Facilities of the Plataforma Almería of the spanish research center CIEMAT

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Facilities of the Plataforma Almería of the spanish research center CIEMAT
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In 55 videos, researchers from the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) facilitate profound knowledge about the fundamentals of CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) project planning, construction, maintenance and optimisation of solar thermal power plants.
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lot of pain welcome to
the unlimited leaders my name is sure it's pond of 1 of the 2 directors of the Institute of solar research at the German aerospace we are here a very
special side of what of former Solana earlier in southern Spain and that its side the whole story began about 30 years ago 9
countries started the endeavor to show that his ability to create solar poor from concentrating collector as
a future alternative to fossil fuels a project was very success for the feasibility was shown but at that time so energy was due significantly more expensive than fossil fuel but ticket as Spain and Germany started to
join forces and transfer this Tito research center the homeless Selover very many different facilities in order to improve the components and reduce the cost of Spanish
institution in energy research is to owner an operator of facility to
demonstration projects have been erected and tested and were very successful they showed the feasibility of producing electricity from this resource
this is a very large facility with many different options an opportunity and we are part the whole story to
reduce the cost of electricity by doing joint research together with amount and also with industrial climb most of the
experiences that has been collected about of past is not recorded and part of them enough to do tutorial how
to operate the the facilities how to measure the components are essential parts that has been collected here and now no provided for the information in order to chants fear this knowledge solar energy applications also in other countries there's also a a strong need for so long in your country which is
sealed 1 of the newest facilities here the plot of almost a lot of condos rotating it has been erected in the last year together by Eli and see a month and jointly operated on a 50 50 cost shared basis
platforms serves as the components of a parabolic trough collector or the mirrors the absorber tubes in order to qualify these
4 the industrial the and see a month continue Bentley's served there and thus to a clients on a confidential basis and the facility provides high a chorus performance figures for these components it's a rotating platforms so that incident angle of the sun can be adjusted at exactly the way it should be the measurement of
solar radiation is of course very important in order to assess the sewer facilities tested here the plot of almost up in addition to
her accurate devices which are highly sophisticated and need a lot of maintenance by scientists these sends
those much more robust and there will be in the future brought to potential future sites for solar thermal power plants for example in the does so by calibrating
these systems parallel to the high sophisticated devices we can achieve
a reasonable accuracy and the
devices themselves much less maintenance so they can be operated unattended in the desert area for about a year and collect the weather data there in order to give the information whether the potential side is suitable for saw last summer pop that are the basis
for the decision on where to direct and construct a solar plant in the future which is
CEO of backlog is 1 of the largest facilities the plot of almost lot of full of
parabolic trough collect very
similar to the groups that we have and commercial parabolic
trough systems with 1 major difference instead of using some more oil as heat transfer fluids circulating through the absorbers here we tried to
take water and steam directly this has the advantage that is much
cheaper and higher temperatures can be achieved on the other hand
there's a significant challenge water and steam are separated in the floor and they are not providing homogeneous cooling was in the absorber so it's a major research to operate such assist these work going on for more than 15 years and was very successful as we see no 1st commercial applications of technology in the mud but there's
still room for more approved was a facility like no change in modified in order to even more simplify the process and come to higher temperatures and more efficient says so in the
future that Eckstein generous assistance can become even more competitive and cheaper than
the facilities you have seen before this 1 operates in a different manner may need to exercise
tracking mirrors that concentrated sunlight on the
top of the central how this
technology has the chance to achieve higher concentration ratios as we have a point and line for cost and by this higher temperatures more efficient processes can be driven the
color legacies several test form so that different experiments can be operated in Paris in order to
investigate the heat transfer of the concentrated radiation into the heat transfer other than just heating up through it Michael Moore sold always make sure but
also the integration into a chemical process where that's life energy can be used in order to to store the energy chemical leak and to create a soft you 1
example is the generation of hydrogen is
requires very high temperature of more than 1 thousand degrees centigrade and
cannot be achieved in parabolic trust salsa for this purpose we use the central facility which you can see raring