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A tour of the DLR stand at ILA 2012

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right do our past a so that's
what you're seeing here is the baseline and
can't baseline visionary passenger transport I Prosonic present plans for much of fast concept flying from Australia to Europe in
90 minutes or from Europe to the west coast of America in 1 hour that's possible by using rocket propulsion or space technology lifting off
like a space shuttle work played by 2 stages the stages are separated after a couple of minutes and after less than 10
minutes with her knowledge of the passengers stage and afterward the passenger stage is in a very fast I Prosonic mark 20 lighting right up to its destination while this
is a point-to-point troubled said a vehicle for point-to-point on trial on Earth but it could be Of course also developed later to normative reaching and staying in space with less pain all and maybe transporting satellites also at a very affordable
price but said the main application and the largest market what we think is point-to-point travel on intercontinental destinations on her currently it we
I know research phase and we help to would develop this project in the next decade
and so we hope to fly before the year of With thousand 15 Ford
years 2 years what for-profit Newark firmer both of left invites pupil of regret for 1
let make some experiments research areas from arose 1
example for of our use of opera puff of civil
defense researcher rescue mysteries and so on so they
development but with different settings owes of the summer off Red River book radar but I'm exhibiting
no system I system for an act of war a contradiction so enormous that systems which have gaps which I was available of and effects the year a layer and we have here morphing structure as it can see you're which does not have any gaps which produces the same effect as almost Elias India's
development the skin of the structure and that special the composite structures and that the system as part of
it is Malaysian folks who made it to the medics within a week and our part the socket from Russia are just performing with Karna tests and was called with a 5 meter wingspan most of all tho analysts application of the system is to generate high quality
address that this is a special unit takeoff and landing so that we can use lot takeoff and landing speed and therefore we are just changing BUT Campbell of the week before knowing the last approach take of
speaks this together extend allows us to reduce the size and hue consumption with she was that we had
submitted a power a source on jails which is called the Institute of material physics in space and Colombia are you know what
damages because of this varying interests in this very light and tests cross fracture which she allow source
materials that have little stomach on the team and very light I can show you knew those mutual
cooperation with the BOI Institute of concept we met
on a pompous sod material damage eels
was alone and this material has a very orbited properties and which allows have fresh up salt and not much higher range and other materials I use forum this
experiment this showing the difference in the sojourn propensity between crude oil rose 18 let's build a 1 and the synthetic gas liquid Palestine which has been reduced from natural gas in regions where there is too much natural gas which usually wasted layouts this is not processed him that the process producing a synthetic kerosene or useful whatever you like home and in the case of disease we are
testing the suited propensity this experiment which end from payout to fuse with respect to the student and both the a and C
of combustion thermal treatment mainly on the task to test on combustion properties of different fuels of different new
fuel synthetic fuels youths from
biogenic sources which processed too a status where they can be used as a show received like like especially we are testing our mission delay time
testing the where testing blamed the loss but also with more complex experiments are doing tests for instance for pots with real-life conditions called the new fuel behaving those conditions will look the chamber was Indy Howland task
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Titel A tour of the DLR stand at ILA 2012
Autor Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 3.0 Deutschland:
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DOI 10.5446/12755
Herausgeber Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)
Erscheinungsjahr 2012
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Technik
Schlagwörter ILA 2012

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