Kwoma (Neuguinea, Sepik) - Herstellen einer Tragtasche in Maschenstofftechnik

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Kwoma (Neuguinea, Sepik) - Herstellen einer Tragtasche in Maschenstofftechnik
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Kwoma (New Guinea, Sepik) - Manufacture of a Carrying Bag in Knotless Netting Technique
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E 2287
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Silent film
Christian Kaufmann
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Film, 16 mm, 368 m ; SW, 34 min

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In Meno fertigt eine Frau aus Rindenbastfasern des Gnetum-gnemon-Strauches durch Drillen und Zwirnen das Ausgangsmaterial, einen schnurartiger Faden, an und stellt dann daraus durch knotenfreies Verschlingen in der Technik der sanduhrförmigen Masche die Tragtasche selbst her. Die Schauseite der Tasche wird bei der Herstellung mit einem schachbrettartigen und zugleich bandförmigen farbigen (Beige, Blau, Rot) Ornament verziert.
Nggai'uk, a widow from the village of Meno, shows how bark fibres of the Gnetum gnemon bush are twisted into the cord-like thread used to procedure carrying bags. Then, using the knotless netting technique with hourglass-shaped loops, she manufactures the bag itself. The looping is interrupted repeatedly, whenever a new supply of thread is needed. The outside of the bag is decorated in the course of manufacture. For this reason Nggai'uk works with seven parallel threads; three of them are left the basic colour, beige, twi are dyed blue and two red for the length of the pattern. An ornament at the same time chequered and bank-like is produced by the stepped course of the seven rows of loops. When the netting is finished, the bag is filled with stones so that the threads are stretched uniformly. Finally firewood is fetched, and the carrying function of the bag is demonstrated.
Keywords Kwoma Tragen Tragtasche Stoffmusterung, Stoffverzierung Bast Rindenbast Ornamentieren Netze Maschenstoffbildung Gnetum gnemon Färben Faseraufbereitung Farbstoff, Farbe Fasergewinnung Drillen twisting drilling dye colour fiber preparation dyeing nets ornamentation bark bast bast cloth ornamentation carrying bag Kwoma

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