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A Century in Flight
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A cinematic documentation of hundred years tradition of German aerospace research.
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the answer the most reliable way to fly is to let the imagination and sold in the beginning lying something the of interest on their dream pioneers genius scientists set a course for air space flight the picture are plant passion unique discoveries awe-inspiring invention set the stage for vision of flights if it is to I had a fish
preparing to make that 1st big league required it is easy in
the house it all began with build quest of an engineer from
birth octillion time Elian time took to the air with hang
gliders he made himself flights Bush he will house Lillian
Intel onto the find out exactly how about its 100 feet and warned that anyone from using a scientific approach he augmented the observations with his own experiments in force among you for the school that's what predestined him to become the 1st researchers to explain how propulsion all creeps until then it was a real riddle sky list and study
the characteristics but its wings such a stalks for example observation led him to make a key discovery stalks gently arched wings produced the lowest resistance and the greatest lift Elian was laying the groundwork for new inventions d flight was nearly step away
taking off into the wind worked just as it did for birds and 1891 helium from 15 meters soon he was
making flights of up to 300 meters until August the 9th 1896 when he fell to his death In 1900
Imperial Germany is flying high a technologically advanced greater power over the top
of the Telegraph revolutionize communications and sets the
beat Germany spin be exciting the avant-garde
rail line 1 corner of the country to another program of is popular in the
coming years 23 Nobel prizes are awarded to German scientists and count Freddy form said that he is soaring
high above Lake Constance conquest of the skies is
starting the In
1987 the motorized and research company is set up in getting in the 1st institution devoted aviation research is equipped with a wind tunnel designed to investigate the problems of flight an electrically powered fan is used to generate a current event inside a large too yeah motors and propellers are designed and specially made for the unique piece of testing equipment the closed with is the 1st of its kind marks a milestone in the history of this type of testing technology but but yeah the 1st experiments carried out under conditions of controlled owners want the looks at the time air
ships rather than planes were really the passion a flight into GSA at the turn of the century billions were already recognized means of air transport all but there was little knowledge of aerodynamic laws what caused the share would optimize the movement of initiate through the air and on the roof of the real work
begins the 1st measurements taken after turbulence free and flow suitable for experimental purposes is generated in the tongue among the data recorded on dragged air flows and pressure distribution the optimal shape for an airship is still a mystery the airship design August from positive What is the 1st to commissioned the institute to investigate and develop his designs possible draws attention by making experimental flights longer than 1 hour photo on the eve of World War Germany leads the world in the development of a dirigible you've 254 the full 1910 and
ships will built every which way somewhat pointed at the prow others at the sound looked like a gun for the alone ones short once every possible shape size was represented after the data with gathered and assessed in getting it the world initiates look as saying they was slightly rounded up front and
gently pointed at the rear of
balloon races become fashionable promising begins
analysts about whether something
heavier than air will have applied the
dispute does nothing to dampen spirits remained high and by all you want will pop France had a head
start 20 came to aviation research Germany had to catch up managed it with the help of people like cows evidence of Katie was his reputation that it was lighter than air based on their race and a wealth of experience he became the person set the for the future it can be credited with putting the study of flight on an institutionalized scientific footing what they
Pollitt flight is not far off after thoroughly
studying Elian tiles were to
American designers the Wright brothers become the 1st to make a motorized flight in 1983 the craft that heavier than air many a willing to
risk life and limb and becoming a laughing stock in experiment after experiments oftentimes that contraptions do everything bots produced the desired result
and say be ideal flight sends the fanciest 3 murders
centers and serious assume soaring leading many of them owned by others visionary lunatics
the In 1904 the hydrodynamic engineers which makes a startling discovery that revolutionized the up-and-coming New science of aerodynamics he describes the boundary layer we all have changes the discovery brings recognition from all over the world including Russia and later the United States the but then in 1909 Contel is the world's 1st Professor of airship flight and aeronautics at a scientific writings such as the wing or lifting series created huge step and become 1 of the key cornerstones
of aerodynamics but other the
boundary layer is in immediate contact with an object surface that was greater distance from the surface of the mobile air conforms to its surroundings people was
considered mathematically the boundary layer is a bit of a
simplification won't lose Inc until applied restraint in 1904 calculated and described numerically currents along the services of different object madam Lokesh failings
the scientists of aerodynamics meter the world's 1st aeronautics Congress encouraging in 1911 but it's 1 of the 1st time that the benefits of science could have aviation are discussed in open scientific forum aerodynamics and the mechanics of flights are addressed but In the same year a student of terrible from come publishes his theory of vortices swirling motion of gasses behind an object after they moved over it
tensions on the latest version To get that thrills but residents flocked to the quiet suburb of your on Sunday an a in 1909 fliers daredevil give excited spectators show they want to see
the skies above 1 of the 1st German
of motorized play even the Wright brothers fuzzy Europe can Crown Prince speaking all right is France German pilots resist the roundtable among the new Knights of the sky aviation
pioneers hinted that make machines against each other fortunes in prizes due to the fastest fliers Superior Court Street office takes high as 20 30 or 40 thousand marks In 2 years on food during the early years of fight
progress came as a result of trial and error but we built a plane knowing if needed and under direction to wings but beyond that everything considerations like how fixed the wing should be what would create lease tracts being crazy area nebulous and on this
because possible everyone was
tinkering in their workshops and chants mechanical still became the means to pursue their dream of building a flying machine and not without any scientific qualifications simply made contraptions in and try to see if they would apply but it's Cindy
clattering flying machines have that chance To begin with French British and American steal the show from the German aid and
food psychic is early on their way and the numbers of experiments meaning they were complicit planes with Tianjin and back some have final states even 7 wings I tried everything and the yet the Times were created and nobody knew exactly where it was headed the stands that anyone was free to experiment but the risks are high attempts and to discover that ideas reworked cost many early plane builders that line would you would think that for the auto auto off
aviation pioneer Nada moves Germany back into the spotlight by winning the aviation prize in 1989 the triumph helps the country regained ground to win Carter had to fly a
horizontal figure of 8 some toward a half kilometers in length or parts of the aircraft at to from Germany the plane's below pilot had to be chairman as well I had a
technological leaps Swiss spared I'm ready cash that Germany had registered that aircraft were being built in all the neighboring countries that even france into some as the registering enemy already built many planes point but we didn't have
a thing and it a simple technical factors understood by every engineer and scientist if the money is there research will progress soon there was
discussion about whether the entire development should take place under the auspices of the largest scientific organization it was scientific institutions can to be set up to address these questions which had previously been tackled by In a flight experiment for them the German
aviation testing establishment or DVDs is set up with the signing of a chart in 1912 the compound of Adler who becomes D. Aviation Research Center of the nearby German imperial capital if we have now bentsen books for In 1912 they began to
build research institutes at breakneck speed and not just hang isn't airfields wind tunnels and testing rates engines With all levels of horsepower start what told a large concentration of
research hardware personnel were located here work that did nothing to impede synergies with other research establishments while remained a place where 1 could work relatively independently that's all by a veteran aviator and then ship pilot Maj. killed function becomes the director of the nearby airfield at 200 time the area is ideal for test flights the landscape of the marchers becomes a home in the department's engaged in researching the physics and technology of flights in addition to the site for a number of test rigs engine overheating play years of flight some of the best-known aircraft makers of the time settlement the gates of the DDL compound to improve their craft through systematic application of scientific research and to establish a link between industry and research military expresses its interest as well war breaks
out in August
1914 planes become weapons for
generals to deploy more maneuverable faster and with a far better vantage point the aircraft replaces the cavalry as a reconnaissance tool contemporary heroes are given money but and food the day of lead fighter pilot dawns conquering the skies is taken literally
research is not done in the name of war fighter production begins the first one seat planes are delivered to the front men like Munford
phone call from the Red Baron fight a weight of fame and fortune the age of the flying ace has arrived bombers and gunships
built and increasingly deployed against strategic targets the
plans a to build a larger research facility equipped with bigger wind tunnels the In 1916 and aerodynamics testing center the MTA is built encouraging just wanted to say on France during World War 1
military resources we used to drastically enlarge the research establishment of getting it figures a much larger wind tunnel was built there and in both the old and the new larger tell a series of experiments carried out on the wing cross section before you from this but seen remaining miracles standpoint this was the start of the scientific study of aerodynamic it did not renew Tummul sets the
standard for similar testing facilities the world over it generates wind speeds of up to 100 at 80 kilometers an hour and lends its name Hong the on the phone the fields number of air flows designed and developed by different
aircraft makers would test it in the getting into Intel would miss you the form is good results for the different photos were published in anonymous technical report on misuse the phone so that 1 manufacturer would not know what another competitor had developed niche if food and must EU valiant couldn't so ingres
including getting into simply longer fearful oils and testing as some of their own different design sometimes varying slightly wounded recording dilemma during the 1st World War the data was stored in files fluoride secret for accessible solely for the manufacture of created design the but wing prototypes designed to do it again become the industry standard for decades to come the the anyone
anywhere in the world who wants to build an aircraft users the guy the name getting goes down in aviation research history the testing wings by letting them with stands accent and 42 troops leads to the development of a new branch of research area elasticity a model train pulls a test rig in the coaching in winter a life-size version of the experiment is conducted later south of Berlin on the military Railway mutable get the the group the propeller test rigs Ron on rails the the the aerodynamic shaping wings fuselage large propeller and other components of certain types of engine of scientific fruits of World War the man said he
considered the changes in the local lines between 1914 and 1918 it becomes clear that a major leap had taken place the 1918 vintage planes flew considerably higher faster and carry greater bomb his case by the end of the war plane designs and technologies has greatly improved Anthony
Fokker bills the first one Sita monoplane fighter cool go Yonkers makes using wood that Kraft a thing of the past when he builds the Jade warned the world's 1st metal playing but aviation progress did nothing to avert Germany's defeat in the war the armistice is signed on
November the 11th 1918 from the
19 twenties roll into life as Europe recovers from
war everything is new exciting and ever so what it seems the whole world is is dance hall but in
the Treaty of Versailles the winners of the war hand Germany the bill Fritz an earlier aggression the country's Adcroft arms Graf what allied forces Britain France and the United States can't use is decommissioned dismantled and destroyed even aircraft engines and on the scrap heap Soon the hangars empty German aircraft and never again to be used to wage war competitive German plane makers but closed down world but the setback becomes a turning point now experiments in getting focused on completely different models the streamlined called onto to its tested in 1921 no it's more 6 decades ahead of its time the wind resistance multi passenger car never mass-produced but by 1923 the research institute staff has dwindled to 15 the a model of an express train is also subjected to the artificial ancestry and drag measurements taken for Daimler racing cars clad in streamlined because eventually reach speeds of 190 kilometers per hour the wind tunnel is also used to prepare prototypes for gliders aviators found a loophole in the restrictions placed on them by the allies the Treaty of Versailles mentioned Howard flight only you don't what you mean we're
grounded impossible the ban on motorized fight in Versailles Treaty led to the start of a great new development in aviation the glider Of the aficionados and experts met on the of looking at these
contraptions made of nothing more than wooden spots and stretch class it's really amazing that they actually lose some 200 300 meters and state of India for a minute or 2 would could sometimes
banning activity can have unforeseen effects that have little to do with the band's original purpose of 1 activity is stamped out something else brings up in its place
lighting is the only way for Germany's 88 fly by 1920 already the 1st lighting competition in the skies above the highest amount past the project in this case
was to develop an aerodynamic specifications the gliders a scientific foundation soaring was to be laid that would address meteorology in particular and the knowledge of air currents which both key utilizing the long-distance District of the study clearly demonstrates how
gliding became a vital component of aviation research cut off or a short
time later German pilots able to resume powered
flight Maryland passenger services are among the 1st to take off the 1st Allianz
lines open don't hate builds
its famous flying boat the whale the plane makes history when in 1926 it becomes the 1st aircraft across the South Atlantic League is F
13 becomes the 1st passenger aircraft in the world to
be built of metal the newly
established German ls Lufthansa uses the F
13 as a workhorse to
gain pre-eminence in the skies and unintended consequence of the Versailles Treaty is the Germany's able to build planes that to aerodynamic
superior because they may only be powered by
relatively weak Motors
the construction begins in 1924 on the new institute building at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in getting in the end has been in the area dynamic testing establishment or what AVA since 1920 plans unveiled in 1928 for another win tunnel the measurement area before by 7 meters 1 of the biggest of its kind at a time a few years later the 1st specialized wind tunnels able to generate wind speeds in excess of 900 kilometers an hour a bill others school has been
equipped with additional motor and propel test rig by the end of the 1920 they also used to evaluate the airworthiness of aircraft in a sort of standardized series of tests for planes you we have pet dressed in an elegant suit Leslie came all the way from Buffalo New York to test his as she or free-fall parachute after tests you a style and fueled a new invention is certified as safe in 1929 during World War One fliers rejected parachutes is being beneath the honor by by 1930 they're being used by more than 40 air forces by
September 1930 imaginative innovative individual cause a commotion by
taking aim at the stars a group of pioneering daredevil easier to copy it in carrying
out dangerous combustion experiments with liquid-fueled rockets ranging from Asian crackpot united in the hope they will
soon said rockets into space a former parade ground
in Berlin's table district becomes the proving ground for these completely unpredictable flying objects the Dante they all thought that the
idea of interplanetary space flight wasn't just being bandied about it was extraordinary popular is there were big fan clubs with large memberships and comprehensive literature that from a cosmic standpoint but actually very far reaching for my clients demands are discussed as of satellites that we can't even now imagine they were visionaries I told you you may
find more than 100 rockets into the skies above lampooned by some
Otego to the hobbyists of
paving the way for space travel bottle and incompetence
of were intended to compensate for the loss of national and government leading German scientists with thinking about space light yes I think the title of chemical bets trailblazing work show where things were heading from the
rocket into interplanetary space thought there were loads of rocketing clubs amateur balky Builders Association of mania was widespread among the general population and flanks
Fritz Lang's films was right on target It's true that thing
in Germany in the 1920 listen Old Rocky Mount was another example it's enthusiasm was something scientists built on top of it all on Cohen people everywhere seem crazy about rockets not only in the skies over Brandon but on the road to even 1 of Germany's greatest automobile makers of the time it's fun but wants a piece of the action the physicist and space flight pioneer Max but he concedes capable of explosive
speed and all of this to drive it forget the engine the rank to power by
24 solid rockets a crowd of pretty thousand watch a test drive on the city's racetrack Theophyllus
trip takes 2 minutes with a racket to reaching speeds of 100
kilometers per hour their demands to
step it up a notch designers produce a rocket power would come
on rails but they didn't ask any human even Fritz when Opel to drive it at Qatar's of the
controls some 100 kilograms of dynamite off with a big bang for the record of comforting notes Is that survived with minor injuries 1 young but in Rocket Man is going to make a name for himself in the future but if on bonds Korea begins when he takes a job at an experimental side in almost all of its 1933 and
preparations for the military
use of rockets at getting underway the
task is to test rocket
engines for use in missiles
and travel gets a majestic boost when the colossal Dhoni a X becomes the pride of a country crazy about
flight it's the world's largest aircraft seats
160 passengers
in parallel triumph technical Wanda arrives in New York City from Germany on August the 27th 1931 the Yonkers
W 33 also rises defamed across the Atlantic the some say flights
over a few extra by remaining new design developments such as the
UN chief 30 Germany is
again the mecca of aviation research experiments a promoted by the state but science retains its independence an enormous concrete built-in after-school its of vertical
wind tunnel for evaluating what forces affect an
aircraft in a spin it's also help determine what causes planes to crash the seemingly no reason a in it said an
issue illegally have a tough time aviation technical possibilities of flight went far beyond human capabilities to control them this decided to set up scientific establishment where it would be possible to investigate scenarios under controlled laboratory conditions before disaster struck people so that
adds why failed the vertical wind tunnel to learn more about the dangers of the plant spend
wouldn't a model playing in free-fall DVL test
pilot which Pellaea will replicate experiment with a flat spin in reality that
led Dr. order that I was really fascinated by that new usually couldn't get out of the ownership by flew a message 31 with low-slung wings vise he that was filled with lead pellets that test gradual whether reached 3 thousand
500 meters I was to by
the close of the guests and called the staying back as far as it could
that really winter gets money instead it was supposed to hit the rudder Richard the file sat on the less even in the gesture that has proved her of plane went into a real that's being should for 18 Spain's will lend but after 11 later I was getting a little dizzy your mission so a lower down and whatever the church down then I started to care 11 12 13 18 that was it I was supposed them cottage the mistake the wrong way I wouldn't be sitting here in their the worst thing was stick him jumping around it was as if the rudder
was no longer then that's a flattening progress is also in
the development of related driven aircraft on June the 26th 1956 the world's 1st fully controllable heady copter flock of will
W. 61 makes its maiden flight on a 4th try it remained airborne for 16 minutes twice buildings it going
up everywhere in hole in getting in and starting in 1936 in Blanche fight German aviation research establishment D F L is being set up there but the the wind tunnels here have awe-inspiring dimensions some of the 40 meters in diameter wings and even entire full-scale aircraft can be tested here but In 1935
Germany unilaterally withdraws from the Treaty of Versailles during this period nearly
13 million high marks flow into research the test facilities have to be adapted to the more powerful motors and larger planes high-speed high-altitude flights on car that was not among wind novelist best seller during years it was being built
it was meant to generate fans speeds of up to 65 meters per 2nd what's your what's that's a little over 200 kilometers an hour the my judgment normal flight conditions for passenger transport when moderates
wasn't aware and time 40 meter diameter make it suitable for testing life-sized models which
produced tax and wouldn't from research gets underway on a grand scale by the end of the 1930 several thousand people are employed in German aviation research Europe is getting
smaller a flight to Rome takes just 10 hours the Yonkers 52 comes the epitome of a mass-produced aircraft at 5 thousand series it's the most frequently playing its time trademarks like metal
construction and low-slung we
make it 1 of the most modern robust High performance aircraft of its time
scientists and go together get involved in the study of a mysterious phenomena flutter which destroys wing parts of stabilizes elevators brothers at high speeds but but but a Yonkers 288 put to the test to Blanche White at a high ankle 2 1 30 the result
is the discovery of new ways to prevent floods still applied in building aircraft today test flights will project execute on the way in 1930 the revolutionary new plane is propelled by a rocket outward after a series of setbacks
the 1st rocket powered message Schmidt 1 6 3 takes off in 1941 a decade ahead at that time the fighters aerodynamic
wings were developed on gliders being flown while Germany was still subject to the restrictions set in side the plane speed takeoff was unimaginable at that time the
message that 1 6 3 is what's now as a flying wing aircraft capable of flying almost as fast as the speed of sound In Germany designers like fish and Horton favored flying wing aircraft or planes without a the fuselage that visionary designs date back to their gliding days the National
Socialists have been in power since 1933
military research has top priority the war a model of the 1st
German aircraft carrier off said is tested in 1 of the wind tunnels and other schools
poorly designed the vessel is never deployed in military
action have more new planes
take to the skies flight gathers new impetus in 1938 times for all I had developed the world's
1st turbojet engine the message with 2 6 2 is the 1st operational Turbo jet fighter aircraft a German scientist speaking at the altar Congress in Rome in 1935 introduces a revolutionary theory concerning lift when flying at speeds greater than that of sound the tally and butcher prefers German professor I'm
getting and out of blues amount attended the Congress about his presentation did little attention even doesn't tell his colleagues had to design a plane capable of flying at supersonic speeds we attached to the fuselage right angles had to be scrapped instead the wings had to be angled back and became known as swept wings of the aircraft
wings of being redefined swept wings represent an aerodynamic breakthrough still being applied today wind prototypes for high-speed aircraft are tested in the wind tunnel and patents of filed for ground adjustable wings Suite which was invented in 1939 science is running ahead of the clock be idea of modifying we sweep comes too late for the 1st generation of turbojet and to an early for the second-generation leading the Yonkers to wait 7 at the experimental stage if I to Alicia but soon it
became clear that there is no way outcome the 3 great economic superpowers the union with Britain and the U.S With the city they did we had only 1 shot and that was to use quality to make up for a quantity there head of school was sought by dictator if off the found the
search for a means to counter allied air superiority begins engineers developed the
feasible 1 of 3 unmanned
flying bombs steered by guidance system the world's 1st cruise missile is called the V-1 will be standing for vengeance weapons and missile brought destruction and suffering too many the different generations of guided missiles tested in the wind tunnels until 1945 Germany is a center for the development of em space flight technologies that will continue to impact both civilian and military aviation well into the 2nd half of the 20th century 1 of the most ambitious projects at this time is the development of a ballistic missile B a former the Rockies is 14 meters tall weighs 14 times and can generate 25 tons of rice to promote the project right most expensive elaborate top-secret program is initiated at and on the Baltic coast a research establishment and rocket factory was set up on a scale previously unimagined more than 6 thousand scientists and engineers and 13 thousand support staff begin working to achieve the dream of putting a rocket into space but at the same time that building a new weapon that
will fundamentally change the way wars waged in the 20th century and beyond in the shortest of times breakthroughs made in the key technologies of an Optronics radio guidance and stabilization force engine 17 times more powerful than those that have been built before it please give a lot of
talisman because they built in enormous research complexes that at thousands of staff members could you could certainly big sign the sake of efficiency and carry
out all the tasks that somebody aviation industry later she kept the place running round the clock in Germany in the 1930 s and 40 the demand for aircraft and materials tests was he did before the Dario big so etc. progress
is also being made again in the wind tunnel at speeds of 4 . 4 have been generated to
set a new world record In
1941 and 84 prototype set up a test rig and them and then form Brown is in charge he
combines scientific excellence with opportunism His dream is to send rockets to the planet's for him the
V-2 missile which some described as a wonder weapon is the necessary means to achieve that end From Brown never expressed his ethical
reservations even when prisoners of war used to produce the missiles and military testing establishment as a highly efficient research center 1 key to its success is Everything under 1 roof the close ties between the state research and industry set an example for major scientific projects in the future that's a come-on President
which also optic chief darkened that's what today you can objectively said that German research and development focus not only on building rockets on establishing the scientific principles of space flight the From aerodynamics to guided by thinking all the data through Germany had already developed more advanced concepts in America and the Soviet Union rockets were being built but only on a selective and ad-hoc basis if what we do it because until 1945 only Germany conducted consistent aviation technology development program but that would be you could say that at this time we were really far ahead of all the other on emphasized that without being presumptuous it's facts on which days experts from the east and the west agree with after
7 years of work the 1st 84 rocket is successfully
launched on October the 3rd 1942 at them and it's the 1st time engineers have been able to send a rocket some 100 kilometers space Space age is daunting but paid a
Monday is also symbol for that dark side of science some 30 thousand prisoners died building the rockets and 5 thousand people are killed when their deployed
Germany's misuse of the fruits of its fascination with flight comes back with a
vengeance but the country list of fly another day auto a decade later
Germany returns to Bianca echelons of international and space research How the the the the the the the the the the ones the more and that a
century in flight path tool documentary addresses reviews from 1945 until the crest of a hill on others there are
a flight so daily life to new heights changed the seed limits of time and space just a few days after a genius courageous pioneers of flight tried their luck contraption slack sale engineers have mastered the art of applying complex technologies to the structure of aircraft and rocket but that's only the beginning conquest of the skies continue where are you you be a unit
that Americans said
viewed British and French troops Mott shoulder to shoulder through the
Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in
1945 1st and the last time a
historic event will take place in Potsdam the trio of leaders
known as the Big Three Winston Churchill Joseph Stalin and Harry S. Truman sit down
to redraw the map of postwar Europe they put on a show of harmony for the cameras
Germany is in ruins and space research is prohibited the German laboratory for aviation at
support is dismantled and carted off the Soviet Union in pieces the British
take the wind tunnels and got to go with them anti-Americanism French gained from the spoils of war as
well as allied planes have
sovereignty over German airspace liftoff after the
war research is prepared to
launch a full rockets in the deserts of Arizona and New
Mexico the race to exploit German know-how begins the
top-secret US special mission to ships 100
German missiles and 14 tons of documents entire archive from Minda to America but
we in the United States and in the course of Britain France the Soviet Union all inherited this wealth of new research that had been funded in nightly 19 thirties and in the end early 1940 Gerber
the foundation for space and rocket programs of the coming
decades is being made but not in Germany it's become clear that countries seeking global part must have the latest technologies that disposal among the technologies transfer the spoils of war is the fled Colibri Bree helicopter
technical regulations such as automatically retractable Slattery Inc. in designs including what's known as the Krueger and aircraft such
as the message Schmidt 2 6 2 are put through their paces on test ranges in Texas German
propulsion technologies that gave the U.S. a boost when it comes to developing their own from the Russians
also launched that confiscated a force in
1947 researches and 1 other couples young German knowledge is
being applied to achieve Soviet aims saving researches troubled time and money tho abroad did it we were
faced with the question of where and now continue the work being done in Germany because the Cold War register their right now Amir barges so we were ordered to go out and catch German rocket specialists the Russians
form what it called trophy brigades in Germany job defined and take test benches
and entire production facilities with them reference
era where it was difficult to do everything the way the government wanted it 3 or 4 Mariam prairies there there and
that was namely just the the way the German state without using a single Germans are words Richard Gere 48 we
launched our 1 rocket which was an exact copy of a mail if we built it about our own material we all want comes
after further modifications of made German finding a series of missiles for the are 5 6 capable of carrying a
nuclear warhead have warned that they
will be later called technologies with the Americans and the Russians took them intensively developed them further channeled those developments into their own industrial assembly and development at something that gets lost most anything could be a fall rocket but everything that was involved with those technologies was exploited intensively by both superpowers but field of life in my opinion you can't really put a number on a sum that they saved on development costs would run into the billions scores human
reparation is a postwar novelty the allies call it the peace dividend place German scientists and engineers in some cases by
force that if the U.S. that have on
Brown soon viewed as the most important POW from World War Two he and his team
quickly come to dominate US missile and rocket research In 1949 they test-fired a two-stage rocket based on me 84 it
reaches an altitude of 400 kilometers you
almost from the standpoint of
plunder and wore a a unique moment in human history because this was a case where science and technology was 1 of the greatest prizes that but the allied forces wanted to see after receiving objective of winning the war on terror or so there was a ball water improvization going on as before saying we really gotta get take these people we really need to grab this technology and are part of this would be upshot all what the United States took a lot more German scientists and engineers that I think anyone had ever anticipated at Redstone
Arsenal in Huntsville Alabama German scientists use the design
of the need to create the Redstone
rocket which is 1st used in the Korean War In
1961 it's also the rocket used to launch Alan Shepard on the 1st manned U.S. mission into space you have a lot of influence course
when you look at the 1st large American nuclear missile the Red Storm that was very much derived from the B to be 1st satellite vehicle which shown in this hall is the derived from the Red Star which is derived from the beaches obviously it is a significant amount of it there U.S. troops
through the ruins in Germany looking for documents pertaining to Nazi aerospace research engineers from Boeing also along for the ride they make a sensational discovery on the count for to
American experts immediately recognized the significance of this document village Shirer wrote a letter to Seattle right away you can still read it in the archive what the letters charities throw away everything that he that we found a new way Germany the fruity different Boeing's chief
aerodynamics George Shirer writes home about it the newly rediscovered German innovations lead fundamental changes being made to design a new Boeing be 47 bomber a bit later engineers in the U.S. begin working on innovative turbojet an October
1947 and 86 which swept
wings makes its maiden flight it's a spectacular example of the benefits of utilizing the fruits of German research only 2 months later the 1st Russian
fighter jet with swept wings Nick 15 takes
to the skies In Paris in
1955 treaty is signed and occupation of West Germany much of the country's sovereignty is restored now the watchword is progress West moves on to new well-being and a new lease of life I was even Germany's
allies look times is allowed to return to the skies after a
decade on the ground by
1953 old research institutes already up and running 19
fifties or a time for experimentation
1954 is also a watershed year for new developments in East Germany aeronautics engineer pool not bother who'd be present in the
Soviet Union after the war presented by 1 fine to Dresden the world's 1st 4 engine passenger jet it's a sensational
presentation and demonstration of superiority in the heavens but in 1959 the USSR washes the whole project the message is clear the
development of civilian aircraft is to be curtailed in Soviet control of East Germany from the
city here at the beginning of the 1960 German aviation industry moved into a new phase working on an experimental aircraft that would take off vertically building an
airplane did not need of runway had always been a vision April 1963
seized debut Germany's 1st vertical short take-off and landing aircraft PGA 101 fighter it's a high wind engines are located at its winter so I think the vertical
short take-off and landing aircraft poses a particular problem when it takes off and still has no more would be it has to be stabilized because brothers don't work barely start working at a certain air free from the aircraft is moving its is hanging in the air like a helicopter a lot of training systems would develop later
benefited other aircraft on the fruits of vertical start aircraft development in Germany could later be seen in the
tornado and in the German know-how that was applied only Airbus and still be seen in the control systems that we used in today the dawn 31 is
only steel transport plane in the world that takes off for security Europe also wants
to make it into space in 1962 a decision is
made to build a rocket and nearly all the aircraft and engine
builders want in on project Germany gets the job of making the technologically demanding upper stage as asterisk if
I remember correctly the 1st technical experiment
started again in 1959 they did day because they you see old currency big test and proving ground that founding leader
notes thought it was being complex compound that is very
interesting came through the wall on case without losing a single
screwed up starting in 1959 TFE airline engineers and
researchers came back to the compound for the 1st time they
started to build the 1st test bench and re-equip the facilities that would later be used intensively by North developments I commend Barry money is busy with stored at the
aeronautical engineer or in saying becomes the head of the facility at column a German space flight pioneer he'd already designed the silver but space plane in 1943 the planned
European rocket proves to be a flop primarily because the French British and German develop stages fail to work effectively with 1 another after 12 unsuccessful launches the program curtailed in 1973 after
Germany gains control of its airspace in the 1950 what begins
on the 1st rotary wing aircraft test flights carried out with a new prototypes but many of these designs remain incomplete at the beginning of the
1960 Dornier it produces an unprecedented 1
seat helicopter but there's no market for small choppers
meanwhile several German firms among the book plus a
racing with 1 another to build the 1st practically usable helicopter new research
complexes of built during that period the German laboratories aviation DVL moves to ports on in the late 1950 would also say resumes in college quite fitting in all will possible for the Guard in 1969 the DDL merges with 2 other research institutes D FL and 88 to form the DFB FBl our its aim is to make up for lost time by building on the success is that came in the decades before Nazi Germany's defeat more
than 2 decades after the
closure of them in Germany once again sets its sights on the starts In
1969 sort becomes the 1st German
satellite to be put in orbit the research probe investigates the magnetosphere Aurora lorry
others Germany now becomes
involved in the satellite business nevertheless most of us source components come from the
U.S. and the U.S. supplies the launch vehicle as well the
success of our solar enables Germany to reach an ambitious partnership with the United States in 1974 the twin
probes have yours and Hallio speed begin studying the
sun to probes a bill to Germany with the U.S. taking responsibility for their
launch they have an estimated life of 18 months but continue sending data back from space for a decade but dream come true when the
1st supersonic passenger jet makes its maiden flight Concorde premieres in
1969 and is hailed as a flying wonder the
distinctive Delta shaved wing was developed by decree tritoma formerly of coating and as
Colin Dutch working in
Blanch laid the groundwork for the aircraft's attitude control system but the Concorde remains a luxury models 16 of the supersonic planes and another
aircraft will soon become the the pride of Europe b 83 100 is the 1st place the
Europeans built jointly with the aim of challenging U.S. dominance in the civilian aircraft industry the Airbus is going to be more modern and economical
senior German politicians attend the
unveiling ceremony in Hamburg in 1974 including Bavarian state premier France was house and Hamburg Mayor Hans which shows Europe is back in the sky as the
heart of the by the mid-1960's they had managed to sort out of plan to get a joint project up and running in Europe the Commerce
politics industry closed ranks at the end of the 1960 s Germany France Spain and Britain also said they were ready to join it and gave the world Airbus company
Airbus Industries Inc to live in 1970 and the 1st project they aid 300 In
1972 be 83 100 is the most modern civilian aircraft of its time more than 600 of bill for countries are
represented in the consortia that builds Airbus division of labor is done according to expertise the
British build the wings Germany part of the fuselage and the
tail of the French fuselage
interior and cockpit assembly isn't to lose the have
asked stands for flying as an everyday activities
Germany and France tried to achieve independence from the U.S. space program by cooperating in the development of the communications satellite Symphony but the failure of Roper rocket means they have to seek
US help put a satellite into space and U.S. won't let it be used for for commercial broadcasting to increase their
influence in the club of countries that have mastered space flight
Western European nations form the European Space Agency he set in 1975 its task is to promote the
scientific and technological interests of its member countries the 1st German to
venture into space comes from the
eastern part of the divided country on August the
26th 1978 is ignored Yang particles into space on a Russian Soyuz rocket for
7 days being carries out experiments aboard the Russian space station value 6 using
a new multi spectral
camera the MKS 6 he photographs the new device set the standard for space cameras East German experiments and technologies also carried into space aboard Soviet space probes East Germany pursues a small but technically ambitious space program at its Institute for Space Research I he had
lost family is established and with it a whole new set of innovative mass-produced Technologies a new concept the steering a plane comes to fruition would be a 310 fly by 1 systems of fully
ELECTRONIC copper pave the way for planes collided only by a pilot and co-pilot in
1972 DFE allowed gets its own test aircraft EHF be 320 pounds checked it
becomes 1 of the most
important research aircraft for aeronautical engineering and flight guidance
In 1973 aircraft
is the 1st to to be guided using flying by wire technology that is acknowledged here from the
signals goes through a computer instead of going directly from the pilot of the brothers called for that means the computer programs so that 1st recognizes the aircraft's limits and maintained so that could not voluntarily make it like faster change that was playing well do it 8 corrects itself and the
culprits of all Airbus aircraft is ending nearly identical including indicators and instrumentation the changes are only stored in the parade of the future in those I'm sitting in a 340 . 83 20 and an 83 80 with only small exceptions the pilot is always confronted with a copy of the saying that report he 83 to not only the most highly developed aircraft its time it's also the 1st civilian airliner in the world to have supercritical carbon fiber designed as just below the speed of sound the wind
tunnels Teofilo I used to carry out and car simulations on the supercritical weighing the tests Have to develop new win prototypes for flight at other subsonic speeds is free
would've is on the Airbus 310 marks the 1st time that a civilian airliner was equipped with this profile in Europe and the USA initially objected when it became common knowledge and it with fears of a lawless face don't patent but fortunately it was possible to prove that a German patterns had already been achieved the technology in 1943 so this is the American plane was if that happened the indicates that they could have been legal problems will be a 3 day the world looks on
all as Europe makes its way into space without superpower the Europeans cooperate to make their own booster rocket resulting in 1 of the most successful rockets of all time area your Lucy we had to see
to it that we were standing on our own to freedom became as independent as possible from the Americans if you were around main ponder the time but they already knew that would only succeed if we have the most important part as well as our own payload caring rockets we could build centerline Cimarron in the 1970 is without help from the U.S. having components delivered from the US was no longer necessary he wanted to launch the need but something on the launch pad In order to be completely independent of all time the 1st area parts on
its maiden flight from its launch site in French Guyana on
Christmas Eve 1979 never before the launch being so smooth Marianne is alone at the top with comes to commercial success in the 19 eighties and
1990 diary and can't be beat when it comes to launching the world's satellites Germany
also joined in the U.S. space shuttle program for West
Germany it's the start of manned space flight the the European
space laboratory is conceived and developed in Germany space lab
tailor-made fit in the space shuttle's cargo bay while
German leadership provides Europe's space program with a stroke of genius even know it
doesn't have its own rockets used for manned space flight
European astronauts are still able to take part in a routine mission into space
arrangement is unprecedented space lab status as the most ambitious project to date in the history of European space flight on German astronaut was met what's 1st flight in 1983 company space that until all never
before have so many experiments being carried out during a single space flight 16 missions with a total of 110 astronauts 100 an
81 days in space 720 experiments before space that is decommissioned in
1998 that is a
space that could be described as Germany's dowry space the Americans profited From it immensely you estimate financing want duty after the 1st time we supply law what was going to be there in the cargo bay of the space shuttle but the that was completely integrated in the cargo bay which a German scientists and research as placed around their experiments don't blink equal to what the configuration is continued to work until this day gets on the International Space Station as
well Germany runs the D-1 and D-2 missions 0 Gravity
Research is the the name of a new space discipline Germany uses space that intensively
for the 1st time operations within the shuttle's cargo bay arms led by the U.S. instead mission controllers at the German Aerospace Center at all but often often almost 78 D 1 flight
bans message it and hopeful that carry out research together with their colleagues as they older
110 times the
data gathered provides research material for
years of groundbreaking work 75 experiments are on board some look into the effect of 0
gravity on biological and medical processes in
1993 legal and all but a takeoff on the deed to mission the
Europeanization of aeronautics research is also progressing In 1980 German Dutch
wind tunnel Europe's biggest begins operations along with that Germany takes a step closer to the pinnacle of global aviation research Airbus becomes a serious rival Boeing
Germany takes on into the future of air transport patients with the addition of the P F W 6 1 4 at last to its research starting in 1986 new aircraft kids German aviation research the 1st
flight simulator the plane allows researchers to gain insights that can't be obtained by computer simulation will as the
behavior of new playing designs could actually be simulated in flight carbon
fiber construction technology ushers in a new age for aviation and the
technological lead in international aircraft manufacturing is borrowers for
this design has enormous advantages the surface is a much smoother than they would be if they were made of wood or metal above all you could create shares at a significantly more aerodynamic study
using carbon fibers instead of fiberglass if were control
systems said spoilers and complete tell you please they had to use carbon fiber because of the high demand the stiff for the Airbus was a pioneer in this area Airbus was the 1st company that make tell units completely out of carbon
composed such a bad on the
1989 BERLIN German
reunification brings with it the dawn of a new era of German air and space research D he I
love becomes DLI times
also changing the European Space Research the intensity of the Russian space station Mir by Western European astronauts begin In
1992 Klaus
decreased flood a test pilot from the German armed
forces that goes into space as a research cosmonaut on a mission to the Russian space station would metabolic fathers in
1994 at this time Germany in particular is able to profit from decades of
close East German contacts with Moscow in
1995 Tomas lighter heads into space he
stands a 179 days aboard Mir I want it does research aboard Mir 2 years later With his Russian colleagues he works in space and
lands in the snow on the steps
In 1997 the Cassini alike in space probe starts out on a joint European U.S. mission to Saturn and 1 of its tighter too Warren if is a good
day butcher call for war he he they didn't
stay put you will find the fruits of research German institutions everywhere whether it's the title all the landing of toy guns or if it's Cassini concede they think about the Mars Express that means we have very good linkage between research and industry old and you have to remember to keep watering the plants conscientiously because today we are in a position to be completely self-reliant when it comes to space for all time we don't need to rely on help from anyone these could also be handle big projects sound while the development stage starting in the mid 1970 s we don't have anything to be ashamed of stylish shake In the summer of
2003 Europe's 1st independent mission to another planet Mars Express is launched on board is a unique higher higher-resolution stereo camera built at and it allows for the creation of high-resolution images of planetary surfaces color and media off after 45
years of closest of cooperation in space
flight Europe is now on equal footing with U.S. and Russia
after France Germany is the 2nd most important partner in building Ariane 5 auto and my heavens are still
the limits with Europe's global satellite navigation system Galileo be aim is to provide the world with
reliable positioning information a civilian project the planned Galileo satellite promised to be more reliable for users on the ground and the U.S. all Russian systems a Russian Soyuz rocket used to take the 1st Galileo satellite into space
in 2011 In
1984 a number of countries begin to pursue the aim of operating at international space station the ISS is 1 of the greatest technological ventures in human history it not only serves research but also promote understanding between peoples in 2006 must fight becomes the 1st German astronaut to work aboard BIS S and outside the spacecraft during the 1st long-term European mission on the ISS fighter carries out 33 European experiments he is also the most experienced astronaut in east crew oil is he had to do with the ISS is undoubtedly a moment technological development that will last beyond this period all these and I see the point of his station lens In a purely scientific sense than as a station that links political systems 1 another statement the of that it it is a station that led to international cooperation between East and West Port and as a political symbol has already achieved a great deal petitioner Bentsen but another high
point in aerospace research comes in 2008 after a decade in development the European space laboratory Columbus docks with the International Space Station ISS the
period in which Europeans always in space begins From atop about will most cost the
Columbus costs money but it isn't exactly a year compared to other things it isn't quite as expensive as Somerset I'm very slight is a cultural thing the main house humans always push their limits really serious research in weightlessness came with Columbus earlier people spent a few days or weeks in weightless environment was Charles like this is only possible now because we Columbus their assessment of whether it was really worth it will only be possible in a few years time my goal a lower left out of
the European Space Agency just
as we spent his last years earlier the German space flight control center at all book often monitors and guides the mission the next time like
comes a few weeks later with the countdown for the unmanned Automated Transfer Vehicle all jewel that auto and barrier 5 rockets takes off from the European Space board at school the launch is just the start of a stunning French the the European Space Transport approaches IS s from a
position about 2 kilometers away docking takes place automatically With the would the
TV is the most modern day there is today might it was built in Europe and people aren't aware of that has always been a place like it has to come from years so Russia kind of approach and docking out completely automated there's no ground 0 space station flight control BAT does all that on its own and that is Europe's most of things shows that it's also in the same league with great powers in space flight was on thought Mr. image new aircraft
are available for aviation research 1 of them is the
modified Gulfstream fined 50 is a high-performance high-altitude research Jan it probe between the troposphere and stratosphere
carries 3 tons of instruments to altitudes as high as 15 kilometers
what's more it has a range of more than 8 thousand kilometers In 2000 a cloud of volcanic ash emanating from Iceland as good as grounds and traffic over Europe was situation presents a special challenge for D allows for an aircraft it's the
only research playing Aniak
flies missions to take measurements only a 7
to 8 being rigged up encouraging him to give research as an opportunity to use lasers to analyze the quality of air in passenger plane moderate temperatures and relatively still and are said to be optimal data from this
test will allow airlines to set themselves themselves apart from others by offering passengers the most comfortable in flight environments the search for the shape of the aircraft of the future continues at the center for computer applications in aerospace science and engineering case at last can't
fight facility flight characteristics and aerodynamics prototypes can be simulated
even before an aircraft makes its maiden flight a unique aircraft makes a futuristic debut and Torre's but hydrogen and is the 1st plane worldwide with a fuel cell driven powertrain that can take off however by electric engines In the
case of flight it's a matter of proving that it works and the lying is None of us would like a new approach methods of wind flaps tested on regularly scheduled flights the industry needs facilities like German Santa Fe Aaron space research facility could only be carried out with your own of research aircraft Madonna for the
premier playing in Germany's aviation research fleet
is be a 320 outright all advanced technology research aircraft it's introduced at its new base in Blanche and given a legendary names
covered by Kristin you onto lady Intel my you will always have a good life D aircraft makes
unusual appearance just a
taxi a fuel cell How was to electric motors in the
nose wheel researchers discover that noise and exhaust
emissions can be clearly reduced using this technology a machine
walks into the future with a light touch is a design that could
be used for coming space missions at the moment the insect like robot is only a prototype testing platform for the development of different movement and control strategies the mobile humanoid robot just also
has a number of considerable accomplishments but his
comprehensive set of sensors and highly sensitive joints is able to recognize transparent
glass open bottles and poured drinks noise is
increasingly becoming a problem aviation particularly when it comes to takeoff and landing scientists a working on developing new low noise engines among the modifications of altering the combustion chamber and turbines but they're also looking for ways to reduce the
noise of add movies around the flat bad you above a components landings are particularly noisy new
system being tested 1 is gene that results from the ground based augmentation system can
be used to devise ways to make quieter approaches G
that commits steep curved approach routes as well and these
lead to considerable reduction in aircraft noise
show it's a dangerous in
space now laser based
system to inventory space debris in order to prevent damage to satellite systems the come from you could say
that based on the bill for the carelessness of 1st 4 decades of space flight space agencies gave no clue of what would happen to the left the portable satellite so the stages of rockets floating around out there today there are enormous problems with tens of thousands or even millions of bits of scrap depending on what size you start Celtic threaten existing space like system the space station's satellite and research telescopes debris is a huge problem
1 future project is a telling for defunct
satellites at airports research facility a procedure is being developed capture propel and control satellites in order to increase that useful life on
June the 21st 2010 the German radar satellite tandem axes launched from the Kazakh steppe to meet its twin terror sign X which
was launched in 2007 together that compiling a digital elevation model of us they have a view of more than 150 million square kilometers of the Earth's surface for getting the globe's measurements in 3 D with the Germany has a data gathering
product that's unique the world over no other satellites have ever obtained such a detailed look at my fascination with the miracle of flight remains strong even today more often a century after it all began people still marvel at the wonders of motorized German engineers and scientists have made a decisive contribution technical and scientific advances in aviation and space
flight flying still reflects daring human ingenuity and tunnel curiosity conquest of the skies continued see the the of the is what will the ones that had I