Al-Bara'ma (Südostarabien, Dhofar) - Herstellen einer geflochtenen Melkschale

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Al-Bara'ma (Südostarabien, Dhofar) - Herstellen einer geflochtenen Melkschale
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Al-Bara'ma (Southeast Arabia, Dhofar) - Making a Coiled Milking Bowl
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E 2525
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Silent film
Jörg Janzen
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Film, 16 mm, 219 m ; F, 20 min

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Eine Frau flicht aus Palmblättern eine Melkschale in Spiralwulsttechnik, bespannt zwei Drittel der Außenwand zur Abdichtung mit Ziegenhaut, verziert den Rand mit eingeflochtenen Wollfäden und Indigo-Mustern. Abschließend Gebrauch der Schale beim Melken.
In a wadi a young beduin is cutting palm-branches from an 'azaf bush. The palm-leaves are slit after having been dried in the sun and than soaked in water or milk. For this and the piercing of holes the woman bowl-maker is using a nail. The hard strips of the leaves are used for the making of rolled strands and the soft strips for binding them together. The lower part of the outside of the milking bowl is sealed with a cover of soft kid. Finally the outer rim of the vessel is partly ornamented with patterns in indigo. At the end of the film a man demonstrates the practical use of a milking bowl when milking a cow. At the same time the use of a dummy-calf can be observed as well.
Keywords Al-Bara'ma Palmblatt Melkschale Leder Korbflechten, Korb Flechten plaiting basket basket-weaving basketry leather palm leaf Al-Bara'ma

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