Fighting that Terminator in our Pockets

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Fighting that Terminator in our Pockets
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Getting back control of the machines in the cyborg era.
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the lower than that in a
mn so
serious you you're going to and the
combine units combined errors um ladies gentlemen and I'll be attempting something here so I hope you'll indulge
and I'm going to tell you a story I'm going
to tell you a story of i'm practice some experiments in storytelling for for many reasons for many reasons of 1st well reality exists fiction uh we've seen it we've heard it's we've heard of this uh incredible capacity Eric just described is the features within the spy
agency that even the most cautious of us that were once called primal couldn't
even think of reality it's it's fiction but still we all know how much reality and fiction are intertwined we know that much of science fiction net and an inspiration in uh military technology we know that military technology and technology in general gets its inspiration in science fiction
so it's a kind of a chicken and egg situation also I think we suck but I think we suck globally at telling
stories and especially at telling the story of mass surveillance and the way changes technology for ever we because you can't see so many
that you cannot fight what you comes and it's
extremely difficult to build stories on what you consider so I
think we are in great need to date for more story Dallimore
storylines more uh and narratives on describing the world we're living because it's not easy to to to believe and to so you may all remember the movie Terminator fantastic movie from 1984 coincidence I don't
think so uh who in the room have seen the movie Terminator do the first one that's a lot of who reads in 1984 by george
orwell that's a lot of well well you see
I think we in some kind of a moral failure as individuals and collectively as communities when we
refer to 1984 whenever we need to speak about 7 years and must civilians come on sure is 1 of the
greatest books ever written and we can argue
about that but it is being written what
80 years ago so is that all we have to to illustrate is at all or we
we can think of when we need a strong analogy is from metaphor that will Indians speak only 2 people who just read the book which in this room is OK but overall not not so so good so
you may remember the movie Terminator the In this movie Skynet um this
super computer described as a defense network computers New powerful hooked into everything trusted to run it all this they got smart a new order of intelligence then it's old people as a threat not just the ones on the other side know drink about does ring about really had distance computer turn well we can summarize this as anything right you powerful what kind of yes hooked into everything done right trusted to well that's the only option we have and seen all people as a threat and not just the ones on the other side I think is what matters here because this is this is a model that has been erected as the only valid model the only way we can think of the world today is with this hyper security model in which we have to invest more billions trust more machines and more intermediaries in order to that tends to be protected against anyone doing anything but actually any time this is the state finally up we live in of course the difference was terminator is that aid we didn't have a nuclear apocalypse yet and indeed the meshes are not fully autonomous yeah it what does it mean what does it mean in terms of a relationship to
technology well you may remember that in the movie the terminator retirees coming from the future to explain in the past so in the presence of what is going on in this world you remember he has instead to a unique identifier that was imposed by the machines to be able to track everyone all the time to be able to identify everyone make them accountable for all they do once again doesn't ring a bell the as it was at Facebook go but I or the Bible that that's another nice storytelling yes and in the in the world of stemming nature in there in the future of
terminator you remember this is not the last this is actually the division of 1 of the terminator attend of we would call this augmented reality and and the ability to superimpose a wide amount of data on any situation the ability to to collate data from multiple sources to aggregated data to build profiles in our older to but there should be no anything about any 1 once again my hypothesis is that we are already living in this world In terminator there the action is set in 1984 are that the the future is at 2029 if you make a quick calculation you see that we are much closer to their from 2029 from the future of the movie Terminator than from its past present add my hypothesis is that we are already in this world with interconnected machines that took over the humanity manage that we are already engaged in this struggle the the consequence of this hybrid security model that goes deep
into all machines deep into our pockets deep into network a consequence is that must be considered individually and collectively I would say something that must be used against me later flock privacy you heard me fucked privacy privacy is a fundamental right right is a higher-level concept that people who was a background in political science or history all may very well understand but it doesn't speak to the masses let's admitted privacy is the concept of privacy is a fundamental freedoms yes but that I have to feel my free-agent pay my rent how that would the hell they care about defending fundamental freedoms I think this is an essential element of the story here the that we're no longer talking about some fundamental rights in some dusty charter somewhere we are talking about or in the Macy's we're talking about those moments when we are in full trust it full trust along with all cells or in full trust with others that we select to include in that and you may see in those moments we are free to be truly you we or are we are free to experiment with new ideas with new concepts with new practices with new words of without being judged these moments of this places over into Macy's are what defines as as human beings is where we can express all very cells is when we can get a lot of cells and this is what is
threatened today this machines crushes bones these machine crushes skulls the deadliest consequence I think of the rise of the machines is the possibility that we we lose completely or in the Macy's and therefore lose completely or identities the very definition of who we are and the very at the key we have to
improve ourselves and to improve society of course this is a Hollywood
movies we is not so much of a
budget but special effects of course you see clearly those shiny metal robots looking so scary with half of face of fossil render reality is indeed much more complex in reality you cannot see the mission you cannot see its extensions as vividly as you can see the shiny metal Roberts um along the the bullets and all the hits it states that reveal its robotic nature through its it's fake skin
reality is more subtle reality is more subtle because of the investment of billions of dollars
by government agencies and by companies altogether ways boundaries that are now blurts for ever all open and is not ask clearly defined as the Cyberdyne cooperation maker of this kind of network or as although structure Fussenegger featuring the featured as a as a T 800 all open disease Y and aggregated of government agencies and companies altogether that turned away technology is actually functioning that change for ever the face of technology and I think this is the key component to to seeing and understanding the rise of the machines how did they do that you all heard of the prison program prism is this open bar access to all the data out of everyone using anything by those companies Google Facebook Microsoft Apple and such you may not have heard of Bull Run or less heard of bull run a bull run is equally important to prison if not more uh Bull Run is these 250 million dollars per year program where the US taxpayers the invest into sabotaging all technology based in the US which is about 99 per cent of what your using everyday sabotaging them sometimes by infuse rating the development teams sometimes by that infiltrating the distended bodies sometimes by poisoning the companies and giving them fake information sometimes by just corrupting them and paying them to leave security holes open this endeavor is very revealing
this institution called the National Security Agency that is supposed to work for the security of the US citizens to increase the level of security of US citizens stood upside down and is now working against the security of everyone in the world including US citizens what form to gain control of the missions to become the real masters of the Mission's actually the real Massaro for machines is
this weird entities sitting somewhere and between the silicon valley Wall Street's fall to means Maryland and the US State Department all of this has been done across 10 or 15 years to ensure that there will be no piece of technology out there in the
markets so that no 1 can buy anything that hasn't been
all and by where NSA doesn't have the possibility to
fully access the device and therefore the communications and the data store 1 by its users we have to think for a moment of what it means in terms of a relationship to those very devices we have in our pockets those mobile computers or as a
sum of old people still call them forms and those
devices part of the machine to rely on 3 main
characteristics that have been forced from throat of citizens 1st of all the rely on centralization on hyper centralization of data and communications and Snowden told us the date you went public we can see your folds as they form when you typed them on your keyboard what it meant is that anything doesn't only have access
to the content of your e-mail when you type in Gmail or your chat when you died in Facebook they also have access to the words you typed and deleted to your titles if you write a letter dear asshole Billy delete delete delete Dear Sir because it helps you
get your age out that Google knows it
Facebook knows is not just centralization
hyper centralization this capacity to get to know every k you press every clique you make and the such and this is high centralization of data and communication and this is due to the roots of this capacity that and a gets over or everyday life the 2nd beat is
closed software and close how work because you can't know what your machine is doing you cannot oppose it you
cannot even try to change it you can start to understand what it does because you cannot see what this chip in your phone is doing when it communicates with the network you cannot know whether or not it can be remotely activated to open a microphone to access data from its sensors from its camera all just suck up all the data are stored on its memory the so maintaining uses the ignorance on how the machine works is 1 of the key components of these altering altering diarrhea nature of technology we are living on the right now the 3rd component is an illusion of security once again by manufacturing ignorance by making sure that the users won't be able to understand anything you ensure they
won't be able to be part of the
security process just close your eyes and
think of how much Google is your friends are much public school and make you look smarter than open your eyes again look for a little padlock somewhere you'll save that security so In this
story if you're not convinced yet
that we're standing closer to the 2029 of
terminator then to the the
past president of the movie I encourage you to look at the videos of what has been produced by this company boston dynamics so sorry for the apprentices here I just love those robots and Kidder Roberts JA killer Roberts developed by this company that was officially uh military contract and to the US contracting for the US Navy and before Google in 2013 and since that boat 5 or 6 of the robotic companies so ask yourself born they die in the world whiz closed hardware and software we cannot understand and cannot control with an illusion of security in the
hands of the same people owning and
developing killer robots what could
possibly go wrong so in our story you may be wondering it's a bit confusing knowing from past to present to present future and as such in the movie Terminator these guy calories
is projected from the docks
future to other it's everyone in
the present and enable people in the present to understand and act that
by the way anyone here as time travel structures well if you don't could comment of to me
later we can think of what to do when when when we have a gentleman to fix things but until we have who weasel carries well courageous individuals living in this
doctor dystopian future coming to
us to enable us Denis what
world we're living and he was to
his intellectual tools to understand and act these guys is calories with Manning as almost
all the unknowns and all the future whistle-blowers shining the light of the dystopian world we're living in we hold them the understanding and we old and the fact that we have no longer any excuse the not to act upon it so what we do next who is Sarah Connor who is this Herrick human being but she has no clue she's Herrick who is this random and Jane living a comfortable life struggling to make ends meet was sometime will need to face sometimes we hear a
story impossible to be a story will never reach is beyond the boundaries of what's a single human brains can comprehend but we nevertheless understand that this is the phase
of humanity this in the face of
humanity that is at
stake here my theory is that we are all individually and collectively that's our kernel that we all heard the story from Snowden we all heard the story from Cairo that's known and is and that we know all have a responsibility not only to ourselves but to the next
generation the generation we will we will conceive the drunken or as of
this world will be the 1 in the deepest she's the ones who didn't see the the light of a blue sky and would be born under a disgrace guide of tyranny those are the ones we are working for today so how do we do that well in the movie Terminator than
the billing pi bonds so I live tactical choices I do you guys have but I would advocate for building by bones and it's messy anyway and will expire bones and you with and urine and he was on and so how do
we do it how do we do it how do we fight the machine How do we fight the interconnected devices that got out of our hands well from our hackers point of view most of the solution is already concepts between 0 and if you look in the mirror at those design patterns I described earlier for technology that controls us you see the design patterns for technology that liberates us of course in the mirror of those hyper centralized services and communications we have decentralization of service and communications of course not the the full decentralization the dream noted that the ultimate objective of freedom box as in that moment puts it a tiny device that will be on the own own cultural in all home holding or pictures of use of finds any enabling us to choose individually and collectively with whatever we want to share this is the the ultimate goal but we can make steps to was the switch by giving up the balloons and the phase books by neutralizing resources to collectively only means of communications and servers chat service web servers and what not this is the way to go this is that the power of the Internet 2nd in the mirror of those close down software and hardware of course is free software Free Libre Software free as in freedom free as in free speech software that has been created by the authors in such a way that we belong to humanity as a whole software we collectively only and over which we collectively owned the capacity of understanding and controlling them it is the only way we can collectively take back control of the machines of course harbor is maybe even a bigger problem because we lag so long behind what is possible today on in China can make those tiny chips and in all of those mobile devices you of 1 of those baseband processors was uh which specifications are completely closed we have no no way of knowing whether those genes do at
and therefore no way of controlling them by ourselves with free software it is a challenge of tremendous size it is an industrial objective that great nations such as Germany or maybe Brazzaville alone cannot probably succeed at this is an open
question the in the mirror of the illusion of security we have security in all all hands security under all own controul through end-to-end encryption no 3rd party to trust no point-to-point encryption when things get encrypted between uh your mobile device and the dollar but then are not encrypted when there between the tower and the rest of the network and we know when say axis your communication after the towers what users point-to-point encryption of end-to-end encryption where you generate an encryption key I generate an encryption key we share them and we do not need to trust much more than mathematics the software implementation of those mathematics and or cells to establish a level of trust that we can access that we can understand some will think 0 yeah that's those technologies for control harder so user friendly end of technology at a very scarce still complicated and I can't understand them because I am not I am not hacker ingenious and what not I think this is 1 of the strongest the most important most invisible glass ceilings we have to break it is it is about empowerment it is about empowerment because a we know that user friendly is actually user enemies in most cases that that those choices that are being made for you are actually choices that are made against you against your interest but to serve the interests of the machine and in the other hand what it means is that technology that appears too complicated is actually accessible for everyone to understand and to share therefore the only way to do it is to appropriate those technologies and appropriate the knowledge on how to use the technology and share this knowledge around this is something we can do this is something we can do individually and collectively my point here is is that indeed we have to build the tools it we have to improve these pieces of free software and hardware and end-to-end encryption and essential services Of course we need a politics we need to we need to into into a mother fuckers who violate massively of fundamental freedoms we need the members of the parliament to have no other choice than to account for what they do when they authorize massive aliens and any organizing the impunity like they just did inference yesterday by adopting the civilians deal of course we have to craft new pieces of legislation to ensure an uncompromising defense of fundamental freedoms and have those those adopted by a wide measure it is of course we have to fight for that but 1 field we probably didn't invest as much as those 2 and that is probably equally bore if not more because it may enable the 2 1st ones is those cultural aspects those purely intellectual aspects that go from 1 brain to another like a mean like a story with those I'm convinced we can find ways with or intelligence With or imagination we'll call range to get to the technological and political and cultural context in which the debate he would crush the mother fuckers and let's do it I think you remove the
half hour how hallway and save save save your energy save your energy save your energy to crush the Fockers and about you later on and I mentioned here terminators studies that on my dear friend John behind he's amazing arts last research
project that was and a strong inspiration for that I think we have time for a couple of questions and we have the rest of all words to use on discussing in San Juan fighting so we have a 15 minute break but he was a he can answer the questions and can they be wanting do