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01:15 Copernicus Publications English 2018

FIB-SEM video of a weakly encrusted cable bacterium

FIB-SEM video composed of 525 electron backscatter images showing the horizontal cross-sectional view along the length of three cells of a weakly encrusted filament. After each image a section of 10 nm was removed with the ion beam before a new section was imaged. The mineral encrustation can be seen as a dark seal around the filament while the ridge compartments and the cell content are unstained and appear white, the shared periplasmic space is gray. The encrustation is only found around the filament and not within the periplasmic space. At time stamp 0:21 and 1:13 the cell-cell junctions can be observed. On average, ˜180 nm of encrustation surrounds the cable bacterium.
  • Published: 2018
  • Publisher: Copernicus Publications
  • Language: English
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