brought you might as the a source of friction people 0 so we know the normal wall because of force of fortune we that have wife forces that tells me the normal water before miners await equal 0 The right there We know that the normal what before being caused your 100 new and because that's the way it which is energy and that we did artworks about point pay A mail Couple ways we can do this said That angle theta So from geometry what's the Angolan their trade up so that the alternate juror lines Then the angle and Europe 90 minus later A mail Remember or toward the use of force that our right angles so the easiest way to make sure you don't make a mistake I find timber mind what But in draw a really well as if I go get a better and fire razed entire life Mario there's that There's F. W There's FW perpendicular America's have more more more perpendicular right that's the component we watch the perpendicular component and saw for both of this region now right for the way he noticed gets the sign above 90 miners Slater That's giving me the perpendicular component because of this right there which I just side of Bader Because they it is defying big this angle here and it's not the correct angle between back force and are and that be And over to array of my Less than normal with the wall Prime Minister case it is a sign of Times It was a rock yeah we Artie did the in and out of the board I got a plus and minus signs so that his artwork equation and any quick questions on that but pause there They remember those I always we were tall blank I think yes no job Erlang but Alice The board side I had that in the earlier picture and put it in this 1 so Al over to As half at that like that's where the masses The center mass But Enter questions Yes Date to await remember coming down from point a So our fingers golfer mad Up to where the weight as a mail would curl into the way was going down at a time and that out of the board right another way figure matter is about point awaits rotate as this way I chromite figures throat area my thumbs on the board At although trip did 1 of course flight is The way that weighed forces the small angle make a kind water somehow girl the other way psychologically so remember you can move that forced down 2 . 8 that made it clear you gotta move your fingers down pointing down there eyes thought the slider forests through where that point as she you're 1 with is always check which way whatever force rotated you're usually you're into which which ways they will rotate forgiven force bridges good
Results compare that to do the right hand rule Because like I said In 3 there is a right hand Rover Crosby where you'll have no into it said so you desire to get really good Using the right Campbell from the store What At a other questions so let me ask you that's not as I know the way it right so that's good but I like it this equation Els the cancel out The Riviera 0 so that's fine that I don't know Al I was able sovereign back right I don't know that I don't know that and I also seemed not to to know What I might get Ali these 2 equations weirdo I get data from Villarreal a problem it's not given Yes I use the dead because I have a triangle over there was once again I say dread is the most important Athanase class right so Tanja Bader is chew over 0 . 5 which tells you that data The 76 degrees and now I have enough to put everything together about thereby this equation the normal while at what altogether It is 200 times the sign of 14 that the 90 minus 76 over the sign of 70 and that's going to be for 50 militants Boss From back thereby use less Equation of that tells me a force of friction visited new and and by wired to Jack Right Effort Remember what I ask is do I stay there requested this is of course a fortune for us that are equal to 1 U.S. at that that's my question if this is greater than that they can occur at ice that's less than that it can occur and I said so I compare my 52 and 0 . 4 5 times by 200 know and that's the or more before this multiplied out as 90 new and sorrow it works And I do not slide I'm very safe on my ladder Better questions on that Yes Must stop Group reports as before right it's Ali normal force that's the same contact as the fortune that someone is relevant for setting a maximum fortunes Many other questions But know us You know I'm bits She somewhere that I forgot to write it down as it as a rumor that way From yet think I just forgot to write it down I think they produce here Saw the a 4th of I can't remember now if I made this type folk or I use a study the 50 year 25 both work I will check that My apology I don't know which type made out so I made just 4 at the right to it I use it when I did the calculations bar That Drug questions that gathered Mistakes that I made Luckily I'm still got in a subway They got my orders but subway my and other questions That's right now let me ask U.S. so Apollo's If I probe Latimer I guess Oh Wahl wet Frank said fire fracture lust for the jet Being in equilibrium that don't just that I want you to draw everybody diagram and medical again yes For now for all for Winder learned something that the applicable in your life this is a really applicable wanted after climb a ladder in fact years ago I had a student tell me that they have very excited that was saying how they went and
With the visit was a view that is right realized but you can't do it on a forging service but doubted a ladder out on really wet grass and was surprised that it's lit out from under many brokers are under common Ontario that there was all I why that happened visits That was a real happy but let's what what's the free body diagram Miller Prada where French up against a wall Normal forest found have this way way down there where we had aired the floor normal for that Watts our problem We have now while I say able point We not force in this direction There's always force and that the rights in the latter half the move away From the wall you move away from the What was the normal force And fraudulent They are joke 0 0 Calera find that does away following me down and I fall down and break my arm so not just how different the says from the other tastes so you really got a look at each situation carefully studied my bouncing forces My bouncing in tort so you compare their store signed the site had enough forces out but it didn't have the right toward them so it's about Jackson got through at the torch look OK but of course that the problem will be gets pushed The right said questions are Jack Gallagher Bob Barr says And so are the same as the main equilibrium Now let's go so there was that while we did some of those are dead letter
Are 2nd problem about 20 kilograms black dress at the end of a 5 kilogram being a blank help Libya was supported by 2 support what is at the opposite end of the box where the minimum distance away from the opposite then you place the other support and box balance so basically what were like that you know here's the standard 1 we did before where you put the mass in the adult and the each dead people for says and supports now what we wanted their own
All of our at highways thereby but the massive air were still but at some point by the math the Agnes it puts out like it's doing here now Jagr so I'm Ojeda bad because I have a enough car right so yeah I put them at the end So kind of holdings that all the way yet but the question is that I knew this frauds the medal at what point does is flip Oct . 4 religion religious say when that would that
The question organ has ourselves for hours will be whether the conditions for that but before I ask the questions or solve that I wanted to make Take would know about drawing are extended free body diagram and I made snow in the solution right of you a lot of what were doing we have a name The area our put stuff I bet Or Hang staff From ever so I might have a sidearm off our Riviera better box sitting out of their death Lira 1 of very tough call you're sure always drop 3 free body diagram 1 for the best 1 for the game and 1 for that matter what your say Write the box has a normal force from the being out That weight down this objects here has some Tajik up But adds weight down the name of the wherever voice thousands weighed down there This center was up so the match into down this normal force was out So there is a normal force down 95 per cent of the time the objects that on your name are simple like this at all we have Their weight As there other forces so about aboard my solution often us going straight to drive the weight of the box down And not right it like that and going straight to the way But this object down call that objects We not drive the so just be aware that it's all little danger as it doesn't always all true Because you could imagine Box was being pulled up with some rock and now you have another force over here and the force normal does not equal the way or some combination of the Wacom what you're pulling so you do have to play a little bit of attention when were stacked objects on plants and stuff and it's not as simple as that cases like that you're really wanted drop each and every free body diagram must other free body diagram you won't be worried about tort because all the forces will be act had just a single point At overdose Jermaine named but needs an know where their active questions on that British player So now works throwback Baffert 1st bugger questioned the standard Problem we have were always told son being physical that's about that happened in this case We want a minimum distance between their support and hair key so we know back you get a balance so out I will start moving closer and at some point this whole thing flat some sobbing over this distance so what condition am I gonna be looking for a debt that this could be be a So let's let's draw our withdrawal labels so you guys Have the same references are there is my thing with the juice supports there is my block at the end of the day Says The support be better moving around and this is a that yet so Support a that while support is the 1 that I'm moving and this distance acts of what I'm looking for the distance all the way through support me thought that helped you with your hands are discusses with their neighbors is a slightly tricky 1 brass so let's make sure you get it right Most people all direct Barack that is Both of these up to now the nicely AT APEC pair beat the start of the problem right right reduced of those conditions assault The problem so why as should I did for Iii SRU 11 people you're not in trouble but it is either of them and 1 thing not as I do not you can probably read the numbers but 0 straight up so when than the medal they both have force on them not as as I move the block over the dramatic thing is this 1 Astana gotta 0 now White has a normal forces No contact was made the being the force No contact what is another jars swept where it just as no contact so I will move is over Met at 4 o'clock when it is 0 Without the dialog at this thing is an appointed the plane Sorry dollars a little bit of a delay there now the other thing of course of blood clot I need to rob about 40 me so I need some sort of that's where . 8 in our quest to make a name was talking about rotating about a year and Serbia's talking about losing contact bottom Bozo the condition to list of flat and involved them happen at the same time if you think about it Further this while Derby Drove right of all I'm considering as the way Ben Ben go support the way name Why what we have here as the object Here's the weight of the name of this too far better fighting each other because this force those 0 right contact and I don't have it anymore it's a really good to work together What We regret A mail So there is that both being the other question may be you seen at their individual now remember this Problem as a bad air support a there's the block And their support be maybe movie all I hear the sad dry white on this side of the center this side of the center For the store work order right at the center of the being With the Request the support and up this side of center this side of center or right at the center of mass when I just So I I end up arriere here were right here at the center And interesting pretty big Brad but the actual cancer areas
The the writer said Jagr added But The Act I drew perjure I thought for moment draw the pitcher backwards for this while recall our free body diagram right we need the toward about this point the cancel each other out which means I need a way On this side to rotated that way because the block as rotating it that way But this support moved to this side of center than the way over here Right at both my forces rotated the same way at offer pot do remember afford When the normal force equal 0 so that will be there to make any drawer The Right so I need DD farm out over the take advantage of the weight or never gonna balance and looking the point word just balance Right passive objects back right we go back to the actual question You still have the box just balance power Fire or what the minimum distance away and it was still balance so again if this point where it's just get off or just be down that's just be balanced just follow the same question in physics readers that some people a 0 questions on that So let's let's look at the solution of this problem so what we have is our became We Quite a support Libya at some length Al there were severely 20 kilograms block on the end and the being because of massive fraud kilograms everyone us solve for attacks Everyone sort of a minimum tax for Arrow said The fracture was set at maximum XL far away waiting dad is still a stable So as the everything we're doing static equilibrium we need our acts we need our why we need out the board or in a jar free body diagram We have FAR we have The F from point being about We have a box coming down we have the way it coming down The weighted out former today This is that acts by a wider rapture force water actually we yet FAA plus ever being minus W Minus at the box equal 0 The toward rent about point being And we know that as a as equals 0 1 were just about to follow sort out there were about that we have the weight and the way it About going be noticed At minors L over the end it positive Because from point we are fingers go this way we crawled out the way and we cover The boxes go this way Girl in the back row inside B negative So that's the way we might as the box I'm aware the boxes at al minus X but that distance from Europe Of the total length as l we said that equal to 0 Now if you go back to the problem by now
Sorry about that right now this case not as at adding did you
My work this out From the equation You're going tax peoples L times away or 2 Plus the box divided by the way Plus the box And as a comeback 0 . 9 times out was another they had the purpose was another thing that happened in a physics problem every now and then you did me cancer in terms I some variable you get to the fine was what we call a general problem this'll Beach Road No matter what the way they did you wanna figure out where to put the other support Adds up . 9 times that way so you found a formula for the answer and a lot of equilibrium problems this is the way it behaves so you wanna watch for that don't line that's probably where you're do Bobby that the big but the rally Bagby also