Landing sites on Mars

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Landing sites on Mars
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Laetitia Le Deit, a planetary geologist at the DLR Institute of Planetary Research, investigates sites on the surface of Mars that are well suited for landers and are of particular interest to research.
Keywords Mars geology, surface
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for when you need they're good lending side depends on 2 aspects the first one is injured during has that safe or not to land there also you have to take care of the elevation of the landing
site the programs fee you don't have to to let those hills for example and the 2nd aspect is the objectives of the mission in terms of size if you
land on you'll see a court dessert current temperatures in are ranging between
minus 70 degrees at nite and but 2 3 or 4 degrees during the day it's
very dry arid no water at all and you'll see some rocky landscapes with send you it's a bit like in the
Sahara desert or in the dust West to Dell is very
interesting because it's very unique in terms of geology diversity there are many
different forms such as channels which correspond 2 farmer river that there is a
huge mound of their deficits which is cool
won't shot 5 times in meters high and Psalms and
plates are contained In this was in
the case South curiosity they wanted to find out how the top members birds are to evaluate the possibility of having to so for these children
in 4 areas where liquid water may have been prison and in that case you're going to be to try to find
areas where you have headed to minerals for example Exel planes the way they are some sedimentary
debt which may have been deposited in late for for example all the kids telling
you that liquid water may have been imprisoned there in the past
curiosity it is very unique
compared to its predecessors because it provides many information about the composition of the rocks and minerals you can find there and it's very important to understand the formation process of disrupts also accuracy he
has a drill and so with this drill you can have an access to the very fresh
sample and this is just fundamental for chilled because
your short To have their original composition of the rocks we did a study of
Democrat using orbital data and we proposed that
Lake may have been prisons in the deepest portion of the pressure
in the coming months I'm really looking forward to see mom shot and to go
closer today to see if we can see some chilled for example which is the boundary between the
costs and a possible like this it would be really good argument for so if I have to
the next landing site will
choose without any hesitation about the Mariners
because I I studied this region for 7 years now that I would be very glad to
to get some Rover data but this area Paris thing