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Bäle (Bideyat) (Ostsahara, Ennedi) - Töpfern eines Wasserkruges

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Formal Metadata

Title Bäle (Bideyat) (Ostsahara, Ennedi) - Töpfern eines Wasserkruges
Alternative Title Baele (Bideyat) (East Sahara, Ennedi) - Pottery: Making a Water Jug
Author Fuchs, Peter
License No Open Access License:
German copyright law applies. This film may be used for your own use but it may not be distributed via the internet or passed on to external parties.
DOI 10.3203/IWF/E-1165
IWF Signature E 1165
Publisher IWF (Göttingen)
Release Date 1968
Language Silent film
Producer IWF
Production Year 1963

Technical Metadata

IWF Technical Data Film, 16 m, 138 m ; SW, 13 min

Content Metadata

Subject Area Ethnology
Abstract Eine Schmiedefrau töpfert in Fada einen Wasserkrug: Beschaffung des Tons und Vermengen mit Wasser, Modellieren des Gefäßes in Treibtechnik mit Hilfe von Schlegeln aus ungebranntem Ton, Aufbau des Gefäßhalses in Wulsttechnik, Glätten und Einritzen eines Ornaments sowie Brennen in einer Grube mit Schaf- und Rindermist.
The female potter digs up the clay and transports it in a leather sack to her dwelling. There the clay is filled into a container, mixed with water and left to stand. The modelling of the water jug is done on the swelling technique, mallets out of unburnt clay are used for this purpose. Whilst forming, horse dung is added. The neck of the water jug is pulled or rather shaped by hand with fitted-on clay rims. With the help of a small board and a damp cloth the jug is smoothed and finally an ornament is carved onto it. After two days the baking takes place in the pit. Sheep and cattle dung are used as burning material.
Keywords Bäle (Bideyat)
Töpfern / Treibtechnik
Töpfern / Spiralwulsttechnik
Haus / Hausrat, Hausgerät
Dung als Brennmaterial
Brennen von Töpferware
baking / pottery
firing pit
dung as burning material
house / household effects
household utensil
clay preparation
clay extraction
water jug
Baele (Bideyat)

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