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Offline Collection Container TV AG (Bern) German 2006

Amadous Freunde

The filmmaker is touring Burkina Faso and Mali with the three Swiss protagonists of his film "Encounters on the Milky Way" (film C 12442). We see them at the Pan-African film festival in Ouagadougou during the premiere, in between open-air screenings driving through spectacular landscapes on washed-out dirt paths. The highlights of the trip are the screening in the remote village of Baraboulé for Amadou Dicko, the influential "Chef de Canton", and the audience on the following day for "Les Amis d'Amadou". (See also W 12992)
  • Published: 2006
  • Publisher: Container TV AG (Bern)
  • Language: German
Offline Collection Container TV AG (Bern) German 2000

Q - Begegnungen auf der Milchstraße

Three cattlemen from Mali and Burkina Faso travel across Switzerland and meet three dairy farmers and cheesemakers living in Seeland and Berner Oberland. Back in their own countries, they relate their experiences of this "rich" Alpine region to friends and neighbours. Discussions arise over cows and milk, the economy and progress, and the relationship between man and nature (see also film C 12739, W 12992).
  • Published: 2000
  • Publisher: Container TV AG (Bern)
  • Language: German
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