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Offline Collection FWU (München) German 1967

Eisengewinnung und Opferkult bei den Kirdi

A blacksmith and priest and his assistant prepare and load a furnace which is ventilated by a clay pipe with a double vent where goat skin bellows are fixed. The ball is smashed with stones. Meanwhile the smiths conduct a chicken sacrifice and a libation and play the gandara, thus getting more ecstatic.
  • Published: 1967
  • Publisher: FWU (München)
  • Language: German
Offline Collection FWU (München) German 1952

Drei Meister schneiden in Holz

Oskar Bangemann cutting in wood after a drawing by Max Slevogt - prints from woodcuts after drawings by Max Liebermann (horse waggon), Adolf Menzel (actor) and Franz Krüger (man's head). Max Pechstein cutting in wood after a sketch of his own (mother with child). Hans Orlowski: selection of a drawing and cutting in wood.
  • Published: 1952
  • Publisher: FWU (München)
  • Language: German
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