Conquering Large Numbers at the LHC

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Conquering Large Numbers at the LHC
From 1 000 000 000 000 000 to 10: Breaking down 14 Orders of Magnitude
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We are going to outline the ingredients necessary to perform measurements at the LHC, starting from an ordinary bottle of hydrogen. Let us take you on a journey following the path of the protons from this bottle to being ready for collisions in one of the detectors. Once the collisions are recorded we show the approaches and tools on how to extract the metaphorical needle in the haystack.
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[Music] to know how to test the club currently taking extremely process management [Applause]
[Music] [Applause] Georg is the one who carries the opportunity here to share some insight into the work and Most important she rejected built context
on experiments We are the atlas collaboration Two Aspects of Interview on the motives [Music]
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delete every second fort million on descriptions would have the Cost of a corner racing but remember that also the subway of consistorium number of protons so josef I'm loading on construction interactions happening the second as well video video of the saxon colleague matte busby number ddp what designed to deliver http about the live performance audi all4one form photonic spurs second remember the time around twenty five days ago soldier the overlay often relative collision evita so first off in a day to take that i
want to consider today from 2015 16 team of ore mining five
times and the fifth third and conditions legendary politician of the country wants the Police here are idle and scale is effect of one thousand back nwz video dress from here either had stewart wants the events on stage and christian grasmann that number of you imagine to be bright like youtube and on maps table sugar baby thinks that it was an experiment at the company geneva
motor show that cover the floor on the Glass hood in front of the traveling yvonne centimeter raises the crane of sugar in the root representative 1000 events as well as large numbers and we can not really the ones that happens the isley and gestapo ready like hefner authentic before team events of the customers major hirst the bio there was the half problem becomes ethos events we would want to take the data was for one megabyte both megabyte events with stan tv team number of events in dead where the one hand is exabyte leverage the world trade on ford the
Therapy second like canon or ford as well as we have no problems and the fine frenzy if 24 bit lucky in the the coswiger have been starting this collision in front of lid of the Vienna University interest in the war coalition sda quite well and very high energetic as well as ronny interest in living millions or want for events like how do i help jew Energy will help street reform and we have asked swingers into the system with chelsea that almost in tutow mac to decide whether to store in first level processing system is without prices like the simple one algorithms and leonie test phase texas are logitech toni lux fds usergroup hamburg develops system hardware raid
of everyone is kilohertz so the sets up to date rape of one is gb second and the something that i can as well as being the detective agency we'll have that from 100 gigabit per second and speak as to use cluster There we hear 4000 cpu core processor
running this event candidates in carroll ask for shelby help or canon with more time we can second identity found Articles in the weekend you construct ob service using male title objects in the event and using westheider filters like can be used to wait almost factor of hand is in bed there is the final event rey met ivan kilohertz
that 's because the daytrader of gigabytes the second as canon comes apple store like passau but who does the data center justin first lady to below 100 kilohertz the world By the way, you down load file size and events kilohertz then when we reach the level we have read and the main events as well hardware the broken down sixx but that mac user research filters meant but there is plenty of room for interviews had filter for and look into the events or fdh energy and what would you to watch has it is the uci limited amount of a band virtuoso angeles tor random events like sven doliwa h??ndel tor zu herr block a of the event we have the orange box is
here so the Erstnotiz form possesses in the detector is intuitive [Music]
how do you have
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physics physics as well as u2 station before that the the events in case you wanna act
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the scan will depict this love of achievement top performer of data analogue class okay so wolf then the puzzle action like
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even the hard work like herbert place v data we fit is usus now the physics became the share
question the actual confusion said we wanted for all of the data pack tractors spectators as well as two babies confusion last the
genetics land is the county number of events that observe any data beert first number two you to the aragon though mixed competition and helper predictions for Beck was positive dixieklos it said INVISTA fix competes imagine the perfect look already at the background the novella the big to have fun events in the background end users to keep it simple and now you wanted Weapons from ideas as observed names on events perfectly hits your back around plastic for dixon ceo of events and data here are there in me who knows few computers is from the civic and stay here since the observed the monastery just because it's perfectly data the problem is the case the fourth single does not exist so you back around on i4i is often compatible for data like that it would be if statistics service the tabs surfs events and data completely Verein becomes the prediction of seven events like the way you are in red electrica sunday observer red electrica it jews same as the strange dance started it really comes on because you know the destruction Bonds - amy you have here like ken and threaten the conclusio just from the bed to the mini to have more information on that we can do justin north edding on the events bary looking at event and trying to get a bit more physicist understanding of what happens in the world as dubai looking at the kinematics typical
most recently , the particle was event stephanie bull last october again you like that in the display event stephanie studio the Stones of the trusted in a band take that and observer from the bed in a case that means we want to calculate the inwent also measured this object at the tu the traction sequence mechanics lexicon polished and novartis that is in high measure is that the left on the speedy energetic club artikels so we have the energy about need to peace cup artikels however configuration and in this case you need is to point out tera electron volts is vinegar huge number that is because we so winter and the event because we have service tooway energetic eventmanager objects in case you do not look at this country bands and here in has casey during has to date tera electronvolt last visuals what we
is to plot the histogram in what can winner and the ex access is the observation oasis in orient mars and on the wire access josef the number of Events in specific like this often in front master high light poster by visions her and discount how many events have the screen visions harmony to the l orange and red horse event how has what comes tobi in the webvideo ghv first day here now they keep it small and we take a data atlas like java data events are coming like you all in the posthorn at the time residence either will be latent for this vision here uci until it is in jaksche of the typical dpj in the data in the atlas management was you also never want the data cloud Computing is sun protection so referred sword covered video is generate events from but deep is like that best form but much like other lay knees like generate events when in order to be able to compare web to date on which has some effects of the day on the Detectors something probably little polytec and not only to generate events that we need to know how became the objects The detectors can do tricks on events one when we like general events going on angeles offers data processing as well as the option of the proceeds algorithm replay of the month andrei if we only as canon complete tour numbers it will be all over again and have so much time tasted want to have enough statistics as well as the case how should the nottwil the limited when growing at events that generated is worth betting that the hobby know no videos on video not that is nhl professionals, the cost of monastery as designed in our fathers ikl thus, we offer the weight of them but see a computer mouse so here biography of minivan related to background a signal of trade because as well as so much is the information on the particles step into the detector simulation as well as file size event is the so far like storm more information that's how you think of which and she still had the republic far away
from professionals josef in calabasas just added and So have the logos of yours also the background positive the Relaxing top is josip broz will directly study the sister exactly does max forster back tone win at
how off and on the yellow bars that is los angeles now in front of the background and and so violently that background
win the up and down to the funnies like that what i do is scale up in
the switch from composites best to data base comparing to the background without Process would compare the to make sure that the background checks tokio signals place beg and office user beckwith best on the scaling of physical sheer joke data and that's when you 're there direct delicatessen final four statistics station again and help perfect editions like need to know how uncertain the usa so dark detector compares to data benita marx or how data with the conditions as we have if like knives or jbod again and mode conditions because the general lee evans pi for big data and have to make some assistance and after work correctly before the end for us if you have heart collection factors in not so disc collection fekters have some uncertainties with the song what i Do is to change your passion today part of the project was withdrawn Do the effects on a distribution as well as willi party dance with the shape of analysis is vodafone chain of reconstruction that she became is the effect of the tiffany breach in the do it for cars of different effects we have something and the order of one hand becomes the variations export values ??????gensoja file size close up because they have the story is like or fear factor by hand is here end four also combine still this variation in the offices held in copper and uncertainty and la carte in the four fierce uncertainty band weekend compare the data and then you can use the sea ??????cloud has to be there to explain the data indes particle example how paypal invests like they do which on this process as well as head sensitivity of six sigma morden six sigma how to pinch innovation is like base fresh picks up five sigma westminster the property of observing something like to data distribution of tuning world is frontex without them at boy of the dorf signal the pupil tea for this is something the order of ten of my death as I want the justy statistics fluctuation but we can video like jack tobacco toni potters and how do you want the work comes far to the citizens as well new can do will be used locally
the land in the plots the office wants in management of atlas management indes shot at the cross section as concrete was built have a minute on the spot k + s service book the four action integrable as compared to be with you do not and you can be very good agreement of use of cross section cenote the eu excesses are choking there and all Of course this is the county texas wants that is not good but please
here coming back david cross section it is great that cross check this is a well you can not just the possibility of observing the process for the further cross section under the observed at the cross section before the death of photon commission sec cross section is already under top laptops head toni toss
invest that is so wanting here and there leisure and justice offered no theaters before the moment but these are defense of four team orders of magnitude servicio de projet as observed hesse possibility of many you ross & sweet and or mine father is proved because vienna all easy for so long because we need not least a handful of the events to the sea water detector chelsea becomes statistica Pumpkins of the process have captured here promoted or brotzeit ev ebit promote here and there to an obsession of the here processing that is very nice plotter you hit press for ski is like critical server for technical and all of them are very nice they have from maine
talking points as talk show as something as if it were the screenshot on the public stakes the display on the lfc Couple of weeks ago take the cheeky as ends but second major Data taking over the next two is here wiebel upgrade but detector in the adventure world you perform even better and take it more day keeps the opportunity to like the go where good to be alive and look at the shins so ewer in with his tour de the IMF job
suisse the sector it is very impressive but the joys of time will be live it is the prosecutor Voerder left
widing slips henkel ahead of her bag [Applause]
[Applause] [Music] the miracle of the heart shape iphones
Maybe that is also the can next first showed you that some graduate of the UCI and then in the next top model get it event to see what we can imagine if not on the next to you know i look at the observer but want you smile chapel of the us and computing the planning erp software technics problem is to compare the Kennerblick two4pop xy klocke distributions have definitely chor sing out of the way i can not lime passed to conditional detector installed so that 1000 wants help service in comparing up to data that we are the h??pfl in finding the seas the benefit of bible init like you know technics mathematics distribution
will be on the high school string theory super session possible question is what next question that work [Music] [Music] when things it because she has silvia plenty of physics world of a model as well higgs boson to the reference point and know-how bex break and it will be even the ada Particles as well as auxiliary have work to death and anything you might have enough
and how many in casting events i might
have is in the disco because detector felt as if it was the Vikings get this event back because again and staple event it's got vegas going on like fierce angeles ashley greene at events the gate of the vfb possible expressions are always
but expert for the phone is now in science never can do so fat do if I knew that will be so we know afterwards the ob I have to face you in the way you can back of tonia process vip value whatever the six sigma something so beck was somehow tactical model is concession internet e-mail secure
[Music] computing jobs to America and walking offices was like you on the selection like canon video sound of data since july wanders or laptop something that 's whether it's much more kickers in much faster
eagerly pursued [Applause] [Music] [Applause]
[Music] [Music] [Music]