The possibility of life on Mars

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The possibility of life on Mars
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Tilman Spohn is head of the DLR Institute of Planetary Research. In this interview he talks about the possibility of life, not just on Mars, but also on other planets and moons as well.
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we went June in Her we expect that life Morris is not entirely different From life what on earth and you're actually
taking microorganisms from the earth and put them in our laboratories under condition as they are on
Morris and found in these experiments that some
extreme filed organisms can actually metabolize is that is digest and replicate under more conditions and therefore we would
assume that level Morris is not entirely different From life on Earth but we also have to understand always talking about micro Boris
is our neighbor planet and affair for conditions on Mars are the most similar to the conditions under any other
body in the solar system and because it's our neighbors it can be relatively easy reached the
space technology that we have at hand their 1st Morris
is a prime target for finding life on Atlanta's diggers and studying the
environment under which that might meet possibly for
Mars Express and in particular images Of
these high resolutions account Have a Matt Morris Bree resolution and allow us
to to look at Morrison 3 D images that is
flighty across the surface of Mars look around on the surface of the name particularly look
for a geological
formations where water was present and early can expect that perhaps life originated well for the future we need to go back to
sent to give you have to go out there surface of Mars the next step I will
be under that will put it to use islands mission station on
Morris but if you look beyond that to look particularly for for the life questions were looking at mission like
mix of Morris the European
lender on the surface of Morris that will in fact be
hooked tool seek for life because 10 or life so light
that still exist or Hassocks's that on the surface and we will take them
to sell have to look for it evidence for life and these
samples but in the end I'm pretty sure if we wanna have set spectrum Morris to put them in Olathe average
history much better and much more evil techniques to
investigate dissent from should look
beyond Morris looking the attributable moon Europa which is a movie that
has motion of the ocean made
support we could also look at the subterranean moon Titan
which is much colder you could also look at ocellatus another moon of Saturn reputed talk about possible perhaps
poverty but that we couldn't even go beyond our solar system and to
look at the many that believe exists in
our galaxy and beyond and look at large
numbers of plan expect there I would be very astounded there was no plan at various that would be similar to ours
Miss maybe I could prove that life existed on another planet of the plant and
years then this would of course change hours our understanding of our a fundamentally because we
would no longer be having to assume that would be would be alone in Hindi universe of course
is speculate about life 1 of the plans but it makes a difference both weakened proved
adept Texas and the cultural difference gun can even be taken as being
as important as completing the Copernican revolution of the Dominion revolution because then
we all are 1 of
many in the uterus and not just all by ourselves How do
you mean