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Bali, Distrikt Gianyar - Maskentanz der »Rangda« in Saba

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Formal Metadata

Title Bali, Distrikt Gianyar - Maskentanz der »Rangda« in Saba
Alternative Title Bali, Gianyar District - Mask Dance of the »Rangda« at Saba
Author Ramseyer, Urs
License No Open Access License:
German copyright law applies. This film may be used for your own use but it may not be distributed via the internet or passed on to external parties.
DOI 10.3203/IWF/E-2212
IWF Signature E 2212
Publisher IWF (Göttingen)
Release Date 1978
Language Original sound, no spoken text
Producer Peter Horner
Bernadette Waldis
Nicole Ramseyer-Gygi
Production Year 1973

Technical Metadata

IWF Technical Data Film, 16 mm, MT, 103 m ; F, 9 1/2 min

Content Metadata

Subject Area Ethnology
Abstract Tanz der Hexenschülerinnen Sisya, die den Auftritt ihrer Meisterin Rangda vorbereiten. Dann tanzt die gefürchtete Rangda, die ihre sinistre Wissenschaft von der Totengöttin Durga erhalten hat, ihren makabren Krankheit und Tod säenden Tanz.
Dancing of the witches' apprentices Sisya, who are preparing the performance of their mistress, Rangda. Then the widely feared Rangda, who learned her dark science from the Durga, the Goddess of death, dances her macabre dance, which sows pestilence and death.
Keywords Balinesen
Tanz / Maskentanz
dance / mask dance
mask dance


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