Transport development and environment (VEU)

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Transport development and environment (VEU)
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VABENE is a traffic management system used for major events and disasters. It provides the emergency services with a detailed view of the situation and allows operational controllers to act, instead of react.
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the mobile world is changing its up to politics business and science to decide how the German airspace centers experts shaping this process based on models drawing up scenarios that realistically amount about the transport requirements of the future with this whole complex system the researches are examining the impact of noise pollution on health with the
aid of details traffic noise analysis the emissions of each transport mode of being studied for their effect on the climate and em quality people Our epicenter of the scenarios and analysis everyone inside and outside Germany should benefit in their everyday lives In the long term with a modeling tool kits the specialists at the DLR can mount about the challenges surrounding transport comprehensively flexibly and in an unbiased way legal regulations trends and travel patterns age distribution and global economic development likewise incorporated into our research the toll gives a reliable basis that opens the way for a
responsible and early design of the transport system of the future