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Spaceroboter Justin meets reporter
DLR at ILA 2010
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Justin is a prototype for a service robot for space and on earth.
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uh chief remained a I that 2010
space pavilion together with 2 really interesting guys 1 as cast portion views from the year robotics and make Center of the art and the other 1 is just and the space robot and now you can guess who is was the budget for what kind of task was just trees just a prototype of the overthrow of 1st base and the mission would be to repair a refuel or orbit satellites that are most functioning horrible although order so that we can obviously that he is a kind of torso has no legs the
wheels whatsoever how will we get where he has to do his job once space it's easy will be mounted on a satellite so we could fly around so we don't need care for we relaxed what's and his chest and autonomous system or Is he remote control wealth caused the long-term goal would be to have a fully autonomous we operated by currently especially in states with very complex plans we use a
technology called it a president's so we have an operator on the 1st standing here beside us while you will be under water just in space
and he could see what just insidious and feel what Justin and is the important thing when I get this correctly than their centers like the cameras for incidents in just intent and they send the pictures of the guy operating the robot and also you have like back sensors in the hands so of you Yukos field textures or movement that you do with the remote R executives aware of 2 Pamir so we get a 3 D image of public view of the surroundings of the scene so the operators of death information and we have for some of those in the arms and fingers so we are measuring the interaction forces and can for example while measure a receipt when the crew was tied or not some really sure that everybody here at you and everybody watching the weather has will have 1 question mind Is that hard while it's too hard to remove
what the logic behind that but our
goal is to interface as
naturalistic as intuitive as possible so
generally speaking everybody should do that because the goal of such a system would be that this satellite constructor would do the repair of the satellite and not report X I happened to be a hobby satellite constructors so would you
mind me trying out the system let's give it a chance OK let's get over here directly this is
really cool I'm glad into Justin and I have a crisp and sharp 3 D picture also I can move his I am trying to be gentle with this guy because I bet he costs much more than I can earn in my entire life it's it's really easy I get enormously controlled feedback on my movements whether the movements of the armor the head it's really not only a fantastic tool but also and a great so I tried to shake hands
with this deal scientists and works perfectly Thank you This is great My God I wish you could try this out unfortunately it's reserved for real scientists and real reporters for the deal are not trying to say by bye together with just maybe China there waving goodbye like winner of the Miss with good so glad to watch the such
response DAR cost