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Basic Physics Lecture 8
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Public where are actually the answers to the quotas were pretty good I may actually distraught right there the only 1 I want to point out that I can draw out and have to write back up the vector addition 1 day
A Class B They also say he didn't fire services may plus being equal say not s but Show held A and C are lined up and draws from the sale of any of ahead of be many you play As your answer because egg being at major say this way Are said that it is wrong because the as your back ahead of B tale of a vast the difference between those 2 Place that was a lot of you but it wasn't enough by 1 point that out the rest of the questions most people got right I was wasn't there was an Islanders and most you arrive at your chilly weather Making comments if you're not sure why you got right front office hours are those resources are useful basic questions about but People dead but this 1 was a story some so I want point that out Friday questions on that But for now we are threatened I want And you at this point is may be the last time I highlight this type of answers to what caused the most problems But it came up so much Now I I picked this 1 just randomly trying to throw a quick years but this was Perhaps some version of this was closed the number 1 or number 2 is the answer to the other Member water tube problem Some version of the that and I I could with that were similar but that is slightly overweight not tackling a larger scale problem value bread down Determine the situation had patient as you try break it down bad what you solve for 1st and then build from that That there should be your biggest problem right now if you're having a problem this should not not that this isn't a problem and I understand that challenge particularly as we move on the course but not does what we're doing right now every single
Problem we are solving theirs 1 up to your equations pretty much egg Occasionally as a short cut that you recognize it works Jurgen use less water But remember was hard and the other 2 In the equation should your point across because worst-case scenario distraught off with through tried most of the foreign aid Both of these that's not that will cheer equation choosing concept will become a much bigger problem as we broadened the class and adding more weeks but right now I just start listing in various types of questions where does the objects land how far Does it doubt Clough was Get watch less beast feared end or angle Clough now less You're lot said Bridges a slightly different question where they are Was lodged France Wed Dude jacks The other person . How Waddle West Your way The court durable page tertiary capture the Reever perceptive fired yet but but say How far away their year catch an armada That Find different questions All I know is our enemy answer by those 2 requires that set Right So the challenges it would require lose UCLA equations of Questions and there's no outlays that Odds that 780 barriers but do on You know what equations using disaster Where you don't know right away as At what I put in for time driver delay time had said about what I said things people to comparing to displace history job our order justly velocity because of the toppled withdraws That tolerance of 0 how do I get the information Out of the given problem because for each of these questions I might give you a different pieces of information that require you to use the equations differently But at the same tour equation says you go back and review the test bequest won't ask yourself not as which equation I use provide is 1 of most durable The request Monday ask yourself how did I peace the problem apart how did added I tackle as larger scale problem thought I break it down what
That I thought for 1st and why White said the clues I use of the problem to recognize what the salt for 1st now if that's what you meant by what equation years then You're asking the same as the user but there are 2 separate issues related to to the problem areas the equation that many years and there is how you picture Breakdown piece apart and look at all the pieces Unfortunately it is almost impossible to do a physics class by does memorizing lot lot that Everett answers a lot about the problems that you half the figure out the strategy in the pieces and the way when together where you memorize refugee equations of duty simple little pieces any of the think about how all the pieces together in a particular problem you direct questions on that Mail The other thing Wurgler gets today will between to late Friday With another very important said a question that the TAC category this 11 discussion section you you have to recognize the difference between a question does
That make yet And the question does get just make it added eerie Cobb from the 1st lecture I said 1 of the most important skills and class is reading you can wrap up overestimate how foreign readers and sorrow If you This 1 awarded a problem that can completely change how you would solve it away your answer and so we will do We will to examples between today and Friday that compare these 2 joke So you wanna pay attention to what is the difference between solving this type of problem and solving this problem because sometimes you care whether you're added just clear of a bar the field goal just clearer Your tennis herbal just clear the net and sometimes all you wanted it was clear that you want you don't care whether you just make it over you wanted just Wannamaker oversaw that later At a questions on that excellent or there is when yes
What did Not at all what the just ever catalyst the de president tragedy how you use NO Bobby because they enter these 2 different question to be given different information saw Same equation about cases but the information you put into it will be different and bearable yourself or will be different But same request What I'd like to do 1st days go back to this problem that we basically finished bottom Monday Orelee quickly set up again for you we went 11 fast yet drying point of view and this to discuss components brief and then the ask a follow-up question to it which is what angle does that thing land back so that Dorgan rework at 1st as the ball with the cleft so broader that Yet Jury cop out but the physical picture Where had a ball out 30 meter high quite bit Got lots at an angle of 30 degrees at land and some distance away But 2 Questions were being asked is how far away as Atlanta and then the new questions were being asked white Angola that land that But see saute the riders reset Ursola but they that Answering a question about direct is a question about the velocity of velocity tells you they direction your traveling by definition a direct velocity as the direction of travel and parental work for now to do that we know our tour ways and their doubt that it falls V . Plus one-half 80 square and fired it was being not for us 18 to answer the 1st question that turned out or we needed to do was provost pitcher we had got teed we had 1 half Gigi square better right angle we had a deal and we have 30 meters notice on drawing a bit better today made the mistake I made on Monday That's what he does 1 have Gigi squared minus 30 meters brothers Picture Notice we have drive off For me is is indeed wire DD are actually we also have another island we doubt And that gives us Wanted out so we realized as you do more things went you realize that this joint melons floating around or in any to equations now that we're doing two-dimensional emotional problems we can probably get Archer equations just from the the act but we might need to use as well those are our sources Our equations right here these by looked at my picture I saw sigh in about 30 was 1 one-half Gigi squared minus 30 divided by being not seeing any signs of 38 was deal are so I joined answer I now have 2 equations that the problem was so that that's a quick review I'm going to do it a little more slower now by components but I want to let you see the logic I might need to use all of my doubt that Yet places that might need only use 1 member to their vector equation them now and 2 dimensions is actually 4 0 or more equations combined in those 2 But I drew my picture are labeled everything I saw this time I know I want a fight did I look over here and the only thing I don't know if had no GIW darling the angle And I know the height 30 so I am able to write that inside because I'd like to equations I have my tour Adam any questions on that set up Cat Brooke Now Let's ask the question Suppose you wanted to do this using components whites Ogata look-alike our step while Eveready years compliance is always figure an sister So I have acts like that and why like that sometimes you might hit white down as positive sometimes you might tilt the enables say but this Directed this way now what I need to do Is now basically go through all my variables where many years moves down the ax equals v . se plus one-half 80 square but many user in the x direction which are right and I know as confusing but there between without the the arrow doubt the is Act direct times a plus one-half ALEX direction Times Square and the wider I have dealt a Y is initial in a wider Argentines plus one-half ANY direction times he squared star what I wanna fire Right is
D the distance I travel will give related to doubt the acts that equals X final minus initial show which is a D minus 0 So doubt that it was I wanted our Delta why that it worldwide final miners y initial which is 0 meters The vote among the ground so I draw my picture call that 0 and that's 13 X equals 0 and Thailand over here at Mexico's being So that 0 my yes my initial notice that the negative 30 meters and that negative side is better because many of them poor and later on so we have to keep reminding that its negative Look at Where else elegant my equations right I need my velocity is an X or Y direction made my accelerations and that's why directions and I it's about time were Ortiz said we don't know tried it this case only 1 object flying was Talk about delay they noted that compared so I just time take up a lot and the extra accident but we know vii that an angle of 30 degree so I use my components so that's as got cosine 30 and A acts winner was 0 Because there's nothing happening in the Act directs then there's no acceleration that way V . while it is Did not sign 30 What's the acceleration in a wide array it Tad visitor On that Or the negative negative effect withdrew robbery GDP by the accelerator wider access is Jedi which is down so negative 10 meters per 2nd square artist Do I have to worry about Whether may not be as plus or minus at this Why do I have to wait a plus or minus sign and the velocity Now I rally where you don't we care for right The bride said I was throwing down At 30 degrees below the horizontal Right now you I have to be careful that you put that to be XOY journeyed to recognize that the Boston a wider action is negative And need a plant that when a bright negative shot but Sigh of of 30 because the side of 30 is getting give your positive number and so you would need now based on a problem what was going on so as outside watch for Any questions on arguments much additional waited or problem right you're right value rare wasn't a big loss last year where the lung less any move forward and that's why I say Well look at the 2 Rapid City which makes you happier now we're write-down reply get the ax direction we have d you he people being shot 1st science 30 times Plus 0 and the wider actually we have thoroughly aid both v . 13 times he might 1 half times 10 meters per 2nd squared Times Square Do whatever bodies of the same equations we had on Monday this 1 big problems while have Jaeger squared minus V . si 38 times tying minus 30 people 0 That gives us But she might as 1 . 5 seconds or 4 seconds which is the positive while we take a positive ones and I get in here Ed It was B . co signed 38 times are 4 seconds every jet Or 86 . 6 meters at a questions on that I roll encourage you for this problem because it is about being straightforward type of project a motion from you can have what objects just worrying about you really fancied will look at the 2 solutions and decide which 1 you like better so you start practicing that now yes The initial velocity a subway ride and I could remember above about 25 meters per 2nd less being shot As 25 meters per 2nd so that forget plugged in the both here End here At a question yes Back Talk A jury Joke Right now is write ER are balls large up at 30 degrees so there's no negative this were Jordanville right here This is not for this problem it was an example of Get velocity was down I was a warning about possibly needing a minus sign because I do of robot that angler down now that you're driving the picture drawn down takes care of that plus or minus you would need to worry about it Enter questions of bus set Park to the questioner
She says what go rowboat land ash Now for this wider Now I know they have to look for a while about how we got there The sudden alarm The restore that's like that or bad we do that Draw memorize right there right You had your chance Tough Let's see what happens if I start a lecturer progress now it's normal where does that land by while I get this rail regulate wide angle doesn't land that Is all about me final fairly straightforward we drop a not so that Equal to not less AT so there's did say there is a final via dots at 30 degrees files that some angle bailout which is also that angle there so the reason I mention this question is do we have to remember a little bit of your geometry where you do that you have to remember that I have Gerbera white like there's a wife growing rich with the alternate interior angles are eager for year and a half to remember things like that so Both are Coming back to that's a good thing the office hours would be the cheer myself That's about But once I brought this We make it a world leader so I did I saying this was 30 degrees sir right here as they got sign of clarity This is bad I Watford file the tells me the direction and I'm going and right and so that's what he's here today is my GJB might S . si authority says This year is being taught signed 13 so by like that angle of Bader a tangent of Bader is the opposite Or the adjacent serves Gentilly miners may not science 13 over Not assigned 30 and that if I saw for that because I know E from Part what I know that already I'm going get better 51 . 8 degrees Is down from a horizontal back then doing this is 1 of physics that I knew I knew my final velocity had the point down wife that the only direction but they like repay redrawing at this point that Haiti where I did moving up and hit the ground now best of it did at the ground when you're going down so that's why I didn't brought their met 1 of the Jew as a mouse by where good there's as a separate with all the other put up on the Web for your watch so right now within this year and I will follow with that as a video any questions investors or I want to point out of their way from this draft directive have the Salter said about the velocity and often you're enacted know it helps to know direction ahead of time As better now that is going down Facts are Hello we will have a questioned for memorize the answer when years our problem and I better get my safety goggles were out trying to capture a gag about
Well not former city goggles that I open up there if you draws Werner said the arms Vermont among these says I hanging the trigger and now I'm just a tranquilizer was just a tranquilizer tennis ball that it's not that swap Bob notice
Right now We are friendly Aimed at the Monte aside confirmed that way site as a bribe among jets that were weighing while others right place your love that the rest mark Monday as soon as the gunfire Vermont is all I got
But dropped So what The monkey heroes the gun firing their word Word for grow areas will start a quarter questions such as soon as I fire is dry Soto I want em him right at my there were about 30 gamble while the monkey order that the tag and Sunday like I don't know how fast my bullets going now
I the money doesn't force operating among voters let's go and balls as the bullet was fired at among your Start up the bullet tranquilizing tennis ball now this looks like a demonstration that is exactly the type of homework problem you might get journey that France and they have some here that Are dead Soberly Barnabas is actually ever question But would show up on an exam were were at or get virus drug I use the best classes ever done I wonder why they did or
How was I'd like to know if there are so many the money can forget elect dog than other smart it's not much in the head but ready let's say
Drought At That was tried Dow Falls sure amending the fire but is better long we already said That is growing so net
Don't what about the would try that again not worried White said Monday that we know exactly where the monkey was now how found much you actually thought that was work
How do you always have the presence New That's a lot but now I know arts right end
I was talking about but you could gone before we do not want
It will add drop artist Wiseman vectors for that's right so heroes the monkey Reno our for the monkey but DOE acceleration of gravity and did not 0 displacement of a monkey what's like best at did for a while have GET square now but I'm going to hit A monkey that I am starting or in there somewhere I being that my dealt the ax What like that that's the that's the ball right reduced what is our role for a religion Should I was right now said 2nd try that I also know I only use a single got the same place and time so thought or I get I doubt that Sierra well not as firm may be exactly the same seeing my whenever squared vector for the ball has exactly the same as the monkey but does G of the and is the same so the only way to draw the one-half Djerdj is wary does doubt that the ball is 1 half Judges squared plus a Bob Sikes staying actually made me my way But Drive down here dealt the acts The bot is being ought to pay for us 1 now The ball was 1 have GET square right so that sector goes there are and now only where a Since the day Plausibly before saying that I'm not a draw that The only way to make it work fur that maybe not So calling may I been It is a matter of monkey thereby anywhere else I guess but of adopt end up in the same place at the same time so about putting any members of the question was on that where in the monkey ability lets go at the moment you sure all you have to do so A draw this picture and say I had a monkey because does that mean the same place at the same time Baghdad this This is why the race Drive the pledge was a really helpful met get the monkey courses hot with initial velocity But they did for when you fire that draw different picture that on drawing from a monkey is thought teed the monkey class why have Gigi square And that's where I end up there for maybe I still drop was saying out the acts but is still the same so my wife have Geagea square past amid Exactly the same as it was before and as it is for the monkey soon it how members question where do I came draw aimed at monkey the monkey or about the monkey I know I had the pitcher by it or will you can think about So now the argued forces off down with velocities joy at the Monkey Ball Monday far above the monkey 5 more seconds FOR 3 Gera white But after That's limbo the monkey almost everybody out there right because the problem with that my picture are the only place I can name I've gotta my doubt that's with my wife Sajudis where we might be in order to at-bats were maybe Inc
And the motor started up and now bye after the monthly jobs off The lads jawed arson where they could you to work it all out that it gets a little tricky because I that I kind of figure out where all of these are drawing by young after a mobile adding questions on that there is a great great power in physics and drawing the picture and correctly that the lessons are learned from your The red But Back-to-back over the ball and this picture red as ball and a black and a monkey But Board of but Our now let's move On Jordan next So there is doubt that problem so we have to more example problems This week More mainland the first one is for about players trying to make a field goal the Bilbo 35 meters away And set aside Maria chipped the ball at 25 meters per 2nd at an angle 35 degrees The horizontal and our questionnaires Through may project That's our question so when you know what that means and enter the square foot question
What does it mean to write Does that mean that the final vertical displacement is greater than the bar does it mean that the final vertical displacement equals the bar Does that mean that the final verbal displacement is less than the bar right all are the region above the bar And the direction of the velocity of the ball was going I'd like to talk to the people next year about this 1 Now adds two-disc IS back half of your darling with Jewish gibbosity in Hapur Bure A hot but did the velocity of Robert Drive birds and back as velocity Robert G. digenova joint up-or-down or do not need to borrow it that's the question we need to decide right now that's about all I mean or up-or-down gap now Lucia I these lay half the jet Towards the bar tab baby Johnson made less sorry Now that I might have looked at what what football players that did the back way to make a new rule over there While lineup card that did it in solving the problems of that This is heart select this is reality But With the change your answer now that raised about half Bob about a reason that derived from Lhasa get recovered It's Smith did But This is just Much vote looks like those 1 but messy quarter-to-quarter 5 4 Bridger why buy or sell Freddie Slack The Somebody For names and other velocity But What happened you think image of velocity saw somebody make it safer why would any of our losses up-or-down Nova may checked Traffic Co Co The najib to sit out loud billion nervous object bailout Mad but you don't really need another velocity wanted to read That yes broke Who said State of the art of that death of are Right now just to for Kidder above ball you're barber pole I buy them December Gerber while you're but the ball doesn't matter that I get on going down from a barber pole suddenly managed Manner and the film robust now right and does not have to comedy ever watch football game Now if you don't get bigger difference next time that floor labor problem it will support this year by a ball you're above the ball and now that's why you have to be now that they have that I guess this is a problem with that We do don't sound asked you don't know about that but you may not of watched any Is For that reason If you have never seen a book while they were members in a basketball game Bob to ask a question federal law considers let's suppose I was shooting a bath and I want knowledge you made the Basque with the The matter where the ball's going up or down Backers of maker basket the ball goes down through the They must establish underwrite finishers Yes they found that out so they hard shot where the direction of the velocity matters this is not 1 of them this is just and this would work if I was off job were blown over a bar thereby was a home run dry McGraw the thereby while others fog Call are trying to make the jump over a bunch of other cars right about us argued dirigible medieval stuff that doesn't matter which directs were being ideas have to get over the stuff so bad Wearing something now So there we deserve the Finder greater than the bar now where we ask U.S. cause I ask A slightly different question better than a mail home probably have to do like this I will world will do that I maybe as an example the last example may have a little bit of lizard suppose I wanted to know what it would take to adjust the cat What is just made reject Mr. as the final report was West was greater than the bar that it will bar That's less than the wire right up again velocity is Robert now at this point out velocities Robert What Which is part of a Baghdad Martz sacked gets better it Fired World manner The relay Joe White Thought but class to go to and white They're readout column variability yeah probably most W. Molossidae might matter double be able Does what it hired this Israeli be less this fiber question joined want that What I warned of the media lecture physics points out just dropped abusive Jaffe just just clear just make it Just fall anytime and visitors will use the word Joss we want to to study the bridge a bath the reality a to just heart the bar you Don't Overweight entertaining Tiny amount higher than the bar right or you at the bar but You get a good number to that and so we say That we stop for the case of and then you now As long as you waiting more than that your player Ed Weiler now that things are deaf Ferran that invest problem right here I was The man was freed and the angle so I know I know we got There were trying of far-right does how I have I know the angle and I know how far away I ever so I know everything about the beginning of a past whats the height But a rare gas prices to the bigger or less then the about 10 meters thereby was half the problem but just wearing the difference would be you wouldn't know something about 1 and leaves you might not know being shot you might not know the angle you might now Far entered in the 10 meters and solving for it to exactly hit the 10 leaders and that the find the missing piece of information define how you make it just for your so this is your day of Allah stuff about the beginning that This problem and you're asked how high it is basically Does it make it Is asking you how hard is it to a your just make it you know what you want and UBS something about the beginning so workers that Holmes didn't get the answer by Friday that makes it or not will Friday