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Offline Collection Gesellschaft für den kulturwissenschaftlichen Film (Gleichen) German 1996

Über der Kohle wohnt der Mensch. Wandlungsprozesse der sorbischen Kultur in der Niederlausitz

The film tells the story of a traveller who returns to Lusatia to find an evacuated landscape near Spremberg where the small idyllic village Wolkenberg used to be. He wants to find out what happened to the village residents, if and where they found a new home, if they still kept heir Sorbian identity. The traveller looks to find the traces of the village and its residents. His search leads him through two villages to Spremberg which are affected by opencast mining to a different degree. On his way the traveller learns about Sorbian culture and its changes in the process of industrialization.
  • Published: 1996
  • Publisher: Gesellschaft für den kulturwissenschaftlichen Film (Gleichen)
  • Language: German
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