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23:44 FOSS4G, Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) English 2015

CartoDB Basemaps: a tale of data, tiles, and dark matter sandwiches

CartoDB is an open souce tool and SaaS platform that allows users to make beautiful maps quickly and easily from their own data. To complement our users needs, we launched last year our free-to-use open source OSM based basemaps Positron and Dark Matter (, designed in collaboration with Stamen to complement data visualization. While architecturing them, we had several compromises in mind: they had to be powered by our existing infrastructure (powered by Mapnik and PostGIS at its core), they had to be scalable, cacheable but frequently updated, customizable, match with data overlays, and, last but not least, they had to be beautiful. This talk is the tale of the development process and tools we used, how we implemented and deployed them and the technology challenges that arose during the process of adapting a dynamic mapping infrastructure as CartoDB to the data scale of OSM, including styling, caching, and scalability, and how (we think) we achieved most of those. I will also talk about the future improvements that we are exploring about mixing the combination of basemap rendering with data from other sources, and how you can replicate and tweak those maps on your own infrastructure.
  • Published: 2015
  • Publisher: FOSS4G, Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
  • Language: English
21:51 FOSS4G, Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) English 2015

Taking dynamic web mapping to 1:100000 scale

CartoDB is growing to be one of the biggest mapping platform for the masses, being powered by a fully open-source stack, with PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Mapnik and Leaflet at its core. Our aim is to democratize map and geographical data visualization, making it easy for non-GIS people to create simple maps using the CartoDB Editor, but still keeping all the power and flexibility of the underlying components available to advanced users, with a variety of building blocks ranging from the frontend with CartoDB.js and Torque to the backend with the Map, SQL and Import API, parts of what we call the CartoDB Platform. Serving dozens of millions of map tiles daily has its own set of problems, but when they are being created by hundreds of thousands of users (which have their own database and can alter everything from styling, to the data sources and the SQL queries applied) everything turns out to be a big source of challenges, both development and operationally speaking. This talk will go through our general architecture, some of the decisions we’ve had to take, the things we’ve learned and the problems we’ve had to tackle through the way of getting CartoDB to scale at our level of growth, and how we're giving back to the community what we've discovered though the process.
  • Published: 2015
  • Publisher: FOSS4G, Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
  • Language: English
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