Dotilla sulcata (Ocypodidae) - Massenmigration zu neuen Freßplätzen bei Spring-Niedrigwasser (Freilandaufnahmen)

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Dotilla sulcata (Ocypodidae) - Massenmigration zu neuen Freßplätzen bei Spring-Niedrigwasser (Freilandaufnahmen)

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Dotilla sulcata (Ocypodidae) - Massenmigration zu neuen Freßplätzen bei Spring-Niedrigwasser (Freilandaufnahmen)
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Dotilla sulcata (Ocypodidae) - Mass Migration when Changing Feeding Places at Spring Low Water (Open Air Shots)
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E 2467
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Silent film
Magnus, Dietrich B. E.
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Film, 16 mm, 66 m ; F, 6 min

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Krabbe. Aggregieren am Ebbe-Wassersaum zu Beginn der Springtiden, Aufsuchen neuer Nahrungshabitate im tiefer gelegenen Eulitoral, Nahrungsaufnahme, Besetzen neuer Freßterritorien.
The film shows the spontaneous migration of the crab Dotilla sulcata, up to 1 cm in size, occupying a section of beach at Al Ghardaga on the Red Sea, at the beginning of the Spring ebb tide. A mass migration takes place to the dry lower lying area which was water covered during the previous neap tides. The crabs, packed closely together, follow the retreating edge of the water. No individual distance is maintained, aggression is not obvious. The crabs finally spread throughout the water free muddy area and occupy new feeding grounds there, which they then defend against each other and where they dig holes before the next flood tide.
Keywords Krabbe Kugelkrabbe Dotilla sulcata Nahrungsaufnahme / Crustacea Massenwanderung mass migration ingestion / Crustacea Dotilla sulcata crab Encyclopaedia Cinematographica
IWF Classification Biologie Decapoda - Zehnfüßer Crustacea - Krebse Arthropoda - Gliederfüsser Ethologie, Morphologie Zoologie zoology ethology, morphology arthropoda - arthropods crustacea - crustaceans decapoda - decapods biology

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