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34:10 Michigan State University English 1965

An Introduction to Superconductivity

Looks at measurements indicating the disappearance of electrical resistance in the transition to the superconducting state. Considers the temperature of transition, the exclusion of magnetic flux (Meissner effect), shielding currents, the "floating magnet," and persistent currents. Includes a discussion of the tunnel effect in connection with experiments involving an electron tunneling junction.
  • Published: 1965
  • Publisher: Michigan State University
  • Language: English
37:27 Michigan State University English 1963

Liquid Helium II - The Superfluid

Demonstrates the elementary properties of the superfluid. Shows and discusses the lambda point of transition, a super leak, a bulk viscosity demonstration and a measurement of the speed of a second sound.
  • Published: 1963
  • Publisher: Michigan State University
  • Language: English
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