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It's about time to connect with the arising middle classes of young African achievers. THE NEW//AFRICA is a new media brand with a social impact, sharing success stories, building new alliances, putting young professionals, startups and entrepreneurs on the international agenda. Let's forget clichés and misconceptions, still prevailing in the perception of the public: We are focussing on perspectives and progress, on chances, challenges and changes. THE NEW//AFRICA is a platform aggregating the most interesting success stories from all over the continent, introducing exceptional talent, knowhow and visions. It's a thermometer of the international bloggers' opinion. It's an event scheme and an annual yearbook on the life and work of the global thinking young African professionals. This session is discussing a fresh viewpoint on the African economy, presenting new forms of co-operation and networking. Presented by THE NEW//AFRICA-founder Beate Wedekind, renowned German journalist, publisher and TV-person, Preethi Mariappan, Head of Digital of TBWA Germany, and Julian Tadesse, MA in African Studies and Political Science.
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a the New Africa and
upcoming platform for all showing people people who are entrepreneurs enablers starters you have ideas presented by its father and the person who is known as the people's personal people's writer a people's enabler rather we begins see and the welcome and she a hazard for top 1st was still who will talk about about the new me Africa and to offer that more people come to stage and you will listen then what's going on there the front thank you very much so welcome also from my side and I have place to guide um used through the whole uh 1 hour and maybe before I give the live that sort of structure because we're going to have quite a few people and helping us and displaying with the new Africa is um a few welcoming words from the
arts in the beginning right now yes hello my name is bound to begin and 62 years old I live in Ballymena is a 1 and I am you will not believe that I am a sort of entrepreneur my start up is called the New Africa and we'll talk about it what it's about where within the next hour but I'm extremely happy to be here at the Republican because you all are what we do and what we need you for we want to communicate about Africa today and you all communicators and we really want to motivating convince you to become part of the new Africa and how we can do this we we can talk later also individually talks and I'm happy to also see some friends from the F relapse like markers from reminders it's a little bit so I see somebody from Ghana from garish and there I appreciate very much that a public because decided to put an emphasis and focus on Africa this is just great and that's 1 extremely happy to be here thank you so basically we want to convince you all to become a member and participate in the New African after this 1 hour and just to all of this let you know what we're going to talk about will share celibate light and the art and her career and her a person because he's the main initiator of uh the whole TNA and 0 how she wants to engage and then break bring people together here and basically it's at her new venture so it's really something that needs to to grow it in a strong idea that needs to get bigger and bigger and it's at this intent intimates talk today and I wanna share with you and hope to inspire everyone here who's in the rooms and so far that basically the 2nd part would be and why and the what tonight so and to give you understanding what we believe is going to be strong without platform and then we will show some case of that we want a feature with DNA and there we have a team sitting here also in in the audience which will I 1 by 1 I will call to the station also uh give short introduction and the cases here and um after that we give um should introduction about the business of T in a because of his this understanding only a spare time occupation by the artist because it's meant to get something bigger here and the last part of course is a Q & a session everything's going to be from our side at least in English today about if you have questions and uh whatever in doom and is known the problem over will translate and in any case the Qin a sessions planned for afterwards but is is any misunderstanding person between please raise your hands and ask us that should be um totally OK from our side and so to get started here him am I think um by David you hand over to the item with 1 important question and that for her as a person so you being a reporter from you history in all your career at what is so special about you and you being the report so 1st of all my 1st profession was being a banker but I was a reporter for my hard from the very beginning of that I'm thinking I was always a storyteller I was always curious I was asking people questions that they could not believe that a 3 you're gonna could answers questions so I always found that I am a communicator but only decided when I was 30 to make a profession of sigh was a banker before and I was working advertising agency but when I was 29 I was working at the Free University in Berlin the professor who Secretaría was because he was a fantastic Social Democrats and politician he says you have to do something else with their life and sitting in my office and he sent me on the streets becoming reporter so I started him the landing reporter when I was 30 years old with that happens but perhaps I should introduce myself as the true African that I am in my heart and I say this from deep of my heart because I have a very strong African storing myself also as being a communicating is jobless my very very 1st TV broadcast I ever saw was in 161 a fantastic TV report of the tough on and his theory that part alternative deviance holds a position your view I have to us apparently grandparents they might notice I was 10 years old and I was sitting there fascinated because he was doing an interview with Mobutu wins a year in the revolutions that year and I saw the 1st pictures of Africa and you will believe it or not but I was sitting than I was amazing I was fascinated 10 years later I was error stress with Condor which is the Lufthansa of brands and and I had a stopover in Bazzani and I find it so fascinating there took the false sick leave because with this sick-leave I could stay another 4 weeks in Mombasa on getting the next turn so that's how I experience every day life I was sitting in the Council tell 10 hours a day I was going with the bicycle on the streets I didn't spend my time on the beach and that was the
continuation of my fascination through a very strange profession and then I was 25 and still a banker and that I was going with the German volunteer service that too if he'll camping logistics manager for the for a team of 75 volunteers I was living as a baby but but I had my own land rover I have my own they got and I was driving because I was a logistics person I was driving through if you pair for 2 years within days of revolution and that's where it really pick me and hit me that that somebody else like me has a very very certain emotional and spent by with connecting with Africa I was always with the families it was always in the streets and and whenever when I return back to to live in Berlin I felt like a culture shock and since then the nematic I was editor-in-chief his and ask again your mother has her head was 1st is a g of of which is a fashion magazine and Alfred Acosta on ambient and then I became editor-in-chief in famous famous bold to magazine and I was doing this was the 1st editor-in-chief was 40 years old president chief of 300 people and 300 million responsibility and guess what happens I was 42 and how to burn out at that time it wasn't called like this vocal call differently and then I decided now it's over with a career I wanna really concentrate on contents and then when I was starting again to work with an NGO in Ethiopia and develop the idea of becoming a communicator for the young African generation I think that's a perfectly with me again better because what I learned from that basically being a journalist and having such a multiple of faceted a carrier and 1 point and that struck me when the island in the earlier to know you is really connecting people is 1 of of the passions you hasn't been a reported as getting the stories transporting them making them bigger and helping and some other audiences to understand these and the other part of that is really being in Africa and it's a mediates has experienced the 1st when you talked about about the uh watching German to be in the sixties and the other 1 is really this breaking the rules having a sick leave the falsity of a number of them I think that's another uh strong trade of your personality and the other part is uh it's it's not I'm anymore my life I when 1 them and the other part is and being uh and uh how is it called in English and the conserver development aid worker I think in that point of time it's it's hasn't been an easy is job so it's really and for me seeing and how we in the north and would only sing Germany see Africa in in in in the media is quite and maybe coined I could call this to Miss concept conceptions so we um but of poverty of crisis of wars and of catastrophes catastrophes in the nature etc. so we have a clear quite clear picture and but this misconceptions um might be not the way you are looking forward to Africa's M and and to talk about it and so since 10 years I'm commuting between the and others of a back and really commuting means sometimes I go for 3 days studies of a ball I stay 3 days in the land and I go for 5 weeks and really fly back and forth I can only recommend that Turkish Airlines 474 URIs and less than you go to my talk this and it's a jet lag and it's really it's like a as a B by is a fantastic longer diversified sitting and and their what my name in the 1st years I was mostly working for an NGO in the rural areas but already there i song and I have to will it always system me stay in the 2 but also there I saw the 1st signs of future and I saw that these are not people who want to depend on age that they know me know how that the need for caution vocational training that they need schools of education because there was none but I saw how much talent is there that is really not getting any attention beyond the circles of the villages all their other towns all their own communities and our desire to write books about these communities and then I'd really like 5 years ago I said there we we cannot do magazines only for an elite 20 thousand people or even 100 thousand people we have to communicate this new effort on a larger scale so then I was thinking how do I do this and and and that's when I decided so to really have a deeper look in how urban can a young society be even living in the rural areas how global thinking can somebody being who is living here ends and thinking Africa is just put children dying so I really tried with the topics that I choose to really connect these worlds but always with the with the real aim to make people here understand that Africa is much much more than what everybody has in its had no and that's also how I met the guys from my side as the nodes of a
lot of young people would embark on we have an innovation hub and through them also I met a young professionals through them at others in a German others and alignment others in South Africa and then I decided yes I have to do it and is I think of being 60 you can either decide OK I buy a new amespac or do something meaningful and I decided to refer to take the challenge and the chance to do something new and this is what we're doing and what I do understand from from the point of you wanted to show the reality that you experience being in Africa and having for the back and somehow and as the name and the title and the tells us it's about the new Africa business so my question would be logically will what is the new Africa new perspective what's the idea what's the purpose so 1st of all it said that and then you Africa a brand is really a media brands it is a platform where we are collecting that most interesting stories of young people young professionals young entrepreneurs but not only from the business cycle works science but also how do we do we live how do they live and how what what music are they doing what literature do they have what fellows are they making so I'm really wants to show on the new Africa website and the way of living that it's not estranged from what we are thinking when we think of collecting globally or when we think of connecting with the next generation did this answer question about it I Compute is understanding of basically the question is answered maybe there's some points I would uh maybe shed some light at liberty person that what you understand and being of media platform what's media brand new sense what's going to happen on that platform and I think we talk a little bit later on that also about what is happening that we really aggregate's stories this is not about business plans this is not about concepts and strategies like we see for Africa does for like how we made in Africa and as we want because I am a digital person but I believe in the human aspects of how people experience their own life so we will tell the stories of all the people behind the entrepreneurship the people behind the industry the people behind the goals there they have so it's not a business platform it is people's platform but concentrating on the new generation but it also it also has another aspect and which which is like a course we wanted to workshops and conferences both in Africa and in Germany and as I am coming from the printing press out laughter to magazines and I laughter the books we will have a new year book that I promise you you everybody wants to have it because you always get an outlook on what is going to happen in Africa in the year after and what we experienced in and this year so it's a it's a story that three-dimensional it's a Web science it's workshops conferences but it's also a print different product basically this is when looking at the slide connecting across the continents was 1 key vote for me and this idea of having these countries you describe and bringing them to and the northern hemisphere to Europe is what you mean behind and that the 1st sentence connected but also but I really have to say it is that the more I think about and the more I see what we're doing it really is that I am sometimes I so I sit in my on my desk Himalayan with this that leave also what people do not know about the modern Africa of Africa today so I really have I have a I have their assessor's happening message I have a mission that really I want I want to ask everybody in the northern hemisphere really to understand that this is a part a continent and this this is not a continent where we just given where we please or are pretty or whatever there and this is from a very very important but also of course uh I want the northern hemisphere the people read to understand that this is a constant worth traveling under different aspects and just going on safari or going to the beaches that you can really there's a fantastic content to discover through the people that you there so I have if I might say sigh I have a sort of mission solves perhaps limits to that but that sounds like emissions of perfect and I think the best way to give a little bit more understanding to 1 here is to share some stories and um electrical Julian onto the state as well as to support in displaying what actually is going to be the 1st condoms you'll be seeing on the platform soon yeah so I Julia good afternoon everybody just filling out there and all of these things but we also very Africans suffer Julian as living in Balen has their mother comes from a Ethiopia and the jury is having a my has a master in African studies and and political science is doing his phd right now on African entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship and we work together on the New Africa years
the editor and his helping to put together the contents and the light source and I'm very happy that we both in joined the land as our stand or they also orders of a bus so it makes it makes life easier in understanding yeah so we have we have selected 5 5 stories and that will be a typical parts of the source that we are going to tell um from such source from Africa and we have decided to select them from different fields so that you can see that it's really there are no boundaries of how we see success and then we will introduce you to some establish young entrepreneurs to really young beginners that we will also tell individual success stories and what the whole the new Africa is about is really we once people to be inspired of following in the footsteps of that yes success can be made today these are are kind of role models and Ising got you will study this was the 1st 1 is to use from the U. S. I'd I'd I really am at a very happy to know quite well known nearly be befriended with her bedlam July when she is in a few open offer and I have to say we as 2013 is the year 50 years African Union and the African Union has been created in Addis Abeba and also because I know was a beer and Ethiopia best we have the 1st focus on Ethiopia then comes the 1 that incomes and but we start with Ethiopia so that's why you find some more source from Ethiopia them from other countries so Bethlehem as the 33 years old she a mother of 3 and she has created she's a shoe designer and her companies called so rebels and actually at the rebels from the last revolution of medicine army they came they didn't have proper shoes that had the tires from cars and souls and they will call the souls level and what she's doing is she is doing from recycled material she's doing shoes brands and I would not say that this is typically my style of shoes bats as she had a fantastic distribution idea Sean was distributed In the beginning through Amazon and she is now in Taiwan she's in Switzerland she's coming to a to Germany but every consent to that she earns a abroad is going to be reinvested in Ethiopia and she has built the factory of 300 people which you pay is above average in her family's neighborhoods so because she said you know I want the people that I know also do to be able to participate in my success and the company is complete the sustainable completely green echo that you wouldn't believe it and I can only suggest to you that you go on on their website called rebels food web . com food outcome and she to me is a fantastic example also that it's not only add that you're an entrepreneur you also have to sell not only your products but also your story so I Meta 1st at the word economic forming in doubles then I met the word Economic Forum and now is a bit about last May and she is 1 of the global leaders and she's publishing opera she's published in 4 she's published everywhere backed with a good story and so people are starting to talk about a young female entrepreneur with the brand that is really exceptional all over the place and to me she is 1 of my role models also my personal models thank you so I'm going to introduce to you some Randolph was it was really a good example for the young generation of aspiring entrepreneurs all of Africa is based in Ghana a and he's the 3rd describe the technology and Users the and that just 22 years old he's still a new university but you already us them founded his own 1st company called Oasis web soft and he wants to produce software solution to realize life African problems so you already created a web browser called on on the web which is open source you can download that also promised page uh and um this is really the 1st African web browser is also some produced the Linux-based software operating system that's called on the west and there is also a good example for collaboration he has worked together with other African developers and in the launch of from Africa which is the sum and Pan-African mobile and application platform and all this time has led to some faults Africa magazine to call them the marks logGabor core of of in 2012 November so and I think is around that he has his rather the public uh but he has another interview to do right now so might be his shares as later all we will talk to him and outside I like to introduce you to to somebody was a is highly do really kind during comes from the various uh from uh from family background of university presidents and of scientists and but they also entrepreneurs and like the force generation african and he is the only 38 and he is and he has a new has had the idea to really builds AP a complete new industry of indigenous bamboo bamboo is in Africa and indigenous plant it's not from asia that's their their business is not explored at all for Africa member was so what he does he is building a company from stretch training the bamboo farmers training the producers training the further the furniture builders a carpenter's you connecting from the very beginning globally to have markets for the products and this is a company that has been growing within the last 3 years to 150 employees and to a turnover of 3 and a half million US dollars but they are not still in the real exporting or mass exporting business and for me this is also he's also a very good example of creating a company in a sustainable way from scratch although he's coming from traditional entrepreneurship in Africa and his father who was at the university president is said to him and I think my son limit to early what you doing said no I would prove that it's the right time to do this and they are cooperating with international companies so they have they have some mining and also to build it up in a sustainable very very good weights or the start of it is a new industry that they're going to establish their own a very very good way and I was I happen to go with into the bumble fields and and that was something really crazy 1st of all of causal of flies and mosquitoes but it's
incredible you see this little little flashlight from or you know little the Revolution residence you see them like OK and 14 40 meters of heights and then I asked about how who did this and said we did when this plan 3 years ago was only 1 meter high so you measure with this reading the growing of the plants and the indigenous erm something from Africa is relieved of the best quality that there is that right now the industry is not even furniture making it's like a substitute materials and their and to see that in the fields and in the bumble would so for us it was really amazing how people all of a sudden get an idea of how precious is what they are growing since many generations as a substitute for something on the market a yes so the next example comes from an industry which has a long history in the African all around the world that's agriculture and the especially dairy farming and I'm going to introduce bodily but he is a start-up entrepreneur and who was the vision of empowering dairy farmers in Senegal and is the founder of a company called dialectical do better go and in the were when he returned he got his phd and then Belgium as a button Mary and you return to his native countries Senegal a gun in 2004 and he was surprised to find out that more than 90 per cent of the mood that a sword and Senegal is imported in importer form so you sort this strange as a paradox because cigars a country where there are more than 4 million pastoralists who are capable of producing uh the milk for the local market themselves so he ventured to start in his business with some family members and in 2006 them he launched levitra God and his goal was to develop the dairy markets and the to promote the the marketing for the pastoralist so he created a business model where the incorporated the local Fulani pastoralists and the degraded and efficient network with them notice collected from the farmers and then uh brought to the markets in the centers so the also supports the use of pastoralist was veterinary services and training on the 2 entries also the efficiency of of of the of their cattle so on today um be achieved um yeah that have more than 900 farmers that work with them and they they they propose 2 thousand 500 litres of milk every day and they have about photos and satisfied customers each day and you should also mention that this is really a family business but yet organizes a start so it's really a mixture of modern management methods + incorporating the traditional family enterprises that they have there in the in the rural areas and now I really have the pleasure to introduce to you 1 of the protagonists and then please forgive me that he's not black from Switzerland the user Stephane yeah got is a film director and film producer who and that's why is here today and has every reason to be here today he is 1 of those guys who is really doing a fantastic partnering up would local talents and with a real co-production corporation so this guy comes from 0 he has done 1 film that you might know birthday very nice film and he has been there he has been living in Germany and Italy and is now living in Switzerland and he has done a film whole rising beautiful he only went there with 4 people from Europe and the rest is and if you continue how do how did the idea come up and how did you achieve to put together this fantastic him so high everybody this is way special to be here as the minority because spell to set and to take part in this production where people from Ethiopia ends this actually almost didn't happen because you know those e-mails from Gaddafi's nephew to to transfer like 10 thousand and then you will give you his 5 millions so I got this kind of e-mail and I wanted to delete it until I've seen that there was and the Swiss embassy biguity Institute on the CC and 0 for the 0 maybe I should read it and they asked me to go there to others about like and 2 years ago to teach at the Blue Nile Film and Television this is a private school there's only 1 film school in Ethiopia and it's based on the great work of uh directional fotografía you start in the Netherlands and 2 went back to his family home and found that the school and so I went there I never been to Africa before more to its European which holds a part of and it was a great experience teaching those students totally motivated and I sold after 2 weeks that's not enough you know and how can we get what they because I don't know anything about the daily life in Ethiopia I don't know anything about their needs about the walls and and I can tell them about the Western way of making movies but that's not it they have a great tradition in telling stories they have great stories and so I came up with the idea to ask the director of school who as I've told is a director of folder of the if you would like to make the camera I could direct and we would open the 2 sets a and B would give him all the positions we need to come up with a with a movie and he said think from having the idea from very idea from the way beginning I said let's get them involved so and then I went back to europe and so am I got those little crew members like 5 4 5 people also very good writer who helped me he came back with me to if you feel like 3 months later and he said Now let's start let's start with story and they came up with an amazing idea street Kate little utmost who who wants to become a football player like all the street kids and like all the kids anywhere in Africa but he's smart enough to note that it's the he has to find a new way of um getting a chance so he learns that uh famous football boss we don't talk about he felt but it's obvious there's 2 all coming from the FIR to Africa and he say say could get in touch with him and show how good I am but then he doesn't get in touch because it's not as easy as he thought 1st but then yes the idea maybe he could stage a kidnapping and if he frees the football boss then you will get his chance and maybe he takes into Europe and makes the football player so that would we should have a glance into the cell the who is doing you know it's just like that do so these are 2 and half minutes from uh from the ball and from the film
and I hope you're as amazed as I was when I saw this Guyana's so the film should be
sound we found the so this little boy didn't talk any word of english when I've met him at the net count above and yet 3 months to learn so now he's talking it's not connected but he
talks really good English so long as
that we can we can get
around the
ACT and difference that come from the last that he it's like the
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that we
and yes and and good and the the so obviously this was a slight attacked is Sam who is that the main May white part but how did you find that the guy the young guy how do you consent I was asking the students how would you do it and they said you let's go to the schools let's go to Dauphinois Holmes let's go to the net count on this said what's the mikado and so we went to the to which is an amazing place and we have goes to others of of should go 1st to the Mercado it's like the biggest open market in Africa still but the government is like working at they wanna clean it up so go there unless you you don't go there but so and the 1st k as seen on my tour throughout the was analog standing there in the Macao to working like 10 hours a day with his 12 years we don't really know his mother died of TB and his father doesn't talk with him because he has another religion so I asked my assistant Solomon among them Solomon just talk to this little kids he he's mesmerizing I wanting to do something for us and what we did is like we took him in front of a camera and he's he sang a song that was at 9 you this is my guy so no cell phone no people responsible for him but I said yeah we can we can do it and all European students say you're crazy this is never gonna work he's a street kid he has to earn something for a living as OK that's we can maybe handle we can deal and so he didn't see was amazing you know because like 3 weeks later with the casting with 60 kids from schools from off moles and we had the so called we call and I said my plane is leaving at 7 and if he he shows up at 6 then I will tell him that he's the guy and get to all the kids also great actors and we said if you if you don't come on time then it won't work so what happened is like 6 o'clock he wasn't there 6 wasn't there and everybody told me see we've told you wouldn't work so and that's 640 655 he came in running because he run from the Macao to the bowling which is an amazing distance and he did it because he couldn't afford to boss you know and so I said OK guy this is your chart the next 3 months you gonna learn English you wanna have 6 teachers all its fuel can students we have an English teacher and casting coach the coach for acting we the puts ordering today was and what isn't doing today Haiti's sorting and that it had on it was amazing because in the middle of shooting we said now in our crevice surprise you can join Selim will 7 which is a Swiss Foundation helps kids from the street normally only like 3 years old kids but they said OK we make an exception and but then he took another 2 months but now he's staying with them he's going back to school and he wants to become a singer so the final song in the movie he sings himself and this is really the great achievement of for we did thank you very much and we all going in for me when the film is coming also to the theaters here and for me it was a good example of that you really from scratch to something together and I've seen the whole movie and it's a very very touching the thank you very much fun to come from so welcome thanks is also on facebook facebook horizon beautiful thanks a lot pH Julian let's just say the briefly explain how we are going to get the contents that we need the stories that we need so that the new Africa is really going to be the unique platform the only platform you have to click on when you wanna know everything about African today how are we going to l quantum model the aggregation model so basically what we do with green blocks about their certain blocks in the beginning of who are based in Africa in Nairobi log was opera so that that we screen these blocks from a blog us like Africa innovative how we made in Africa take lawyer and then we call rates of the content and we give you the best stuff the most important stories so that you have 1 place we have to go to find out all the interesting news stories success stories of what's going on In in Africa and for us it was very important to get bloggers and media of online media from the African countries involved so that's why we want to cooperate with bloggers from Kenya Nigeria source Africa and also I like to mention although I'm a white German and we will be a company that's going to be based in Africa most of our team will be Africans and I am always saying I'm the initiator and at the very moment when all this is really running and when it's unhealthy feeds then this should be a really at platform and a media from Africa for Africans uh but as I had the idea in his I'm I'm really the person who likes to drive things forward so I'm the 1 who initiated but it is made for young people in Africa yes thank you usually on and you're going to have to go back to your computer integrated storage area stories but also what we really want and the next step is really that we are
connected with very good writers so the next step is also that we will have origin of stories but we start with the aggregation and then we also found out in our work that there are fantastic stories around but nobody really collects them you know there's a light on every website you find of stories but but you don't know the website so we are really our task is now to collected from everywhere on to our website of course with all
rights and with all mentioning in all everything proper incorporation in context and everything and how our searches how is that in the beginning of this is that a spare time occupation and I guess as a basically a how would you set up uh the New Africa what it what is your business behind it what you plan to run it so 1st i giant just wanna be very honest 1st only want to do a magazine is actually before but then I really yeah as I am a Facebook edit an internet addict and I really I know how important is how fast we can connect to the Internet and through the social media that I've decided no this has to be online 1st especially it has in Africa to be mobile 1st and so last year I started in planning and by the end of the year I had the privilege of being 1 of the 150 announced that were selected by the Parliament accelerator program set up by Duchamp data come and I was there with 15 young start-up companies 1 of those and I lines incredibly and I learned a lot about different working methods so I come from a big hierarchy of big enterprises and I had a very bad diggity production company as well and so I have to change my workflow in my working attitude completely through this accelerator program and and there and I was very happy to find through the accelerator program to partners 1 partner come in are still on stage and whoosh just come up here the this is a huge through Telecom now I met common common is from the from telecoms from here from telecoms consultancy firm did take on working internationally and will this whole before has only be a friend of mine the all of a sudden became my mentor because I found out his from TWA responsible for new business and their own and we met and we then said why don't we do this together so tell me what did we do so far together and how did the idea come up in your personal lines to connect with the in Africa the a single Mandarin and con his own comes out nature these are 200 provides the shape the future of this comes out on that of middle consents net rock and at the end of last year I was looking for a probe on a project to support a start up a lot in in g on and end of comedy to conclude that now ask me why don't to support the Art of the Deccan and this new Africa so this was a great idea and to be started to build up this probe on a project with 7 proper consultants and the 1st thing where I was looking for do they have expertise in Africa and I looked at the map and they're working in 27 African countries for many many years and so I thought while these are the right partners such you what did you do so far for us I could also tell that you can His delegation emitted a lot for you on the start of a market analyzes and to get and hold all of your boat and the county 17 countries and career ended in the shortest we also did competitive analyzes to get an overview of both of whole competitors for you the Africa platform and we also did a short list with different criterias with different categories and this some suggestion for you we also started to create a business plan based on the host of our modern and last but not least was a given business case but at the moment it's is a secret and just have to tell you I alone am a business person but I am not I have not been a businessperson specialize in online communication so I was really very happy to partner with it to come and with my language pleasure from TV WA and was share and what was your approach toward the new effort it's very simple OK as got to just said before we met through Facebook but we we've been knowing each other for a couple of years you the names the man I saw that she was so engaged with Africa that that's a perfect match for us had to to dive back into the into the style obscene and we pro-bono held 1 of those cool promising startups had to do something because our roots and some of you may know TB WA as being 1 of the top 10 global advertising networks but we have an extremely strong group with Africa we like to support new things that come out of the market we we have offices in 16 countries is about I think the most important things are that that our global creative director is Africa but but not only this he supported that Nelson Monday allowed with his 1st election campaign of we are fighting with a lot of projects in the in in the southern part of Africa to for the freedom of speech especially trying to fight the Mugabe regime so they're really strong connection that we have down there and ended at and we love the people and we believe there are a lot of grade grade initiatives that happened in Africa that need to have a platform and so at the outer came along and we were happy to support with the developing the brand trying to build without the technological infrastructure the website that that will be coming very soon and yeah this is what we're trying to do so thank you very much for having us on the team you think you're much down thank you very much religion and once again these are both pro bono supporters don't you dare to think that I have the money to pay them in now is there really do in their spare time and there we're working very close in very well together thank you very much to be every and Datacom thank you what is left to me it's just asking you gotta what's what's coming next at the next part is the quiet than that of and important and absolutely crucial 1 I'm finishing the finance around In June we are going back time this summer and we're going to have our 1st Conference in November and observing them and the 1st year Book of course is going to come out in December so 2013 is really the coming out of uh the the Africa and it's really exciting to really do all these steps step by step like a start up and I'd I like very much supported by people who know me from my former life but I have was the adults I have the ambition you know than although I'm very experienced professional I want to be a star that and I'm really following what sort of stew and so the next 1 is I'm pitching in front of investors and you know there is if I have been going to shift of it on not it doesn't matter now what matters is what is this woman trying to achieve and this is the next step and I think 1 thing is for sure you laughter to connectives and it is a religion and you can connect directly with us on our landing page the New African . info and please do that because we are going to inform you about every step that we're doing and there we have a Facebook page that is facebook . com the New Africa and who likes to connect with me more than what can you say the facebook . come out the and against the quick because there right now it's still going to know can only have 5 thousand friends and I read it from 4 thousand 900 and something but I mostly know them in person or I had the lack to really meet somebody through Facebook who i have met 20 years ago in real life and we reconnected in so thank you very much and I thank you to thank you everyone in the audience for listening and and helping us spread the word about the new Africa and maybe it's time for some questions and maybe answers to all questions that we need to answer in the future and the weather need to something clarify please be up the it to 1 person the and you the the thank you other team right now right now we have 5 people that's we already have 20
people in our network system in Africa and in the end my business plan that has been worked out by Digicom is warning me I should not have a to between in the beginning but but there we will be based in and of the band in the land but the core team will be Vaisnavism not visible and how big it's going to be it depends on our success and so you could genesis was working for you
in this so that's what everyone same whenever you know you know who is interested in
writing on aggregating for us of no stories please connect with us either by I can I can also give you my business card or better is on the New African and . info so and applicants more than welcome were good writers and with an expertise in Africa so the plan would be that the TE drops out and get the stories
together all k and as a question what's a business model is a base and advertising are the yeah it has added is and I love the word and
multifaceted and I have different different sorts of the business model behind it 1 is advertising but is not the most important and more i don't wanna tell you because of within legal we're doing OK thanks that is why I have to connect with our info page and then you get the information's cool things that another person so really I mean I'm here there will afternoon and union on also we are the where the and global innovation hub is around then we're going to be then ever wants to talk to us please feel free to talk to us and please connected through
the New African that info thank you very much for your attention so Thank few but
pretend for me