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13:29 GreyNet International English 2017

D4Humanities: Deposit of Dissertation Data in Social Sciences & Humanities – A Project in Digital Humanities

Problem/goal: Following our work on research data and electronic theses and dissertations since 2013, we conduct a new research project in 2017 and 2018 with three objectives – develop the research data management and stewardship on our campus, gain better insight in the nature of research data in social sciences and humanities and produce empirical evidence on the development of dissertations. Research method/procedure: We will present the preliminary results from our research project D4Humanities. Anticipated results: The project D4Humanities is part of the Digital Humanities - how to enable the exploration of research data in social sciences and humanities (textual or oral corpus, raw data, images ...) with digital technologies (text and data mining, mapping, visualization ...) to build a new meaning? It is a continuation of the recent research of the GERIICO laboratory and its partners at the University of Lille Humanities and Social Sciences (academic library, SSH graduate school, digitization centre ANRT...) with the objective of accelerating the research data management project in particular for PhD students and young researchers, and of fostering the preparation of an international research project. In particular, the project contains three components: 1. Qualitative survey on behaviours and knowledge in the field of research data with 50 scientists from the University of Lille Social Sciences and Humanities, with a special focus on the FAIR guiding principles of scientific data management and stewardship. 2. The creation of a workflow for the submission of research data related to PhD dissertations (deposit, preservation and dissemination of data via the Nakala service TGIR Huma-Num) 3. Two conceptual studies on the definition and typology of research data in SSH and on the development of dissertations in the environment of eScience and Open Science (content, format, structure, requirements). The project is conducted with the ISN Oldenburg and other international partners; it will facilitate the creation of a consortium and the elaboration of a larger research project in Digital humanities on the PhD dissertations of the future, with European funding (H2020) or French-German funding (ANR / DFG). Practical implications: Model for other universities; better understanding of research data in SSH and of the development of dissertations. Related costs: The project receives funding (€25,000) from the European Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities (MESHS Lille) and from the Regional Government (Conseil Régional Hauts-de-France).
  • Published: 2017
  • Publisher: GreyNet International
  • Language: English
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