The solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse

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The solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse
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In this DLR webcast, Solar Impulse pilot André Borschberg and Marc Böswald from the DLR Institute of Aeroelastics in Göttingen present the project and the ground vibration test (GVT) procedure.
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gets this is a rare that will be glued to the wing spar boxes and former part of the airfoil out here you could see the lightweight construction of structure in detail like all of these components with almost nothing at best gangway Vermont postal scale we know that a lot of course extremely light construction also means that with just the smallest courses where able to generate clearly visible oscillation amplitudes as an example if we apply forces in the range of 2 to 3 Newton's or the equivalent of about 300 grams we have basic Wings bending and we produced oscillation amplitudes visible with the naked eye but always is far this is eyeing
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